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BC: Quotes | Ginder's imagination is outta this world. -Mackenzie Ward | Very Creative and deatailed -Lera Cordener

FC: The Nation | By: Mason Ginder

1: The Nation | By: Mason Ginder Communications 2012 Eyer Middle School

2: A long long time ago, Tom was created by super bionic villains. Tom was given super strength to help the villains rule the world. When he was about 13, Tom decided he did not want to be evil, ran away and the villains never saw him since.

3: New York City, it's full of crime, and what better to have a person who can fight crime in a city of crime. That is when Tom comes into the picture. He is also the mayor of New York City. He was built with a chip that was inserted in his neck. The chip didn't work for so many years because the chip was rubbing against his bone but his bones shifted so now it works again and the people who built him can now find him.

4: One day a great threat came to Mayor Tom. He had one day until everyone would come under a trance that would allow him to rule the world. The mayor didn't know what to do. He thought it was a prank but the next day there were reports of missing people and people biting each other. Now the mayor was freaking out. He put a call in to the president. The president said to come down to Washington right away. "Mr President", said the secretary," The New York City mayor is here to see you." "Ah", said the president,"send him in". "The president will see you now"said the secretary . "Mr.Mayor,how nice to see you again", said the president. "You have to listen to me", said the mayor, " There have been reports of missing people and people bitting others". "This is just some goof ball and his friends trying to get attention. Good day," said the president.

5: When the mayor got back to New York, it was like a ghost town. No one was there and it looked like a tornado hit. "Look, a person," said the driver. "Keep going. Hey buddy, do you know what happed here." The figure turns its head. "Whoooaaaa, you need a hospital," said the mayor. As the driver gets out to open the back door, the figure bites the driver. "Get in, Get in," said the mayor, as the driver gets in and pulls away. "What was that", said the driver. "I don't know just keep driving. Hey, are you feeling OK", said the mayor. "Whooaa, what the", the mayor says as he gets out of the car. As the driver is about to bite the mayor a gunshot is fired and down goes the infected driver.

6: A hand comes over the mayor's throat from behind and says," come with me. Have you been bitten." "What, no,no why", said the mayor. "Oh, you're the mayor." the voice says as he let go of him. "Mr. Mayor" said the man. "You can call me Tom," the mayor said. "Come withe me. Oh, and by the way, you can call Marty." The man said as he heads up the stairs. When he gets to the roof he goes over to the ledge and calls the mayor over. "Here's your town." As the mayor comes over and peaks his head over, the man offers him binoculars. "Here, see for your self." As the mayor looks through the binoculars he cannot believe what he sees.

7: "See those things, those are walkers, AKA, Zombies." "ZOMBIES", "what the heck."Said the mayor. "Now down there is a gun store, see it a the corner? If we can use that power wire as a zip line to the other building, from there we can jump the roofs all the way over to the gun store."Said the man. " Lets do it," said the mayor. They both step up on the ledge where the power chord is. "Ready, 1,2,3" says Marty as they push off. "PREPARE FOR IMPACCTT!!!!!!!!!! Slam!! They both hit the ground of the other roof. " Are you alright", said Marty. "Yea, I am fine," said the mayor. "Lets go. Now listen to me Mr.mayor, we need to run and jump. It ain't going to be easy but we have too jump for it. I'll go first", said Marty. He runs, jumps and makes it. "Your turn," he says. The mayor runs and jumps as high as he can. He makes it. They quickly head for the roof door that leads down to the inside of the gun store.

8: As they get down to the store Marty says "Grab all the guns you can carry." Tom does so. "You ready?" he says. "Oh shoot. Look at all the zombies out there. That's a ton." "What are we going to do? " said the mayor. " We're going to shoot are way out. I have a plan, listen up. See that car out there, were going to get there and then hot wire it, then we will get out of there." said Marty. "Then we have to go to my house to get my family",said the mayor. "Go," says Marty as they burst out of the store shooting all the zombies that get close to them. They finally get to the car and Marty hot wires it. When Marty pulls out he does a burn out because of his speed.

9: They finally got to the mayor's house and what he saw broke his heart. He saw and empty house. He thought the worst. Then he saw a note on the table, it read.. Dear Tom, if your reading this right now that means you found out about what happened. During the infection, they made us relocate,though some of the leaders got infected so it was every man for himself. The kids and I probably didn't make it, but if we did for some reason, we're at the shelter at Rolling Medows Township. See if you can come and find us, if not, then goodbye. Love, your wife Jennifer.

10: "It feels like the whole world just fell, like there is no point of life anymore, like it doesn't matter. Millions of children died and possibly mine too, and cause of what, a dumb scientist who didn't know what he was doing. I will stop at nothing to find my family and to see if they are still alive. That's where the next journey begins. My family might just be across state, or are they just somewhere else in The Nation. The End

11: My name is Mason Ginder, I have a dog named Karma, she is a yellow Lab. I play football and I like to go biking and I like to go snowboarding. I like the outdoors, the beach, the mountains. | About the Author

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