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1: Animals: the oldest fossils of vendian animals were thetrilobites and brachiopods of the vendian period now known tobe about 540 million years old. These animals are thought to bethe oldest animals in the world to leave fossils that still exist tothis day yet there are only small portions of there fossil. Thetrilobites went extinct 245 million years ago they are know tobe very famous groups of extinct organisms brachiopods areminion animals that look like clams they were extinct 250million years ago. The fossil history of life on Earth dates backto 3.5 billion years in the past but not all of these fossils exist tothis day. The organisms that lived 650 to 540 million years agomicroscopic or algae but these fossils do not exist to this dayalthough they are found in few localities around the world.Some animals like the troublites and brachiopods have therefossils museums because the fossils still exist to this day. Thefossils exist because they were either well preserved in natureduring the vendian time period that still exist to this day evethough they are about 540 million years old.The vendian timeperiod animals had some organisms like algae or bacteria thatdoesn’t show fossils that live to this day but some organismslike the trilobites and brachiopods still have fossils that existand are showed at museums world wide

2: Climate: the climate in the vendian period is fairly warmbecause it is in southern high latitudes .Throughout the middlevendian sequence was being deposited a warm possibly aridzone was characteristic of low and mid paloeolatitudes. In thesouthern high latitudes there is evidence of warm humidclimate some periods during this time. The early vendian timewas characterized by a glaglacl climate suggest that thereaffected high and mostly low latitudes some search suggestionsglaciations that lasted for millions of years that some Ice freeoceans were present even during the most serve

3: plants: What was life like 560 million years ago? The Vendianmarks the first appearance of a group of large fossilscollectively known as the Vendian biota" or Ediacara fauna.Thequestion of what these fossils are is still not settled toeveryone's satisfaction; at various times they have beenconsidered algae, lichens, giant protozoan’s, or even a separatekingdom of life unrelated to anything living today. Some ofthese fossils are simple blobs that are hard to interpret andcould represent almost anything. Some are most likecnidarians, worms, or soft-bodied relatives of the arthropods.Others are less easy to interpret and may belong to extinctphyla. But besides the fossils of soft bodies, Vendian rockscontain trace fossils, probably made by wormlike animalsslithering over mud. The Vendian rocks thus give us, and YOUthrough our virtual museum, a good look at the first animals tolive on Earth.

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