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BC: And they all lived happily ever after. Except for the King of course he turned dumb, forever | The End

FC: Snow White

1: Hi, my name is Teller, and I will be telling you a story. What story am I going to tell you, you say? Well I am going to tell you NEW version of Snow White. But before I start I want to tell you a little bit about me. Well, in case you didn't know I am a dwarf. But I am not just any dwarf because; I am the Godfather of Snow White. This means I know everything about her to the last detail. But enough about me lets get to the story. Once upon a time lived a Queen, who was very ill. The Queen had a very young girl named Snow, Snow White. Snow had thick black hair and skin as white as a fresh snowfall. Young Snow White was only 3 years old and her mother was very ill. The Queen had also just married a charming wise man named Jacob Finken. Jacob seemed like a very caring man, but he wasn't he was a very cruel person.

2: After timed passed the Queen died. So the kingdom was ruled by Jacob. Jacob as the King had power over everyone and everything. Jacob wasted all the money, and forced the people to pay taxes that they couldn’t afford to pay for. Jacob had a mirror that will answer any question he desires to know. Today he was going to his mirror, and I was following him there. He also is partnered up with by arch nemesis Sneaky the dwarf. The king was here to find an answer to his question.

3: “ Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the wisest of the all” the king said in a confident voice thinking that he was the wisest. The mirror responded “ I know you won’t like this, but Snow White is the wisest of them all” “What” the king yelled in a furious voice The king then said “ Sneaky, go and fetch the broadest servant you can find” in a demanding voice. “What do I tell him to do” Sneaky said “Tell him to take Snow White into the dark forest and kill her, and to bring be back her heart” the king said in an evil voice “ Yes sir”

4: So Sneaky went off to find a loyal servant to do the job. when he found the servant to do the job, he repeated the directions the king gave him, and sent the servant to do as told. A couple hours later the loyal servant were far in the forest and stopped, he pulled out his dagger and right before he was about to slash her neck.. Snow said “You don’t have to do this you know, I can run as far as I can so the King won’t find me” “But what will I bring back to the king” “You can kill a deer or something, and he’ll never know about it” “ Well ok then” the servant said So Snow and the servant split in two different directions. Snow White ran and, ran until she spotted a cottage, in fact it was were some of my friends live.

5: So she went inside and that the table was set for 3 people. She was very hungry so she decided to eat a very tiny amount from each plate and cup. After she spotted some beds across the room. She crawled into a bed and fell fast asleep.

6: Back at the castle the servant had just arrived back. He went and found Sneaky and gave him the deers heart, that Sneaky thought was Snow White’ heart. Then Sneaky went to tell that the job has been completed. Once Sneaky found the king he said “The job has been complete sir” “Well lets not get too sure of ourselves,let ask the mirror to make sure” “Well what are you waiting for?” “Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the wisest of them all?” the king said confidently to the mirror The mirror replied in a shaky voice “ Snow White is still alive and well “ “How could this be?” the king said in a furious voice “The servant you sent out, didn't complete the job that you asked him to do” the mirror said “Really, like I haven't figured that out” he said in a sassy voice “Where is she?” he asked in a demanding voice. “She”s over the mountains, and is living in a cottage with 3 dwarfs.” the mirror replied

7: “Um, sir I know where that is” Sneaky said "Ok then Sneaky you shall lead the way then” the king said So they set off into the forest to go to the cottage. Where they would try to get rid of Snow White.

8: But back at the cottage the dwarfs were about to return from work. The door slammed open as the 3 hungry dwarfs raced to the table to eat, but they quickly noticed that some of there food was gone. “Someone has eaten half of my bread” 1 of the dwarf said “Someone has drank half of my juice” another dwarf said “Someone has eaten half of my steak” another dwarf said There was an awkward moment of silents when they all realized that someone is sleeping in one of the beds too. But back at the cottage the dwarfs were about to return from work. The door slammed open as the 3 hungry dwarfs raced to the table to eat, but they quickly noticed that some of there food was gone. “Someone has eaten half of my bread” 1 of the dwarf said “Someone has drank half of my juice” another dwarf said

9: “Someone has eaten half of my steak” another dwarf said There was an awkward moment of silents when they all realized that someone is sleeping in one of the beds too. So they all raced over to the bed where Snow White was sleeping. The wondered who she was. About an hour later Snow White woke up to the sight of 3 dwarfs surrounding her. | "Who are you" Snow White said in a sleepy voice "This is Jumpy, Clumsy and I'm Curious" said Curious

10: “Um, I’m Snow White, but you can call me Snow” she said “Well, hello there Snow” they all said at the same time “I don't mean to be, mean but what brings you here” Curious said “Well I’m a princess and my father sent me off with the servant, and the servant was supposed to kill me. But I got out of it.” Snow said “Your own father tried to get you killed” Clumsy said “Stepfather” Snow said

11: The King and Sneaky were almost halfway to the cottage. And they were strategizing how they would trick Snow White into believing that they were innocent people and would do no harm to her. They finally came up with the idea, to act as if they are tailors and they want to tailor a dress for Snow White for free. | In a sleepy voice Snow said "who are"

12: But back at the cottage the dwarfs were also strategizing how to let Snow be able to stay with and what she would have to do. They finally came up with something. “As long as you take care of the house, and cook for us.” Jumpy said very happily. “Deal” Snow White said excitedly By now the King and Sneaky were getting out of the carriage and walking up to the door. They rang the doorbell 5 times. Snow White was in the middle of making a bed when she heard ding-dong, ding-dong repeatedly over and over again. She stopped what she was doing and went to the door. As soon as she opened it, the king started to speak... but Snow did not realize that it was her stepfather King Jacob.

13: “Hi we are tailor's and were wondering we could use you to make a display dress” the kind said in a good salesman's voice. “Um, I guess so I mean you guys did come all the way out here” Snow said So they got started on the dress and as so as the hoop skirt touched her leg she fell to the ground in a deep sleep, and King Jacob and Sneaky left the cottage. | When the dwarfs returned, they found her lying on the ground hopeless. They has no idea what had happen to her. “What happened to Snow” Curious asked “I think she has been poisoned” said Jumpy “Well how do we awake once more?” said Clumsy “Lets see. Um, WOW this twine is very tight” said Curious “Well then untie it” said Clumsy

14: So once they untied it, Snow woke up. The first thing she said was... “What happened to me?” she said “You got poisoned, but you're ok now” said Curious “Do you know who did this to you?” said Jumpy “No, not really but I do remember that, there was a tall man and a dwarf” she said “Well, it wasn't one of us” Clumsy said “Well, I know that, you guys would never do something like that to me” she said “ I think it might be your stepfather” Curious “That's probably who it was.So he found out that a wasn't dead so he came all the way out here so he could do it him self, so he'd know that the job was done.” Snow said

15: So Snow White thought about ways to solve this mess. She finally came up with and idea. That idea was to challenge her dad to a match of “Battle Ship” and whoever won would be the most wise, but the person who loses will turn forever dumb. Then she thought how would I be able to share this with the King. Then she decided to write a letter to him with the idea she came up with. | A week later she got the letter back. It read... “I will play the game, to see who's the wisest, but may I warn you I am very good at this game. You are welcome to come to the castle whenever you wish to become eternally dumb -King Jacob”

16: The next morning Snow White woke up very early, so she could get to the castle at midday. She woke up the dwarfs and told them they could come as they wished. An hour later they were all ready to go. “Are you guys ready to go” Snow said “Yep” they all three shouted at the same time. As they walked up the golden steps to the castle the king was getting fit for a new royal robe.

17: “Um, sir Snow White is here and she brought some friend with her” Sneaky said “Tell them that Ill be there in a minute” said the King “Yes sir” said Sneaky And went to tell Snow White and the dwarfs. About five minute later the King came out of his dressing room and was ready to play. “Are you ready to be eternally dumb” the King said, with a smirk on his face. “How can you be so sure of yourself that will happen” Snow White said in return. “Do you want to play or not” said the King “Ill go first, B4” she said confidently “C2” the King said “B3” she said happily “You sunk one of my battleships” he said furiously

18: So the game went on, and as time went and Snow White sunk a lot of Battleships. By the time she had almost sunk every Battleship the King was very angry and was losing his temper. “E5” she said proudly ‘You sunk my last Battleship” the king said very sadly So after that the King turned eternally dumb. Snow White turned more wise than she has ever been before. The Kingdom was handed over into Snow Whites hands.

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