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FC: Vietnam Storybook BY: Mahogane Godfrey

1: Buddhist Protest | The Protesters were protesting in a plea for President Ngo Dinh Diem to show "charity and compassion" to all religions. They done it by publicly burning there self to death. In the United States, it was regarded as a picture of a martyr who had died for a worthy cause, and therefore other Americans should support the overthrow of an autocratic Catholic government that had been supported by President Kennedy. | Browne, Malcolm. "Buddhist Protest of 1963." . Hyperion, n.d. Web. 8 Apr 2013. .

2: OverThrow and Assassination of Diem | Ngo Dinh Diem was killed by CIA; not only Ngo Dinh Diem but also JFK. Ngo Dinh Diem didn't want US role involved too much in Vietnam because he knew that if the American controlled the South Vietnam, North communists ( Ho Chi Minh ) would blame for that reason and brainwashed people more easier. Because of that, CIA did kill Ngo Dinh Diem.

3: Gulf Of Tonkin Incident | President Johnson respond by ordering the military forces of the United States to take action in reply. The gulf of tonkin was so controversial because People forget about the first naval attack on 02 August and simply concentrate on the second attack that occurred on 04 August 1964. The second naval attack is the controversial one...it may have been a "radar" malfunction aboard the destroyer USS Turner Joy.The effects of this 1. Vietnam was no longer a guerrilla war; but a conventional one, using US combat troops.2. Open war existed between the countries of North Vietnam and the United States.

4: Operation Of Rolling Thunder | The operation rolling Thunder failed because they were not "maximum effort" bombing campaigns like the 1972 Linebacker & Linebacker II operations. The effects of the fail was the American were forced to send in ground troops. Operation rolling thunder failed as the VC ( vietcong ) where well hiden in the tree canopies and so bombing was pointless.

5: March 8,1965 | On. March 8th 1965 was when the first marines landed in Vietnam which means that is when the Vietnam War officially started. This meant that the US armed forces in Vietnam were not "advisors" they were there to fight. The United States sendtropps from both the watter and the.air. The first to arrive wer the ones sent by the water. These men landed on a beach 85 miles from the demillitarize zone in Da Nang.

6: Tet Offensive | Rosenberg, Jennifer. "1968 - Tet Offensive." Tet Offensive. 20th Century History, 11 DEC 2011. Web. 11 Dec 2011. | The Tet offensive was a military failure for the Viet Cong and the NVA since every attack was contained and eventually defeated. After the Tet offensive, the VC were no longer an effective independent military force and ended up being secondary to the NVA from then on.Propaganda wise it was a victory for the VC and the NVA showing their ability to strike the "rear" areas of South Vietnam and it helped to begin turning US popular opinion against the war.

7: My Lai Massacre | US Army troops murdered several hundred Vietnamese civilians at the villages of My Lai and My Khe during the Vietnam War. The victims were mostly elderly men, women and children - all non-combatants. Many were also sexually assaulted, tortured, or mutilated in one of the most horrifying atrocities of the entire bloody conflict. | http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/vietnam/trenches/my_lai.html McGehee, Ralph. "CIA an Opetation Phoenix in Vietnam." Serendipity. Serendipity, 19 FEB 1996. Web. 11 Dec 2011.

8: Khe Sanh was a base that was surrounded by hills and at the time it was getting attention North Vietnamese and Viet Cong. The US troops at Khe Sanh were not only surrounded, but the enemy was also outnumbering them by a large amount. Khe Sanh lasted for 70 days. During those 70 days the feild hospitals were one of the most important things to everyone. The United States had to try to fly supplies into the base, but the North Vietnamese were shooting at anything in the sky that moved. This made getting the marines their needs to live was difficult, But the marines figured out a way to get what they needed. | Kne Sanh | Westmoreland, William. Vietnam War, Updated Edition. 1988.

9: Operation Ranch Hand | Vietnam was a losing battle that the Untied States needed a solution to. One of the ideas was to take away their hidding place the jungle. The way they came up to do this is a chemical called Agent Orange. Agent Orange was a chemical deflorant that was sprayed over the vegitaion in Vietnam. The United States sprayed 12 million gallons of Agent Orange over six million acres. This chemical was dangerous to humans and was a reason a lot of people that served in Vietnam later had medical deformities, such as birth defects. Operation Ranch Hand was sprayed over the jungles of Vietnam and over crops also from 1962 to 1971. This was mostly in Vietnam but some was sprayed over Loas. When the American people heard about the use of this chemical and then the effects on the soilders it became highly contriversial.

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