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FC: Duck Hunting Geometry Way Grant Hyams 3rd period 12/12/12

1: 2-3. Distance, coordinate, ray 4-5. Angles and their measures 6-7. Angles and segment bisectors 8-9. comp, supp, and vertical angles 10-11. parallel lines, angles from by transversal 12-13. perpendicular lines 14-15. triangles, angle measures 16-17. pythagorean theorem and distance formula 18-19. congruent triangles 20-21. polygons

2: Coordinate -the real number that corresponds to the point A point on a blueprint. | Distance -between points A and B is written as AB. It is the absolute value of the difference of the coordinates of A and B Traveling to Nashville is 45 miles

3: Ray- AB consist of the endpoint A and all points on AB that lie on the same side of A as B -the start of a shotgun the the end

4: Measures -of an angle is written in units called degrees. -in a blue print what the angle size in a corner is

5: Angle -consist of two rays that have the same endpoint - the hinge on the door

6: segment bisector -is a segment, ray line, or plane that intersects a segment at its midpoint. -a road that make a 90 degree angle when it hits another road

7: Angle bisector -is a ray that divides an angle into two angles that are congruent. -pizza

8: Vertical angles -if not adjacent and sides formed by two intersecting line then its a vertical angle -tree but truly does not exist in the real world

9: Complementary angles - two angles that equal to be 90 degrees -a flap on an envelope from the corner | Supplementary angles -two angles are supp. if they equal 180 degrees -braces in buildings or diagonal supports

10: Parallel lines -they lie in the same plane and never intersect -railroad tracks | Corresponding angles -they occupy corresponding positions - window planes

11: Alternate interior angles -if the lie between two lie and are opposite of the transversal. -window planes | Alternate exterior angles -if they lie outside the lines and opposite side of the transversal - window planes | Same-side interior angles -if the lie in between the two lines and on the same side of the transversal - window planes

12: Perpendicular lines -if they intersect to formal right angle -Tick Tac Toe grids

13: Line perpendicular to a plane - is a line that intersects a plane in a point where it is perpendicular to every line that intersects it -book

14: Triangle -is a figure form by three sides -window with color plates | Equilateral triangle -three congruent sides -handle | Isosceles triangle - two congruent sides - a computer hard drive | Scalene triangle -no congruent sides -piece of bed framing

15: Interior angles -when the sides are extended and other angles are formed, the three original angles - window planes | Exterior angles - the angles that are adjacent interior angles -window planes

16: Distance formula - the distance between two points in a coordinate plane -From point A Clarksville to point B Nashville

17: Leg - the sides that form the right angle - RC gas tank | Hypotenuse -the side opposite of the right angle - side of an RC gas tank

18: SSS - Side Side Side | ASA -Angle Side Angle | AAS - Angle Angle Side

19: SAS -Side Angle Side | HL -Hypotenuse leg theorem

20: polygon -Figure formed by three or more sides

21: Triangle - three sides yield sign quadrilateral - four sides firetruck sign pentagon - five sides Crosswalk sign hexagon - ^ sides - heptagon -Seven sides - Octagon - eight sides -stop sign

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