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FC: Abigail Grace Gentle | 3 months | 6 months | 9 months | 1 Year | 1st Year | 1 day

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2: Abby’s Birth – Saturday, February 27, 2010 Abby’s birth was perfect. It was so special and beautiful. It was completely different than I had envisioned though. My entire pregnancy I had complained that I just wasn’t big enough. Every week I took a pregnancy picture to see my progression and to my dismay my belly growth was so slow. I wanted a big round pregnant belly. Everyone said it was because I was carrying Abby really deep & low. And honestly, how was I to know. I had never been pregnant before. Abby wasn’t very active either. I wanted those swift kicks to the ribs. I wanted her to wake me up in the middle of the night. I wanted to see my entire belly move when she rolled over. But, she seemed to just squirm here and there. She was moving, but I never felt like things were exactly right. All my doctors appointments went well. I was gaining weight, so I chalked it up to first pregnancy worry. Then, on my 37 week appointment, Dr. Redman said my belly was measuring small. This was the first time he actually measured me though my book said he would start much much earlier. Looking back, I should have asked why he wasn’t. I wanted to, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to offend him and I told myself he had much much more experience in this area than me and he knew what he was doing. Lesson learned. Always ask. Well, he told me not to worry about it. It was probably nothing. Maybe just her positioning. Maybe she had already dropped. But, he told me to schedule an ultrasound just to be sure. I wanted the ultrasound that very second, but of course it couldn’t happen until Friday. It was Tuesday, so that was three very long days away. I was so worried. I hopped on the internet and researched and researched. Sure. There were plenty of people who had the same thing happen and it really was nothing. But, there were others whose babies had IUGR. Intrauterine Growth Restriction. The placenta stops feeding the baby as it should. I remember laying in bed and reading to John out of my pregnancy book about IUGR and crying that I knew something was wrong. John was sure that it really was nothing. I was young. Healthy. I had taken good care of myself before and through the pregnancy. It was fine. The ultrasound would be a fun day to see Abby one more time before she entered the world. But, I knew he was wrong. Friday came so slowly. John had to work, so Mom came with me to the ultrasound. The ultrasound tech said Abby’s little tummy was measuring small. Below the 2 percentile. She left the room to talk to a doctor. I lost it. I called John. I told him. I cried. We met with Dr. Manning – my doctor was out. She said she didn’t want to leave Abby inside me over the weekend and I should go home, pack my bags, eat a nice lunch and head to the hospital. They would start preparing my body for labor, put Abby on a monitor, and induce labor in the morning. I called John again and cried as I told him the news so he could head home. Mom seemed to have it so together. She told me everything was fine. Abby was fine. They just had to deliver her. . Not a big deal, but when she pulled up the car to pick me up her eyes were red. She had been crying. When I called Dad I pulled myself together so he wouldn't worry. He told me to calm Mom down. We were all just taking turns pretending we were fine. We were not fine. Mom & I went to Burlington to buy Abigail

3: some preemie clothes. She was not going to fit into anything I had packed in her bag. Then I went home. Gathered up my things. John had called our pediatrician, Dr. Nesmith, to see if we could meet him before we went to the hospital. We had scheduled to meet him the following Tuesday, but that was obviously going to be too late. So, we headed to Dr. Nesmith’s office. He told us he had just had another IUGR baby delivered a few days before and everything had gone well. Don't worry. By 2pm we were at the hospital. I had originally envisioned just me & John in the delivery room. But, Mom’s hinting finally got the best of me and I decided to not begrudge her seeing her first grandbaby born. If Mom was coming I might as well have my friends too, so Kara & Krystal were welcomed into the delivery room plan as well. Saturday morning I showered and then they induced labor at around 6am. Everything went really well. Labor was not as bad as I expected, especially for an induced labor. Dr. Haskett came in and was surprised to see a laboring woman on an 18 of petocin smiling and rocking a Buddha pose. By the time Kara arrived at 11am things had gotten a little (lot) harder. I was sitting on the birthing ball. John was behind me rubbing my back. Mom was telling me to do the shh-shh hee-hee. It wasn’t working and I felt silly doing it. Kara asked if John needed a break. I answered for him that he didn’t. I didn’t want anyone else there helping me. Then another contraction. I was crying. Mom told Kara “tell her to breath” since Mom decided if I wasn’t listening to her maybe I’d listen to a friend. Kara gently knocked John aside and slowly pushed her two thumbs down my spine telling me to relax my face, lower my jaw and make a deep Ahhhh sound. Um. Wow. It really, I mean really, helped. So, John rubbed my feet. Held my hand. Stayed by my side, where I wanted him. And Kara, the very experienced laborer, helped coach me through. The doctor had advised me to try to keep laboring naturally as long as possible because sometimes an Epidural can slow down or stop an induced labor, so I did. Around 2 pm, I was in tears, and yelled Uncle. Epidural please. Now. Dr. Awesome came in and .ahhhhhhh. No pain. Yay. I freshened up my makeup and really enjoyed the rest of my labor. By the time I was ready to start pushing, I pushed 3 times and at 3:55 p.m. there she was. Beautiful. So tiny. So perfect. They laid her on my chest and I was in love. My precious baby I had carried for 9 months was here and in my arms. Abigail Grace Gentle. 5 pounds. 4 ounces. 19 inches long. Perfect.

6: "You were made perfectly to be loved." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

10: We brought our Abigail home today. After 6 nights and 7 days at the hospital we were so happy to be coming home. No more billy bed for the jaundice to keep us from holding Abby and no more heel pricks for our little girl to endure. Still it was scary leaving the hospital knowing it is up to us to take care of our absolutely perfect little 4 lb. 12 oz. beautiful girl. March 3, 2010 | Coming Home

11: Today is our first day home with Abigail. It’s been a blur. We have a pretty wild feeding schedule for Abby to keep her from losing any more weight. I nurse her which takes a very long time because she's almost impossible to keep awake through a feeding. She's very lathargic and just not interested in eating. Once she's nursed we syringe feed her what I pumped after the last time I nursed. Then I pump. The entire process takes a couple of hours, then I have about an hour before it starts all over again...even through the night. Even though we only get an hour of sleep at a time – sleep deprivation is a small price to pay to keep our Abigail healthy and happy and hopefully gaining weight. Abby is so tiny she looks like a beautiful porcelain doll. She has a full head of blonde hair and big beautiful dark blue eyes. She is such a good baby. She almost never cries – only when she has to wait 5 seconds too long when she's decided she actually wants to eat or occasionally during a diaper change. She sleeps all the time and already I think I’ve seen her smiling in her sleep. Thursday, March 4, 2010

12: Abigail already has us laughing all the time even though she can’t smile or giggle herself yet – she gives nothing but smiles to all of us. Jessica came over today and began reading Alice in Wonderland to her in Spanish. Jessica is determined that Abby will speak Spanish. Her daddy has already said he’s teaching her Sign, Spanish and French (that will mean he’ll have to learn Spanish & French himself!). | Abby has the longest skinniest arms & legs. I never get tired of looking at them. They are the cutest things ever! She also has the most adorable expressions. My favorite is when she lifts her eyebrows with her eyes closed and puckers her lips. She does this all the time and it always makes me laugh. She’s only been with us 6 days and I can’t imagine life without her. Friday, March 5, 2010 | Sissy Love

13: Abigail is one week old today! She is doing great. She weighed in at 5 lbs. even today. We bought a postage scale to weigh her on – we searched for a baby scale but couldn’t find one. Abby is becoming more alert everyday. She had her first sponge bath at home today. She absolutely hated it. Screamed the whole time, except for when she was having her hair washed. She must already love having her hair done! Sugar has come over every day. Thursday & Friday she spent the entire day here so I could sleep between feedings. Today she couldn’t stay but she stopped by 3 times because she couldn't stand not seeing Abigail. Abby's daddy is a natural. He's burping & changing her like a pro. He says there is nothing better than holding his baby girl. Saturday, March 6, 2010 | One Week Old

14: Abigail is such a mellow baby. She almost never cries. A few squeals if we take too long once she’s decided it’s time to eat or changing her diaper. Usually she wakes us up to let us know it’s time to eat by squirming around and making “squirming noises.” Whenever Abby is awake she makes this gerbil noise all the time – it’s something between a machine gun and a sheep. "Et et et et..." Adorable. March 7, 2010 | Abigail spent almost the entire day asleep. I’ve started putting her in her bouncer in her room and playing the new Kingdom Melodies vocal CD She seems to love it. I think it might be because we listened to the CD almost every night going to sleep when I was pregnant with her. I’ve been dressing her in onesies everyday and wrapping her in blankets. It’s just easier for those numerous diaper changes and seems so comfortable. But, today I put her in a footed sleeper with matching hat. She looked so cute. Even though her hat was way too big and her sleeper had plenty of room to grow from the waist up, I don’t think the length will fit her much longer. It’s a preemie which fits her everywhere but the length. She is so long! It’s a model baby body I guess! March 8, 2010 | The Sheep Machine Gun | Kingdom Melodies

15: Today was Abby’s first doctors appointment. She did awesome. She has gained back to her birth weight. Yay! Which means I’m going to let her dictate her feeding schedule instead of having her on my super strict 2 hour regimen. Yay again! Maybe I can get some much needed sleep! Abigail is a fantastic sleeper. You literally cannot wake the child up! She sleeps through everything. No tip toeing through the house here! TV, music, talking, nothing phases her. Today when the nurse pricked her heel for a blood test she even slept through that. She squirmed and cried a little but even still did not wake up. She is definitely her mother’s daughter! I’ve always been a super sound sleeper until now. Now the smallest peep from Abby wakes me right up. But, I don’t mind one bit. Tuesday, March 9, 2010 | Abby's 1st Doctors Visit | Recooperating from our first trip out of the house!

16: Abigail has decided she has no desire to sleep in her playpen. She’d prefer that we hold her all night long. She woke up at 2am and we were up until 7am when Mom came to relieve me so I could get some sleep. Abby was actually peacefully sleeping in my arms the entire time – except when I’d try to lay her down! I realize this is because we never lay her down all day long. Someone is constantly holding her. But, seriously, Momma needs some sleep! We are going to try to let her “cry it out” tonight. Hopefully she’ll wear herself out in 10 minutes & be fast asleep. Hope. Hope. Hope. Of course, even screaming and not sleeping she’s absolutely perfect. At 2 weeks old she already has such a strong will! Thursday, March 11, 2010 | No rest for the weary

17: Woo hoo! We all got some sleep! Miss Abigail has more will than me. The “cry it out” plan did not go as hoped. Abby wailed for an hour! I held her hand the entire time and talked to her, but I did not pick her up and she did not give up. I think she would have screamed all night. John came and got her so I could have a few hours of sleep. Brought her back about 1am and I put her in the co-sleeper in bed with me and she was happy as a clam. So much for her not sleeping with us! Abby slept a solid 4 hours. Heaven! I feel like a new woman. I actually love her being in bed with us. I just know it’s a tough habit to break and we’re setting ourselves up for a 4 year old who crawls in bed with us in the middle of the night...though I bet we’ll secretly love that too. Today, we headed to Memaw and Paw Paw’s house with Sugar for Abby to meet her great-grandparents. This was Abby’s first outing other than the doctor’s office. Friday, March 12, 2010 | Sleep & Abby's 1st Outing

18: Abigail now weighs 5 lbs. 7 oz. She’s eating and gaining like crazy. Last night she woke us up every hour to eat. The night before she went 3 to 4 hours, so there is just no method to her madness. We’re so happy she’s thriving and gaining weight. She’ll be a chunky monkey before long! Maybe some of her clothes will fit her soon! Right now she’s too long for her preemie sleepers, but newborn sleepers just swallow her, so she’s sporting onesies every day. She has one preemie hat that fits her (the others are all too big for her petite head!). It’s her pink giraffe hat and she wears it every single day. Good thing she looks absolutely precious in it! Saturday, March 13, 2010 | Chunky Monkey in the Making

19: Well, another sleepless night. Abby would happily sleep all night long if we’d throw her in bed with us – I believe she’d snooze away on my or her daddy’s chest all night long! But, next to us in the co-sleeper is just not working for her. She thinks it’s just not close enough! She scootches her little body against the edge of the co-sleeper just trying to get closer to me and just cries. I have no idea how to fix this problem... I think I might have caught Abigail’s first giggle today. She was eating – asleep as usual – and she cracked the biggest smile then it really sounded like a giggle. Too precious! I’ve been putting Abby in hats – mostly her pink giraffe hat – everyday, but it dawned on me today that if I don’t get her used to her bows and headbands soon she may hate them. So, today she wore a white nylon headband with a pink sheer bow. She looked so pretty! Love love love her! Sunday, March 14, 2010 | First Giggle

20: Abby is now 3 weeks old and 5 lbs. 12 oz. One pound heavier than when she came home. She’s still so tiny though! She has officially taken over our bed, but at least we are all sleeping! She’s still sleeping a lot, but she’s having more alert times during the day and is starting to get interested in her play mat and mobile in her crib. We bought her a little lamb cradle swing in hopes that she’d sleep in it. That didn’t work, but she does like it enough to spend 1 to 2 hours in it every morning while I shower, get dressed, and pick up the house. (It's amazing what a shower and picked up house can do for a momma's sanity!) Abby likes her little hands tucked under the lamb pillow. She just lays there, always awake, swinging away and sucking on her binky. Wednesday, March 24, 2010 | Little Lamb Swing

21: Today was Abigail’s first day in service. She went with me, Sugar & Jessica. She never left the car, but she was out! She stayed in service for 3 hours and was a wonderful baby. Our little pioneer baby already! Wednesday, March 24, 2010 | 1st Day in Service

22: Abby already has so much personality at a month old and has developed her own little preferences. She hates bath time. She doesn’t seem to mind sitting in the warm water, but she hates having her hair rinsed out, absolutely hates being dried off and lotioned up too. She screams the entire time. I really think it freaks her out. She has a binky she likes occasionally, but she’s not a huge fan. She likes being sang to and read to. She absolutely loves being held. She hates having her diaper changed, which is why we have to check to see if she’s dirty, because she never cries when it is. She's happy in her car seat IF the car is moving, but is not a fan if the car stops. She wears preemie diapers and preemie clothes. She also wears some newborn clothes, but they are mighty roomy! Oh, and our lovely lady has hit 6 whole pounds!!! Saturday, March 27, 2010 | One Month Old!

23: Today was the memorial. We really wanted to take Abby, but came to the realization that everyone goes to memorial – sick or not – and it would just be too risky to bring her at just one month old. So, Krystal Mann came over and sat with Abby since Krystal's memorial wasn’t until 9pm. It was the first time anyone other than Sugar has watched her. John said he checked his phone several times during the hour just in case. I think it’s so sweet that John – typically so laid back and laissez faire has become protective Daddy. In some ways even more so than me (and I’m super protective paronoid new mommy!). Abigail did great for Krystal. She’s such a good baby! Tuesday, March 30, 2011 | The Memorial

24: Abigail had her first girlie day today. We went to Red Lobster for lunch with Sugar then hit a couple of stores – since Mommy doesn’t fit into any of her pre-pregnancy clothes. Abigail did great. She likes her stroller if it’s moving, but fusses the moment it stops, great for walks but not so good for shopping so we carried her most the time. Home is definitely still the best place to be. Abigail loves kicking back on the couch with Mommy & Daddy. We, of course, love it too. Sleeping at night is still a serious challenge. Abigail doesn’t really stay awake all night, she just fusses and keeps me awake. She still eats on a pretty regular schedule – even more so through the night which keeps me awake. Never thought I could survive on 3ish hours of sleep a night for 6 weeks but I have survived, and I know it is temporary and worth every sleepless minute. Friday, April 9, 2010 | Girlie Day

25: Our little lady has taken on so much personality. Sometimes she’s almost asleep and she’ll crack one eye open to peek at you. Almost like she's just checking to make sure we’re still there at her beck and call. We call her the little spy. She has the most adorable stretching routine. She only does it after we pick her up. She’ll be completely asleep and we’ll go to reposition her and she’ll do this elaborate stretching. The back arches. Both arms go up into the air. She puckers her lips, raises her eyebrows and wrinkles up her forehead. It’s one of the cutest things ever! Today was Abby’s first meeting at the Kingdom Hall. She did great. Slept for most of the meeting, but still made all her super noisy noises just to make sure everyone knew she was present. Grunt, grunt, grunt. But, whataya do? Just hope everyone thinks her noises are as cute as I do! Victor Mendoza gave the talk, but we missed the entire thing because it was “lunch time”. We were in our seats for the entire Watchtower Study – Yay Abby! Such a good baby! Sunday, April 10, 2010 | To the Kingdom Hall...for the 1st time!

26: Abby is awake every morning with big bright eyes. She can pick up her head off my shoulder and move around. She loves being talked to, sang to, read to, & kissed on. She doesn’t like the person holding her to be too distracted. She wants them to focus on her! Today she took a 30 minute nap in her swing for the first time. Yay! Earlier today John put her in the crib to play and turned on her mobile and Abby turned her head and saw Minnie Mouse. She put her face nose to nose with Minnie and just stared at her. It was the cutest thing! This evening Abby met her friends for the first time – Indi, Sya, Ari & Eva (Eva had already met Abby at the hospital). It completely freaked me out for Abby to be around rambunctious kids for the first time! I think it freaked Abby out too because she just wanted to nurse all evening long! There’s safety under that nursing poncho! Saturday, April 17, 2010 | Minnie Mouse & Friends

28: This weekend was Abby’s first trip out of town, first hotel stay, and first Circuit Assembly. I could not have asked for her to do any better. The trip up on Friday was a little turbulent. We got a super late start because John got off work really late and Abby was not feeling the car seat and was really wailing. Sometimes I don't know who the intense crying is harder on, her or me. She cries so hard that she gasps for air. I can hardly stand it. So, we stopped a couple of times for Abby to get a break from her car seat. She eventually fell asleep and we made it to the hotel. At the Assembly she was absolutely wonderful. She mostly just nursed and slept. And speaking of sleep, she slept through the night for the very first time Saturday night. I think all the comotion of the assembly had her all tuckered out. She slept 6 whole hours and I enjoyed every single sleeping minute. Sunday, April 25, 2010 | First Assembly

30: Two wonderful milestones today. First, Abigail hit 8 pounds! Second, I got my first, second, and third smile from Abby today. The most beautiful smiles ever. (Her Daddy is so jealous.) Monday, April 26, 2010 | 1st Smile

31: 2 months old! 8 lbs. 2 oz. (3rd percentile on weight) 21 inches (7th percentile for height) Wears size newborn clothes & size newborn diapers She's given Mama & Daddy both smiles (Daddy’s first smile was today, Momma’s was yesterday) Likes playing patty cake but, her favorite thing by far is still being held and cuddled! Abby had her doctor's appointment this morning. They gave her 3 shots and 1 oral vaccination. She slept the rest of the day. Poor baby. We gave her baby Tylenol to help. This evening she was feeling better and finally ready for some playtime. Playing with Daddy she gave him her first smile ...followed by a second and a third! Daddy was pretty happy. Tuesday, April 27, 2010

32: Abby is 10 weeks old. I can’t believe how much she’s changed. She is already 4 pounds heavier than when we took her home from the hospital. Going from 4 lbs. 12 oz. to 8 lbs. 12 oz. is a huge change. I feel the need to start documenting her life NOW before she changes anymore! So, we went out last week and purchased a video camera. Because I brought John with me I ended up purchasing the Cadillac of camcorders of course. John was insistent that we need to record Abigail in HD! Really, it’s pretty sweet and I know we will be happy that we did. Abigail is absolutely beautiful. She has blue eyes that keep getting lighter and light hair. The color? I’m not completely sure. Indoors it looks blonde. Outside it has a little red in it. Strawberry blonde? I guess we will have to wait and see. Abigail loves being held. 24 hours a day. She is such a cuddler. Even though it is difficult at times at get anything else done with a baby that wants to constantly be held, I am very happy she’s a cuddler because I am to. Saturday, May 8, 2010 | Rubber Ducky

33: Abigail spent the entire day at Sugar’s sleeping. Sugar really wants Abby to stay awake so they can play. But, Abby just snoozes her days away. She was awake for a grand total of 2 hours the entire day. I woke Abby up when I arrived and she was bright eyed and bushy tailed rearin’ to play. Abby was awake 3 solid hours this evening and in a great mood. Pops held Abby just before we left and got a big grin. Pops said she was staring right at his mustache probably thinking what in the world is that thing? Then he started talking like Donald Duck to and she flashed an even bigger grin – verging on a giggle. She loved it! I think she’s going to be a Disney baby! But then seriously, how could she not be?! It’s such fun when Abigail smirks and smiles. She’s been smiling for a while now, but I must say she’s a little greedy with them. I’ve been lucky to get a smile a day out of her. A few days ago, I was talking to Abby and asking her to please give me her “one smile for the day” and her Daddy piped in with “Too late. I already got it!” So not fair. Mommy does all the work and someone else steals the smile. But, thankfully, the last couple of days she is much more generous with them. She’s still not just giving them away, but if you work for them they are there for the taking! Thursday, May 18, 2010 | Grins

34: ABBY | in the garden

35: 3 months old | Jessica took pictures of Abby today in Sugar’s garden. Abigail loves being outdoors. She just laid back and enjoyed the sun and the breeze. While I was pregnant I tried to imagine how our little girl would look. Abigail has far exceeded my imagination. I wouldn’t change a single thing. She’s perfect.

36: Abby weighs 9 lbs. 14 oz. She wears a size Newborn diaper, though not for much longer! She’s still wearing size newborn clothes, and a few 0-3 month clothes Abby loves her mobile and will happily play in her crib for 20 to 30 minutes at a time and just coos and coos. She loves to stand up with help and always pushes her arms out straight in front of her and makes 2 fists, bugs out her eyes with a super-serious expression. This is hard work! She loves her Daddy to hold her flat facing the ceiling and slowly lift her up and down. She goes into a sort-of happy dazed state. She loves Sugar to sing Miss Lucy had a Baby to her. She loves to cuddle with her Sugar. She loves Momma to lay down with her when she gets sleepy in the evenings. She’ll fuss and fuss, but as soon as Momma lays down she’s one happy girl! She has decided her bedtime (and mine too) should be around 9pm. Abby’s always in a good mood in the morning. It’s her smiliest time. I set her in her bouncer on the bathroom counter while I get ready and we play "Good Morning Abigail”. She loves it. She gets soooo excited and is all smiles. Thursday, May 27, 2010 Th | 3 Months Old! | Playing in her crib | A happy daze | "Good morning Abigail"

38: Abigail has decided she likes her swings again! She was spending 2 hours at a time in her cradle swing many weeks ago, then she decided she couldn’t tolerate 5 minutes. She’s in her cradle swing right now sleeping and has been for the last 2 hours. She also loves to watch Baby Einstein in her swing in the den for 15 or 20 minutes at a time. Just as I was about to put both swings away she’s decided they are all friends again. Yesterday, she did the sweetest thing. She was nursing and I looked down and said something to her and she just looked up and smiled the biggest smile at me. I can’t imagine a sweeter thing. These are pictures of bath time last Friday. She loves her bath time now and will kick her legs out and prop them over the edge of the tub just kickin’ back. Later, that evening she was completely sacked out snoozing away on her Daddy. Monday, June 7, 2010 | Sweet Baby

40: First Giggle Abigail giggled for the first time yesterday. She was in her jumperoo, which she loves. She’s not quite big enough to fit into it on her own so we put a towel under her feet so they can touch the ground and behind her back to fill in the space. She had turned her head away from the lights and music maker and when she spotted it again – out erupted a huge smile and giggle. Friday, June 11, 2010

41: Little Sprout | 3 months old

42: Miss Maggie Moo | 3 months 3 weeks old

43: Today we tried to take pictures of Abby in her super adorable cow outfit. She was not loving it. It was hot hot hot outside and after a few shots she was very done. The look on her poor little face says it all. Saturday, June 19, 2010

44: Little Miss Abigail has topped 12 pounds. She wears a size 1 diaper. Size 3 month clothes. Her new favorite thing is her bouncer. Love it. I drag it around from room to room and Abigail just bounces away as she watches me make the bed, iron clothes, and make dinner. It is also the perfect vantage point for her favorite hobby – ceiling fan watchin’. She also loves her jumperoo. But, only for about 10 minutes, then she goes instantly from delighted to mad. She loves the game ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma – “smack”. I get a big smile almost every time. Though when she does start saying ma-ma, there may be a few extra “ma’s” tacked on. She has her hands in her mouth constantly and is a little drool machine. She has already started teething and it’s been give her some trouble. Poor baby. It seems so early! She has started to coo, talk, and smile constantly. She is so happy. She is working on tummy time. Mommy started it a wee bit late - like 2 weeks ago. Oops. I just could hardly stand the way she’d cry and rub her little head face down in the blanket like she was suffocating. (okay, so our girl’s a wee bit dramatic.) But, we are up to a record of 8 straight minutes without crying. A mighty big improvement from the 5 seconds we were at 2 weeks ago. She loves bedtime. She has a fantastic internal clock and let’s me know, quite forcefully, when it is bedtime. She is a big-time cuddler. Daddy is an absolute pro at putting her down for naps. Much much better than me. It’s a gift. At Sugar’s house Abby is asleep by the 2nd song of the Kingdom Melodies (3rd at the latest). She loves Sugar's creakin’ rocker. The success is wrapped into the combination of Sugar, Sugar’s house, Sugar’s rocker, and the Kingdom Melodies. The magic stops at my door though. Sugar can not get her to sleep at our house. I’m not sure if it’s the missing creakin’ or Abby just knows this aint Sugar’s house. But, she’s not going down here without a big fight. | 4 Months Old

46: 4 Month Check-up | Abby had her 4 month check up and shots today. She was in such a good mood. So happy. We found some little pink sun glasses in the diaper bag and took pictures while we were waiting. I think she actually liked wearing them. Abigail weighs 12 lbs. 4 oz. and is 23 inches long. Both in the 25th percentile. Up from the 10th percentile at 2 months! Dr. Neismith said she is doing great and is very social. She got 1 shot in each leg and got so mad she turned purple - instantly. But, I immediately nursed her and, of course, the tears stopped as quickly as they had started. Monday, June 28, 2010

47: Giggle Box Miss Abby Grace really started laughing today. Before today we heard “something” that resembled a laugh every now and then. But, today it was definitely a laugh and another and another and another. Do we have a giggle box in the making? Friday, July 9, 2010

48: Beautiful

49: Baby | 4 mo. 3 wks old

50: A.G.G. | 4 mo. 3 wks

51: Jewel of the Sea

52: Today we took pictures of Abby wearing my dress and bonnet. I think my little girl looks a wee bit like me! July 9, 2010 | Mama's Dress | Mandy Sue 4 months old | Abigail Grace 4 months old

53: Abby Grace had her first taste of rice cereal tonight. I was so excited. She’s been sleeping so poorly lately and has really been eyeing our food, so I thought she might be ready for something more substantial. Well, she was not that interested at all. She was tolerant of it, at best. I think most of it just ran down her chin. This last picture says it the best...blah. Saturday, July 21, 2010 | Cereal!

54: Abby's 1st Family Trip

55: July 2010

56: 5 Months Old | Abby wears size 2 diapers Size 3 months & 3-6 months clothes She had her first taste of cereal just yesterday...she wasn't too fond of it. Her favorite toy is still Paco. She loves that little monkey. She's not a great sleeper. She has no problem going to sleep, but she wakes up alot at night. She likes to use her Jenny Jump-up as a swing. She loves her jumperoo and bouncer. She's definitely a home body. There is no place she'd rather be. She loves loves loves outside. We had the porch screened in just for her. She never tires of just chillin' on the porch. Can't wait until it's cooler outside for her. AND (drum roll please!....) She just said mama for the first time!!! Tuesday, July 27, 2010

58: Abby is doing so much so fast now. She's been moving & groving in her walker for more than a week. She can go from one side of the room to the other. No turns. No backing up. So, once she hits the wall she needs a little help turning around. She's getting really lively in her jumperoo. She's very hands on with the toys now. She's definitely capable of rolling over. I can roll her right over with her holding just my finger as a guide, but she seems to have no desire to do it on her own. She's on a little bit of baby food. Rice cereal, bananas & apples. Her favorite is definitely bananas. Tonite at Keith & Krystal's she ate all but 2 bites of an entire banana! I thought she was going to burst. By the end her little eyes were so heavy she was falling asleep while she ate. So cute. Saturday, August 14, 2010 | Busy Girl! | Abby in her walker | Is that "ba-naaaaaanas"?

59: Abby rolled over from her tummy to her back today. It took her about 10 tries but she was quiet and determined and she did it. She typically gets super frustrated when she can't immediately figure something out, but tonight she was just so determined. She didn't fuss at all. She just kept kickin' that little hip up in the air and scootchin' her little leg under the other until it finally worked! I could tell she was trying hard, so I called her Daddy in and we both sat there on her nursery rug and watched her try until she finally did it! It was AWESOME! Sunday, August 15, 2010 | Rollin'...Rollin'...

60: Abby's 1st Convention | We just finished our District Convention and Abby could not have done any better. She was wonderful. Very happy and content. It didn't hurt that she had 5 of us to walk her, though she really didn't need taken out of walked all that much. Just enough to put her to sleep at naptime. She had her first couple of giggling fits on Saturday. Alexis Dominguez was smiling and playing with her and she just started giggling & giggling. Then at dinner, I put my face up to hers and started saying "no no no" (can't remember why) and she just could not stop giggling. It was so cute. Sunday, August 22, 2010

61: 6 Months Old | Abigail is 16 lbs. 8 oz. She's 25 1/2 inches long (Dr. said looking at her curve he thinks she'll end up around 5'3) She can roll over from her tummy to back (though she chooses to do this VERY rarely) Wears size 2 diapers and size 3-6 months and 6 months clothes Her favorite food is bananas (freshly mashed not baby food...she's a girl with preferences) Her favorite toy is her sock monkey "Paco" She's also a huge fan of her bouncer (loves to kick, kick, kick), her walker (still getting the hang of this one...can go backwards pretty well, but forwards is now challenging. Which is funny since at first she could only go forward, but I think that may have been because she leaned forward heavily and it kind of propelled her forward). She also loves her jumperoo (goes nuts it that thing!). Our game is "Give momma kisses" and she'll drop her knees and dive in for a kiss. She is still a big time cuddler and such a little sweetie. She loves being held and kissed on more than anything...and we, of course, love nothing more than holding and kissing her. Saturday, August 27, 2010

63: ma belle fille | 6 months old | 6 months

64: Sittin' Pretty | Look who's sitting all by herself!

65: A week ago I thought she was no where close to being able to sit on her own. I would position her and as soon as I let go she'd tetter and totter and topple. Then all the sudden today, wah-la. She's sitting. Just like that. Though she does still tetter and totter after a bit (so there are pillows behind her always), but it is just amazing how fast things change. My precious baby is changing so fast. I am trying so hard to savor every single second and really really live in the moment. Not worry so much about piles of laundry or the house not being perfect, since it's never perfect these days anyway. Because, my little one will be so big so fast and I want to enjoy every second. Every smile. Every cuddle. Every kiss. Every tetter totter. Because one day too soon she will be a big girl. She'll be pulling and tugging for me to let her down instead of fussing for me to pick her up and I will want to rewind back to these days... I know because I already do. How can she already be 6 months old? I love her so much I can't even begin to know how to put it into words. I watch her and my heart just swells. Thursday, September 2, 2010

66: Growing up Mom & Dad’s anniversary was always a big deal. We always got wonderful presents. One year we all got new bicycles. Another year we hit the Barbie jackpot with the entire Barbie Heart Family (I remember Ken had perfect hair, a light blue sports coat & a pink flower in his pocket), Barbie Kitchens with pots & pans, a fridge, food. I just remember it seemed like all the Barbie loot covered the entire floor and it was soooo exciting. So, of course, I wanted to start the same tradition for Abby. So, what do you buy a little girl who is one day shy of 7 months old, who has no concept of presents and who, quite honestly, already has everything a 7 month old little girl could possibly need?..... Cinderella’s Castle of course! So, she can’t play with it unsupervised for like 2 more years. But, we couldn’t resist. It comes with all the characters & props (Snow White with her prince & wishing well, Cinderella & Prince Charming with her white pumpkin coach), Mickey & Minnie topiaries, light up windows & exterior torches, and a button that makes very Castle-esk and Disney-esk sound effects. It’s awesome and I know one day in the not too distant future Abby & I will have a grand time playing with it. Monday, September 27, 2010 | Cinderella's Castle

67: 7 Months Old | Abby weighs around 17 pounds She wears size 6 months and size 2-3 diapers She sits up like a pro (hardly topples at all) She can say Momma, and has said “Uh Oh” & “Hi” once. She’s a very quick smile & has become so laid back. She loves loves loves her jumperoo. When we praise her she goes nuts jumping around it show off for us. She loves toys! We spread them out in front on her and she just goes through all of them. She's gotten a little possessive, so if she's really in to one and you take it away she gets very mad. She’s reaches out for Momma now (usually just one handed) and she’ll grab Momma’s shirt and turn her little head in when someone else reaches out for her. She’s gotten a little clingy. She does great being left during the day, but if she’s not with Momma by around 7:30pm she gets VERY upset. Night-time is Momma time. She loves her Daddy. When Daddy sings to her she just kind of looks at him in awe (which Daddy says is his favorite thing). I think she’s thinking “Wow. You sing a lot better than Momma!") Her favorite song for him to sing is "On the Street Where You Live" . She loves to watch Looney Tunes with Pops. Its so cute. She absolutely adores her little pink swing out on the patio. She’ll even fall asleep in that thing (which is big, since otherwise she has to have music with someone bouncing her or rocking her to fall asleep). She loves her Baby Bjorn carrier. Strap her on and she’s sooo happy to ride along through the house, store, or outside. She never seems to tire of riding along. Monday, September 27, 2010

68: Sweet Baby of Mine | 7 months old

70: For the last couple of weeks we've started giving Abby water from a straw. She absolutely loves it. I don't think it's the water, since she has no interest in drinking it from a bottle or sippy cup. But, when that straw comes toward her she perches her tiny mouth open and tilts her head back like a little bird. She's also started getting bashful lately. When someone talks to her she'll grin then bury her head in my shoulder. So cute. Sunday, October 10, 2010 | Little Bird | Abby has been saying da da nonstop since yesterday... Well, it actually sounds something like "Dadadadadadadadadada....". Funny, she only says Mama occasionally, and only if she's fussy. Dada she says when she's happy... Monday,October 11, 2010 | Dada

71: Today, out of the blue, Abby pulled up in her crib. John had set her up in the crib sitting and she almost immediately started fussing. He came back to check on her, but she seemed okay so he turned around to leave and she of course started fussing again. When he turned around he saw her grabbing the slats of the crib and then boom she was standing. She's not even attempted to pull up before! We put her in the crib again after dinner and she immediately pulled up again. I guess it's her new trick. She seems very proud of herself. Monday, October 18, 2010 | Pulling Up

72: Abby had her first trip to the zoo on Friday...followed by her second trip on Sunday! She loved it. She's such an outdoor baby, we knew if nothing else she'd have fun just strolling outside. But, she actually noticed the animals and really enjoyed watching them. Her favorite was the bears (on both trips she made her "excited sound" while watching the bears - she breaths in and kind of does a gasp-grunt thing. Really cute.). Second favorite was probably the big wall of fish. She had fun just watching them go by. On Sunday, John and me took her again after the meeting. This time she got to see the giraffes, tigers, and orangutans. The orangutan climbed a rope right in front on her and he was so big and hairy I think it kind of freaked her out! We bought an annual membership so we can take her a lot during the nicer months of the year. We had a wonderful time and gave me a little glimpse of how much fun we'll have taking her on vacations and new fun places! Monday, October 25, 2010 | First Trip to the Zoo

74: Abby weighs 17 1/2 pounds. She wears size 6-9 months, size 2 shoes, and size 3 diapers She has gotten very mobile - twisting, turning, and scooting...but is yet to crawl. She can get herself in position, but pretty quickly lands in a belly flop. She can say Momma, Dada and has said “Uh Oh” & “Hi” once. She also fake coughs. I think it's because she knows her momma will stop and say "My goodness! Are you okay?..." and she just smiles. She likes the attention. She will also mimick my cough...if I fake cough then a few seconds later she'll repeat it. Very cute. She has completely rejected the bottle for a couple of months now. But, she absolutely adores her sippy cup. She doesn't have a big appetite, but she's a good eater. Her favorites are oatmeal, pears, mac n cheese, corn & squash, and carrots. Abby pulled up in her crib for the first time a week or so ago. She did it a total of 3 times in one evening with no trouble at all, but is yet to do it again. She does really like standing in her crib if someone will kindly put her in position and she can hang on a pretty long time all by herself. Abby auxillary pioneered with Momma & Daddy for the first time this month. She did really great, especially when I'd strap her to me in the Baby Bjorn and go door to door. She'd fall asleep half way down the street almost every time. Abigail is a very very happy baby. She's not a big fusser...probably because she always has so much attention! She's all smiles and chats up a storm...especially at the meetings. It's a big challenge because she wants to talk all meeting long! Everyone says it's pretty cute though and that she's destined to be a great commenter! October 27, 2010 Abby loves to be moving. She adores the big rocking horse at Sugar & Pops. She'll just stare at it until you put her on. She also has a choo choo train at Sugar's and LOVES to be pushed all over the house. We bought her a little Disney car for home and she is very cool chill in it, propping up one arm as she rides. She doesn't seem to tire of being pushed all over the house in her little car! Th | 8 Months Old!

76: As of today, Abby Grace is cruisin'! She was sitting on the floor playing with her toy box thingy this morning. We looked away for a minute and the next thing we know she's walked across the room!!! Maybe she is going to skip crawling all together. She had some interest in figuring out the whole crawling thing a few weeks ago. She was getting on her hands and knees and rocking some, but that has completely peetered out and she's all about standing up now.... Monday, November 1, 2010 | Cruisin!

77: Miss Abigail is officially crawling! She has been rolling and scooting for a while. Just in the past week she started doing this great move where she would get around by rolling from back to front and then getting up into a crawling position to hike one leg under and pop up into a sitting position. Very creative. But, she really wasn't trying to crawl. Since a few weeks ago when she discovered she could pull herself up and stand she's been all about standing, so I really thought she was just going to skip crawling all together and then last night - boom - she's crawling. Like really really well. Just zipping across the room. Which has made me realize we are so don't have the house baby proofed yet! Wednesday, November 17, 2010 | Crawlin!

78: Today, when Abigail was sitting in Sugar's lap happily gnawing away on her teething cracker (which she LOVES...and I can't say that about most food), she took it out of her mouth looked up and put it to Sugar's mouth. As if to say "Sugar, I love ya. Want some of my cookie?". How sweet is that. Wednesday, November 17, 2010 | Cookie? | Paci Mama? | I guess our little one has caught onto the concept of sharing to show affection. This morning she was contentedly chewing on her pacifier (she doesn't suck her paci...just chews) and she looked up at me and put it to my mouth. "Want my paci, Momma?" She just melts my heart! Thursday, November 18, 2010

79: Today we took Abby to Disney on Ice - Princess Wishes. It was a lot of fun. I had a Cinderella costume for her to wear, but she was feeling sickly and we almost didn't even go - so I decided to just dress her in something comfy instead. She actually really liked the show. She hung onto the railing in front of us and just stared at everything. She napped through the middle portion, but she was up watching and jumping through the beginning and end! It was a lot of fun and watching her experience it made me think of what fun we will have on her first trip to Disney World! 2013 here we come! Sunday, November 21, 2010 | Disney on Ice!

80: 9 Months Old!

81: Our little Abby Grace is 9 months old and up to all kinds of things! She weighs 19 lbs 5 oz and is 28 1/2 inches long. Wears size 9 months clothes, size 3 shoes (still a little big) and size 3 diapers. She doesn't seem to be the biggest fan of food. She has taken to just eating a few bites and then puckering her lips closed. Sometimes she does this before the first bite. (If I keep trying to offer it to her she will finally just give me this big exasperated grunt like "Moooom. You are so not getting it!") Sometimes we won't even get one container of baby food down her all day. Funny, since she was really getting into eating before...but, I guess now the new has worn off and it is no longer a novelty! She is crawling. She does this crawl where she hikes the right leg around and comes down flat on her foot (just on the one side). She also sometimes tries to crawl flat on her feet with both legs straight – but that doesn't work at all. She is not all over the house like I thought she'd be. In fact, to even get her to crawl we have to tempt her with something too wonderful to resist - usually our cell phones. I bought her a plastic "Little Mermaid" cell phone, but she can so tell the difference between that piece of junk and the real deal. She is pulling up constantly on everything and has even tried letting go to stand unassisted a few times. She has a ways to go in the balance department before she'll be taking off on her own, but you can tell she really really wants to! Right now when we hold her hands to walk she does this really high step like she's in a marching band. Her new favorite stuffed animal is Mickey Mouse (I think this is just because he has an awesome long nose that is just perfect to bite). She's very in to books right now. Loves looking at and chewing on them. She especially loves "real" books like the Bible Teach Book. Really awesome chewing. I know that sounds like sacrilege to let her chew away on the Bible Teach book, but she really doesn't hurt it at all and it makes her soooo happy. Her all-time favorite book is the Sesame Street Abby's Nursery Rhyme book. Sugar reads it to her like a hundred times a week. Her favorite toy right now is her train. Juanita Peeler gave this little old train that had been through her grandkids to Sugar. Sugar cleaned it up pushes her all over the house in it. It toots as she rides. She just flies through the house as fast as Sugar can run her and we (Dad, Sissy, me, whoever is available and willing) pop out at her around corners and yell "Peek-a-boo!" She always jumps (like It hasn't happened a million times before if not 5 seconds ago) and then smiles from ear to ear. She's hilarious on her train because she sits up very straight and tall, holds on to both handles like she's driving the thing and looks super serious (until she's smiling from being "Peek-a-booed." But, regardless of the super serious expression – she's having the time of her life. All you have to do is say "Train?" and those legs start a kickin'. Her favorite song is from My Fair Lady. It doesn't matter how upset she gets, her Daddy just has to start singing "On the Street Where you Live" and she really calms right down. Though John says she knows when the song is winding down and it only works once. So, it's a sure fire calmer, but it may only be effective for 2-3 minutes! And I love love love that she is still a big time cuddler. She will let us kiss on her FOREVER. Loves to be tickled, hugged, kissed, and snuggled. And even though she's crawling, standing, and all around moving and grooving she'd still rather be held, carried or carted around in her Baby B'jorn than anything else! Saturday, November 27, 2010

82: Circuit Assembly | Our Circuit Assembly was this past weekend. Abby's second. Last times she was 8 weeks old and just slept or ate the entire time. This assembly was a little tougher! The drive was a great improvement though. Didn't have to pull over once for her. She slept most of the way there and back. This assembly Abby was just so active and vocal. She talks nonstop. Adorable yes. To everyone at the assembly? Hope so! We spent alot of time walking her, sitting in the mothers room, sitting in the cafeteria. Shhh is not a word she understands just yet! Saturday was a exhausting, she was awake the entire day (she took her nap at lunch, so she could be all geared up for the afternoon session! I made the mistake of keeping her the entire day and not letting her Daddy or Sugar help. Saturday night I was wiped out and then she had a really rough night at the hotel and didn't sleep well at all. Sunday, I shared her with Pops, Sugar and her Daddy, plus she slept through half of the afternoon session - so it was much better! Overall, she did great. She's just such a happy baby with so much on her mind she wants to share with everyone! Sunday, December 5, 2010

83: Spatula & A Tooth | Abby finally has her first tooth just barely poking through! She will not allow me to look at it, much less take a picture. But, it's definitely there! And I had to take Abby's picture with her new favorite toy. A really fancy expensive toy with all the bells and whistles....a .99 cent black plastic spatula. She adores it. She even took it to meeting Tuesday night! Thursday, December 9, 2010

84: Our Sweet Girl | 9 months old

86: Abby weighs almost 20 pounds. She wears size 9 month and size 12 month clothes. Size 3 shoes. Size 3 diapers. She can say Momma, Dada, hi, ball (and Sugar says she said Amen once....but, I haven't seen it!) She is very selective about when she says her words. She says Dadadadadada alot. Momma only if she's really upset or mad. Hi was just once. Her Dad brought her into the playroom a couple weeks ago and she looked at me threw her hand up in a wave and said "Hi." We are yet to hear it again! She has two little teeth. She is crawling all over the place so fast. She is cruising on everything. She's gotten a little shy with strangers now and clings to who she knows! She's a big time momma's girl (which I LOVE!). She's still not a great sleeper. There's no rhyme or reason to what makes for a good night or a bad night, but I think teething is not helping us much in that department. She's not a big eater. But, she does like cherrios, waffles, any kind of bread, and pasta. She's just like her momma...loves the carbs! Often times she'll turn her little nose up at a spoonful of food before she every tries it! She's still a big time cuddler and very affectionate. She gives kisses by putting her mouth on my nose! Her favorite songs are "5 Little Monkeys" (start singing and she starts jumpin'!) and "This is the way the lady rides..." When we get to the last part, we'll stop and say "Abby, how does the farmer ride?" and after some coaxing she'll smile and start scootin' her body to get to the Hipidi Ho part which she loves. She also loves "Patty Cake" and gets very excited as she claps along. Monday, December 27, 2010 | 10 Months Old!

87: Hello? | Abby's new favorite word is "Hello." She doesn't pronounce the H, so it sounds like "ello." (very British). This is probably her new favorite word because it's her telephone word. She is obsessed with the telephone. She loves cell phones, home phones, all phones. She'll put her ear to the receiver and say "ello." Ridiculously adorable. I bought her a toy cell phone a while back and she just wasn't into it. I think she knew it was just a toy. So, when I upgraded my cell phone recently I gave her the old one. If she pushes enough buttons she'll end up "calling" someone and an automated voice comes on the line saying the phone does not have service. She thinks she's actually called someone and she just squeals in delight. It's a big deal. She's also taken to pretending other things are phones. This morning my hairbrush was a phone and she was just jabbering away into it, then 5 minutes later the hand towel was a phone. Crazy cute.

88: Fishy Face | Learning to climb | "Where does Jehovah live?"

89: Abby has been such a busy busy girl lately! It seems like she is constantly doing something new. Here's a few... She's learning how to climb off the couch the correct way. Sugar has been teaching her. What a novel idea. I never thought of teaching her how to climb. But, it makes sense. She still dives off head first sometimes. Luckily, we've always been quick enough to catch her! She's gotten to this stage where she LOVES other children. Sunday we visited Sign and she chased Levi round and round. So happy. That evening, we were at the Wise's and she was enthralled with Jiselle. Last night, Mom & Dad had meeting in the opposite auditorium. Mom took Abby to sit with them and when she saw Sofie she gasped (as she does when she's super excited) and dove for her. Mom had to pull her back and she was inconsolable! Her "happy word" is Momma. She says it whenever she's really happy about something. She'll say in the sweetest softest voice "maaamaaa." I melt. This week she started doing "fishy face." So adorable. My cheeks throbe from doing fishy face so much to get her to do it again and again and again. It's CRAZY CUTE! We've started teaching animal noises. Cow says "Moo." Dog says "Woof Woof"... Yesterday, when I would say "What does the cow say?...Moo." She'd repeat back soooooo quietly "moooo". And last but NOT least, every night at dinner before prayer we ask Abby "Where does Jehovah live?" and we point up and say "heaven." Well, tonight to our surprise she threw both arms up and pointed up just as high as she could!!! She's gotten to this age where she is doing something new all the time. It's so hard to keep up and record it all. I feel like I'm busy chasing her or carrying her around constantly. It's 11:00pm now and I think I'm getting sick. I'm achy and have a yucky sore throat and I know when her beautiful blue eyes pop open bright and early tomorrow morning and she beckons me to wake up I'll wish I had gotten to bed a little earlier, but I am trying so hard to record everything because she is changing so so fast and I don't want to forget a thing! I know once she's no longer a baby I will look back at these memories and pictures and just cherish them and I know years to come I won't look back and miss those lost hours of sleep! Saturday, January 22, 2011 | Busy Girl!

90: I can't believe our little girl is already 11 months old! She has so much personality and is a ton of fun. Here's what she's up to... Weighs around 20 lbs. Wears size 9 months & 12 months, size 3 shoes & size 3 diapers. She has 3 teeth! 2 on the bottom and 1 just barely starting to poke through on the top. She's not a big big eater, but she is doing a lot better about eating consistently without turning her nose up at the first bite. She's eating a mix of table food & baby food. Her favorite table foods are pasta, enchiladas, tortillas, pizza, lo mein, waffles, bananas and she's a big fan of mushrooms. In baby food she loves apple oatmeal, apple vanilla mixed grain, sweet potatoes, carrots, corn and squash. She is crawling everywhere and is soooo fast. She can stand up by herself off of a little stool at Sugar's house and though I think it makes her very proud it's also a bit scary. She immediately reaches for something or someone to hold on to! She does not like to fall! She is still not a great sleeper. It's really a toss up whether we'll have a "good night" or not. I'm hoping once she's weaned she'll start sleeping better consistently. Her vocabulary includes: Momma, Dada, Hello, Hi, Moo, Woof Woof, and Ni-Ni (night night) She waves hi and bye bye. She loves to clap. When we ask her where does Jehovah live, she points up with both hands then immediately starts clapping! Her favorite songs are Patty Cake, 5 Little Monkeys, This is the Way the Lady Rides, and Trot to Boston. We always get a great big smile out of all of those. Her Daddy has been watching Beauty & the Beast with her. When the opening scene comes on to the "Be Our Guest" song, Abby get's soooo excited. She LOVES it. He's trying to teach her to say "Bravo" at the end (which will be adorable!). She loves bath time. In fact, the other day we were in the bathroom and she crawled over to the tub and started pulling on her shirt and grunted at me. She wanted me to undress her & put her in! She is a girl of many expressions. One of my favorites is when she's mad. She scrunches her eyebrows down and puckers out her lips just as far as she possibly can. It's adorable. She is very shy with people she doesn't know. She loves Momma & Daddy, Sugar, Pops & Sissy. But, everyone else can forget about getting her to let them hold her. It's not going to happen. She ducks her little head down coyly and holds on tight! She keeps us laughing all the time. She's so sweet and affectionate. She gives kisses by putting her mouth over our nose! She's a very very happy baby - almost always in a good mood. She's an easy smile and still a big cuddler! I'm hoping her love of cuddling will never change because I just LOVE IT! She's such a sweetheart. I don't think it is possible for her to be any more precious! January 27, 2011 | 11 Months Old!

92: Last February, a few days before Abby was born it snowed and I took my last pictures pregnant. Here we are one year later! Friday, February 4, 2011 | One Year Later

93: First Step! | Abby took her first little step today. She was standing up at the coffee table in Sugar's living room and she let go and took a step toward me. We (Sugar, Sissy & me) burst into applause coupled with cheers and squeals. Abby thought all that excitement just for her was fantastic. She grinned from ear to ear and joined in applauding herself. Since she was clapping without holding on we burst into round two of applause...which caused her to squeal and applaud herself again (she even threw her arms up in the air!) we cheered again...this cycle went on her a while. It was really adorable! She ended up taking one step several times today. Usually, from the seated position on a little stool. She stands up then takes one step (sometimes with just one foot and sometimes she's able to step with the other foot to bring them together). I'm excited about her taking her first step because it's such a big milestone. It means she's on track and doing great. On the other hand, it makes me a little sad. My sweet baby is getting so big. Sissy said something I thought was pretty insightful a few weeks ago. She said don't be in a hurry for her to walk. She'll walk for the rest of her life. This is the only time she'll crawl and it's adorable. It's so true! Crawling is such a baby thing to do. It's so so sweet and precious. Those wobbly steps will be crazy adorable too. But, it means the crawling phase is coming to a close. It means my baby is slowly transitioning into a toddler. So, I will treasure these precious crawling weeks we have left. I will pull out the camcorder and document their preciousness...and, of course, cheer her on as she takes these first wobbly steps! Thursday, February 24, 2011

95: One Year Old! | Our sweet girl is one year old! She weighs 21.5 pounds (50th percentile) and is 30.5 inches long (90th percentile). Early on Abby's doctor said she'd probably end up around 5'2 or 5'3 based on her curve. Well, she catapulted off her curve and she just might end up being a tall girl! She wears size 12 month clothes and she's between size 3 and 4 in shoes, She has six teeth! Two on bottom and 4 on top. She is crawling everywhere and is so fast. She can stand on her own and can take a step unassisted. She has started climbing and can climb to the top of Sugar's staircase like it's nothing! She uses her potty every morning & gets so excited when we cheer for her after she goes potty. She's saying lots of words - momma, dadda, sissy, puppy, no no, hello, hi, light, go, bye, ni-ni (night night)...I'm sure I'm missing a few! She babbles and chatters constantly! Her favorite book is a Sesame Street book called "Guess Who, Abby?" and when you ask her she can point to the butterfly, bunny, puppy, cookie monster...such a smart girl! She loves books! She knows her eyes, nose and mouth and will point to them on request. Whenever she has a cup or spoon in her hand she likes to pretend to feed us or give us a drink. She loves her baby dolls. She'll just hold her baby and give it kisses or pat it's back. Such a sweet momma (until she starts poking her baby in the eyes or throws it on the floor!) She loves watching Beauty and the Beast or her Disney Sing-a-Long videos. Her favorite is the opening song in Beauty and the Beast. When all the villagers swing open their doors and windows and say "Bonjour!...Bonjour..." she gets soooo excited! She's still a big time mommas girl. Wants me to hold her and carry her around all the time. She's a wonderfully sweet and affectionate baby. So loves being cuddled, kissed and loved on. She is a ton of fun and I couldn't imagine a sweeter little 1 year old! Sunday, February 27, 2011

96: Abby | Grace | 1 year old

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