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FC: Kate Hemmings

1: My name is Kate Hemmings, I am 20 years of age, light brown eyes and hair, wit a height of 5.4 feet. I was convicted for taking the mayors horse and was sentenced for life, my sentence was then commuted to 10 years on the convict ship lady Penrhyn, sailing to a far great land. They told large numbers of us female convicts hat we were to sail to Australia and live our sentence in Botany Bay. We were also told to prepare for a long journey ahead. All I could think about was being away from my family, not being away from them saddens me I prepared for my journey taking only the clothes on my back, a journal and my sketch pencil. | Convict Ship Lady Penrhyn Botany Bay 1788

2: Today was the day I would be leaving England. I said my goodbyes to my family and boarded the ship. they sent us below decks, it was dark. the ship seemed large at first but as the other convict came in the ship became smaller, we were all crammed in together. I found my hammock and tied my bag on the chain. I kept picturing my family. I got out the journal my mother gave me, the tears in my eyes blurred my sight as I wrote. I felt the ship slowly move, a large man shouted at us the rules on the ship we were to obey them or be punished I heard a girl crying quietly next to me, she looked the same age as I did, she had blond hair and blue eyes. I sat by her and comforted her. We stuck together since then. | sentencedd to the Lady Penrhyn

3: Her name was Melissa Mcbrie. Melissa and I were the same age and same height although she was convicted of stealing a loaf of bread for her family and I was convicted for stealing a horse. Melissa had asked my why I had stolen a horse. It was because I wanted to go to the mountains to sketch and be at peace. I didn't realize that it was the Mayor's horse until they found me. It as getting darker now, we were told to sleep. but I couldn't sleep. The sound of waves hitting the side of the ship annoyed me. I anted to be with my family again, I want to hear their voices one more time. | This is Melissa Mcbrie

4: Its now been a whole week since I have boarded the Lady Penrhyn. I think of my family every day. Today I was allowed on deck for fresh air, It was good to breathe in th ocean air, the smell awoke my senses. I found a sea shell I quickly grabbed it as we got crammed below deck again. I had seen a lady, she had gotten very ill, Melissa and I informed one of the cruel masters about this. the lady was examined by a doctor but he couldn't diagnose the problem. I had gotten used to the crashing waves at night, they don't bother me as they used to. | This is the shell I found on deck.

5: I haven't written in awhile lately, Ive been given many jobs to clean up messes the convicts left behind after being sick. I was worried I might catch the sickness that seemed to be attacking a lot of convicts on board. The lady I had seen before had gotten more ill, I never saw her again after that. The doctor told me she had gotten scurvy and die. I had heard of that term before, it had came up while the sailors came back from voyages. Melissa Mcbrie had celebrated her 21 birthday today, it was sad to hear all her other birthday experiences that she had with her family it made me miss my family even more than I already had. | Happy Birthday

6: A lot of us convicts have died since boarding. The doctors told us that they had died of dysentery, typhoid, scurvy and harsh forms of discipline. I only knew what the last one meant because the friend I had made on board died from this. The day Melissa Mcbrie died was a hard day for me, she was the person I would always talk to. We would talk about everything, the cruel masters, sick convicts, our family and what it would be like in Botany Bay. Now that she is gone I will have no one to talk to about botany Bay when we arrive. I will never forget Melissa Mcbrie, I remember her giving me an old flower she had picked it before the day she boarded, she gave it to me the day she died. | This is the Flower Melissa gave me.

7: The Captain told us we would be there soon, it would not be long before we arrive. I wounder what it would be like, what kind of land would be waiting for us. We were aloud to go on deck again, it felt so warm compared to back home, although the ocean seemed more angry. It was nice to breathe in some fresh air, after awhile the stench of convicts get to strong for me to handle. Today I made a love token, hoping for it to reach my family. I had heard of a male convict doing this, so I thought I should try. I engraved a message on a penny, and waited for it to be received. | Kate Hemmings 1788 First Fleet. Never Forget

8: We arrived in botany bay, something didn't please the Landing party, we were told that we were going to sail to Sydney Cove instead. As they boarded us off the ships, our eyes went straight to the water, the water was deep and glistened as the sun shone. After we immediately looked at the new land awaiting us, the land was beautiful, so much nature. they took us on to the land where they were to assign us convict work. I was to be a female factory worker. I sketched the ships arriving that day. Latter that day we were put to work straight away, it was harsh. I had watched many other convicts get flogged, it terrified me the way they showed no mercy. I expected this land to be unforgiving but it was the most beautifulest land I had ever seen. | This is what I drew of the Ships

9: This was the voyage we took to Sydney Cove. This is the Ship we took.

10: From contemplation to conviction, Vows to valleys of addiction from bells to cells, Heaven to Hell. Each woman has a story to tell. Choices to Voices coming to call influencing the life of us all. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. love to love, lust to lust. Religiously in habit clothed Virtues to vices loathed Pray to Jesus who has risen free us from this awful prison | This is what a religious convicts poem which she said to me on the board | This poems means a lot to me as I believe what it says about 'Heaven to Hell' Its telling me that before i was convicted I had a life without any punishment needed, un till i was on board a convict ship punishment became my life. It describes my previous life life to be like Heaven and my convict life Hell. | This is what a religious convicts poem which she said to me on the board | This poems means a lot to me as I believe what it says about 'Heaven to Hell' Its telling me that before i was convicted I had a life without any punishment needed, un till i was on board a convict ship punishment became my life. It describes my previous life life to be like Heaven and my convict life Hell.

11: Born in London, England. February 2, 1747 1785 -Working as a artist. 1786 - Married to Jim Hemmings 1786 - Daughter, Sarah was born 1787- Took a horse for a new art peice 1787- Convicted of stealing a horse. 1787 - Boarded the Lady Penrhyn. 1788 - Arrived in Botany Bay. 1788 - Arrived in Sydney Cove. 1788-1798 Working as a Female Factory Worker. | My Life Time line

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