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BC: My Tiny House | My house sits flat on some forgotten side street. The blue sides once were peach but are now a dull grey. The sound of dogs barking fills the silence. Silence is very uncommon. My pet parakeet chirps her annoying little chirps, that she does all day long. My mother is playing the piano which provides a lilting sound over the usual roar, although her manicured fingernails click the keys with every note. My dad works on computers down in the basement while my sister is lazy and sleeps. One day when i was younger my friend from school came over to my house for a visit. She was baffled by the size of my small house. I used to strongly dislike my tiny New England home, but now i like it.

FC: JANELLE'S MARVELOUS MIXBOOK | March 11, 2013 English 9 H Mrs. Foley

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2: TABLE OF CONTENTS | 1. Show Biz 2. My Perspective 3. Delinquents and Hooligans 4. Little Lion Mane 5. Sleeping Beauty 6. Unsafe Bums 7. Stuck in Neverland 8. Morning Time Blues 9. Always Come Back 10. My Tiny House

3: Show Biz | Dance costumes are usually always mortifying, but some are way worse than others. I once had to wear a horrible, disaster of a dress. I was so scared to go on stage in the sparkly, sequined sack. It was so large and a bright magenta.Flowers and gems drowned the costume and made it look like a Barbie Doll nightmare. I was about to go on stage, but i was just so embarrassed. What if they laugh. What if they make fun of me, I thought to myself. I tried to clear my mind but i was just so nervous. I ended up going on stage in my grotesque dress and my bulky accessories. The audience seemed to enjoy the number and i could take a hundred and fifty pound weight off my shoulders. It was over and i was no longer scared. That felt really good.

4: MY PERSEPCTIVE | Sandra Cisneros wanted a house of her own because she wanted a place that she could call home and be fully satisfied with it. She remembers having a rough childhood which she never really liked. Around her she sees everyone she know trying to escape that place best they van. They come and they go, but she stays there. She is trapped. The author felt trapped. She had no where to go, no where to escape to. She had no place to call home but Mango Street. I think she felt this way simply because it was the best thing she had. She did not get the opportunity to own her own perfect dream house. It was not her decision where she lived as a child. So she was stuck watching everyone change around her from her little house on Mango Street.

5: Delinquents & Hooligans | My parents have always urged me to stay away from delinquents and hooligans. "Never walk the streets alone", my mother says, "People are crazy." I take my mom's advice and stay away from the tough crowd. I am okay with that though. They look so scary, puffing on cheap cigarettes, and dressed in all black, just lurking about. If they start a conversation, i quietly walk away and avert my eyes. Strangers are just so unsafe and unpredictable. I know my parents don't want me to get hurt so i respect their rules. They warned me, so i am cautious. Everyone should be aware of what is out there. I am grateful to have parents that care for me and my well being.

6: Little Lion Mane | My hair is a mane. A glorious mess of twists and twirls that fly all over my head. Most days it's unruly and a horrible disaster, but some days, we can be friends. It is an explosion of curls and split ends, fried to death, crying and sobbing for resurrection. My family's hair is different. My mother and my father have soft brown hair, that's silky and smooth to the touch. My older sister's is black as the night and curly at the bottom like a river twisting over jagged rocks and flowing through the land. I love my frizzy hair. Its sets me apart from my family. I look like an oddball, but i just cant seem to care. A color like rust with little strands of gold and rough as a bristle brush, I believe it is something that makes me unique.

7: Sleeping Beauty | I think every little girl has imagined herself as a princess. For me, it was always sleeping beauty. Gorgeous and a princess, but cursed to sleep forever. Well, I'm lazy. I love to sleep. I could sleep for years, just as Aurora did in the fairy tales. I admit, being cursed might not be all that fun. Especially by a super scary evil queen. That's alright as long as i get to sleep all day and all night. A handsome hunk of a prince to come and awake me from my slumbers. She was gorgeous and innocent. She was admired by all until she was pricked by a spindle. I would have loved to be her as a kid.Ariel from the little mermaid would also have been acceptable, but Aurora is my first choice.

8: UNSAFE BUMS | Now that she is a successful author and lives in a house of her own, I do not believe that she invites homeless people to live in her attic, just for a conversation starter. Sometimes in life we make choices that we don't actually carry out. Such as when we are young. We make rash decisions that don't always have logic behind them. "Bums" or homeless people are not always the safest people to be around. While some are nice, strangers are not always very predictable.. That can put you in dangerous situations. I don't believe that the author of this books lets bums stay in her attic, because she is more grown up and makes better decisions. Children have wild imaginations that run free with crazy ideas. That is all that was behind he choice about bums.

9: Stuck in Neverland | My dad is like a child. That is what my mother always says anyway. He throws food at me from across the table and makes funny faces. I am perfectly fine with that. He is immature yet loving. His temper is far more mild than anyone I have ever met. He never seems angry or hateful. His childish ways come in handy whenever my mom says no to something. I know that my dad will always be there to contradict her and say yes. He is my friend and will always be my best friend. Dad is still a kid. He might be forty, but acts like twelve and a half. That is quite okay. I like silly. I think it is alright when people are not so serious all the time. Life is good. Parents should have fun too.

10: Morning Time Blues | The sun comes up and i wake up the same time every day. As i lay in my warm bed, i can clearly hear the familiar sounds through the dull haze of the morning. My mother trudges up the stairs will a soft, thump thump thump. The bathroom door closes and there is the screeching of the faucet as she warms up the shower. A painfully loud mix of chirps echo outside my bedroom door. Izzy has woken up from his little bird slumbers.The cats grind their dishes against the cold wood of the table. EEEK. Scratch. And now my morning has officially begun.

11: Always Come Back | Although she tried her best to escape the house that kept her imprisoned and ashamed for all those years, Cisneros came back. She came back through her writings. As she wrote each chapter of the book, she relived that chapter of her life. She remembers the ridicule of telling people her address. She remembers all of her friends. The good times and the bad times all come flooding back in one big rush of emotions. Yes, she left but she returned with the writing of her novel. She told the rest of the world about the house. Now, she was no longer ashamed. Not ashamed of the childhood she came from. Instead, she came back.

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