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BC: MGP 1994 TO 2013 CAROLYN STUART | "Mom" Caregiver Encourager Coworker OUR FRIEND

1: Dr. Ham

2: Carolyn, Thanks for all of your support of me, my military career, adventures through elder care, establishing my practice there as the first NP, and doctoral studies too. There aren’t so many peeps that have been there on this journey – mainly family and I am blessed to count you among them. Yes, you have pulled the yoke long enough. Run for your life!!! Missing you tons already, xoxoxox Sandra “Sam” Cotton, DNP, ANP-BC, FNAP

3: How would Carolyn handle this? ...The question that many of us ask when it comes to patients, coworkers, friends, or family. From my first day in MGP, you have been such a good teacher, especially when I was first learning the basics and occasionally when I still forget them; an amazing supporter and friend, especially when I went through a very tough time; a great nurse and mom, especially when I was sick (a few times); and always a good role model. You show so much compassion with our patients and coworkers, which makes me proud to be your coworker. I truly appreciate all of the help you have given me when trying to figure out what a patient meant or if I needed to recommend they come in for an appointment. I am a better pharmacist because of your influence. I've also loved our talks and your guidance as I'm (still) learning about gardening! So Thank You for being you.....Mom, Teacher, Coworker, Role Model, and Friend With Love, Rebekah

4: Surprised All the Way!

6: Carolyn, From the moment I met you and the first time they sent you upstairs to show me around, I knew from then on that you were a wonderful person. In the short time that I have been here, you have been someone that I could look up to and go to when I needed guidance. You will be greatly missed as a friend and co-worker. Enjoy your retirement. WVU will be losing a great nurse. Sharlene - resource | Carolyn, It has been a great experience working with you. You have been very helpful in helping me when I've needed assistance. You have a great personality and have been a wise "Mom" to the girls. I really hope you enjoy your retirement. Best Wishes! Tina Powley

7: Carolyn is the best nurse I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is always compassionate and professional and her patients have a way of becoming her friends. I was a new nurse to Internal Medicine 17 years ago and Carolyn took me under her wing the same way she has done with all new nurses. Along the way we created a friendship that has lasted. I can still very clearly see her sister Betty coming in to the clinic to show off her new diamond ring. That same ring left an imprint in Carolyn's face when she fell asleep in the restroom because she was so tired of taking care of everyone! Have a wonderful, well-deserved retirement. Love, Cindy Lou Who

8: I met Carolyn in the fall of 1964, which was the start of her sophomore class and my junior year of high school. My sophomore year was the first in the new Philip Barbour High School. I guess you could say it was love at first sight. We dated for a while, then got married and had two wonderful children. I worked nights and went to school of the day so I could buy my first car, a 1956 Studebaker. While dating, Carolyn learned to drive in this car. I had to watch her as she sometimes had a heavy foot. My job later took us to Morgantown in 1970, and we moved into an old farm house in Laurel Point. It was an old house with barns and outbuildings; therefore, we had a few mice. One night I came home and every light in the house was on and Carolyn and both kids were sitting on the bed, with their feet and legs tucked under their bodies like Indians. The next day Carolyn told me “I'm going to look for another house with or without you; I can't take this any longer.” Well needless to say we ended up in Harmony Grove. She did a good job; it was a nice house. No Mice!!!

9: One day Carolyn and I were talking and she popped the question to me as follows after a brief silence: “If I promise to not let it interfere with the house work or anything else, would you agree to me going back to school to become a nurse. I feel this is my calling in life, and I think I would enjoy it.” I told her it was okay with me. So, she enrolled. I got good at doing house work!! Haha! Carolyn went to school, did house work, kids schooling and other functions, meals, and yard work, and seemed to enjoy it. She was a hard worker, I think at some points she was about to give up on the schooling, but hung in there and made it. After 25 years, I created a huge bump in the road, and we split for 10 years. I listened to my heart and we're back, more in love than ever. Those 10 years showed just how strong Carolyn is. | Now when I get home from work and she's raising hell about something that happened that day to her, I'll say “Do you want to talk about it?” She will say “no, I'm not allowed to; not allowed to talk about anything at work." She's a true medical adviser because if any of us ask her about an ailment we might be having, she will say “you need to go in and have the doctor check you.” One thing about Carolyn is that if you need to ask her something and the truth might hurt or not set right and you don't want to hear that, then “DON’T ASK HER” because she can be bold and blunt but so nice!! She is a very caring person that would try to help anyone. Bryan

10: To My Sis-My Other Half Many years ago on a cold November day I received a baby sis for my 8th birthday-however she was a couple of days late.! She was so cute and of course immediately spoiled by the entire family. Nothing like having a real live baby doll.. | She was a happy baby and as she grew into a toddler had the most beautiful blond ringlets for hair that would just shine in the sun. Wonder what happened to that hair? When I was old enough to start dating, her favorite spot was in the middle, between me and my guy. She thought she was part of the "sitting on the sofa" with the boyfriend and never left us alone. Do you think she was supposed to do that? Or did it just come natural?? All of a sudden the years fly by and she is married and has two babies of her own. She is "Miss Molly Homemaker". She is taking care of her kids, planting flowers and baking bread from scratch! She didn't get that from her sisters!!

11: When her babies were a bit older, nursing school came along. Then it was-"It is too tough", "I won't pass", "I think I am going to fail". Then I heard "I Graduated at the Top Of My Class!" Wonder how that happened? Maybe it was called Hard Work and Dedication. We were and are so very proud of her. Our family has been so very blessed to have her as a part of our family. She has loved us, cared for us, been sad with us and extremely happy at times with us. Through thick and thin (or is that sick not well) that she has been at our side doing what she does best....taking care of us! | We Love You Sis! We Hope You Have a Blessed and Healthy Retirement that Lasts for Many Years!! The Best is Yet to Come!! | We Wish Sunshine and Flowers. Coffee in the Morning on Your Porch And Many Hours of Fun with Your Beautiful Grandbabies!! Love, Frank & Joy

12: When people think of Carolyn Stuart they think of the nurse at MGP, Brownie's wife, Michael and Robin's mother, or Spencer and Bryan's Nannie. My mother also gets a laugh when Dr. Kincaid calls her “Perky” and how the girls at the nurses’ station call her mom. Now let me tell you about the most wonderful, amazing, devoted, always giving person I know, my mother. | My mother always prides herself on being a determined person who could have a family and a career at the same time, while still raising two small children and never giving up. I can honestly say we came first. I wish that more children would have a person to stand behind them, encourage them, push for their dreams, and to know when to stand back if you fail having open arms for hug and kiss and I love you! My mother never missed a school fundraiser or field trip, she was the P.T.O. mom to make our school better. When it came to sports she was my biggest fan. Most dads, like my own, go to work to provide for the family, put a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes on our back. But I will never forget the time my loving dad said “Your mom is a wonderful hard working person. She raised you and I spoiled you.” That's the day I realized how blessed our family was.

13: She's our rock, our foundation. The old saying goes: “Anybody can be a mother, it takes someone special to be a mommy.” My mother not only passed out hugs, kisses, and "I love yous", when needed she passed out ass whoopings. Back then I didn't like it but thank god she did! I am glad I have a mother who cared enough not to let me stray and go the wrong way in life. That's what a mother does. I asked my kids what's the first thing you think of when you think of Nannie? Spencer's answer was “I know she loves me.” Bryan's answer was “great hugs” To sum up how I feel about my mother is, if you turn MOM upside down it just spells WOW and that's what she is. Mom, I Love You!! And thanks for not just being my mom but my best friend. Robin

14: Mom, It is hard to believe that the word "retirement" is on the horizon for you. As the years pass, it seems like only yesterday that you were working nights at Mon General. Although I was very young, I vividly remember how hard you worked in nursing school - the long hours, the really big books, and your remarkable focus to accomplish your goal. I still remember the very day you graduated top of your class and, in my opinion, you remain the top of the class today. I was incredibly proud of you then and I am incredibly proud of you now. | The same dedication, focus, courage and perseverance for which you thrived in nursing school are the same attributes that make you a great mom, an incredible granny, a wonderful daughter, and a loving wife and sister. I have been given many blessings during the course of my life- not the least of which is you. You have been a wonderful mom, close friend, a wise adviser, and (shockingly at times) the voice of reason. Although I could never fill your shoes, the lessons I learned from you have made me a better husband and. if I must say so myself, a pretty darn good DAD !!!

15: You have been and continue to be a role model to me. So, enjoy your retirement; you've earned it! Keep in mind, although you may be taking off the stethoscope and the rubber gloves, this is not the beginning of the end but merely, the end of the beginning. Your work has just begun. We have great plans for you and many untold challenges, experiences, and adventures for us to share. The pages of your book are still being written. I love you mom. Your family is proud of you! Your loving son, Micheal B

16: Carolyn, It's zero hour! Enjoy, play, relax. It's your choice. Congratulations and all the best. John K. Derm. | Carolyn, We've known each other for more years than I can count. You have reassured me and my family. Every time we arrive at clinic, she is there. Carolyn is an honest, faithful person, full of kindness and always smiling! You will be missed!! Vicki Chase | Carolyn, Wishing the best of luck in your retirement!!! Judy Smith | Miss Carolyn, Things won't be the same around here! Now I will be the only white haired lady here.. Thanks for leaving me here alone! I will miss you, but I am so happy you get to enjoy your retirement. Try to stay out of trouble, if you can... LoveYa JoAnn

19: Life is full of moments that God puts the right people in your life. I speak for more than myself when I say I feel this way about you. This book is evidence of the many lives you have touched and made better in some way. And this is just from your co-workers. I can only imagine over your career the number of patients you have taken care of in their time of need. Even though some of them foolishly thought we made you put "Senior" on your badge to signify how old you were. You will be dearly missed, but remember Crown and Coke is best drank with a friend. I am glad to call you one and can't wait to join you for one on Blueberry Hill. All my love Jen

20: Carolyn, It was wonderful working with you. I am glad we got to know each other. My life is better having you in it. Enjoy your self and keep in touch. Love Jamie | Carolyn, Thanks for being our surrogate 'mom' for all of these years. You were the first person to actually care about how I was doing when I started residency, and you have remained one of the few that do. I really appreciate everything you've done for us. I wish you nothing but happiness in the future. -With Love, Haresh | P.S. one of your brown kids

21: Carolyn, What a wonderful nurse and person to have worked with for the past 13 years! I've never had the pleasure of working with someone as nice as you until now. You enjoy your retirement with Paw-Paw. Enjoy you grandchildren and the rest of your life. Sure will miss you. Marion

22: My heart is breaking for me and jumping for joy for you. You will be missed. I hope retirement is everything you hoped it would be. I'll be over for the best PB&J's and ice cream. Love you with all my heart, dear friend. Charlotte

23: WOW! The end of an era!!! Hard to envision MGP without Carolyn!! Just think of all the nurses and doctors you have trained and all the patients whose life you have touched. You will leave a great imprint on MGP and the POC . I do treasure my years working with you and all the laughs and tears we have shared. I wish you a wonderful and exciting retirement! You have worked hard all these years; you deserve an exciting and fun time in the years ahead!!! Love, Barb

26: When I first got out of nursing school, I worked at Mon.General. One night there was a blizzard and only 3 nurse showed up to work on my floor. I was passing meds and doing dressing changes, I was a nervous wreck. I learned a lot of my nursing skills after graduation once I actually started working and taking care of the patients. | I worked for Dr. Kerr. one day. he told me to get him a medicine cup out of the cupboard. right where he said they were, I couldn't find them... I could only find a shot glass. He just smiled and said, "around here we call them MEDICINE CUPS." | Nursing Stories of Carolyn

27: When a patient gets admitted to the hospital, the nursing staff has to give report. Sometimes that's not so easy. Like one day, a patient was alert and ready but in Carolyn's words they were alert and "horny." Oops!! Someone else had to finish report on that patient! | And... how about I tried to help a patient to the lobby, but I was shy a door so I tried to have him wait in the restroom and not the lobby(oops)! Good ole' Carolyn could not help me with this because she was about to pee her pants! | Do you want to talk to the Doctor that's in charge or do you want to talk with the Nurse who knows what's going on? | " no need for last names I am the only white haired nurse on the floor"

28: Carol, When I married Mike, not only did I get a good man but I also gained a great family. You're more than just a mother-in-law, you're a friend, a negotiator, a great nurse and a sounding board. I enjoy the time we spend together. The main reason we returned to West Virginia was for family. That has been the best decision we have ever made, just ask Isabella and Audrey. They would rather spend time with Nannie and Pa than us. I would like to say, enjoy your retirement you deserve it; you may have to make it a "semi-retirement". As Mike always says that to me... "You're just like my mom" I consider that the ultimate compliment. Now it is time to finish visiting your National Parks and have fun. And one more thing...keep making the cheese balls. I have been very fortunate to have two moms that support and love me. All my love, Katrina

30: Carolyn, When I first came here, Donna told me she had an LPN named Carolyn that could not wait to take me by the hand and show me around. I took that quite literately at the time. I had never worked in an office setting and had no idea what I was in for. The incident with the resident in the hallway is one of the things I will never forget. Also, I've 'had my lips all my life' and can now put on my lipstick in the nurses station without a mirror. I will miss you knocking me in head when I didn't use common sense. Whether it was screaming your name when I stuck myself with a contaminated needle or

31: when the big lady passed out on me and I couldn't hold her up or passing out myself because my heart forgot how to beat right -you always came running and for that, I will always be grateful! Now, as I have to let go of your hand, I want you to know that I wish you the best retirement ever. May God Bless you and your family and know that I will never forget our good times in the ole' POC. Love, Ginny

32: Good Morning Carolyn, What can I say? I definitely wish you were not leaving us.... what will we do without you? Thanks for all the big and little things that you did every day that made our life easier at the front desk. You really ran your little legs off for us to get the answers that we needed. You must have been really tired when you went home. If anybody deserves a break, it would definitely be you!!! I wish you lots of joy and happiness as you begin this stage of your life. Make the most of it! Enjoy your retirement ..... sit with that cup of coffee, read some books, take a nap, take up a hobby or just snuggle with Papaw and those grandkids. Take time for you!!!

33: Don't forget your friends and family at MGP! You've developed some lifelong friendships throughout your many years at this organization. Keep in touch and think of us often, just as we will be thinking of you and envying you and your days of retirement. Remember ..... you only live once! Live and love like there is no tomorrow!! Life is full of new beginnings - may this one be the happiest ever! We will miss you! Love & Prayers

34: Dear Carolyn, Here are a couple of pictures from years ago. My, my, my how times have changed. I almost didn't recognize you with color in your hair! While so many things have changed, one thing remains constant - our friendship. I have been blessed to work beside you for all of these years. Even when we would get swept up in "life", we were able to be an ear for each other. I remember one day in particular when you were being an "ear" for me. I came up to you all serious about some big news I wanted to share. I told you that it was still a secret, but I wanted you to know that I was going to be leaving to take a job at Shenandoah University in the school of pharmacy.

35: I will never forget your reaction as you listened and processed what I was telling you. You were being kind and had a few words of wisdom (as you so often do) and then.... the look on your face when I yelled "April Fool!". I was so proud of myself that I was able to get you! Have you forgiven me for that one yet?? I hope you are truly able to relax and enjoy retirement. It is well deserved! Have a great time doing what you love so much - being with your family. Thanks for all of the wonderful memories. I will miss you! Love, Lisa Moherman P.S. If you ever need an NG tube, I'll be right there with a cup of coffee!

36: With Carolyn, everybody knows that it is all about the hair. It's not about your hair - it's about HER hair. We all pity the distinguished doctor who when she saw Carolyn's new white hair (instead of red), exclaimed 'Oh My God, I Thought It Was For Halloween...' There was an awkward silence at the nursing station until everyone burst out laughing. -JN

37: Caroline has made it fun to come to clinic all these years. One time about to perform a pelvic exam, I usually would tell the patient "I am going to touch you now." That day I happened to say, "I am going to touch IT now" Carolyn stared at me in disbelief. The blue light in the room was from her eyes that day not the speculum! -JN

38: Carolyn, I hate to see you go, but like I told you "I wish I was going with you!!!!!" I'm sorry I didn't get the opportunity to work with you . I appreciated your help when I was having trouble withBridget and her bumps on her leg. You were there to assist me. It is nice to have a seasoned nurse to help. Just think of all the hearts you have touched during your tenure here at the POC. I know you have touched mine. You will be truly missed. Enjoy your retirement, and do the things you want that make you HAPPY!!!! Much Love Sherrie McKinney | It has been a true honor and blessing to have worked and gotten to know you. Thank you for bestowing your knowledge, compassion, friendship on all that has crossed your path. You have helped to make us better care givers, coworkers, parents, spouses, friends and all around better people. Enjoy yourself! You deserve it! Christine Tate

39: CAROLYN, What Can I Say? We have been through a lot together- THE GOOD,THE BAD,AND ALOT OF UGLY! And... we both have made it. It's been great working with you. I know I have found a true friend, who I will cherish FOREVER! HAVE A GREAT RETIREMENT AND KEEP ME POSTED. Remember - "I don't give a damn." Will miss you! Love, Paula

40: Carolyn, Best wishes on your retirement. May God bless the rest of your journey here on Earth. Kelly Sterling | My most favorite memory of Carolyn is when she threw the surprise birthday party for me. I don't know how she managed to pull it off but it was really awesome and I was totally blown away. We sure had some wild experiences. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Love, Marty

41: Carolyn, I still look back fondly on my MGP days and what a privilege it was to work with someone with your efficiency and skill! Whenever one of us needed to get something done, someone seen, someone scoped, or just generally taken care of, YOU were the person who could always make it happen. "Just give it to Carolyn, and it'll get done right!" was the sentiment of us residents in those days. Now I'm a very happy practicing infectious disease specialist in Seattle, WA, and I work with some amazing people here, but they haven't got a thing on you girl! I wish you the best in your retirement. I can only imagine the monstrous shoes left at your desk to be filled! Cheers to you and all the very best!! Fondly, Jason Kettler

42: Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn, It seems like only yesterday that you started on the MGP journey. Why, Jeff and I were so much younger then, and in the short time we have been pulling the yoke (don't know about you but it was starting to dig into my neck), we have all grown older and wiser, and, someone, not you, more curmudgeonly. My, my, my. So glad you were a fellow-traveler. -Rick

44: Dear Carolyn, You have been with us from the beginning of my MGP journey (1995), as a resident, new mother, nervous new faculty...... You symbolize the most special qualities of MGP that made me decide that this is the place I want to work. You made caring for the patient, students and residents and each other not just serious, but a fun and humorous art form. You even planned your succession here very well, so that we can go on without missing a beat. Even so, we will miss you so...oooh terribly. You are irreplaceable!!! We love you! We will miss you! Have a wonderful retirement! Come back and see us. With love and best wishes, Shanthi Manivannan

45: Carolyn, When I came to WVU as a new faculty member, I was so scared and nervous. I want to thank you for your support and love as I struggled my way through that first year!! You always made sure I was eating and staying healthy. Thirteen years of seeing patients has made me much more comfortable. I thank you for always making sure that my patient's needs were met. Your approach to patient care and your relationship with the faculty, staff, residents and students is without compare. We will miss you and will always love you!! Matthew Brunner | W V U

46: "Happy days are here at last, the days of 9 to 5 are past, You've worked all your life and paid your dues. Now you'll do just what you choose!" Happy Retirement, Carolyn!! Thanks for always offering support when it was needed and laughing with me on days that I needed it the most!! Your warm presence and calming demeanor will be greatly missed!! With Love, Courtney Dunithan

47: Nurse Carolyn, How do I even begin.... I will so miss having you here! But always remember... I know where you live... And I have seen you in your PJs! Lots of love and happy wishes. Karyn~~~~~

48: Carolyn, I will miss you counting down your days, oh yeah and the hours, minutes, seconds..... Have a wonderful retirement. Sherri E

49: Carolyn, A wonderful nurse that I will miss dearly. I wish you the best traveling, shopping, and yes, even if it is window shopping like our parents did back in the day. Carolyn, I will never forget the words that you filled my head with and that BEAUTIFUL hair color - just love it. There is so much I could say, but it would take up the whole book. Enjoy your grandkids and retirement. CHOP CHOP!!~!!!!! Love, Cynthia Black

50: Carolyn, I am going to miss seeing you so much. You are such a great person and nurse. Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on (literally) and for always making me laugh. You have given me great advice in life and health care. I promise I will always make sure I can support myself. Sleep in, watch day time television, go see movies, and enjoy those grandkids of yours. Don't forget about us! I love you! -Larissa


52: Carolyn, You are such a wonderful person. You will be missed. Enjoy your retirement! Enjoy sitting on your porch with a cup of coffee and your newspaper just letting the world go by! Thanks for being such a great nurse and friend. I will remember you alway and forever. Love, Sherri T

53: Carolyn, You are such a sweet lady and co-worker. You will be missed. Have fun on your retirement. Do something you have never done before. Come back and see us! Love, Suzy Leighty

54: Ohh Mom! I don't even know what to say. I know one thing is that I will never work with someone else who gives me great advice with hugs and kisses. I will always remember "see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil "(even though it was a little late). Thank you for always keeping my secrets safe. Oh, and thank you for telling my how to get "married". It hard to believe that our work time together is over, but you of all people deserve it! I hope you enjoy the retirement life and miss me even more! Love ya and don't forget to stop and see me! Thank you for being a great "mom". Ashley

56: Carolyn, Congratulations on your retirement! I hope you enjoy every minute! your friend always, Paige

59: Carolyn, Not only are you an outstanding nurse, you are an amazing teacher and mentor. Thank you for embracing me and welcoming me into the clinic family. I can only hope that I am half of the inspiring and caring leader that you are. Maybe someday (a long long long time from now) all of the "kids" will call me "mom". You deserve all of the best in life. Love, Amber

60: Carolyn, One of the nicest things in my time at the POC was working with you. Even if we didn't have a lot of time to talk and spend time with each other, I want you to know how much I appreciate you and our friendship! - Donna Brown P.S. Our Friendship Lives in My Heart!!

61: Carolyn, She was always a very special nurse to me. I worked with her a lot; she was always kind and professional. She was always there when resource needed help and she was always happy to help...never complained about anything. I know most of resource felt the same. Carolyn, have a great retirement and don't do anything I wouldn't do. HA HA! But please, get out and enjoy life; it goes too fast to sit on a sofa and watch TV... only do that in the evenings or sit on a sofa and make love to your husband - thats fun too! Have a great retirement. God Bless you and your family. Love, Mary Cupp

63: Mom, Where to begin.... It's not often that I am emotional, but this really makes me sad. I remember walking in the front door as a student wondering if I could do this and thinking how scared I was. I was so nervous! You told me, "Do as I do and you will be fine". Well, Apparently I did GREAT! You kept me by your side! It has now been close to 5 years since we met and I love you like your my own "Mom"! Geesh, I am the reason EVERYONE around here calls you that!!!! I'm a pretty hard person to forget so I bet you will come visit when you are bored. You sure can't say your life has been boring since I have been in it!!!! Just so you know, I will be waiting for my messages and texts that you will send DAILY. I will miss you and those kisses love ya JESS

64: Miss Caroline | Every year since I have worked in MGP I have purchased a small gift for each staff member, usually a Christmas ornament. Having found really cute ones one year, I had them all personalized. I was very proud of myself until my dear and close friend Carolyn pointed out to everyone that I had Caroline put on hers.! It remains one of her favorite Holiday possessions

65: LPN Extraordinaire! | As we all know Carolyn is an awesome nurse. One late afternoon, I requested her help to complete a pelvic on a one legged patient. Knowing Carolyn's routine with pelvic exams I told her in advance of the patient's plight. Upon entering the room as I was gloving, she proceeded to instruct the patient to put her leg in the stirrup. Before I could stop her, she asked for the other leg as well. Under my breath I again told her the patient only had one leg....she again made the same request. Finally, after the 3rd time telling her that the PATIENT ONLY HAD ONE LEG! she started giggling and realized what she had done. We haven't stopped giggling yet!

66: Did you know November 14th is a National Holiday? Just ask Carolyn! | Back in the day Carolyn worried about my liver. But trust me she was no Saint either! One Friday night. we all went to Crockett's for wings and refreshments. It was a beautiful evening. As we were leaving, a gentleman rode up on his Harley. We dared her to ask if she could sit on his bike. "Better yet" he replied, "Let's go for a Ride". Carolyn promptly put on the helmet, jumped on the back of the Harley with a total stranger and rode off into the sunset!

67: Aways in a rush when I am seeing patients, my dear friend was known to pull pranks on me. One day I went to hurriedly slide on my jacket to see a patient. Carolyn had safety pinned my sleeves closed and stood outside the door laughing as I struggled. | My dear friend also loved to hold the door knob not allowing me to exit a room when I was in a rush!

68: Phillipian | Did ya know there are really 2 syllables in know'en? Just ask Caroline she'll tell you! If you speak Phillipian your As are Is Just ask Ishley! | Compassion is truly a Carolyn's strong suit. The care she provided for her mom, Aunt Betty , me and many others over the years is boundless. Never will I forget her staying by my side during the 26 hour labor for my son Eli. She was the first Nannie to hold him after I delivered. After holding him ever so briefly, she promptly kissed me on the forehead and said "I'm going home now, Bye"

69: When Carolyn started working in MGP, we quickly developed a friendship. One summer afternoon I decided to pay her a visit at her home in a trailer park off of Route 119. With some effort, I found her trailer and with six pack in hand knocked on her door. She greeted me in a housecoat, hair a mess and bra less! Truly a sight I will never forget!! We drank the beer and laughed our asses off!

70: The very mark of a true friend is one who invites you to spend Christmas Eve with their family when you have no place else to go. That is unless they forget to pick you up as you have just had back surgery and cannot drive yourself to get there!

71: Nannie, Caroline, Carolyn, My Friend- I have so enjoyed the many years we have worked together. Your compassion and friendship has seen me through many difficult and joyous times. I will so miss seeing your smiling face everyday, but I know our families are forever bonded and our friendship timeless. Best wishes on your Retirement Old Girl....cause only "My Crackie" knows for sure!!!! Love, Lori

72: Dear Nanny, You have a family. Know why? Because you and I are in it. I love you because you take me on great vacations and because you love me. I hope you have a great retirement. I know you will because I will be there with you! Love, Audrey Frances Stuart

73: Dear Nanny, There are no words to describe you. You mean so much to me! I really appreciate everything you've done for me! You never had to take me with you on our vacation, but you did and I love you! Whenever I am sick, you always help, no matter what. Nanny, you are the most loving , caring and amazing nurse anyone could be with. Happy Retirement! I love you with all my heart! I'm also elated that you can go anywhere, do anything, and have amazing journeys soon to come! Now you get to spend more time with me! I know that you are so happy. Love, Isabella

74: Dear Carolyn, From the moment I began working at MGP a year and a half ago, you have been the one constant person who checks in on me at some point in my day. Of course I am in your face often enough to talk about patient issues. Anyway the point is you have earned your title here as 'mom' because you do 'look after' your crew well. Thank you for making me say "no I cannot do --" thank you for letting me vent, thank you for helping me stay positive ( with a hint of sarcasm). You may be retiring but your firm voice and loving eyes will be missed greatly. Thank you for all you have done. Good luck in all your future days, keep in touch please. Love Anantha

76: You are so good at knowing what I need before I know I need it. I swear, you never failed to keep me on track(and I'm really good at getting off track). Carolyn, you are one of those people, that, when you see them at work, or anywhere I suppose, you just rest easier, and know everything is going to be alright, that all is right in the world. The converse is also true; the days in MGP when you were not around caused me to fear the future, and pray for deliverance (from clinic). | All that stuff is kind of over the top, but it's true. That's why I said it. But maybe what I'll miss the most is how easily you laugh (at me and with me) and how truly you care (about patients and all of us). Best of luck going forward, and (I doubt I have to remind you); don't look back. Brian Talbott

78: Dear Mom - Four years ago, I was a new intern and terrified of having "my own patients" in MGP. Now, I look back at the doctor I have become, and you were one of the driving forces in my "growing up". You taught me how to be a more caring person. You taught me how to care about our patients. You called me out when I wasn't doing it right (which I really appreciate!). And, most importantly, you helped me with no less than a million pap smears! Carolyn, I will never, ever forget you. You are a truly amazing person. You will be missed more than you know. Thank you for helping me to become the doctor I am today. I hope that your retirement is wonderful. Love, Kelley

79: To Carolyn, I cannot begin to tell you how much you will be missed. You have always been a constant comforting presence for me and many of my fellow residents in the clinic. I know a lot of us have always considered you to be kind of like a mother at work. However, I personally have always considered you a mother AND friend. I truly hope retirement is everything you dreamed of and more! You will be missed, but I know all of us are happy for you and wish you many many years of relaxation. -Troy

80: Dearest Carolyn, It truly has been a blessing to have you in my WVU Healthcare Family. Your warm clinic greetings with words of wisdom and support were priceless. Always a pleasure to encounter your smile on a hectic day. Wishing you all the best in future endeavors. Extending an open invitation to The Bahamas. Will definitely miss you. Much Love, Gigi ;-)

81: Like many residents, I started calling our beloved nurse manager Carolyn, "Mom," shortly after starting my Med-Peds residency in July 2011. An outsider may ask, "why would you call her that?" They would have a point, I mean she is not actually my mother. The answer, however, is easy for me, because I'm also a pediatrician so I interact with and observe parents all the time. I know a great parent when I see one, and simply, Carolyn takes care of her "kids." Carolyn lets us grow as physicians, but knows when to provide assistance when we are in need; she is a very hard worker and leads by example, we work hard because she does; she teaches us the importance of interacting with others in a professional manner; she provides compliments when they are deserved and constructive criticism when it is also deserved; mostly she nurtures us into better physicians. These attributes gives her affectionate nickname additional meaning- Most Outstanding Manager (MOM). It has been an ultimate privilege to get to work with and learn from Carolyn. I will miss her presence in our clinic, but like my own family I am glad she will finally get the retirement she earned and deserves. Just as is the case with my biological loving mother, I will always be grateful for what Carolyn has done and sacrificed for my professional development. She has not only made me a better physician, but also a better person. Thank you, MOM, for all you have done! Lisa Costello

82: Emmanuel Adams, Matt Akers, Ahmed Almustafa, | Sean Rogers, Roby Thomas, Christine Westfall | Aaron Nelson, Tejaswini Potlapalli, Ihtishaam Qazi, | Congratulations on your retirement!! Thank you for all of your help this year. You will be greatly missed, please visit whenever you have time. Love, Christine Westfall | Thank you for all that you've done for us. We are truly going to miss you. MGP is not going to be the same without its mom. Love, Allison | Thanks for all your help Carolyn! You are the cherry flavoring that made the bitter cough syrup known as MGP Clinic tolerable. Paul Wang | My Dearest Carolyn, You have kept me from drowning on several occasions throughout my young career. Thank you so much for taking care of me. I expect to talk on the phone every night so we can discuss my day. Nunzio | Hi Carolyn, I will miss you. Thank you for helping me through my first clinic and making sure I did not run away. Sincerely, Sean | Dear Carolyn, Congratulations on your retirement! I will miss not only you and your uplifting personality but all of your advice/expertise that I've come to count on so much. I appreciate everything you have done and am glad for the time that I was able to spend with you. Enjoy your time and relax! Heather Samuelson | Enjoy your time in retirement! Mark Knestrick

83: Ikenna Anaka, Jeffrey Brejwo, Juliet Cha, James Chuo, | Clinton Cooper, Eric Huang, Justin Hunsucker, Michael Jenkins, | Rachel Leonard, Benjamin Leslie, Sherry Levio, | Mom, you made MGP bearable. Thank you. Jeff Brejwo | Best wishes in your future endeavors, Carolyn, and thank you so much for always smiling and helping with intern year! James Chuo | Dear Carolyn (MAMA), Thank you for all your guidance through out the years. You have always been the helping hand and smiling face whenever the residents needed help. You will be missed by everyone at MGP. Wishing you the best on your future endeavors and have a happy retirement. Best , Naif Al-Aedan | Carolyn, it was great working with you. You've been a great teacher, and have been always there to help. Take care, stay happy and enjoy life! Asma Syed | Carolyn, I am so sad to see you leave. You always knew what to do and how to do it. You will truly be missed and MGP will never be the same. I hope you enjoy your retirement and always remember to drink one for me. Love, Samantha Crites | Thanks for all your help. We will miss you! -Rizvi

84: Stephen Abbott, Masooma Aqeel, Kristen Bell, Nicole Bryan, | I will miss you my little angel nugget!!! Thank you for everything you have done for me and all your help! love you, Kristen | Sardar Rizvi, Heather Samuelson, Muhammad Sheikh, | Gigi Smith, Asma Syed, AlMoutassim Trabulsi | I remember my first MGP experience distinctly; mostly for how warm and welcoming you were. You have been a tremendous asset to generations of residents and will be sorely missed. I'm thankful to be exiting the same time as you. Best Wishes...and enjoy your well deserved retirement!!! Cari Armstrong | I will miss you mom! Hope you enjoy your retirement. Chris Estel | Dearest Carolyn, Your smile and guidance will be greatly missed by so many. I feel blessed to have been able to work with you throughout my residency and appreciate your patience, especially on Friday afternoon clinics. I know that as much as the residents and staff will miss you, the patients at MGP will miss you just as much as you are the type of person that is able to quickly create that special bond with someone. - Lauren Veltri | Carolyn, You were always hard on me... but I deserved it! Congratulations on retirement, enjoy it! MGP won't be the same without you! All the best, Isaac Hurst | I can't imagine MGP without you! We will miss you very much, enjoy your hard earned freedom! ~Shreya

85: Allison Lastinger, Leonard Maier, Nunzio Pagano, | Hugo Carducci, Lisa Costello, Daniel Farmer, Mahwash Kamal, | Anil Patel, Haresh Patel, Shreya Pujara, Madiha Rabbani, | Dear Carolyn, Congratulations on your retirement! You made me feel like family from the moment I walked through the door and you will be genuinely missed in the clinic. Thank you for everything you have done to help me become a better doctor for my patients over the last three years. Your support and dedication on a personal and professional level are something of which to aspire. Best wishes for all of the adventures ahead! With Love and Respect ~Sherri Rauenzahn | Dear Carolyn, We are going to miss you so much. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Enjoy your retirement. I am so grateful for your help, and will miss your smile and direction in clinic. Best Wishes, Meredith Broberg | I will miss interacting with a wonderful person, and am grateful I got an opportunity to work with you Carolyn. Happy retirement Umair | Dear Carolyn; Thank you for all the support you have been for these last 2 years. Although I took a while to settle down in the MGP - you were always so patient and watched over with a smile. I will always remember your kindness. I hope these next years give you and your family lots of happiness and contentment - we will all miss you very much. Wish you the very best - Love and regards - Masooma | Thanks for all your help in MGP, you made it a great experience! - Francis

86: When a calming, quiet presence was all that was needed, You were there. In the excitement and miracle of birth or in the mystery and loss of life, You were there. When a silent glance could uplift a patient, family member or friend, You were there. At those times when the unexplainable needed to be explained, You were there. When the situation demanded a swift foot and sharp mind, You were there. When a gentle touch, a firm push, or an encouraging word was needed, You were there. In choosing the best one from a family's “Thank You” box of chocolates, You were there. To witness humanity — its beauty, in good times and bad, without judgment, You were there. To embrace the woes of the world, willingly, and offer hope, You were there. And now, as you retire, we learned how to be better doctors because you were here! | Modified from the Nightingale Tribute and Duane Jaeger, RN, MSN, poem titled “She Was There.”

87: Hafiz Iqbal, Leah Jones, Mark Knestrick, Troy Krupica, Sunil Kumta, Ryan Morris, Cristina Pastuch, | Umair Ahmed, Naif AlAedan, Shamsher Ali, Cari Armstrong, Krishna Bingi, Meredith Broberg, | Sherri Rauenzahn, John Paul Soberano, Lauren Veltri, Paul Wang, Sana Waqar, and Jeremy Waters | We honor you in your retirement and give you a white rose to symbolize our appreciation. | 2012-2013 PGY3s | Katherine Buddenberg, Samantha Crites, Chris Estel, Kelley Gannon, Ryan Hall, Isaac Hurst,

88: I'll never forget... "I have to shake your hand. I just love you." Best interview ever. I hope when you come back in awhile I make you proud that: #1) I'm still employed here. #2) People thank you for hiring me. - Kriss

89: A Beautiful Picture of 2 Beautiful Young Girls Taking the World by Storm.! Wishing You the Best in Your Retirement. Love, Cindy

90: Dear Carolyn, Wow! I can't believe the time is actually here and you will be retiring. You have been such a pillar in this clinic and we will feel a large void when you walk out that door. You are a caring, intelligent, hardworking nurse and your experience and wisdom have helped guide many of us over the years. You have been comforting to our patients and you have always been willing to help us with our jobs. If you saw a problem in the clinic you would try to correct it. When you knew we needed a leader in the clinic, you were willing to take on that position. Over the years, you have strived to provide the best possible care to not only the patients but also to the staff and residents.

91: As I reflect on our years of knowing each other, I know that what I will miss the most is your friendship! You have always showed an interest in our lives and families. You have provided me with comfort in times of loss and joyful hugs with various exciting milestones (completion of residency, engagement and marriage to Brad, arrivals of Matthew, Brian and Katelyn).I have always enjoyed coming to clinic and sharing life stories with you. I know you can't wait to become a full-time wife, mother, and grandmother and I am positive that your family is looking forward to having more time with you. Enjoy your retirement! We will miss you! Much happiness in the years ahead! With much love, Mary Warden

93: Carolyn These have been both very good years and very hard years. You have helped me through the hard times, and have laughed with me during the good times. I thank you for your friendship and your support. I thank you for welcoming me to this job years ago. I thank you for the concern you have always shown me. You have blessed my life. May your retirement be long and blessed with continued health and happiness. May we continue to share the good times and not so many bad times. Thank you again, and love always. Cora

94: Carolyn, I think you know you have a place in my heart and in my mind, and I am so glad you are there. I will stay to make them all suffer just as we planned. Thanks for the chats that helped me face life and the knowledge you have passed on. But most of all thanks for just being you!!!! Lots of Love Laurie

95: Perky, I'm hoping that this talk of retirement is just a cruel April Fools Day hoax! If you really are going to do it, I hope this change brings you peace, joy and finally the chance to put your feet up and let someone else do the worrying. I can't begin to thank you for taking such good care of me and my patients through thick and thin. Never once did you say no when I asked for help. I'll bet there were many times that you saved my ___ and I didn't even know it. Your kindness, knowledge and steadfast presence helped more than I can ever say. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. | It is a bittersweet moment, but I'm so happy for you. my love always, Chris

96: Carolyn, I can't believe it's finally came to the last few days that we will ever work together. We have shared many frustrating days working "short of staff". We have also shared many laughs together. I remember returning to work after a two week vacation and you greeted me in the hallway with a new hair color (gray). I thought they hired a "NEW" nurse in MGP. You have taught me to never give up my lunch. I wish I was in the room when you rolled your eyes at Dr. Ham. I should have tried that too over the years.

97: Your quick humor and wit always brought many laughs during our conversations! Oh, I suppose I have to take over teaching "YOUR children" the basics of defrosting a refrigerator. They are so young! I'm very happy for you and Brian. You have both worked hard and now, enjoy your time together. I'll miss you, the stories about Spencer and Little Brian. You take care and maybe someday we can go on a hike together before we both get too old. Sandy

98: 2013 HAPPY


101: Hello to a New World You've paid your dues,done your time, put in long hours too. And now you're ready to retire. That doesn't mean your life will end, indeed its just about to begin.Great moments lie in wait for you where life is free of schedules, time clocks and company rules. Adventures abound like sparkling jewels. A world of fun discoveries to relate that come without an expiration date. When the travel bug bites you're free to take flight, and since you're the boss of what you do Retirement plans are all up to you. Someday

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