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S: Kayla Ellzey's ABC Scrapbook Freshman Year 2012!

BC: Kayla Ellzey | May 16, 2012 | This is an ABC Book about my Freshman Year at Westgate High School.

FC: An Auto-Biography of My Freshman year 2012 | ABC's Scrapbook of Kayla Ellzey English 1 H Mrs. Guidry | class of 2015! | westgate high school

1: Achievement | If you know Mr. Louviere's World History Honors class you would know that his class is very difficult. His torturous 90 minute class just aches your brain while he teaches while you seat in the hard chair and cold class. I say achievement for A because I have worked and studied hard for my first A in the hardest class ever, or maybe I am the only one who thinks that. When he stood in front of the cold and well organized class with a smile on his face and announced me as the highest grade in the class. My face lit up in excitement and I was very proud of myself. I never knew I would ever make an A, but I did and I kept using the same techniques for better score. Now, on every test my grade is almost an A or a very high B.

2: Band | Band in my freshman started out in a catastrophe, but soon it turned out great for me. In the beginning, I missed band camp, it's where we receive our music and drill charts to perform at the football games and competition. Then I guessed most of my sets in each movement because I didn't have much time to learn them, that's why we need a band camp for a week. For those past 3 months of Marching Season in the hot sun melting my skin right off my bones, I made it through just fine without Mr. Hochkeppel knowing I didn't know what to do half the time, or did he? Soon enough came Concert Season, just about everyones favorite season, but not for me. It's weird how I like Marching Season better even though I said I hated it. Anyway, there are a lot of playing test in band and one of the playing test will determine what chair we will be in, 1st being the best and last being.... not so great. The point of band being my B is that I, as a freshman had made 2nd chair out of 6 saxophones.

3: Cantaloupe Attack | One weekend me and my best friend from forever ago, Brooke decided to cut a cantaloupe, two specifically. Both of us are just having fun cutting the cantaloupes until I wasn't paying attention and cut my index finger on my left hand really deep. My bloody finger dripped into the sweet-smelling , freshly cut cantaloupe while Brooke laughs in amusement. I too, laughed because she was laughing and we were both in a happy mood, but my finger really didn't hurt as bad. A couple of seconds later my finger was still bleeding and it had gotten worse, then I looked more closely and realized that my skin was peeling off and I think I saw a little piece of bone. The pain was now getting to me now so I just treated the cut and after I removed the band-aid I noticed a red creasing scar the size of three ants put together. I wonder, if i ever come across this book again and read this part again will I still have the scar on my finger? Hmmm.

4: BoonDoggles in Journey to Careers | In my first semester of the school year an unusual subject appeared on my schedule, Journey to Careers. I thought it would be something fun because it was something new. As time went on with boring projects and useless Career Maps the subject was such a boondoggle. I say boondoggle because I have learned nothing in that class. I just sat there in the blue chair in the back left corner in the class staring with my poker face at the big Promethean Board. Although, it wasn't all that much of a boondoggle I caught up on some sleep and still maintained an A all the way through.

5: A Novel 13 REasons Why | An akward book that I have probably ever read. The language and disturbing images that have popped up into my head with the dirty words written on the page which makes this book unforgettable. Also the laughs it gave everyone in some chapters and the inappropriate words made it unforgettable as well. The movie for this will soon come out in 2013 in our Junior year supposedly and I hope I can go see it. Overall, it was one of the best books I would have ever read because the back cover on what the book would be about caught my interest. This also led me to ready more books by the author.

6: Football Season | Football games on Friday nights playing with the band on the stands and performing during half time was the best. I still remember the first game in Breaux Bridge. The night was very humid and rainy, it felt like being in the the bathroom after a hot shower. I've been to almost all the football games, I say almost because some of us couldn't go because there was not enough room for everyone. Our last football game of my freshman year was in Mandeville where we lost, but at least we made it to district. One game was played against NISH, our school rivalry, and we won, which made me proud to be a student at Westgate. This was my favorite part of the year for me!

7: Grades | My grades have been nothing but A-B Honor Roll. Every semester I always have just one B that messes me up for all A's. All the studying and coming to school everyday was worth seeing my daddy's brown bearded face light up in excitement when he saw the good grades. My awesome grades always taunted my daddy to give me almost anything and I took advantage. For example, if I want to go to the mall I remind him of my grades and off we go. I plan on having all A's th last semester of my freshman year.

8: Hostile History Hour | Second block was quite the challenge. The ironic thing is was that I expected this to be an easy A honors class, but turns out to be the hardest class I've took. Surprisingly, Algebra I was easier. A typical day would be to fill in 5-8 pages of notes with activities in between and then the test. Cramming all the information was just unbearable and the chapters just came at us like a train going as fast as it can, but I managed to pass with B's from hard work. His class is as cold as a winter day waiting for the bus, I could have swore I saw icicles hanging from the ceiling. Although, it wasn't all the bad he was a funny person and I actually learned a few study techniques from him to use on his test.

9: IBCA VIctory | IBCA was just another boring and easy elective like Journey to Careers, except it was not a boondoggle. IBCA stood for introduction to basic computer applications and this subject taught me a lot of techniques for using the computer. For example, projects on power point will be so much easier now that I understand how to use the materials. Another thing is that this was an easy class which meant an easy A on the report card and the more A's on the report card meant more days of car shopping. On the downside, if a class is easy that means the class would go by slow and this class did go by slow like watching a snail slither across the room. One of the best things in the class was the soft, comfy, rolling black chair that did 360 spins. I made straight A's throughout the year in this class.

10: Just A Dream | I remember this unusual dream I had during the Thanksgiving Break. I was on this dingy and dirty island with many other kinds of people and we were are poor, starving, and stuck on this mysterious island. I was in the small plane that crashed on the island with two other people that told me we could leave the island. As I went to go get my dad and brother the two people told me that I could not bring them, just I could go. I told them to just let me off the plane and they proceeded to push me as if I were the slowest person walking down the hall. My dad put my young 13 year old brother on the plane since he was the smallest and athletic to go get help once or if they would ever land somewhere safe. The last thing I remember was me just sitting on the dirty island watching people kill and eat other people and cry because of my little brother being gone. Even though this dream did not seem like much it was one of the most terrifying dreams I had ever had.

11: Killing Time in P.E | P.E was actually kind of fun this year and I enjoyed P.E as well. What made it fun was making a new friend and having Friday's off. At first this block went by extremely slow until I met a girl named Sierra Bruno, but I call her Bruno and she is a junior here at Westgate. With her we had a lot of fun together doing whatever we were doing in P.E that day no matter what. Now it felt like this black lasted 10 minutes instead 90 and we were sad when the semester ended. On Fridays it was the slowest 90 minutes of my life because we either sat in the bleachers or played basketball, volleyball or whatever was offered. Which leads me to killing time because me and Bruno always played basketball and I always well almost always won in a game of Loser. Now that it ended I miss that weird smell of the gym, the clean echo sound of the bouncing ball and the swish of the hoop that led the ball bouncing onto the shiny purple floor gym.

12: EngLish 1 Honors | English 1 Honors in 3rd block has got to be the second best class under band. English was always my favorite subject because it is always easy and it is not as stressful. I like to write papers and read, but not too much reading. Also, my beautiful and funny teacher Mrs. Guidry makes the class interesting with her good sense of humor like the way she played Drake in class about the whole statistic thing. The only thing I do not like about this class are the MUGS and formative quizzes every Friday because well I just do not like them. My favorite book I have read in here was 13 Reasons Why. I do not exactly know why I just guess it was because of the burst of laughter throughout the class.

13: Majestic Melinda | During the Spring Break me, my dad, and little brother went to the Variety Show in Las Vegas. There were many strange acts that performed, but my favorite act was Melinda the Magician. She was the first lady of magic and in fact was one of the best Magicians in the world. She was an old blonde hair lady who made magic seem real. It is hard to explain the things she did you would have to see for yourself. In one trick she made herself appear in this empty circle it might not seem like much to read it on a paper, but if you see it, it was amazing.

14: ONes at District Festival | After many tiring practices after school until 4:30 our band earned ones straight through the chart. This took place in Angelle Hall at University of Lafayette. I remember playing walking through the huge campus to get there and onto the big and shiny stage and performed in front of random strangers and Lafayette High sat and applauded in there green uniforms. Then we proceeded to enter the sight reading room, this was the most challenging part out of the two. I remember sitting in the echoing room full of chairs and stands while we were being judged by the man with the shiny head. After we stood outside in the green grass next to the big and red building anxious for the results. Then a few moments later here came Mr. Hochkeppel with a big grin on his hair face and proudly announced we made one's straight through and going to state in May.

15: ROmeO and Juliet | This year I finally understood what Romeo and Juliet was about. It was a good book, but 13 Reasons Why was better. Even though Shakespeare used weird and difficult language I still enjoyed this wonderful book. From this book I learned much about Shakespeare and his old language that I tried to use, but it was too difficult so I just came back to modern day English. My favorite part of Romeo and Juliet was the balcony scene where they confessed their love for each other. This was my favorite part because it got me into the movie and caught my attention.

16: Permit Possessed | During the Thanksgiving Break I was in Driver's Ed at Pelican Driving School learning about the rules of the road to receive my permit. Just sitting in the small white classroom with other strangers as the old lady babbled about the information in the book and fuss at the misbehaving children. After the class was the driving part and I almost failed that part, but at least I passed. Then a few days later was the big test to get your permit. The first time I was really nervous sitting in the vacant room answering the questions and then I was done and walked out the room with a big smile just for the lady to tell me I failed and to come back later. The second time I took I passed with only getting one wrong. Now I can drive, but only with my dad or someone 18 or older with a license.

17: Quite Friendship | I will not say who it is, but we have been friends for so long, since 1st grade to be exact, and now we do not talk anymore all of a sudden. We used to play outside everyday when we were little girls and talk everyday as we got older, but now not at all...nothing. What happened? I remember when we rode 4 wheelers during the hot summer days back deep into the creepy forest and down the street illegally. I also remember when we did homework together during Daspit Elementary School at your big blue table in your blue living room. Now, I don't know what to say and we just pass each other in the halls like we don't know each other. Now this is a quite friendship.

18: Racking AlgebRa | Algebra was quite stressful. Not because of the work, but because of the ignorant people. The class went by very slow and the teacher kept fussing at the other people constantly and called us a boring class. Algebra was an easy subject even though it looked like a Japanese language on the page sometime. I am upset at myself for no being in honors Algebra. I passed with all B's and could have passed that in honors with A's since the B's were very high B's. I was surprised on how easy and simple that class was. From now on I am definitely taking all honor classes.

19: Spring Break: LaS VegaS | During the Spring Break my family and I went to Las Vegas, Nevada where the city lit up in the brightest and neon colors and stayed cold. One cold and sunny evening I saw SpiderMan,BatMan and Robin casually standing on the big gray sidewalk with people scattering through them as they chatted. I also saw the World's Famous Juggler, Wally Eastwood preform his trick of juggling random objects and cutting flips. The best part was the Cirque De Solilie Show where probably the most flexible people flipped and tossed through the air like a sack of rice. Another thing we did was eat at these expensive restaurants that my brother choose. The most boring part was watching my dad race the Ferrari. Las Vegas was a very exciting place to go.

20: Trends | As I walked the halls everyone almost had the same attire on. If they didn't then they wanted it. What everyone had on was different colored neon bright Vans shoes with the long black Nike socks. Also another thing everyone had was a Jansport Backpack that ranged different colors just like the Vans shoes. Majority of the people that I saw bought school clothes from American Eagle, including me, I guess because of the style. One last thing that was really big were Nike Free Run Shoes.

21: ArachibUtyrophobia | Something I learned was the term Arachibutyrophobia, which is a type of phobia. A phobia is a fear of something and we are all are afraid of something, but this is an unusual fear. I came across the phobia, Arachibutyrophobia when searching random phobias on my phone in the dark room while lying in my big comfortable bed on a school night because of boredom. Arachibutyrophobia is a fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. When I read the term I laughed quietly and smiled because this seemed ridicules. This is something new I learned and plan to meet someone with this Arachibutyrophobia.

22: $Dollar ThieVes$ | Everyone knows that the wonderful snacks and drinks are one dollar in the vending machines. People you do and don't know ask you for a dollar and swear to pay it back. As the the nice person that I am I do lend dollars to people I know and sometimes they don't and do pay me back, but mostly don't. For example, this one kid I let borrow a dollar and the first time he payed me back, but the second time he didn't. During the year I trusted a person that I knew, but wasn't my friend, which was stupid to pay me back. He did the next day and the same day I used the same dollar to buy a delicious blue PowerSport drink only to find out that the dingy green and crumpled dollar was taped in half. Dollar Thieves are the worst.

23: Wild Pep Rallies | Every Friday, if it were a home game during Football Season we had a pep rally in the gym the last minutes of the school day. Our band would play in the back left corner of the bleachers to excite everyone for the game. The way the percussionist bang and twist and twirl the purple sticks and bang the drums would echo throughout the gym getting the students pumped up. Then we would all ply Eye of the Tiger for the start and whatever Mr. Hochkeppel chooses afterwards. One of the last events were to see which class could make as much noise to win the glorious spirit stick, but most Freshman just stood there and stared at the ceiling so we never on. Therefore, making this my first year of high school pep rallies and I loved it even though we never won the spirit stick.

24: X-rated Scenes | In English we read and watched Romeo and Juliet. We would listen to the tapes of the book then watch the movie scenes then it repeats. Act III was were comical and disturbing parts of the human body was exposed. Sitting in the front of the second row where Romeo's cute little butt was showing then came Juliet's breast appear. I bit my tongue to keep from laughing so I would not look immature. The first time was hard to get through, but Mrs. Guidry decides to show it a second time and that is when everyone burst out in laughter and so did I. This was one of the funniest moments to me in this class.

25: CalamitY in Loreauville | During the driving test in Drivers Ed I almost head-on with a red car in Loreauville. I turned too sharp and the elderly white lady reached her elderly white hand in my face then to the wheel and fussed at me for about 5 minutes. We stopped in the parking lot at Loreauville High School where she began to look at me with a devilish face and fussed at the top of her lungs. My partner for the driving test was laughing, but trying not to make it obvious by covering her mouth and facing out the window while I just shook my head and repeated yes ma'm.

26: New Zealand Madness | While in IBCA I finished my work with an hour left of class. I just sat there in the rolling black and comfy chair. The teacher said we can go on the Internet as long as it was school appropriate and that is what I did. I had a strange interest at that moment to read on cannibalism and the two topics that caught my eyes were Jeffery Dahmer's story and the man in New Zealand eating a finger. As I was reading th story my face probably had this disgusted look my mouth was most likely wide open and my eyes were most have been huge. These are the things that my face does when I am interested in reading stories. In the story it explained how a man in New Zealand cutting off his finger with a saw and dropping it in a soup with vegetables and eating it for dinner because of severe depression. This is the eighth document recorded on cannibalism.

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