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FC: Judas Strain Timeline Karan Kanatala

1: 1293- Marco Polo sails from China to Hormuz. On the way he encounters an island filled with cannibals and a deadly disease. Marco and his father vow never to speak of it again.

2: May 22- Susan Tunis rediscovers the Judas Strain. She finds it one of Marco Polo's ships. She quickly realizes that the disease is inside her.

3: July 1- Stefano Gallo was hunted down in Venice by an "Egyptian". He is carrying an obelisk. He was shot by a "Dark Madonna". She later takes away the obelisk from the "Egyptian".

4: July 5- Monk Kokkalis is studying the site where Susan Tunis got infected. By this time the disease has spread to the entire island; the infected are being held in a ship. During his research he and the ship are attacked by pirates.

5: July 5- Seichan (Dark Madonna) crashes on her bike. Gray Pierce saves her by bandaging her wound. Gray, his parents and Seichan go to a hideout and are ambushed by Amen Nasser (Egyptian) and his accomplice Annishen.

6: July 5- Verona calls Gray and tells him to meet in Istanbul, Gray decides for his parents and him to split up. So Kowalski, Gray, and Seichan leave to Istanbul

7: July 5- Lisa Cummings and other doctors aboard the ship are summoned to see the leader of the Scientific Guild Devesh Pantanjali. His partner Surina, kills one of the doctors for Lisa disobeyed him. Meanwhile, Monk sneaks his way on the ship. And meets Jesspal (Jessie), a nurse for Lisa.

8: July 6- Gray arrives in Istanbul and Verona talks about Marco Polo, his untold story, angelic code from the obelisk, and a Gold Paitzu. They meet at Hotel Ararat in the middle of Istanbul.

9: July 6- Nasser kidnaps Gray's parents, vowing to kill them if Gray doesn't give him the cure. Gray tells him that they are in Istanbul, and Nasser flies in to get the second Paitzu.

10: July 6- Gray finds the second gold Paitzu, a bronze tube and a silk scroll inside the Hagia Sophia; Verona's friend Balthazar Pinosso keeps it for safeguarding, but Pinosso is a traitor and Seichan kills him. Nasser, outraged, vows, again, to kill Gray's parents.

11: July 6- Monk, Susan, and Ryder escape from the ship. They notice that Susan glows. Lisa cannot escape with them. Lisa still survives, though she has a deep gash in her heel.

12: July 6- Gray and the gang arrive in Hormuz after they decode the second Paitzu. There they not only find a third Paitzu, but Marco Polo's burial place with his lover Kokejin. They also find the third and final part of Marco Polo's story.

13: July 6- Monk, Jessie, and all of the cannibals on the island stage an attack on the cruise ship. Devesh is killed when Surina cuts his Achilles heel. Surina dies when the cannibals eat her.

14: July 7- Gray agrees for Nasser to catch up with them in exchange for his parents lives. They find the source of the Judas Strain in Bayon, Angkor Thom. Nasser uses bombs and uncovers the source within. While doing that Nasser shoves them down into the shaft and was about set off another bomb when Susan attacks him.

15: July 7- Susan is cured when her body breathes in Judas Strain antibodies and Nasser dies when he's pushed down a hole. Annishen dies when she is shot by Jack, Gray's father.

16: Ancient Rome feces were thrown onto enemies

17: 1700s- British soldiers gave blankets previously used by smallpox patients to the American Indians.

18: 1984- USA- Rajneeshee bioterror attack In Oregon in 1984, followers of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh attempted to control a local election by incapacitating the local population. This was done by infecting salad bars in 11 restaurants, produce in grocery stores, doorknobs, and other public domains with Salmonella typhimurium bacteria in the city of The Dalles, Oregon

19: 700 BC- the Assyrians poisoned wells with rye ergot. Considered to be the first bioterror attack.

20: 1993 - Japan - Aum Shinrikyo anthrax release in Kameido In June 1993 the religious group Aum Shinrikyo released anthrax in Tokyo. Eyewitnesses reported a foul odor. The attack was a total failure, infecting not a single person. The reason for this, ironically, is that the group used the vaccine strain of the bacterium.

21: 1300s- the Mongols catapulted plague-infected corpses over the walls of Kaffe (Crimea), which probably led to the Black Death plague epidemic that followed.

22: 1940- The Chinese dropped ceramic containers holding plague-infected fleas on Manchuria.

23: 1943-1945- In World War II the Germans used anthrax on United States soldiers' horses and mules.

24: 1979- A biological weapons plant in Sverdlovsk, Russia accidentally releases airborne anthrax spores. There are 66 confirmed deaths, but the actual number of those killed is unknown. Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico determines the spores contained at least four different strains of anthrax.

25: A week after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, a letter containing anthrax spores was mailed to Tom Brokaw at NBC News in New York. Two other letters with nearly identical handwriting, venomous messages, and lethal spores arrived at the offices of the New York Post and Senator Tom Daschle in Washington, D.C.

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