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S: Lily's Sixth Year

FC: Lily Alexandra Schultz May 2012 through May 2013

1: May started with a Cinco de Connor celebration at the park by his house. We had a bounce house and a homemade pinata and bubbles too. It was a great birthday party.

3: We had a talent show at school. The first dance I did was a partner dance with some friends. I danced with a boy named Davin. I was really the leader in the dance and had to keep him going. Mommy laughed so hard she cried.

4: My second number was to a Jackson 5 song with a group of friends. We danced to this at my birthday party too.

5: My class did a little poem all together. My final performance was when I did my ballet solo. We had been practicing some moves at home, but I decided that I was going to do ballet that I had in my head instead. Mommy checked in with my teacher who said that was fine and that every time we practiced, I did something different and that was ok with her. I did a fabulous job. Mommy and Daddy were very proud of me.

6: Daddy went on a trip to Las Vegas. In the bottom picture, I am snuggling on his lap at T-Rex after he got home. I was glad he was back. Then he and I got to fly to LA to go to Colton's first birthday party. We had fun helping to decorate and playing and opening presents. I got to play in the park where part of E.T. was filmed,

8: June started out with Emma's Grease themed birthday party. I got a fancy poodle skirt to wear to the party. Mommy tried to curl my hair (without much success) and Daddy dressed up like a Thunderbird. He even put gel in his hair.

10: The next day began with Melina's Hello Kitty party in the park. I got to ride on the dizzy toy and play in the train with my friends. We had a pinata too and I got a rainbow painted on my face.

12: Then in the afternoon, I joined Joey and some of his friends for some horse back riding. I got to go on my own horse with a big girl to teach me about riding.

14: I helped Daddy put together my baby sister's new crib. We worked on it in my room and then I got to put my stuff in and try it out. I also went to Melia's pajama party birthday where I got a beautiful tattoo stenciled on my arm.

15: Later that day we went to Sofia's gymnastics birthday party. We got the back area so we got to play on the balance beams. I helped Sofia decorate her cake. We also got to go on the trapeze again, even Daddy. Mommy liked that she could take pictures of some of my tricks close up.

17: I began swim lessons after Mommy was done with school for the year. We went to El Sobrante. It was just me and one other boy the first two weeks and we got to learn lots of things. I worked hard on learning to keep my head down when I swim and breathe to the side. I loved jumping into the pool from the starting block.

18: On Friday the 22nd of June I got to go to the zoo with my friend Emma and Grammy. Then later we went to my school for my preschool graduation. Emma's mom made us flower crowns.

22: Before Emma left for her three week vacation to Sweden, they came over for dinner. We went out back and had s'mores for dessert.

23: One day we met up with my friends Melina, Connor and Joey to go to the Discovery Museum. They had a new Clifford exhibit that was fun, but as usual, we spent most of our time outside in the play area.

24: On Wednesday, June 27th, Mommy and Daddy went to the hospital early in the morning. I visited for a while and then went to swim lessons with Grammy. When I came back, I had a new baby sister, Fiona Rebecca. She brought me a big bag of stuff, including a necklace with my birthstone.

27: My friend Melina visited in the hospital and brought me ice cream. Emma came to visit at my house. We dressed up while she was there. Uncle Stephen and Aunt Natalie came too with Cousin Colton.

28: In July Grammy, Grandpa and Uncle Stephen, Aunt Natalie and Colton were there to visit me and meet Fiona. Mommy took some photos of the grandparents with all the grandchildren.

29: I also was able to write my own first and last name so I got my very own library card. I checked out Olivia Forma Una Banda as my first book. I also helped give my sister her first bath and helped her celebrate her first week and first holiday on the Fourth of July.

32: I started a new ballet class with Sofia and Melina. At the end of class the teacher lets us choose a candy or to have glitter on our faces. I always pick the sparkles. When Grammy came back, we took some pictures of Fiona and me in our matching outfits that Marcia bought us.

34: Here I am with Sofia and Melina and Nalani on a swing. | We wandered around Fairyland trying out different things. | Watching the play with Mommy and Daddy | The girls liked the hen best because of her twirly skirt,! | My friends and I went to see Click Clack Moo at Fairyland.

35: In the top two pictures, my sister and I are having some barbie playtime during Fiona's tummy time. In the bottom photo, Daddy is squirting me with the faucet while we are giving Fiona her bath. | S | Sisters

36: Here I am with my friends Emma, Sofia and Melina in our ballet class. We have sparkles for behaving well. | I did my last round of swim lessons too. I learned about treading water and worked on my side breathing.

37: Daddy took me on my first fishing | trip. We went fishing for salmon. Daddy lost | a pole over the side of the boat. We caught the biggest fish.! | Daddy got seasick.

40: I played at the park in the mornings and then had fun with friends in the afternoons. I went to Lawrence Hall with Joey to see the skateboard exhibit. I took Fiona to the zoo for the first time. We celebrated National S'mores day too.

41: Gymnastics started up again and I started the girls level 1 class this month. We took a trip to the beach with Joey and Nolan and their friends. We found a piece of wood that we turned into a boat. On our way to have lunch with Daddy afterwards, Fi and I fell asleep in the car.

42: We helped Nolan celebrate his third birthday. His mommy and daddy got him a big bouncy slide at the park. We had lots of fun going down it. Joey and Nolan's Aunt Janna played with us. She would make the slide bounce and try to shake us down. | Here we are waiting for the slide to be ready. | We all went down lots of times. | I was tired at the end and laid down at the bottom.

43: I spent a lot of time with my new sister too. We cuddled in bed together. We had lunch at Triple Rock with Daddy and Mommy took some pictures of the two of us.

44: I met up with Joey at a park with a pond and we fished with nets. Joey caught a lot of fish. I went to the zoo with Connor, Tavi and Melia. I also went to a rock climbing gym with Joey and Connor.

45: Daddy made me a rope swing in the back yard. He put a piece of rope over one limb of our big oak tree and tied a board to the bottom of it. He trimmed some of the plants around the swing and I can swing high up in the sky. I do have to watch out for the big tree though.

47: I started kindergarten at the end of the month. I am in the two way immersion program at Rosa Parks school. Mommy had me pose before school and then got a picture of me and my new teacher, Maestra Rocio.

48: Mommy and Daddy got to come in and read with me in the morning. I liked school a lot. I even asked to ride the bus the second day. Later that night, my first tooth fell out. It had been loose for about a month and it fell out while I was brushing my teeth.

49: Over Labor Day weekend, Uncle Louis and Ariel came to visit us and meet Fiona for the first time. Uncle Louis read to me and played with me. We we went to San Francisco and had lunch and went to Dolores Park to play. I got a Tweetie Bird ice cream. I also got to go swimming in the pool at Uncle Louis' hotel.

51: I've been having many playdates with friends. Melina came over for a sleep over. I continue to do ballet and gymnastics. One weekend we took the ferry to San Francisco. The next day I went to Juliet's birthday party. Afterwards we had dinner at Emma's house.

52: At the end of the month, Grammy came to visit again. We played games and did art. I earned some money for behaving correctly for 10 days in a row. I used some of my money to buy a book. My friends came over one night for pizza and ice cream and playtime.

53: At the beginning of November it was bike to school day. Daddy and I rode our bikes in the street all the way to school.

54: We also had our monthly potluck at Melina's house. In gymnastics I've started working on back flips and back bends. I had a library play date with Kate and a park play date with Eden. Sofia came over for dinner one night too.

55: One Sunday Berkeley closed Shattuck for us to bike and walk. We met up with friends. We started by getting our faces painted before walking and biking down and back.

58: For Daddy's birthday we went with Joey and Melina to a trout pond to go fishing. We caught a bunch of fish. Then we took a walk around the pond.

59: Then we drove to Lagunitas Brewery for lunch and some playtime. Afterwards we went home for pizza and cake. The next day we went to a pumpkin patch. I got to go down a jumpy slide and pet some animals in a petting zoo.

61: I got to get a hair cut and have my nails done in preparation for a trip with Mommy and Janelle to see the top 10 dancers from So You Think You Can Dance.

62: Grammy came to visit us right before Halloween. We went in the back yard and worked on our pumpkins. Daddy made me take the guts out of my own pumpkin this year. I drew on my face and he tried to draw on a face similar to the Jack-o-Lantern he carved for my first Halloween. Then we put Fiona in the pumpkin, just like he did to me, only she didn't care. Finally, Daddy tried to put me in the pumpkin again.

66: This year I participated in the Pumpkin Patch Dash at the middle school. I got to run a half lap race with other Kindergarten girls.

69: For Halloween at school I decided to use my salsa dancer costume. Mommy came and helped with some projects in class before our parade.

71: After the parade I went to gymnastics. I was the only one who came so Coach Rick and I worked on a lot of cool stuff. Then I put on my Super Girl costume to go to Emma's for our annual Halloween potluck. Fiona was a ladybug.

73: November began with a trip to the beach to play in the water.

74: I got to take my first field trip in November. We walked from the school to the fire station with one other class. We learned about the trucks and the station .

75: We all took a trip to the zoo together. Daddy got to ride the train for the first time and he took me on the sky cars for the first time at the Oakland Zoo. I've been on them in San Diego.

77: We took a trip to the Academy so Fiona could see the fishies. Mommy came to class and helped us make pumpkin pies in a cup. Daddy and I got skateboard stuff and I modeled it in the living room.

78: Thanksgiving started with a trip to Little Farm with my friend Connor. I lost my second tooth eating an apple there. Then we went to my friend Melina's to play and eat and be thankful.

80: Mommy wanted some more pictures of the new hole in my mouth. I also started to get my molars on the bottom this month. We took Daddy to the Lawrence Hall of Science to play over Thanksgiving break.

83: Mommy took some pictures of Fiona and me for our Christmas card. We put Fiona in a box wrapped like a present and then used some Christmas lights too.

84: One morning before school I made a secret hideaway for Fiona and me in the living room. I took pillows and blankets and foot stools and made a place for us to hide away from Mommy and Shadow.

85: December began with a trip to the Swedish Christmas fair to watch Emma participate in the Saint Lucia performance. Later that day Grandpa arrived for a visit. We did art together.

86: The following weekend we all got dressed up and went to dinner at Absinthe in the city. Then Daddy and I got to go to see the Nutcracker. I cried when the Nutcracker died.

88: The next day was super busy. We started our morning by going to pick out our Christmas tree. We continued our tradition of the surprise tree and took it home all wrapped up. Then we met up with friends to see Pinkalicious and have lunch. Finally we went to my friend Lol-Be's birthday party at a movie theater in Oakland.

89: Other things we did in December were to visit the pool for Fiona's first swim and go up to the carousel at Tilden with the Rapozas. We decorated sugar cookies with friends and Fiona and I rode in the special cart together at Target.

90: Grammy came to visit to watch my ballet recital. Emma, Melina and I had fun playing together and dancing. Daddy got us flowers afterwards. Then I went over to Kate's house for her birthday party.

91: We visited Santa and decorated our Christmas tree while Grammy visited. I chose a snowman ornament this year and we got some Nutcracker ornaments too.

92: Mommy came into my class to help out one day. We made tortillas with some other moms. She came out to recess with me too and I got to do some gymnastics on the mat they had out.

93: The Friday before the break we had a little winter play. I was a tortuga. Mommy, Daddy and Grammy came. The parents brought in food and we had a celebration afterwards.

95: Continuing our tradition, Emma and Melina and I got our fingers and toes painted for Christmas Eve, though we had to do it the day before Christmas Eve. Then Emma and her family, including her grandma and grandpa, came over to decorate gingerbread houses again this year. We had a seafood feast afterward.

96: On Christmas Eve we met up with Dalia in Alameda for my first try at mini golf. I wasn't very good, but we had fun. We went next door for mexican food afterward. Then we went home and decorated cookies for Santa. I also took a picture of my snowmen toenails. Then we got ready to go out to dinner at Baker and Banker.

98: Christmas morning we woke up and opened presents together. I got a new bike with gears and hand breaks. I got Mommy some very high silver heels. After presents and breakfast we packed up the car and started the long drive to Grammy's.

101: We tried to take pictures of all the grandchildren with Grammy and Grandpa. Colton cooperated for pictures with Grammy, but not so much for the ones with Grandpa. He liked playing with me though.

104: I really enjoyed hanging out with Fiona during the first few weeks of January. We played together on the floor and went for walks with my new bike and the stroller. Fi wore her new piggy hat that Grammy gave her. | SISTERS

105: I got my new high heels from Aunt Natalie and Uncle Stephen. We went to the Academy of Sciences. Daddy has been letting me help feed Fiona in the mornings when we get ready to go. I helped Daddy make enchiladas one day in my panties.

112: At the end of January, Mommy came into the classroom and we did a fun snowman craft. I got to be the table captain at my table and make sure that everyone was doing what they were supposed to. We used doilies and buttons and wiggle eyes to make our snowmen.

113: February began with ballet and dinner with my friends afterwards at Emma's house.

114: I got to go on my second walking field trip with Daddy in February. We walked to the nursery and did some research on plants. I almost didn't get to go since I had the flu that week.

115: During my week with the flu I spent a lot of time resting and taking yucky medicine. I missed out on school almost the whole week, a playdate with Aili, a Fun concert and after ballet dinner with my friends.

116: Daddy and I worked on my 100th day of school project. I made a goldfish out of 100 goldfish crackers.

117: Grandma Donna and Grandpa sent us Valentine's gifts. We got a princess book and lots of sugar free candy.

118: Mommy came into my class to help out with some Valentines projects and a baby shower present for Maestra. Then we started our Presidents' Day weekend. We met Joey at the park and I pushed Fiona and Dermott on the swings. We met Daddy for lunch and then got packed up to head to Grammy's for the weekend.

119: While at Grammy's we went to a mini golf place and I got to drive in a go kart. We also read some books and played outside. We went to the park with Grandpa. I found little clams in the river at the first park and played with Daddy on the swings in the second one.

120: I helped out with dinner one night by warning Mommy that there was "pepper" on the pasta so be careful giving it to Fiona. Turned out that Grammy had bugs in her pasta. Yuck! Glad I was paying attention. I got treats from the ice cream store both nights we were there.

121: We began March by helping Sofia's little sister Nora celebrate her first birthday. She had bunny rabbits. Daddy made me nervous to touch them by telling me they might attack me.

122: Beautiful Girl

123: My school had a read a thon fundraiser. I read 10 hours in two weeks. On the first Friday, we got to dress like our favorite book character. I chose Ivy from Ivy and Bean. Mommy spent a lot of time getting my hair to be curly. We washed it and then wrapped it in tiny curlers. Then we blew it dry and sprayed it and I slept that way. The next morning it was curly and it stayed that way all day.

124: Later that day we headed out to my second trip to the snow. We arrived late at night while it was actually snowing. The snow stuck in my hair. The next day Daddy and I took a skiing lesson together since neither of us have ever skied before. After our lesson we met up with my friend Connor and his family at our cabin. We sledded and played and built snow people and had snowball fights. The next morning we tried out eating the snow on the deck before heading out for more sledding. We ended our trip with another round of skiing with Connor and his Mommy and Daddy. We even rode the chair lift several times.

128: We helped Maya celebrate her third birthday at Head Over Heels. Emma and I got to ride in the big swing together.

129: Sofia and I ran together in a 100 yard fun run in Oakland. We watched the beginning of the half marathon on our Daddies' shoulders before our own run. Afterward, we colored and rested.

131: Daddy came with my class on our transportation field trip. We walked to the Amtrak station and rode the train to the ferry which we took to San Francisco before taking BART to Berkeley and riding the bus back to school.

134: Grammy came to help us celebrate Easter. She helped me dye eggs. I wanted to keep my clothes clean so I dyed in my panties. Then Fi and I got our eggs ready for the bunny to hide, put out some carrots and went to bed. The next day we woke up to a jelly bean trail (I guess the bunny doesn't know babies can choke on those). We hunted for eggs and had fun with our baskets before taking some easter photos.

137: In April, we began spring break. One day Melina spent the day with us. We went to Cheeseboard where we saw pet goats. Then we spent the rest of the morning at Lawrence Hall of Science.

139: At the end of the week we took a trip for Mommy's birthday. We headed to Mendocino and met up with Melina and rode horses with her.

140: After some riding we had to help take care of the horses by cleaning up after them and getting their dinner ready for them.

144: I made Mommy a letter and a picture. One day after school, Mommy took me for ice cream. Miss Paula gives us sparkles after ballet. Daddy and Fiona and I like to hang out on the couch together.

145: Fiona and I enjoy eating strawberries at the farmers market. I won the award for most sponsors in kindergarten for my read a thon at school. I had a playdate with a friend and Fiona and I both got to swing with friends. I am learning to ride a skateboard too.

146: Grammy came to visit and we went to farmers market together. I got to push Fiona in the stroller. Later that day Grammy, Mommy and I went to see Knuffle Bunny the musical. They had a huge Knuffle Bunny. Then I went home and got on the roof to help Daddy string the hops in the side yard.

149: The weekend before my birthday I went to the coffee place and ordered my cocoa in Spanish. When they found out it was going to be my birthday they gave me a fancy cocoa. We then had a birthday themed potluck at our house that night.

151: Momma made cupcakes in all our favorite flavors and made our favorite color icings too. She made everyone a chocolate initial and a chocolate 6. We had a pinata too. It was a great party.

152: The next day Connor turned six and we helped him celebrate at Kids and Clay. We got to use the pottery wheel and also shape our own items.

153: We painted our stuff afterwards and then celebrated with a lego shaped cake, bagels, fruit and juice. Later in the week I went to gymnastics for the last time as a five year old.

155: I began my birthday with present opening. Grandpa gave me a sparkly six shirt with my name on it. Mommy and Daddy got me a huge card and lots of fun presents including a dress and a lamp for my room. Later in the day, Mommy brought lemon cupcakes filled with raspberry jam, and topped with orange frosting and white chocolate sixes to school to celebrate my birthday.

156: After school we picked up Emma and headed to the Farmers' Market. We met up with Joey and Nolan and had some strawberry ice cream before going to the park. Then we went back home and I opened my present from Emma; a belt, hat and purse with some bracelets inside.

157: We went out to dinner afterwards and I wore my new dress, hat and purse. The next day we celebrated after ballet with Emma and Melina. We had lemon tart from Masse's. Finally, Mommy and Daddy took me out to dinner while Fiona stayed home with Janelle. We went out in San Francisco.

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