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FC: Typhoon Ty | by Grandma Nalbach 2013 | and | Hershey Jack

1: This book was inspired by my grandsons, Jack and Ty Langley. I went to spend spring break with them in 2013. It was truly one of the best vacations I have ever had. We made many trips through the fields, across the creek precariously on the rocks, down the drainage ditch and over to the shopping centers. Never once did they let me fall into the creek. They showed me a wonderful time with their thoughtful ways and kind hearts. This little story is my way of saving the gift of those treasured memories forever. Thank you boys, my heart has a special place for you.

2: Night was settling on the Indian campground. Sweet Mama Blue Eyes was getting very worried. She sent for Typhoon Ty. She asked him to scout the surrounding area for any signs of Hershey Jack, the head scout for the trading company named Big G’s. He had been gone for several days and the natives were getting very restless and very hungry. | Chapter 1

3: Typhoon Ty was the fastest, best tracking brave of all the Indians. He could sneak through the underbrush and the fields finding hidden paths that no one knew were there. He could cross the creeks and rivers without a canoe, never falling in the water or getting wet. Typhoon Ty knew all the secrets to stepping on the rocks and staying dry. He was so brave he could easily scale the cliffs and walls in the mountains and hills surrounding the Indian camp. Typhoon Ty was a very strong Indian brave. Whenever Sweet Mama Blue Eyes needed a good tracker, she called him to check out dangerous situations. He was not afraid.

4: No one knew that Hershey Jack was hiding in the cold woods many miles away. The bad guys were following him to steal the supplies he was carrying to his Indian friends on the reservation. The bad guys, Larry, Mo and Curly were looking for him everywhere. They planned to take all the supplies from Hershey Jack so the Indians would not be able to survive the harsh winter. They were very greedy, mean, bad men. | Chapter 2

5: Meanwhile, Sweet Mama Blue Eyes sent a smoke signal to Big G, the owner of the Big G Supply Company. Big G loved Sweet Mama Blue Eyes because she was her daughter. They had a special bond and took care of the Indian village. Even though they lived many miles from each other, they watched out for each other and helped each other. Civilization was slowly coming to the West and everyone was learning to get along. Big G sent some good men to help out her friends that were living with Sweet Mama Blue Eyes. They traveled quickly on foot and by horse. This was a long journey and many miles away.

6: Meanwhile, Typhoon Ty was sneaking through the brush and spotted the bad guys, Larry, Mo and Curly. He figured out that they must be following Hershey Jack and trying to steal the supplies he was bringing to their camp. Typhoon Ty knew the area well. He looked around and found Hershey Jack’s hidden camp. He carefully sneaked into the camp and found Hershey Jack. He told him the story about the bad guys and how he had been hiding from them for many days. | Chapter 3

7: Typhoon Ty showed Hershey Jack his secret trail and they very carefully made their way through the woods and over the rivers and creeks. Once they were safely back in the Indian village, everyone welcomed them and wanted a big PowWow to celebrate their homecoming. Sweet Mama Blue Eyes was very happy to see both of them and gave them a big Indian hug!

8: Chapter 4 A few days later the good guys, sent by Big G, arrived into the Indian camp. Sweet Mama Blue Eyes fed everyone. While they were sitting around the campfire, Hershey Jack told them about the bad guys, Larry, Mo and Curly. He said he had a plan that would be helpful to everyone. They all wanted to hear his ideas , so Hershey jack explained the plan to everyone.

9: Hershey Jack began to train everyone on how to use guns and work together as a team. They drilled, marched and practiced shooting their guns and bow and arrows until they were all doing it together. They became a really good team. They wanted to have a peaceful solution to their problem. Hershey Jack was a strong leader and a very fair man. Soon the team was ready. Hershey Jack appointed Typhoon Ty to be the lead scout. He knew Typhoon Ty could track down the bad guys, Larry, Mo and Curly. It only took a few days to track down the culprits. Typhoon Ty signaled Hershey Jack. His band of braves surrounded the bad guys. They had no choice but to surrender. Hershey Jack and Typhoon Ty led them back to the reservation. | Chapter 5

10: All the chiefs and leaders met at a big POW WOW to decide the fate of the bad guys. After the chiefs had been talking for a while, Sweet Mama Blue Eyes and Big G came to the POW WOW. They asked to speak to the chiefs about their idea. They listened, and all agreed on a peaceful solution for everyone. | Chapter 6

11: Larry, Curly and Mo would keep their lives and help the Indians. Typhoon Ty would scout out the surrounding area and find a new parcel of land to build a bigger and better Indian camp. Hershey Jack would train the bad guys, Larry, Mo and Curly to help build the new camp. This camp would be big enough for everyone to live together. Big G was going to build a new trading post there so no one would ever run out of supplies again. They celebrated with big powwow.

13: Chapter 7 After the big Powwow, the Indian Chiefs decided it was time to send Typhoon Ty, the most experienced tracker, to find a place to build a bigger, better camp. They wanted to have room for everyone, including Big G’s new Trading store. Typhoon Ty and Hershey Jack met to make a plan. The Indians had not been over the mountains and didn't know what was there. They decided that might be the best spot to check out. They planned to begin the trip after the cold winter was over because it would be easier to travel. Typhoon Ty began to make plans because he needed enough supplies to last many moons. Everyone in the camp was helping. Even the young braves were making arrows for hunting and fishing. The squaws were tanning the hides of the animals killed over the winter to make new clothes and moccasins. The Indians always traveled light, taking only what they could carry on their backs and on their horses.

14: Hershey Jack had been training Larry, Mo and Curly in Indian survival techniques. They were very grumpy guys and didn't always listen to his directions. He was trying to teach them to live in peace, and help build the new camp. They were very difficult to train because they had been bad guys for so long and it wasn't easy to change their evil habits. Hershey Jack had to use all his patience to work with them and teach them better ways to handle disagreements. Larry and Curly were always fighting.

15: Typhoon Ty motioned to Hershey Jack to join him by the campfire. He was worried about the bad guys. Mo seemed to be trying to learn. But he wasn't sure about Larry and Curly. They decided to split up Larry and Curly. Maybe they wouldn't be able to start so many fights between the young braves if they were apart. Curly was to track with Typhoon Ty and Hershey Jack would work with Mo and Larry. Maybe Curly would pick up some good habits from the tracking expedition.

16: Sweet Mama Blue Eyes prepared Typhoon Ty’s favorite feast the night before they left. She was excited about his new adventure but was also worried about his safety. She knew Typhoon Ty was a smart brave and had tracking experience, but she also knew he was exploring new territory. She asked the medicine man to give him special spirits to protect them on their journey.

17: Chapter 8 The Indians left before sunup the next morning so they could get many miles in before the end of the day. Travel was slow and steady. They made good progress the first few days of their expedition. They hunted food for meals and slept under the stars at night. The camp fires kept the wolves and wild animals away while they slept. | On the fifth day they came to the base of the mountains. Typhoon Ty decided to do a little scouting ahead on the trail while Curly and the other braves set up camp. He found bear tracks but wasn't worried. He knew to stay away and be very cautious. After all, they had been asleep all winter and were hunting for food. He could tell the mountains were full of animals because he saw so many tracks. Food was plentiful and the bears would be fine.

18: Typhoon Ty went back to camp to plan the best way to cross the mountain. When he arrived, the Indian braves told him Curly had sneaked away from camp. Typhoon Ty was confident they would find him soon and told them not to worry. He suggested everyone get a good night's sleep after dinner because they had a lot of hard travel ahead of them.

19: Chapter 9 At sunrise the next morning, the Indians packed up camp and made their way slowly and carefully up the mountainside. They traveled from side to side in a switchback pattern because the mountain was so steep. They marked their trail as they traveled. All the while, they looked for signs of Curly. Typhoon Ty was stumped. He tried to figure out what was going on. What was Curly up to? Where was he hiding? What was he planning? They made camp at sundown. Everyone was so tired. It had been a rough journey. They ate quietly and bedded down for the night by the fire. Early the next morning, as they ate breakfast, they found some of their food missing.

20: Typhoon Ty suspected Curly had taken the food. They decided that from now on, they would tie their food in hides and store it up in the trees at night, just to be on the safe side. He knew that soon Curly would come back. He would be tired and hungry. He didn't know the Indian tracking tricks or how to stay safe from the wild animals. He refused to pay attention during Hershey Jacks training sessions.

21: Chapter 10 Two days later, as they continued their journey over the mountain, the Indians suddenly came to a halt. They heard growling and thrashing in the woods. Bam! Crash! Curly came racing through an opening in the trees. He was followed closely by a huge grizzly bear. The Indians stood very still and very quiet. They prepared their bow and arrows.

22: The grizzly bear weighed over seven hundred pounds and was over six feet in height on his hind legs. He was very focused on Curly as he reached out his large paw and pounced on him. Curly’s blood curdling screams echoed through the mountains. The bear tried to drag Curly further into the woods. | The bear was so absorbed in his prey; he did not see Typhoon Ty sneak up on him. He took careful aim with his bow and shot the bear right between the eyes, killing him instantly. The bear fell on top of Curly. It took several of the Indians to pull the huge bear off Curly. He was moaning and thrashing with pain. The bear had ripped Curly’s leg wide open. He had cuts and gashes all over his body. Quickly, they fashioned a cot out of tree limbs and branches. They laid him on the cot, hooked it to their horses, and headed back to camp.

23: Once in camp, Typhoon Ty looked Curly over to determine the extent of the injuries. He sent one of the braves to get the pack the medicine man had put together for him. Fortunately, Typhoon Ty had spent many moons tracking for his tribe and knew how to care for wounds. The medicine man taught him well. He sent the braves to look for some special healing herbs that grew in the early spring. While they were gone, he did the best he could to stop the bleeding in Curly’s leg. It was a painful process and thankfully, Curly passed out from the pain. Typhoon Ty quickly went to work sewing his leg together and bandaging the wounds. He wrapped the leg with special leaves the medicine man gave him and laid Curly gently by the fire.

24: Typhoon Ty nursed him through the night and into the next day. Curly was delirious with fever. They were worried about infection and wondered if he would lose his leg. The Indians knew that without a leg it would be a very difficult life for Curly. That is why Typhoon Ty tried so hard to save his leg. Although he was a brave Indian, he was also a good and kind scout.

25: Chapter 11 For many days and many nights the fever raged on. Typhoon Ty made special poultices from the herbs the medicine man gave him. He put fresh ones on Curly every few hours. They made Curly drink the tree bark tea to give him strength and help him to heal. Suddenly, Curly took a turn for the worse. At the campfire that night, the Indians prayed to the spirits to heal Curly. They asked the healing gods to come to Curly. The Indians did the special healing dance all night long. They danced and prayed together to help their fallen comrade. The next afternoon, Curly opened his eyes.and looked around. Slowly, he began to recognize everyone. He regretted what he had done and explained that he hadn't want to help them build the new village so he had run away in the night.

26: After a few days with no food, he became careless. He did not listen to Hershey Jack when he was trying to teach him the ways of the Indian. He got way to close to the bear and let the bear pick up his scent. Then he ran. All the Indians shook their heads because they knew how wrong it is to run from a hungry bear. Most important, they knew that you never go near a bear. Curly was very sick, very sorry and very tired. Soon he fell back to sleep.

27: Chapter 12 Typhoon Ty seriously considered his next step. He knew they had lost many days of tracking and searching for a new place to build their camp. But he also knew that they couldn't leave a man when he was down. It could be dangerous to stay in one spot because of predators. His plan began to take shape. Tomorrow morning, they would build a sturdy traveling cot for Curly. They would pull him with horses until he was strong enough to ride his own horse. He knew travel would be much slower. They were only part way up the mountain and had no idea what they would find around the next bend.

28: They set out at sunrise. Parts of the mountain were very rocky and covered with scrub brush and trees of all kinds. In many places the going was rough on the horses. The Indians had to walk them so the horses could save their strength. They stopped early that day so everyone could eat a hot meal and rest up for the difficult journey ahead of them.

29: Chapter 13 Daily, they carefully traveled up the steep mountain. Suddenly, they were at the top. It was as if the heavens had opened a huge door to paradise. There was a beautiful, lush green valley that spread for miles. There were many trees for shelter. Water was plentiful because a river ran through the valley. The Indians congratulated Typhoon Ty because he led them to this beautiful place to build a new village. The Indians decided to make camp that night in the mountains. Curly’s leg was healing and he was able to pitch in and help. They were all tired and knew the trip down the mountain would be treacherous. They built a fire and thanked the Indian gods for helping Typhoon Ty bring them to this beautiful place. They went to bed with smiles on their faces in anticipation of the next day

30: At sunrise, the whole camp had been safely taken down and the gear stored for the journey down the mountainside. Slowly they began their descent. This side of the mountain was much easier traveling for all of them. Typhoon Ty scouted ahead of everyone to check out the lay of the land and keep them safe. After many hours, he heard water. He went to investigate. As he and his horse traveled slowly and carefully toward the water, he heard sounds in the trees. He tried to identify the sound but it stopped and he thought it was just an animal running through the woods. As he neared the edge of the cliff, the sound of water became louder. He saw a huge, roaring waterfall. He was happy because he knew the river in their valley would always be full and strong because of the waterfall. | Chapter 14

31: He started to descend down the mountainside through the rocks. He wanted to see how far they would have to travel before they could safely cross under the waterfall. As he neared the edge, he looked closer.

32: Chapter 15 Suddenly, an arrow whizzed past his head narrowly missing him. He quickly took cover. Another arrow shot by closely followed by a third arrow. Unfortunately, the third arrow lodged in his leg. As he was trying to tie a tourniquet around his leg to stop the flowing blood, he was attacked from behind and knocked unconscious. Hours later, as Typhoon Ty started to awaken, he saw Larry leaning over him with a nasty sneer on his face and evil in his heart. He threatened Typhoon Ty and said he was going to kill him. He had escaped from the Indian camp and following them, waiting for the perfect moment to ambush him. He said he didn't want to live with the Indians and wasn't going to help them. He planned to kill Typhoon Ty, their best scout. He would leave the rest of the Indians stranded in the mountains with no guide.

33: Larry didn't help Typhoon Ty with the arrow in his leg but just laughed at him. He liked seeing him in pain. Typhoon Ty was a brave Indian and tried very hard to make a plan to escape. They lay on the ground and slept. During the night Typhoon Ty became delirious with fever. Larry heard him and decided to sneak away and let the bears have him. Larry was a heartless man. He grabbed Typhoon Ty’s horse and didn't look back as he rode away.

34: The braves became increasingly worried as nightfall approached and Typhoon Ty had not returned to camp. Curly was determined to find him. He wanted to help the man who had risked so much to save his life when he was attacked by the grizzly bear. He put a search party together with many of the best volunteer braves to find their leader. They started out early the next morning. Together, they were able to track Typhoon Ty’s route. They looked for many hours. As they neared the cliff, they saw much blood. They feared for Typhoon Ty’s life. Carefully they searched every inch of the area looking for clues. They found dragging marks and a trail of blood. | Chapter 16

35: Slowly they followed the bloody trail. They knew two people were involved. There were tracks from two horses. The search party did not know who was bleeding, how bad they were hurt, or who was involved. They were worried and hoped Typhoon Ty was unharmed. They went through the trees on the mountainside following the clues, broken branches, blood and tracks. They were silent and moved stealthily through the trees. It was getting dark and they were concerned about the animals that hunt in the night. If there is blood, the animals will pick up the scent and find the source.

36: As they neared a cave, they heard moaning and saw someone sneak out of the cave with two horses. They were shocked to see Larry leading the horses out of the cave. If Larry was ok, than where was Typhoon Ty ? Whose blood trail had they followed to the cave? Curly motioned to the Indians to be silent and communicate with sign language. They decided to let Larry go until they checked inside the cave. They knew Larry wouldn't go far and they would easily find him. The Indians patiently waited several minutes until they were sure Larry was far enough away not to hear them. Slowly they moved toward the mouth of the cave, not knowing what to expect inside. There was low moaning and they were worried. As they got closer, they saw Typhoon Ty lying helplessly on the ground of the cave with an arrow in his leg. | Chapter 17

37: There was blood everywhere and he was unconscious. Quickly they went to him. He was in really bad shape. Larry left their leader to die. He would pay. They assessed the extent of his injuries. It was determined that if he was to live, the arrow had to come out. Curly was going to save this man no matter what it took. He asked the braves to build a fire. He began to collect leaves and herbs as he had seen Typhoon Ty do. He had no training and wasn't exactly sure what he was doing. He only knew he had to save his friend.

38: Curly looked at his friend and asked the Indian gods to give him strength and wisdom to do the job at hand. He carefully cut away Typhoon Ty’s pant leg. Using all his muscle, he grabbed hold of the arrow and pulled with all his might. The arrow came out in one piece, a very good omen. Curly took the knife and put it into the fire to get it very hot. He held the hot knife against the wound to sear it closed. Typhoon Ty screamed out in agony. Even though he was unconscious, he felt the pain. Curly gently cleansed the wound and wrapped it in the herbs and leaves. They rested for the night because they had to leave early and go back to camp. The trip was difficult. Once again, they had to fashion a cot from trees and branches. They laid Typhoon Ty on the cot and slowly and carefully found their way back to camp.

39: They traveled as quickly as they dared with their injured leader on the cot. Typhoon Ty had marked the trail well. It took several days and they didn't think they would get him back to camp alive. He never regained consciousness. Faithfully, Curly tended to his wound and watched over his friend. He did everything he could think of to help him be comfortable, but it wasn't looking very good. They were spotted many miles from camp by a hunting party. They joined forces and helped each other get quickly to camp. They sent a messenger ahead to warn the medicine man and Sweet Mama Blue Eyes. | Chapter 18

40: As they rode into the Indian village, everything was ready to help Typhoon Ty. They directed them to Sweet Mama Blue Eyes tepee. The medicine man had prepared his strongest healing potions. For many days they tended him and watched over him. If it hadn't been for all the help Curly gave his friend, he would have died.

41: Chapter 19 Several days later, Typhoon Ty awoke at home in his village. He had a difficult time and had been ill for a very long time. The medicine man and Sweet Mama Blue Eyes watched over him day and night. She gave him her special healing herbs and broth to help him heal quickly.

42: Chapter 20 As soon as Typhoon Ty was safely in the hands of the medicine man, Curly quickly and quietly left the village. He was determined to bring Larry to justice for the cruel way he left Typhoon Ty to die. He was angry at Larry for betraying the people who had shown them justice and mercy when they tried to steal their provisions. He learned well from his Indian friends. Typhoon Ty had taught him many tracking tricks and he remembered everything. Swiftly Curly went back to the area by the cave. He easily found Larry's trail. Larry was careless; he thought he was safe so he wasn't in a hurry and he didn't cover his tracks. A few days later, Curly spotted a couple of horses grazing in the field. As he looked up, he saw buzzards circling in the sky overhead. This was not a good sign. He rode closer. He recognized Typhoon Ty’s trusted horse, Trigger.

44: Lying on the ground, not far from the horses, he saw Larry's bloody hat and his rifle. Curly looked around the field and spotted something on the ground several feet away. As he approached, the scavengers and buzzards left the scene. There were the remains of Larry. He had been very foolish and did not take any precautions. It looked like a grizzly must have gotten him. Justice had been served on an evil, greedy man. He reined in the two horses, grabbed the hat and gun and slowly made his way back the Indian village. All the while, he prayed his friend was going to live.

45: Chapter 21 As Typhoon Ty became stronger, he noticed Curly helping Sweet Mama Blue Eyes around the Indian village. He was puzzled and asked her what was going on with Curly. She sat down and began to tell him the story about how he ended up back at the village She said Curly stayed nearby to help her and to give her support if she needed him. Together they took care of Typhoon Ty. Slowly they watched as he gained strength. Slowly they watched as he healed. Curly would be forever grateful for all that Typhoon Ty had done for him. When Sweet Mama Blue Eyes finished telling the story to Typhoon Ty, Curly walked into the tepee. They all looked at each other and slowly smiles spread over their faces. It looked like Sweet Mama Blue Eyes and Curly had something special going on.

46: The Indians were going to celebrate his health with a Powwow that night. But, they were anxious because Hershey Jack had not returned. He had taken some of the braves to go look at the land discovered by Typhoon Ty. All of a sudden there was a cloud of smoke as several riders raced into the Indian village. | Chapter 21

47: Hershey Jack jumped off his horse and ran over to Typhoon Ty. The brothers looked at each other, than slapped each other on the back. They would talk for several hours, there was much to be said. They would celebrate with much dancing at the fire that night. Great plans were in their future. Hershey Jack had already put a plan together for the new village. He was ready to the plan in action. Together, with his brother's help, they would build a new future for their village. They knew there would be problems, but, they would conquer them.

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