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FC: Rapunzel... Escaped! | Fractured Fairytale By: Bhargavi Sarangapani

1: This is a story about a beautiful girl that was once lost from her parents, and reunited again with them. It might seem really simple now, but there are some things in between there too. Once upon a time, a wife and a husband were in the forest looking for a house. They were not as rich, but they were not really poor either. One sunny, crisp day, they were taking a walk and ended up in the edges of the Red Swan Forest. Near the two big trees that gave the entry to the forest, there was the most beautiful lake, Red Swan Lake. It is called Red Swan Lake because the sparkling blue water attracts only the swans with the reddish tint in their feathers. Anyway, the couple entered the forest and found a small, comfy cottage surrounded with flowers, bushes, and the most juiciest tomatoes ever.

2: “Look at those tomatoes John! They seem so lovely, my mouth is watering!” “I know everything here is such a sight Cynthia, but this house may not be empty for us. I am pretty sure that there is at least someone in there.” “I can’t wait though! It is so hard to get my eyes off it!” John, the husband, knew that his wife Cynthia would scream at the top of her lungs if she didn’t get those tomatoes. So, with a little hesitation, he tip toed across the garden filled with those red vegetables and plucked some out. “Thank you so much! I can’t wait to make a salad with these at home!” she said. When they came home, a slip of paper appeared in their front door: GREETINGS FROM RED SWAN FOREST JOHN AND CYNTHIA, YOU HAVE PLUCKED SOME TOMATOES FROM THEFOREST GARDEN AND YOU MUST REPAY. OR ELSE SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN...

3: Seeing this notice, the wife and husband got very scared and didn’t know what to give that would replace the tomatoes. Something divine, beautiful, and golden. After three days, a child was born to Cynthia. The family decided to celebrate by inviting everybody they knew in their community and holding a big party in a house they built in the forest. The parents decided to name the baby girl Rapunzel, after her great grandmother. However, forgetting that three days past, a witch came to the party. “Congratulations on becoming parents! May I see your baby close up?” the witch asked.

4: “Well, sure why not! I am very happy you came!” John said. The evil witch went close up to the baby and put a curse on her. Now you know that Rapunzel always grows long, golden hair right? Though, this baby was cursed and would never grow long hair, ever. “I must go. I think I have left something in my oven without switching it off.” she said as a lie. “Okay, well thank you for coming!” they said in excitement. After midnight on the same day the party was held, the witch appeared again in the front door of their residence. She climbed a long, sturdy creeper that was hanging from their house, and ended up Rapunzel’s room. Without any fear, she grabbed the baby and jumped out from her bedroom window in a safe landing with her feet. “Now since I have her, I have no worry and can stay young forever with the girl beside me.” the witch said in a cunning voice. So, from there on, Rapunzel was to stay secretly with the evil witch for eternity, while the poor parents were searching for her everywhere they could go.

5: (After a couple of years later..) “Mother, why can’t I ever step foot out from this beautiful cottage?” Rapunzel asked thinking the witch was her mother. “Darling, I want you to be safe.” she said. “Well, every parent wants their children to be safe, but they still let them at least play outside!” she said in a clever attitude. “Enough! I am having a headache hearing you talk so much!” The witch only said that because she couldn’t think of anymore excuses.

6: “Sorry mother.” Poor Rapunzel was a innocent child and didn’t know that she had her real parents looking for her each day and night. Don’t you think she deserves better than this? Just wait and see what happens... “Now go to sleep dear. We have to work in the garden tomorrow and plant more tomatoes. I do not want you waking up late!” (The next day), chickadees and cardinals were chirping a pretty morning song, which woke up Rapunzel to a pleasant morning. “Wake up! Remember what I told you last night?” the witch asked. “Yes! Give me five minutes and I will be out there!” the girl said in an excited yelp. As Rapunzel was walking outside to the garden, she tripped on a rock and fell on the patch of tomatoes. “Look what you have done! You ruined my tomato patch!” the witch screamed in horror. “I- I am so sorry mother! You know I didn’t mean to do it, it was an accident! Maybe we should clean the soil first?” The witch’s anger was gurgling and brewing inside her head like an evil potion, and she couldn’t even think of what to do.

7: In her anger, she kept on repeating another bad spell which made Rapunzel fall into a deep, deep sleep. Now, the girl falling in a deep sleep doesn’t mean she is dead or anything, she just sleeps like you all do at night, except nothing can wake her unless someone can break the spell. However, trust me, a kiss doesn’t work either. Just a word of caution. In Rapunzel’s long dream, many objects like flowers, gifts, and toys popped up, but one scene, one scene, changed her lifetime forever.

8: This is the dream: Rapunzel saw two people. A man and a woman, which actually looked like they were married. They were beside a cradle, which held the most beautiful baby ever. Something that looked like her now. Her two blue were shining like crystals which can make anyone cry, and her hair was as golden as a shiny coin. Her lips were as red as a strawberry and her face was as fair as cream. However, all the jolly and happiness was gone after an evil witch appeared and put a curse on her, which made her hair turn to a brown, dark chocolate color ever since. After that, everything faded away. Rapunzel woke up in such a fast motion, the witch turned around and was suprised and confused at the same time . Such a dream was so strong, it woke her up in a moment. Right then, she noticed that the witch wasn’t her mom after so many years. “You are such a liar, you evil witch.” Rapunzel said. “How do you know, I mean find out, I mean, how- what happened?” the witch blurted out with droplets of sweat coming down from her face.

9: “I knew it. I knew that you were never my mother all along. How could you betray me from my parents? What more cruel can you be?” The witch didn’t know what to say. She ran out of excuses and ideas. It was like Rapunzel tied a trap around her and there was no way of getting out. In the spot, the witch left all her belongings and ran away into a wild forest, and was never found again. Relieved, the little girl ran to the house decorated with her favorite flowers like it happened in her dream, and was reunited with her parents once and for all. The couple were so happy and had tears coming down from their faces when they saw Rapunzel. All of a sudden, the spell broke and her hair turned back to the gold color! For this, everyone was very happy and they lived happily ever after.

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