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FC: My Life Inside of a Book

1: Table of Contents | 1. Yes Its Special 2. Independence Is key 3. Small Girl Big Dreams 4. I Can Be a Princess Too 5. A Place For Me 6. Home Is My Place Of Weakness and Strength 7. The Day That I Could Remember So Clearly 8. My Little Brother 9. They're Different In Some Ways 10. He's my inanimate Object

2: Yes Its Special My name ... Genesis Caballero is what it is. It can be pronounced in both Spanish and English. My name is very special to me. My mom named me. Since was born in Puerto Rico I needed a Spanish name. In Spanish, my name is pronounced as "hen-ne-see", like the liquor. That wasn't the only reason why my mom gave me that name. She also named me that because its the first chapter of the bible. With that being said, I was her first child and the start to her ongoing life. My last name, Caballero, means horses and gentlemen in Spanish. I got my last name past down to me by my mother. Our last name is a family last name. My nickname is my name but the way its said in Spanish. I wouldn't name myself anything different because my name means so much to me and others as well. And plus, I LIKE IT! :)

3: Genesis is my name! :) | A way to symbolize my mother and I when I was young. | An example to show how my name is pronounced in Spanish. | Where I was born. | The main reason why my mom named me what she named me.

4: Independence Is Key When I decided to become an independent person was when I noticed what a horrible person I was. I was a child with a poor attitude and didn't care much of anything besides myself. It took an argument with one of my good , former , teachers to realize that I needed to change. I then became more handy with my school work and became an independent person. I focused more on myself and bettering MY life, than to worry about everyone and anything else. I gradually began to notice that my grades went up and my independence grew longer and longer, everyday that went by. Would i go back and change that day? No! That day was the day I learned to be my own person.

6: Small Girl Big Dreams I have big dreams, dreams to make it big and hope to come true. At a young age, I wanted to be a math teacher. Teaching, I thought, was a great career for one to have and I even loved math, so teaching my favorite subject seemed perfect. But an opportunity came along, and opportunity that changed my future dream career. I wanted to become a model. People told me I was beautiful and would be a perfect model. My mind was set, I wanted to be a model. But yet again, my thoughts of my career changed. I have a passion for beauty and I want to pursue a career in it.

7: I want to open my own beauty salon with a barbershop in it. I want my shop to have everything, including a spa, manicure and pedicure, etc. But my career isn't the only thing that contributes to my great dream, but growing up does. I want to be the first to graduate high school in my family and continue on my education to college to pursue a career in cosmetology. I also want to have a family of two or three and marry the love of my life. But even more than that, to have a good life and become a great person outside and in.

8: I Can Be a Princess Too I wish to be Cinderella. I wish I could be as beautiful as she is. Even though she was more of a slave, rather than the stepdaughter she should have been treated as, she is beautiful one the inside and out. She had a good heart, one that in the end was appreciated, not by who should have appreciated her, but still. I also wish to be her because by the end of the fairytale, she got the fairytale love story. I want that. Another reason why I would like to be her because her fairy godmother gave her three wishes. With those three wishes, I could wish for things that are worth wishing for. CInderella is my fairytale princess and it will stay like that.

10: A PLace For Me A few years ago, when I went on vacation with my family, I had a place where I'd go at least two or three times a day. It wasn't much of a private place but it was a place where I could sit, watch everything around me and just drift off and think to myself. It was a lake, where the water flowed fiercely throughout the day but was very calm at night. The water wasn't crystal clear but contained a lot of rocks, bugs and nature's objects and sounds, that were very interesting.

11: The wind that blew threw the trees and their leaves were like music to my ears. The current, when it was fierce, made a yelling noise that caught my attention. My legs in the water, as the sun was gleaming on me, welcomed me further and further in, showing me it was being friendly. All that surrounded me also took me under the wing and gave me a place to be to be when I needed and wanted it.

12: Home Is My Place Of Weakness and Strength "You can't go home again..." To me, that is a false statement. Home is somewheres you can always end up being. No matter what happens, home will always be an opening for you. Home is a place where you could laugh, smile, love, hug and more. Home isn't only the place for posivtety but also the where negativity comes into play. You could cry, scream, be angry, argue and more. Home is a place where you could feel safe to do whatever you want or need to, in it. Home is where I bring my emotions and whatever comes along with them. It's where all of my belongings are. My home is where I lay my head and think at night. It's where my family and I mainly bond. It's the closed-in area where I could be myself in, without being judged.Home is where I could escape the real world and all the drama that come along with it. But most of all, home is where life can bring you surprises, special things that happen and more.

14: A Day That I Could Remember So Clearly I was on a school bus one day and kids who didn't like me were on the bus as well. No matter where I seen them I would get scared. My heart would race and a rush of heat filled my body. I knew that one of the girls didn't like me because she heard a rumor that I called her a "female-dog". Me, minding my own business, looking out of the window, began to get talked about by her and the group. I ignored them though. But they still continues. Threats began to be said. She threatened to beat me up. She then started calling me names and the other students on the bus started instigating. My bus stop was the first stop of the morning and afternoon. As I was getting off of the bus, I passed her. She pulled my hair and began hitting me. SHe got me on the floor and into a position where I couldn't defend myself.

15: The whole bus was chanting on the fight while my friends were sitting back and just watching. By the end of the fight, tears were flowing down my cheeks. many bumps and bruises had formed. From that day on, even until this day, I get scared t be around her and her friends. I even get scared of knowing people who are like her because I'm afraid that another day like that will come again. :(

16: My Little Brother I met a boy. He had brown hair, his skin was pale. When I first met him, the moment that we contained eye contact he smiled at me. We both went to a program together. That"s where we met! Little by little we began to exchange more and more words. We found out we were in the same grade and went to the same school. Every Tuesday we looked forward to seeing each other at the program. He, or I, would spot the other one at school. We'd smile and wave. Our friendship grew from there. He was one that I considered to be one of my siblings. In 2012 he went missing. I was worried but thought he'd end up showing his face again, so I wasn't really really worried. Then rumors began to spread, about him passing away. That same day that I heard the rumor, a teacher approached me and told me that it was true.

17: I instantly broke down in tears knowing that he was gone. When my parents found out, my dad especially, was devastated. He was such a good person. Someone that could always put a smile on your face. He had such a great personality and was just a great person all around. My parents tried to comfort me as best as they could. | R.I.P Enrique Torres Gone but NEVER Forgotten .

18: They're different in some ways Boys and girls have their similarities in socializing but they also have their differences. from what I've been told (by a boy)when new to an area they're shy and don't really socialize with many people. They tend to keep to their conversations short and very feelingness. Boys don't really put themselves out there, they usually keep more to themselves rather than open up. They're the types to talk as they familiarize with people an their surroundings.Boys also aren't drawn to attention. They like to stay away and not to be apart of all the drama and situations that aren't theirs.

19: As for girls... They are very open with others. girls are sometimes insecure about their feelings but with them talking about how they feel with peers or whoever they talk to, it helps them to be less insecure. Most girls seek the attention to whoever provides the attention to them. Girls like to be the center of attention, some girls that is, and think its a priority and/or necessity. Boys nor girls are perfect when it comes to socializing but they work on becoming better on it.

20: He's My Inanimate Object When I look into his eyes, its like going on an adventure. They're green with a dark outlining but they're also mixed with a hazel shade. His eyes are so hypnotizing, they wheel you in and you just get lost, questioning where you are. And those hands of his! When being held in them, it's the safest place that I could be. It's a place where I know nothing or no one could hurt me. The warmth that comes from his body, when being held by him. The way he holds me is a way that I could wish to be held every minute of everyday. When his hands touch my face, I get the goosebumps from head to toe.

21: He brushes my face in a way that weakens me, I could just fall instantly. His lips -- the way he kisses me is a way where I black out and focus on the moment thats occurring . I think of nothing else but the kiss. Everything else just slips my mind and I completely forget about it. He's like that perfect boy inanimate object. He's the one where you look at the object and wish that he could be the perfect boy for you. A boy with no flaws and mistakes. But he's not that perfect guy. He has his own flaws and mistakes and thats what makes him, himself !

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