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Blank Canvas

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BC: About the author | Christina Correa is a 15 year old 9th grader. She is presently a student in Ms.Foley's 9th grade honers English class. | Christina lives in Springfield MA with her mother and two sisters .

FC: House On Mango Street Vignettes | author: Christina Correa

1: Table of contents | pg.2 pg.3 pg.4 pg.5 pg.6 pg.7 pg.8 pg.9 pg.10 pg.11 | Hair There was an old man boys and girls Alicea who sees mice papa who wakes Sire No speak no English Bums in the attic 3 sisters Red clowns

2: Hair | everybody in my family has different hair. my twin's is curly like spaghetti but not so thin. It is as thick as a weight. Maybe thats why it is so hard to comb when it wet!. my little sisters hair is the thinest in the whole family it rolls strait of your hands when you try to grab it. just like flowing water. my fathers hair is..well there is no hair on his head not since i was three. but if he gets lazy it will come back strait and prickly with small patches all over. it reminds me of cactus with little babies popping from his head. My hair is frizzy but soon takes the appearance of waves in a ocean. My mothers hair,always a different streak of blond going over each strand of hair. after a while it becomes long like dough being stretched out by a baker. Hair is a variety in my family. always changing never the same .

3: There was an old women | My next door neighbors are the people that my mother tells me to stay away from.The mother of the family is old and tired, and has at least 6 kids living in the small apartment. During the summer the kids run around the complex with no shoes on! the youngest of the group walks around alone and with nobody watching them. which my mother will never allow her own kids to do. They have no respect for the people around them, They are always screaming. "Stay away from them" is what my mom always says to us.

4: Boys and Girls | Boys and Girls are completely different!. Boys like football , girls like dance. Boys like basketball while girls like to sing. Girls and boys are not alike at all. boys will always make fun of girls and girls will always make fun of boys. They live in completely different worlds! me being a girl i should know how different the female race to the male race. boys may be physically stronger but girls are mentally stronger. and you cant have strength without brains.because strength without brains is useless and brains without strength is nothing.

5: Alicea who sees mice | My mother, a 35 year old mother of three, has a fear. who am i kidding she has a full on PHOBIA. Of what? you may ask of mice and rats. Just one specific rodent. you could compare her fear to an elephant, her being the elephant.Both at the sight of mice squeal and jump. Even when i was young she could never stand the sight of them. Even ones on the tv. But i cant be so hard on her because don't get me wrong if i saw a mice i would jump on a table! but not the ones on the television. it is a complete outrage! i know!.My sister and i have gotten to the point where we have to tell my mom not to look at the tv because there is a split second of the mouse.

6: Papa who wakes | My second funeral i have ever gone too in my life was for a close family friend. A really close friend. One of my dads friend's father had died. i didn't really know him, but i knew the family that had lost him. The day of the funeral is was depressing and that was the first time i had learned how he had died. Pancreatic cancer was the result. He had been sick for a while now. the next day after the funeral we visited his family. we had helped them deal with lost by caring to their need such as cleaning and cooking around the house. then i realized both of funerals i had gone to was for victims of cancer. I didn't know how to feel. Both were utterly painful to deal with. But going to both have shown me to be brave and always help people in their time of needs

7: Sire | When i came to this school i had to learn to be brave. one reason being i was not from Chicopee middle schools at all. So not was the school new to me but so was everybody in the entire school. Even the teachers!. So on the first day of school i had to suck it up and pretend to be a regular freshman. The school was huge and was nervous, really nervous.But as the day went on i learned that it was better to be brave than scared of everything because everybody else was scared too. And the only other person i knew was my sister. So we both had to act brave around an estimated 2,000 kids that made us nervous.

8: No speak No English | During the 5 grade i won an exchange program to Puerto Rico sponsored by the school. During the visit you would learn about the culture and education of the native when i heard i had won the trip it was difficult to hold back the excitement.The day i left i said goodbye to my family because they could not come it would be my first time leaving alone on a plane and the tears filled their eyes as they saw me leave to the gate. Honestly i was kinda sad to leave and pretty nervous at the same time.When we arrived we had to visit a local school. There was kids all over the place it was so different from our school.The kids all spoke Spanish it was their first language.When my was English it was pretty hard to talk to the kids when i didn't under stand what they were saying at all. And the sad thing was everybody was so fascinated by the exchange student, but i couldn't understand what they were saying

9: Bums in the Attic | Yes i do believe that the author of The House On Mango Street, does invite bums into her attic . Why? because even through she is an successful women she will never forget where she came from, or where she has lived most of her childhood. Just like the three sisters told her if she leaves she will have to come back for the ones that cant leave so easily.which include the homeless. So if i was her i would invite a bum into my attic. Because she knows how it feels to live i shame and not have have everything you need.And it is not easy to overcome the hard times of being poor if you have no one to help you.

10: 3 sisters | Esperanza wished for better life and a house of her own. The 3 sisters granted her the wish but on one condition. Sh will have to come back to the house on mango street and take the people who cant leave so easily. She wished for what she wanted her whole life a house she can call a home. A house that she can point to and not be ashamed about. Esperanza wanted a better life, one that she would not let a man to dictate over her life.Like most of her friends she knew lives had turned out. Ruled by the men they were married to.

11: Red Clowns | When writing this vignette, the author used ironic contrast by showing Esperanza's true feelings about what had happened to her in the carnival. By using questions to another character in the story.and using a situation that could happen to anybody or any women shows ironic contrast in the vignette. Also setting a mood for the readers helps add to the vignette. Esperanza telling what had happened to her in the carnival let the readers know that it was not an easy life that she had lived. The tone in her voice helps show the feeling that she had.

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