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Blank Canvas

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BC: Bibliography

FC: Luis Arenivar | 8th | Mrs.Reid | 2nd period

1: Science Tools | Science tools help sciencetist all over world. They help them conduct experiments safety and effiently. We also use science tools in our everyday lifes such a thermometer. Without science tools experiments wouldnt be possible. telescope a tool used for viewing the planets, stars and other objects in outer space thermometer an instrument that measures temperature | stopwatch an instrument used for precise timing graduated cylinder a tool used to measure volume of liquids compass a tool used to determine direction | Will they create new science tools?

2: Chemical Reactions | Chemical reactions happen in everyday life. They show use when a chemical change has happened such as bubbles and help us in everyday life. Such as bread rising tells us something happened. Without these changes our lives wouldnt be the same. | law of conservation of mass or matter-during a chemical reaction, matter is not created or destroyed; it is only changed chemical bond-the force that holds atoms together chemical equation-a short, easy way to show a chemical reaction, using symbols instead of words chemical symbols=represent elements using one or two letters chemical formula-shows the ratio of elements in the compound Who discovered chemical reactions?

3: Energy Types | Energy types to heat and electric to mechanical help us in our daily life. To the toster to the charger of your ipod is all possible for energy types. Almost all our technolgy feautures enegy types. To get energy or power to our daily life. | Thermal Energy-energy die to the random motion of the particles that makes up an object sound energy-energy caused by an objects vibration waves chemical energy-energy of a compound that changes as its atoms are rearranges electrical energy-energy of moving electrons light energy-produced by the vibration of the electrically charged particles Will there be more types of energy?

4: Components of the Universe | In the universe theres millions billions of objects out there. Theres black holes meteors soaring in space. Without some of the objects out there there wouldnt be life. For example the sun, it gives food to the plants in return we eat and survive. The most obious one are the planets. Without the planets life would have no where to start. | nebula-a large cloud of gas and dust spread out in an immense volume black hole-an object with gravity so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape galaxy-a huge group of single stars, star systems, star clusters, dust, and gas bound together by gravity protostar-a contracting cloud of gas and dust with enough mass to form a star white dwarf-the blue-white core of a star that is left behind after its outer layers have expanded and drifted into space

5: Topographic Maps and Satellite Views | Topographic and satellite maps help us get a better view from Earth to see more things that we could. With out these maps we wouldnt have seen and understand most of earths surface. These maps have helped us find new places and explore them. We can understand the land and its feutures. | elevation-Indicates the height to which something is relative to sea level satellite-An object which has been placed into orbit by human endeavor for various purposes including the ability to obtain aerial images of land features contour lines-a line on a topographic map that connects points of equal elevation satellite views-Images taken over time that can be used for comparison and interpretation of erosional features satelliteAn object which has been placed into orbit by human endeavor for various purposes including the ability to obtain aerial images of land features erosional features-Earth's surface that shows evidence of the natural processes of weathering and the removal and relocation of weathered materials Has all Earths features all been didcovered?

6: Human Dependence on Ocean Systems | Its very true humans have always settle near the ocean and always depended on it. We get many things like if there freshwater we can irrigate and can get fresh drinking water. We can also get food such as fish and other food resources. Thats why most early settlements or civilizations were located near bodies of waters. | downwelling-thde movement of water from the surface to greater depth upwelling-The movement of water up to the surface spring tide-An extra-high tidal bulge and an extra-low tidal dip neap tide-a smaller tidal bulge and tidal dip tide-something that may increase or decrease (like the tides of the sea How far down is the ocean bottom?

7: Reflection page | One left page that I believe shows great work and my progress as a scientist is the page where we keep track of our progress with the objectives. Its important because I can see where I can improve. Also its important because it helps me see where I went wrong. | One right page that is important is the page where the Atom study guide is because it helped me learn about atoms..It was a well way to help me study and really learn about atoms. It helped me learn the important stuff of atoms. Thats why this left page is important.

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