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FC: The Little Mermaid Goes to Hawaii

1: The Little Mermaid Goes to Hawaii | By Taylor Tranthem

2: Once Upon A TIme, Ariel and her friends, Sebastian and Flounder, decided to go on an adventure. They all decided that they were going to Hawaii.

3: "First we have to find the location of Hawaii", said Ariel. "What's location?" Flounder asked. | Sebastian replied,"Well there is absolute locations which is latitude and longitude. Then there's relative location which tells where something is near."

4: So they went and researched the location of Hawaii on Ariel's seashell computer. | "The absolute location of Honolulu, Hawaii is 21 degrees North and 157 degrees South." said Flounder.

5: "What about the relative location, Flounder?, said Ariel." | "The State of Hawaii is located in the North Pacific Ocean just a few degrees south of the Tropic of Cancer, approximately 2,550 miles southwest of Los Angeles and about 3,900 miles southeast of Tokyo." said Flounder.

6: "Now that we know where to go, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Ariel exclaimed. | So they set off on their big adventure to Hawaii.

7: "Guys! Guys! We're here!" boasted Flounder. | "Wow look at these physical features." said Sebastian. "What are physical features?" asked Flounder. "Flounder, physical features are something you see with your eyes and can describe." Ariel replied.

8: "Flounder, can you name some physical features of this beach?" Sebastian asked. | "Well, uh, there are some gigantic palm trees, and the water is crystal clear." replied Founder. "Very good, Flounder!" Ariel congratulated.

9: "You know, I would love to learn how the people live and their culture." said Ariel. "Well the one way to learn is to experience it." replied Sebastian. | At this time, there swam up a handsome merman with black hair and crystal blue eyes.

10: "Why hello there, I thought I was alone. My name is Eric and I am guessing you are new to this place." Eric said. | "Hello, I am Ariel and this is Sebastian and Flounder. Are you a native of this place?" Ariel replied. | "Yes, I am. Want me to show you around?" "I would love that!"

11: "The arts are of high interest in the islands, either in the form of music, photography, hula dance, or art. One of my favorite things to do is watch the hula dance. They gather every week and dance. if you didn't know hula dancing tells a story. The motions of the dance mean something." | "Wow, who new that hula dancing could be so educational and fun!" boasted Flounder.

12: "What about the effect of humans in Hawaii?" asked Sebastian. | "Well lately our coral reefs are endangered because of pollution." replied Eric.

13: "What about the effects of Hawaii on humans?" Ariel asked. | "People living on the Big Island of Hawaii have been concerned about the health effects of breathing the volcanic emissions from Kilauea Volcano since the Volcano began erupting over 20 years ago." replied Eric.

14: "Eric, what would you say is a great product of Hawaii?" Ariel wondered. "Well the ladies love the crafts, jewelry, and apparel." Eric replied.

15: "Can you tell me anything about the regions of Hawaii? asked Sebastian. "What are regions?" Flounder wondered. | "It's a certain part of the Earth." replied Eric. The region of Hawaii is in the pacific region. There are 3 land regions of Hawaii, mountain, valley and coastal.

16: "The cultural region is mostly native Hawaiians but has become home to many different ethnic groups during the past 200 years. The economic region has been been growing. This means that jobs are going to increase and more people are going to move here. The political region is mostly democratic." said Eric. | "Well, thanks for all this but we need to start heading home. This has been a beautiful and educational place. Thanks again." replied Ariel.

17: THE END!

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