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FC: My First 5o Years...

1: Portland, Oregon January 17,1962 John Mark Ancich Jr. came into the world.

2: And then the memories began...

4: John was created in Honolulu, Hawaii. He traveled in my tummy back and forth between Washington, Oregon and California and finally made his appearance at Holiday Park Hospital in Portland Oregon. It took two weeks of slight false labor and the doctor telling me to get into the hospital. We were living at a motel on Sandy Blvd. My neighbor at the motel and I used to take turns ironing at each other's apartment and we took turns making lunch. We were at her apt and it was my turn for lunch, so I boiled eggs for egg salad sandwiches. We got to talking and laughing that I forgot about the eggs. All of a sudden we heard the fire department outside our door headed for my apartment. Smoke was pouring out of the apartment. The eggs had lost all the water they were boiling in and had exploded all over the kitchen. They really stunk like a skunk! Well, a week later they were back retrieving our kitten from a tree. Mom wasn't a very good driver in those days especially backing up. The motel owner prized his roses and had planted some in front of our apartment. One day, (John in my tummy) I had an appointment with Dr. Miller in Rose City. Got dressed up and we left for the office. People were staring at the car, I

5: couldn't figure out what was going on. When we arrived at Doc Millers place I looked around the car to see what people were gaping at when I noticed that I had completely uprooted the manager of the motel's prize rose bush. From that day on I had a garage to park my car in, not close to his roses. Yes, John and I traveled a long and narrow road before he arrived. Perhaps these things play a role in the preparation of one's life. John was in his walker when the Columbus Day storm hit in 1962. The skies looked like they were bleeding and Grandma Ovio who had come for Tammy's birth said we were going to get one heck of a storm. Ten minutes later we were hit with 110 mph winds. Apple trees were flying by our windows. It was a Friday cause we were frying fish. We never got dinner. Lost our power for 2 weeks. Johnny was pretty excited but quieted down in my arms. Guess what, our neighbors were Jack and Barbara ANGEL, and my street was WHY WORRY LANE, so I said we lived by the ANGELS ON WHY WORRY LANE. Happy Birthday John, Love, Mom

7: I believe that John was 3 years old the Thanksgiving John Sr, Tammy and I spent in Kaimuki, Hawaii. We were expecting Darlene and I think I was about 2 months pregnant and not feeling too good about cooking the turkey. I had been laying down for awhile but got up to help John Sr. with stuffing the bird. John was standing on a kitchen chair observing all the dicing, slicing and chopping preparation of turkey stuffing. When it got time to actually stuff the bird, he asked, "where are you going to put all that stuff?" I showed him the cavity where I would put the prepared stuffing at which time his eyes grew enormous; he leaned way into the turkey to observe a bit closer and remarked, "Oh what a big mouth that turkey has!" Needless to say for all the years to follow and many birds to stuff, never a holiday goes by without a chuckle of remembering innocent, honest but funny remarks. Then another time he and Tammy went outside to play. About 15 minutes later Tammy (age 2) came running in to tell me that "Johnny has a stink!" I went outside to find John on the ground crying. He had been poking a stick under the chicken coop and hit a rotten egg and broke it. My God! DID HE STINK! I gave him 2 showers, a sponge bath and finally had to call my Dr to find out how to get rid of the odor. He was bathed in tomato juice, sauce & vinegar and still had an odor for days. He never picked at the chickens again......MOM

9: 1975

10: 1979


26: I remember one year at Sun Valley ski resort, we rented out this cheep room. It was leaking from the roof. A giant bubble of water held by paint and plaster was hanging over one of the beds. I wanted the other bed without the LOOMING water bursting on me. I got in that bed first, but John Ancich knew I was homophobic. He proceeded to jump in the same bed naked so I would jump out and he would get the good bed. Of course, I did jump out..... I also remember on that same trip, we went to a famous prime rib dinner place famous for their 24oz prime ribs with one pound bake potatoes. We would always go dutch treat and go around the table and pass the money to the main check envelope. John was in charge of counting. He said we were 32 dollars short. He was animate about who didn't pay. He said why does this "always" happen? We all got nervous, and we started saying, "I know I paid in. " Who didn't pay in? " Finally, after many accusations, John said, "Oops, I forgot to put in. Sorry about that". Happy Birthday Buddy....Jon Onishi

39: As far back as I can remember, John was teaching me something. He always made new concepts so simple to understand. Here are some things John taught me. * to tie my shoes * to tell time * to count, add & subtract * to ride a bike * to hit a baseball * to not tattle * to swing a bat * to kick a soccer ball * to shoot a basket * to tease * to swim * to punch (ouch!) * to build a fort * to save my money * to ride a motorcycle * and, of course, to perform important bicycle functions

40: like putting on the chain, replacing the inner tube, to lower the seat & raise the handle bars, & to get cool sound effects with a card & a clothespin. Later, he: * Protected me from bullies (or icky boys) * Encouraged me to stay away from drugs & alcohol * Set a good example of getting a job & working hard * Showed me how to get good grades in school * Encouraged me to live below my means & set financial goals He also helped me in tough times: * He let me sleep on the floor in his room if I got scared at night when I was in Jr. High * He gave me money for school clothes my freshman year in high school * He was my roommate for a short time in my first apartment & cooked me steak sometimes when I got off work * He fixed my car when the starter went out

41: * He paid for my college tuition & expenses one term during my freshman year. I am so thankful for the life lessons, the love & the support you gave me throughout the years, John. I love you and I appreciate you. Happy 50th Birthday ! Your sister Darlene

44: Traveling with the Walburns

58: Jeff & Tracy's wedding 2006

59: I have been best friends with John since we were 11, and he has been the best friend over the years that anyone could want. He has always been available to talk, listen and to help out whenever he can so I am very thankful to be blessed with him as a friend. Many of my best memories and times of my life have been with John. Here are just a few memories. *Riding around on bicycles and motorcycles as kids, watching John jump his BMX off a loading dock, terrifying the owners. *Towing his van out many times as it broke down in high school. *Several wonderful trips: First to Europe, Scandinavia/Russia, Mazatlan Mexico, Palm Springs, Vegas trips, S.Calif, Vancouver BC, Cruise, Leavenworth & the Oregon coast. *Ski Trips: Whistler, Sun Valley, Tahoe, Park City, Mt Bachelor & Crystal Mountain. Congratulation on reaching the BIG 5-0 (after me of course) and thanks for being such a wonderful person and we all LOVE YOU!!! Jeff

61: Hurricane Ridge 2007

62: 2009 Memories

63: Easter at Heathers 2009

78: First Citizen's event

114: 2010 Memories

146: I am John's youngest sister. John's a great big brother to me and a wonderful role model. He always loves and has a wonderful heart. One thing I love about John most is that he is very loyal and I appreciate his sense of humor and laugh. I have so many memories of him at holidays when he tells the funniest stories and makes everyone laugh. He certainly makes the times very festive. One thing I admire so much about John is his intelligence. When I first went to college I took calculus. right off the bat on the first day of class, my instructor called out, "Who is the Ancich in the room?" I raised my hand and he said, "I have high hopes for you, Heather, as your big brother John was the smartest guy I have ever had in class!" John has certainly been the one I have looked up to the most in the family for education. I am inspired by his passion of knowledge. If John had not gone on to get his Master's degree I don't think I would have done the same. It is his family leadership that taught me the importance of getting a good education and studying hard. Another thing about John is he has always been there for

147: me. He really cares. I know he would do anything for me and he would always be there for me. He is certainly a great man. A fond memory I have of us is when he, Tammy and I did the Seattle to Portland bike ride together. It was a long hard ride and the second day my butt hurt so bad I could not sit on my seat. John had the idea if I used his bike, it would be easier on me. He is so thoughtful and generous, and his bike really helped me endure and succeed in the ride. But truly we would not have been able to finish the ride had it not been for his foresight. He stopped along the way and bought Tammy and me both lights to brighten our path as the night drew upon us. Another example of a great leader he is in our family and he himself is a bright light that helps me find my way in life. John also has heart. I remember one Christmas when I was 18 and did not have any money so I asked each person in the family to write a letter to someone else in the family. John wrote and delivered on of the most heartfelt warm letters in the family. He is not only eloquent but speaks from the heart. John not

148: only took on the assignment but he then turned around and wrote a very nice letter to me in which I have kept all these years as it meant a lot to me. John is one of the best public speakers I know. He was the best man in my Dad's wedding and I will never forget the analogy that he gave about being in our family is like being dealt a poker hand in which you never know what you are going to get. He said he felt pretty lucky to have been dealt a pretty good hand. What I did not tell him is that we are the lucky one's to have been blessed with him in our family! John always remembers the important things in life. He has never forgot a birthday or holiday. He will always listen and is there whenever you need him. He gives solid advice even if it is not the most popular opinion. He has a heart of gold, is funny, smart and I am proud to be his baby sister! Love always, Heather

150: 2011 Memories

169: A special thanks to all that helped to make this book. The Ancich sisters, John Sr, Mom Diana, Dad Wally, Walburns, John & Jeff.

171: Happy Birthday John! I hope that you enjoy your day & that these first 50 years have been filled with good times, good friends and many memories. I feel blessed that I have been a part of the past 3 years of your life. You are my best friend, my love, and someone I trust with all my heart. I'm proud to say I know and love you. You have been an inspiration to me, a solid rock that's been here for me to lean on when times are tough. You make me laugh, enjoy life, cry tears of joy and I so enjoy sharing our time, adventures, whether it's running, walking, motorcycles, watching TV, traveling, quiet times, basically sharing life. Thank you for bringing me into your life and your family. These have been some of the best years of my life and I hope to be a part of your journey for your next 50 years! Have a wonderful Birthday and know so many love you. With Love Always, D'Ann

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