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S: Sara's Adoption Finalization

BC: Our dream came true in California by two very special people who put Sara first and gave us the most precious gift of all a child!

FC: Our 2nd Trip to California for Sara's Adoption Finalization

1: 11 Months Ago... Our first trip to California started at midnight on October 2nd. How exciting and yet nerve racking. Thirty hours later, we arrived at the hospital on Saturday, October 3rd at 5:30 a.m. with you waiting in the nursery for us. These are the first pictures with you as we settled into our hospital room. We couldn't keep our eye's off of you...

2: Our journey to complete Sara's adoption began on September 7th, 2010. We went to the cities to meet Grandma Sandy as she decided to come with us. We spent the night there before flying out in the morning. | Mommy's cousin Karen brought Grandma to the hotel to meet us. Sara wanted her car keys so Karen gave them to her and she didn't want to give them back. Sara gave her, her toy instead. | Daddy tipping me upside down it's what I love to do! | Are you sure you don't want my toy?

3: My first bath in the big tub and I'm loving it!

4: We booked our flight around your nap time hoping that you would sleep for some of it. Due to our flight being delayed you only slept for 10 minutes. You were pretty good though. You did have to mess your pants (a blow out) as we were landing and boy did you stink up the place! | Wednesday, September 8th | My First Flight!

5: On our way from San Francisco to Stockton. These are pictures from around Tracy, CA as we were driving through. It seemed like we had just left, everything was so familiar. | We checked into our hotel and went shopping to get a few things for the week. You found them and thought it was fun to play with.

6: Thursday, September 9th, 2010

7: We spent the day in Napa since we hadn't made it to all the winery's that we had wanted to our first trip and Grandma hadn't been there. Our first stop was Sterling Vineyards where we took a gondola up to the vineyard. Daddy and Grandma don't like heights but both we're willing to go with wine waiting for us at the top.

8: Sterling Vineyards

9: We arrived at the top with a beautiful view. We were given a glass of wine and we started on our tour of the winery. It was amazing everything was so big. People climb into the holes to clean out the fermenters. Huge rooms filled with wine barrels just sitting to age.

10: Continuing our tour seeing rooms and rooms filled with wine barrels. Time to relax, enjoy the view and a few more samples. Sara is enjoying the patio.

12: Sitting like an angel while we enjoy a glass of wine! They even gave you a juice box! You were playing with your teething ring and putting it on your head!

13: Time to take the gondola back down. What a neat place and good wine too! | Come on Daddy lets go! | Sara says isn't this great Dad! Grandma held you on the way down and says, wow we're way up high!

14: Time for a diaper change! So in the trunk you go! | Smelling the pretty flowers with Daddy. | On our way to the next winery Sutter Home!

15: Sutter Home Winery Sara was sleeping so Grandma and Mommy went in to taste while Daddy stayed in the car. Sara woke up so Daddy came in to join us. | Eleven months ago!

16: We enjoyed the scenery and this time not the wine since it was $25 for 4- 1 oz pours! We've had it before so no need to try it here. It's a beautiful vineyard though. | If I could only get in the water! | Please Mom?! | Isn't that pretty Sara? | Robert Mondovi Winery

17: Sara enjoyed playing in the soft grass and goofing around with Dad. Mom left her sunglasses here laying in the grass as she took these pictures. | There's nothing better than seeing these smiles! | Hang on Honey!

19: Thursday, September 9th | Enjoying some wine from Sutter Home after our day in Napa. Sara loved the empty bottles as much as we liked the wine! I don't know if any of us will sleep tonight with our big day coming up tomorrow! Sara thought rolling the empty garbage can around our hotel room was a lot of fun until she picked it up and dropped it on her toe! We knew she was hurt by the sound of her scream! Hugs and kisses made it all better but it sure did turn black and blue. We were trying to be so careful so she wouldn't have a bruise on her for court or to see her birthparents but that's not our Sara she's a little go getter!

20: Friday, September 10th The day we've been waiting for! We started off our day by missing the exit to the courthouse thanks to the GPS. When we arrived Daddy found a parking spot close by and as we were gathering all of our stuff a guy is standing outside of our car. He wanted our parking spot he said he was going to park where we were. He had a vehicle check to do so needed to park there. Ron said, well we need to be in court in 10 minutes so sorry. He pulled in behind us so I guess we were there first. We plugged the meeter and headed in hoping we would have car left when we came out.

21: We made it through all the security and were told to go to family court room B so we found it and went in quietly and sat down. The judge noticed we were there and said, "Are you the 9:00 a.m. it will be a little bit if you want to wait outside ". So we went out to the hallway and waited with all of the California deliquents! Wow, what a sight! They all thought you were so cute and you were loving all the attention but Mommy, Daddy and Grandma were trying to keep you busy away from all of that as we waited and waited. Daddy was now pacing the hallway and you were getting tired of being there. It was getting a bit ridiculous the deputy came out and asked how many with the Springer case. We said three adults and one child. He said it wouldn't be too much longer and finally at 10:00 a.m. he came and called us back so we walked into the courtroom and followed him back into the Judges Chambers. As long as it was just the four of us she did it in her chambers. She asked Ron and I some questions and why each of us wanted to adopt you. We got through all of that, signed papers she announce that from this point on you are Sara Ann Springer! She hit the gavel and adjourned court.

22: September 10th, 2010 It's Official! She's Sara Ann Springer!

23: Returning back to the hotel Sara had a little nap in the car. Grandma brought you a gift for finalization day. Grandma thinks of everything so Daddy helped you open it. Grandma made you a pinafore from a pillowcase that Great Great Grandma Rosvold had made. Grandma gave you a Gap onsie and pants to go with it as well. We changed our clothes and headed to Tracy, CA to meet with your birthparents.

24: Friday, September 10th We had a nice visit with Sara's birth parents and then headed toward San Francisco for the rest of our time in California. We decided to go back through Livermore, CA to stop at a few of the wineries we had visited our first trip. Mommy wanted a pair of earrings from the Crooked Vine Winery that she didn't pick up last time so here we go. Daddy stayed in the car with Sara as she was taking a nap.

25: Port of San Francisco | Riding the Bart | Wouldn't this be fun! | Saturday, September 11th | On our way to Fishermans Wharf | Waiting for the F Line

26: Saturday, September 11th | What a bike! | We walked down the pier taking it all in. It's a neat place that's for sure and so much to see. | Bay Bridge

27: Sara's first carousel ride and she absolutely loved it! Daddy didn't ride it with us he video taped us instead. | Grandma and Sara loving the ride! | My favorite place to be! | F U N

28: Time for a break. | Isn't this soft! | Daddy and Sara looking out over the ocean at Alcatraz. | Someone is getting tired. Daddy's head will do for a nap. | The sea lions were all out on the far pier today.

29: Sara taking a little nap while we have a sandwich at Boudins. | Characters dressed up wanting to have their picture taken with you so they can make a few bucks! | Look at this little pet on a leash! Yuck! Not Mommy's kind of pet so don't think you're bringing one of these home! | We watched them make bread through the windows at Boudins. They make all sorts of animals and shapes. Pretty Neat! | Saturday, September 11th

30: USS PAMPANITO | Saturday, September 11th | Ron and I toured the sub Grandma stayed with Sara since she had been through one before in Hawaii.

31: Saturday, September 11th | Ron coming through one of the doors. I can't imagine living on this especially without a shower! | Now this is a little bathroom! | Sleeping quarters were very cramped. Just enough room to slide in.

32: We were completely in the dark except for a few red lights from the instrument panels. | The dining area and rec room! | Kitchen | Saturday, September 11th

33: Back up on top finishing our tour. Grandma and Sara our waiting on the bench for us. | Officer Quarters

34: Time for Sara to eat. Another gal with a little boy stopped and ate next to us. I gave her a disposable bib to use she had never seen then before. She lives close to the wharf and only shops where they can walk to. | I'm so tired Mom! | Ron and I finishing our tour of the submarine. | Saturday, September 11th

35: Sara liked the birds. We continued walking down the wharf. Sara was being so good. The homeless were bothering people for money. I was holding Sara since she was tired of being in the stroller which we couldn't blame her but she insisted on holding on to Ron's hand so Daddy put you on his shoulders which you loved. She was holding on to him by putting her fingers in his ears! Not so comfortable for Dad but he didn't care and we thought it was pretty funny.

36: My first Ice Cream! | We stopped to let Sara run for a while in the grass before going for ice cream. | My first bite! | I like it! | Daddy, are you going to give me some more? | 9/11/2010

37: We were shopping and taking a little break Sara found this post and loved walking around it. She had only been walking for a few weeks. | Oh, what a big day out for a few hours anyway! She ended up with Dad in the morning while Mommy was in the shower. | We were on the F line heading back to the BART station to go back to the hotel for the night. | Saturday, September 11th | Sara squeezed in between the fridge and TV cabinet. It wasn't very big but she fit in it. It was just wide enough for a 12 pack of pop. | Leaving the BART station | Sara had her first taste of ice cream at Ghirardelli Square! Nothing like starting out with one of the best. She really liked it and couldn't get enough!

38: Sunday, September 12th | Mom and Dad's friend Anne came and picked us up at our hotel and took us to China Town for lunch! It wasn't too bad not something we would eat too often. It was Anne's favorite place. We should have taken pictures of our meal. After lunch we went to the Chinese bakery. Everything looked good and the rolls Anne got were good but not sweet like our typical bakery. | Just walked by a homeless guy lying on the sidewalk.

39: As we left to head to Stinson Beach Anne said, "Don't you see why I love it here so much!" As we just walked over a homeless man laying in the street!! We all laughed at that even Anne as she said, "I guess, that wasn't the right time to say that"! On to the Golden Gate Bridge and then the beach! | Our Stop at the Golden Gate Bridge

40: On our way to the beach. What a ride! The scenery was beautiful but the roads were very curvy! It was almost too much for Mom and I think the rest too! | Sunday, September 12th

41: My first trip to the Pacific Ocean - Stinson Beach

42: Spending the day at the beach with Anne was great. It was cloudy and a little windy but nice out. It was a beautiful beach and the sand was nice and warm. Sara loved playing in the sand. Sara liked it so much she thought it might be kind of tasty. She found out it wasn't so good but it didn't stop her from wanting to try it again and again. She had her mouth washed out a few times! We tried to catch her but she managed to sneak in a few fists full. | My first walk on the beach | Sunday, September 12th

44: Sunday, September 12th Anne took Mom and I through the gardens while Ron stayed in the car with Sara sleeping. The trees were huge and the flowers were beautiful. | Sara and Daddy playing after a long day!

45: Good morning honey!! | Our trip to Alcatraz | Sara just wants to get in the water! | Come on lets go! | Monday, September 13th | We were on the road early since we were leaving in rush hour traffic and needed to find parking to make sure we didn't miss the boat. We made it in plenty of time and had our picture taken as we boarded. | Monday, September 13th

46: Welcome to Alcatraz | Monday, September 13th | We arrived at Alcatraz and gathered in front of this building. This was the family housing for the employees of Alcatraz. The prisoners were not the only ones living on Alcatraz women and children also called this home. | Guard Tower

47: Making our way to the main prison we walked through the guard house and sally port. These are the oldest structures on Alcatraz. A canon still remains in position. The buildings are in ruff shape but are very neat to see. | Main Prison/Cellhouse | Guard House | Officers Club (without roof) | Guard House | Guard Tower

48: Morgue | Making our way up to the prison | Morgue | Angel Island

49: Entering the main cell | Shower Area

50: Monday, September 13th | From the size of the library they had plenty of books to read! | The hole in the ceiling and patched floor still remain in the cutoff where Marines shelled the prison by dropping grenades from the air through the roof into the prison trying to end the prisoners 1946 raid. | Prisoners | Two intent listeners!

51: Visitation Area | Prisoner 031451 | Solitary Cell | From the looks of these cells prison life couldn't have been that bad! Looks like they had plenty in their cell to keep them busy. Even head phones! Not as bad as I thought they should have had it! | Isolation

52: Control Room | We stopped and fed Sara on the bench here. She was not enjoying Alcatraz so being hungry wasn't helping any. Good thing the tour was self guided so we could take breaks when we needed too.

53: The four Wardens of Alcatraz | Not sure what the story is about the hand print outside of the control room but it has never been painted over.

54: Time for Sara to get some fresh air and walk around a bit. | This fifteen room mansion was where each of the wardens lived. It was only steps away from their private entrance to the cellhouse. | Looking back at San Francisco and the Bay Bridge. | Monday, September 13th

55: Coy had done his homework; he discovered a vulnerable section of bars in the gun gallery. He made a bar-spreader from a bolt, nut and section of pipe to force the bars apart.

56: Monday, September 13th | Looking back the other way at the Bay Bridge going into San Fransisco. | Looking across the bay at the beginning of the Golden Gate Bridge

57: The cells of the prisoners who escaped. They had to be very tiny to get through these holes. | Escape From Alcatraz: June 11, 1962

58: Monday, September 13th Our time in prison and this better be the only time in our life that we spend in the slammer! That goes for you too Sara! You have to be a good girl! It won't be pretty if Mommy and Daddy have to come visit you in jail!!

59: The Prison Dining Area | Metal Detector outside the entrance of the cafeteria | Dining Area | The last Menu Things don't seem that bad! | Looking into the kitchen | Where the prisoners plates were dished up | Enterance | More of the dining area

60: The kitchen at Alcatraz was a busy place serving three meals a day. This was all behind bars where prisoners walked by to dish up their plates. Today signs are hung on the walls of the dinning room of the 1962 escape and those who were wanted. | Monday, September 13th

62: Monday, September 13th | Posters that hung in the gift shop

63: Some of the prisoners of Alcatraz | People viewed Alcatraz from the mainland in years past and is still done today. | A few of the prison as we are leaving. | The Mail Room of Alcatraz.

65: Monday, September 13th Daddy with Sara in the stroller taking a nap and Grandma starting to head back from the laundry facility (upper left). Walking down by the water tower, laundry facility and power house. We are coming to the end of our tour of the rock. What a place! The buildings are in bad shape but still very neat to see.

66: Monday, September 13th We boarded the boat to head back to the Pier to see what else we can fit in for the day.

67: Daddy watching Sara sleep on our boat ride back. What a tired girl! | Grandma with the San Fransisco skyline behind her. | Another tour boat heading to Alcatraz.

68: Monday, September 13th | As we were getting off the boat and leaving the Pier from our tour they had these signs and pictures of life on Alcatraz for the staff and their families. They continued to carry on normal lives, they just did things differently. They took a boat to school instead of a bus and probably didn't have friends visit or sleep over. One thing was for sure they always felt safe. | Dad being silly after our Alcatraz tour. Thinking this would be a great new mowing hat!! Sara thought it was pretty funny too!

69: We decided to walk around the Pier and do a little shopping. Sara was on Ron's shoulders and picked up the ugliest toy you could imagine off one of the racks. Daddy didn't even know she had swiped it! Those quick little hands! I'm not even sure what it was but we were not going home with that so we found something else for her which she didn't mind. We went back to look at the sea lions sleeping in the sun on the dock. Sara loved watching them they were much closer and easier to see than the other day. They were making plenty of noise to catch her attention that's for sure. | Pier 39 | Be quiet guys, I'm trying to sleep! | Just make yourself comfortable! | Mom, these are pretty!

70: Monday, September 13th On our way back to the car the F line we took to the Pier from the BART station on our first day went by. As we sat at a stop light on our way back to the hotel an oil barge was going under the Bay Bridge and a Bum sits on the side walk with his cart waiting for a handout. We drove by AT & T Baseball Park. Grandma talked to Grandpa as we head back to the hotel in the car as I take a quick picture of the traffic which really wasn't so bad. Sara played with her new toy and was having a great time with that back at the hotel. Grandma played Pat-a-cake with her later that evening. | Heading back to our hotel. | Look at this! | Isn't this funny!

71: Tuesday, September 14th | We had planned on doing a bus tour but decided to Ride the Ducks instead since Grandma had never been on a duck ride. Sara was having fun with her new | quacker. Daddy made sure we were first in line so we could get good seats!

72: Tuesday, September 14th Sara and Grandma are having a blast! We had a great tour guide showing us all of the sites of San Fransisco! The streets are very steep, homes are very narrow and right next to each other. Not much of a home and very expensive. | Hang on Sara and Grandma here we go!!

73: I had to zoom in on the guy with the meat hanging in the window. | Founder of Chinatown's home this is a mansion compared to the chinese who lived in Chinatown. | Shopping at the market | Statue in San Fransisco by the pier. This was dedicated to the volunteer fire department of San Fransisco in the 1800's for saving a girls life. The family also built a tower seen from the pier in their honor. | How does this place look for lunch? | C H I N A T O W N

74: AT & T Park | Old hotel that made it through the SanFrancisco flood? | Look at these gems from Macy's. The newest in swim wear!! | Going through one of the tunnels in San Francisco which you're supposed to be quiet in I guess. So we made as much noise as possible! | Tuesday, September 14th | Carousel was built in Rhode Island in 1906 and couldn't be put up in S.F. due to the earthquake and fire so was set up in Seattle, WA. In 1913 it came back to S.F. to an Ocean side amusement park until it closed in 1972.. It was bought by a private owner and stored in NM until 1983 when it was put up in CA. In 1998 the city of S.F. bought it back restored it and put it at its current location at the Children's Creativity Museum in Yerba Buena Gardens. | Duck

75: Sara is loving this boat ride! If I could only get in the water!! | Look Daddy! | Ride

76: Tuesday, September 14th | Grandma's driving the duck!!! | Sara's driving the duck! Grab your life jacket!!

77: Dry dock so they can fix ships | Out of the water we come back on our wheels. | It's Party Time On the Duck! | Come on Grandma, Dance! | The Man Cave! Wouldn't they all love one of these! | AT & T Park

78: Tuesday, September 12th | Tuesday, September 14th

79: Dog Walker | Bay Bridge

80: Our Cable Car Ride | Hang on Grandma! | Nap time for Sara | At the top of Lombard Street | Turning the cable car to head back the other way.

81: Tuesday, September 14th | Driving a cable car is a bit tricky! | At the end of the road here. We had to get off to go back and here's where we went wrong! We saw one coming and got in line only it wasn't the Powell and Hyde car it was the Powell and Mason! We didn't figure it out until we got off and we weren't where we got on. We just got to see more of San Francisco. | Which Way?? | These hills are so steep | These streets are very steep! | Not much room between us and the cars. | It's amazing how many locals use the cable car for daily transportation.

82: Tuesday, September 14th | A new binky!! | All tired out it's been another big day in San Francisco. It's time to head back to our hotel from the wharf. It's our last night in California and it's been a great trip. Sara has done so well traveling we couldn't have asked her to do any better. | Wednesday, September 15th | Tuesday, September 14th | I'll get it!! | Got it, but I can't get it to quack!

83: BOARDING PASS LABAT/SANDRA F NO FF CREDIT DL2406 15SEP SAN FRANCISC MINNEAPOLS/S | 41 F | We were doing so well we were just waiting to hand our boarding pass and drivers license to them for our final security check before going to our gate and we got stopped. You can't take that child with you. What?! When we checked in they didn't mark our ticket that we had an infant in our arms. So, we have to go back where we first checked in and get a new boarding pass. We had waited in long lines so didn't have a lot of time to waste. So, the three of us went back and we left Grandma with all of our bags at the check point. We finally got a new boarding pass and met back up with Grandma and made it through with her! We had all your paperwork in the diaper bag ready for them thank goodness.. We ended up being delayed anyway but finally we are homeward bound. | ZONE 3 | Wednesday, September 15th | Heading for Home... | Infant in arms that we needed | Most Precious Gift!! | With Our

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