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S: Fiona's First Year

FC: Fiona Rebecca Schultz June 2012 through June 2013

1: During my first few days at home I got held by visitors like Grammy, Uncle Stephen and Aunt Natalie and Anna. I also spent time playing with my big sister Lily.

3: Grandpa came to visit too. We got to take pictures with the grandparents and all the grandchildren. After everyone left I got to relax with Daddy and big sister on the couch.

4: Lily and Daddy gave me my first bath at home. They put the tub on the counter and washed me on a towel with washcloths.

5: I celebrated the same first holiday as Lily, Fourth of July. I wore a patriotic outfit that Grammy bought me.

6: I celebrated a lot of firsts. I went to my first farmers market and had my first lunch with Daddy at Marin Brewing Company.

8: I also had another visit from my Grammy. I took my first bottle with Daddy and Lily when I was only 2 weeks old! | ZZZZZZZ

10: Daddy and I both have the same little notch in our ears, but his is on his left ear and mine is on my right. Lily and I posed in the matching outfits that Marcia bought for us.

12: Mommy got this picture of me at just the right moment. I look like I'm smiling with Lily.

14: Month 2 started with my 1 month doctor's appointment. I weighed 8 pounds,1 ounce. I've also started smiling.

19: I took my first trip to the zoo with Mommy and Lily. We saw the giraffes and elephants. It was pretty warm that day so I wore one of Lily's cute dresses and hat.

21: I also took my first trip to the beach. We met up with friends Joey, Nolan and Dermott. | We were so tired that Lily and I both fell asleep on the way to have lunch with Daddy and Uncle Stephen.

22: Fiona Lady Bug

23: We celebrated National S'mores Day!

25: Mommy put me in my carrier so that we could go outside and big sister Lily put her baby in her carrier too, so Daddy decided to take pictures of us since we matched.

26: Grammy came to visit again just before my two month birthday. I decided to nap for a few hours in my crib while she was here. She must have the magic touch!

27: In my third month I helped Lily celebrate her first day of school. I have really started smiling a lot too. I wore my Fiona onsie that Aunt Karrie and Uncle Louis sent. I also got my first shots. They knocked me out and then made me really grumpy.

28: Uncle Louis and Ariel came out to meet me. We also had a champagne and ice cream sandwich party to celebrate my birth.

30: One weekend we rode the ferry to San Francisco. On our way back we took photos at the Ben and Jerry ice cream store . The next day I went to Lily's friend Juliet's birthday. We had dinner at Emma and Maya's afterwards.

33: I started my fourth month going to meet Daddy for lunch. I wore the same outfit that Lily wore home from the hospital. I also got a new play mat. I like to hang out there and have even fallen asleep on it a few times.

34: I like to hang out with my big sister. She plays with me and holds me. I also got to try out a swing that we got from one of Lily's friends. Her sister was finished with it so I get it now.

36: I sometimes get to hang out on my mat outside. Mommy and Daddy have to put something under it now since I have learned to roll from my back to my tummy. I can't get back over yet and I get really mad after a while. I have also started to put my two fingers in my mouth just like Mommy used to.

37: Berkeley closed Shattuck avenue to cars on Sunday so we hung out with friends and walked and rode bikes together. It was a fun day with friends.

40: We celebrated Daddy's birthday by riding BART into the city for dinner and going fishing and to a brewery with friends. I also visited my first pumpkin patch.

42: When Lily was a baby on her first Halloween, Daddy carved a pumpkin and put her in it. She cried. So,my fifth month began when he did the same thing for me, but I was totally ok with it!

45: On Halloween I dressed up like a ladybug.

47: I took my second trip to the beach. It was super sunny out so I spent most of my time on the blanket under the umbrella. | Mommy took me down to the water to put my toes in for the first time. Daddy said that my face said that I did not like how cold it was. Not surprising considering it was November!

49: I took a trip to the Academy of Sciences and saw the fish in the aquariums for the first time. I liked watching them swim close to me.

51: On Thanksgiving we went to our friends the Rapoza's and had turkey dinner there. I got to hang out with the big kids for a while.

52: During my fifth month I tried solid food (carrots) for the first time, but didn't care for it much. I also finally learned to roll from my tummy to my back so I don't get stuck any more.

54: Lily picked matching dresses for us for Christmas. Mommy put us in them and then took pictures of us for the Christmas card. I got to be in a box like a present, wear a Santa hat and play with Christmas lights.

55: In my sixth month, I continued trying new foods, like squash (yum). Lily made a fort for us to hide in one morning before school. I sat in Lily's old high chair at Dermott's house.

56: Grandpa came to visit us too. We went to Lynn's birthday party and I got hot so Daddy took off my clothes. | Lily and I got to hang out in my crib together while Grandpa was here too.

57: One night we all got dressed up and went into San Francisco for dinner.We went to Absinthe and I took a bottle at a restaurant for the first time. Afterwards, Lily and Daddy got to go to the ballet while Mommy and I took BART and went home.

58: We picked out and then decorated our Christmas tree. Lily helped me pick a swordfish ornament at Gumps for my first ornament.

60: We took a trip up to the Tilden carousel with our friends the Rapozas. I got to take my first merry go round ride. I rode on a giraffe with Mommy. I also posed with Daddy in front of the Star Wars Christmas tree.

62: During this month I got to get in the pool for the first time. I totally loved it and had no problem getting dunked or "jumping" in off the side. I loved the warm water and playing with the toys with Mommy, Daddy and Lily. I also still really enjoy playing around on the floor. I like to have some free play each day.

63: Grammy came to visit for a week before Christmas. She took care of me while Mommy went to help Lily at school. We made our Santa visit while she was here. I was not at all scared of him. Lily let him know that I needed a sleepy toy for Christmas.

64: On Christmas Eve, we met Dalia and her family in Alameda to play mini golf. Then we got all dressed up to go to dinner at Baker and Banker in SF. I'm normally good at restaurants, but I was not happy that night

66: On Christmas morning we woke up and opened presents. Santa left me a Roo sleepy toy. I tried to put everything in my mouth!

67: We then got in the car and drove to Grammy's house. This was my first time on such a long drive and I did well until the end. Then we got to hang out with Aunt Natalie, Uncle Stephen and Cousin Colton.

70: As I began my seventh month Mommy got some pictures of me on the BART train and practicing my rocking on my hands and knees moves.

71: Here I am taking a rare nap in my crib. I sat in the high chair at Saul's for breakfast one morning after Christmas. Daddy bought a new tv and here Lily and I are at Best Buy helping him choose the right one.

73: I was a sleepy baby for our new year's pajama party at the Rapoza's house. Lily and I wore matching PJ's and I fell asleep. | I love to spend time playing with my big sister Lily. She is the best sister!

75: Lily and I got to take a trip to the Academy of Sciences and watch the fish. | Below is a rare picture of Lily asleep in the car, but I am awake!

76: I went to the park and got to try out the swings for the first time. Lily and her friends Soumi and Juliet took turns pushing me. Then we went home and played on the floor with Daddy.

77: Avocados are yucky!

78: At the beginning of January, I started my new school. Here I am on my first day. | I get to go on walks most days and I can even play on my own little playground. I also got to finger paint/eat.

79: I learned how to pull myself up to a standing position in my crib. Mommy and Daddy had to lower the crib after that!

80: By my eighth month I was really good at sitting myself up. Mommy got some cute pictures of me with Lily on my birthday practicing sitting up.

81: Here I am taking a drive and hanging out with Lily and her friends. One day when we went swimming, Mommy put me in the swim bag while she got dressed.

82: Another trick I've learned is to pull myself up on things and hold steady. I love to use my toys for this, even standing on top of toys to reach other things!

84: One day Mommy let me go in and wake Lily up from her nap. I didn't do a great job, but I had fun hanging out on her bed!

85: Grandma Donna and Grandpa sent us presents for Valentines and I helped Lily open them. Sofia's sister Nora and I sometimes play at gymnastics.

86: For presidents' weekend I got to help Mommy in Lily's class and then go to the park to swing with Dermott. Then we packed up to go visit Grammy. I got put in the suitcase.

88: I have learned that I can turn myself around in the Target cart and stand in the seat. At school I have been playing music, reading with friends, playing outside, having fun with ducks and enjoying snacks at the table.

89: I have also had lunch with my friends and played under the table. | On buggy rides I often take naps and sometimes I get to play with things like moonsand while we walk.

90: On my eight month birthday, Mommy discovered my first tooth poking through on the bottom. She also took a picture of me crawling at gymnastics.

91: I had fun at my friend Nora's first birthday. We got to pet bunny rabbits and play in the house with Nora's toys.

92: I took my first trip to the snow. I spent most of my time strapped to Mommy or in my carseat so it wasn't much fun for me. But I did get on the sled and have fun roaming around the house we stayed in.

93: I got my first ear infection this month too and ended up spending a week at home with Mommy getting better.

95: We went to gymnastics to celebrate Maya's birthday. Mommy thought I would be excited to go through the gate she always closes when we we watch Lily, but I cried. I quickly got over it and enjoyed crawling around, trying out the foam pit and playing ball. Afterwards we had dinner at Pizzaiolo.

96: At school this month I played with rings and toys, read some, enjoyed lunch at the table, but did not enjoy the taste of foam and played under a scarf.

97: We also had a fire drill where we went for a ride in the cribs and we got to play outside. One day a lady came to teach us about music. I loved that and got to touch her guitar and play with different instruments.

99: As I began my tenth month, my second tooth made its appearance. I had my nine month check up and got a clean bill of health. Daddy decided it was about time for me to switch to the new, bigger car seat. I decided to try out sissy's trampoline.

101: Grammy came to visit for Easter and we decorated eggs. I mostly watched that part. I helped Lily set up the plastic eggs for the bunny to fill and carrots for him to eat. The next day we unloaded our easter baskets and I went on my first easter egg hunt.

104: Over spring break, we went to the park where I tried out my new hat. We also took a trip to the Lawrence Hall of Science where we played in the toddler area for a while.

105: One night we got all dressed up and we went to Marcia and Paul's for dinner. I wore the dress that Lily wore for her first easter that night.

107: We went to Ft. Bragg to celebrate Mommy's birthday. We spent a lot of time on the beach. On our way home we stopped at a brewery. Daddy carried me in his backpack.

109: I went swinging with Lily's friend's sister | Lily likes to put me in the stroller and push me. | I have managed to turn myself around in my chair at the table. | Daddy gave me a giant cookie.

110: At school this month we played with dolls and toys. I got to watch an animal show in the buggy. I played with water, with paint and with playdough. Our class listened to stories and one day we all wore green.

112: My eleventh month started with some lunch at a new restaurant (I napped) followed by some time at the kindergym before swimming. The next day we went to the zoo and had some S'mores after dinner. One day Emma and Maya came over and they made me a fort.

114: We had a birthday celebration for all Lily's friends at our house one night. My friend Nora came too. I spent some time sleeping on the couch that weekend (and on Daddy). We also celebrated Lily's birthday. I got to eat corn on the cob at Emma's house.

115: We went to the park with some friends after school on Lily's birthday. Mommy and Daddy took her out to dinner one night too. I got dressed up for a picture, but did not get to go out to dinner.

118: Memorial Day weekend I took my first plane ride to go to Disneyland and to cousin Colton's second birthday.

119: After the party Lily and I were both worn out and fell asleep in the car. We spent the next morning at the beach and playing with Grammy, Grandpa and Uncle Louis. I also started to stand for a 5-10 seconds on my own.

121: My twelfth month began on Memorial Day with everyone in my house except Mommy getting sick after our trip. I had a very high fever and had to go to the doctor. I stayed home from school with Daddy and Lily all week to get better.

122: We were finally all well enough on Sunday and we got dressed up to attend Emma's tea party birthday celebration. We got hats to decorate and Bjorn dressed up to be the butler and served us fruit and sandwiches and sweets. I fell asleep at the end of the party.

124: We went to Grammy's house for a shower for Aunt Natalie and the new baby. It was 108! We spent some time outside in the pool. | I played with Uncle Louis and Uncle Stephen and Cousin Colton.

125: In Lily's last week of school we went to the Dr. for an after illness check up, had a tea party at Aili's house, went to gymnastics and drove out to meet up with Grandma Donna on her way to San Diego. This was my first time meeting her.

126: On the last day of school I went to the park with Lily and her class. Then later we had dinner at Emma's house. I hung out with the big girls.

129: We then took a vacation to Florida to spend time at the beach and in the pool. We even went fishing with Daddy.

132: We moved to an island resort at the end of our vacation before traveling back to Tampa to catch our plane back to San Francisco. In our final hotel, Daddy put my carseat on the floor and I spent some time climbing in and out of it. We got in the pool too.

133: I didn't spend much time at school this month, but here I am outside with my class and my teacher.

134: The next day was my birthday! We started the morning at Masse's where I got a happy birthday cookie. Grammy came to help me celebrate too.

138: We went to dinner at Pizzaiolo for my birthday and then we went home for cake. I did not want anything to do with it. I wouldn't touch it or let anyone give me any. When I cried, Mommy and Daddy gave up and said I could have cake for breakfast. But again, I did not want to eat any cake!

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