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S: 60 Lovable, Laughable Years of Gail

FC: 60 | Lovable, Laughable Years of Gail

1: “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.” | “When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses” | To Gail, from your family and friends for all the love and laughter you spread amongst all of us each and every day.

2: Gail, Can you believe it? Sixty years old already, but to me you're still the beautiful blonde "Catholic schoolgirl" I met 44 years ago. I couldn't have asked for a better life than I have with you and I look forward to many more years of blissful happiness together. I will always love you and cherish all the good times that we've had and still enjoy. STAY FOREVER YOUNG MY LOVE INFINITELY Bill

3: Dear Mama Panda a.k.a. Buddy, Happy Birthday to the best Mom in the whole world! Throughout your years, you have unselfishly and without judgment shared your wisdom and love with everyone who has passed through your life. I hope that as I age and grow older, I can take what you have taught me and what you have taught the world and make an impact on someone like you have made on me. Thank you for being you. I am so proud that you are my mother and my best friend. I love you so much. Party on and stay forever young! Love, Laurie Panda a.k.a. Fluffy

4: Mom upside down spells WOW, which is exactly the best word to describe you! You are the most thoughtful, caring, optimistic, energetic lady in the world. My life has been filled with such wise wisdom and advice from you. You have taught me to be a kind, good person and I will always try my best to live by those standards. We have had so many wonderful times together. I am extremely grateful for all of those laughs, trips, shopping adventures (buying and returning, buying and returning!) or times when we were just hanging out. Happy 60th Mom!! WOW you really are the best Mom in the whole wide world. I love you so much! Love Always, Lindz

5: Gail, In having had the privilege of getting to know Lindsey over the past several years I have also had the pleasure of getting to know you, as well. You are always the life of the party and always looking at the bright side of things. I don’t believe there is a negative bone in your body. We have shared a lot of good times and I have a lot of fond memories, with many more to come. Happy Birthday Gail! I couldn’t have asked for a better mother in law. Love, Sam

6: Mom, Happy 60th birthday!!! Wow you are getting old. Just kidding!!! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love you. From the very first day I can remember, literally, it was all memories of how much I love you. I didn't even want to go to school without you, so you packed your heart in my lunch everyday and I went off to school. That is just one of the many memories I have that make me know what a great mom you are and how much you love me. It has been so much fun starting FMS with you! I know it will grow to be something great for the Miska/ Grossman families!! Thanks for all that you do for me, I love you sooo much!!! Love always, Your little peanut, Alison

7: Gail: You are my favorite mother-in-law in the world! Happy 60th Birthday! Since the first time I met you, you've always been nice, funny and kept me on my toes with your humor. I couldn't have asked for a better, more fun mother-in-law in the world. Happy 60th! Rex

8: Dear Gail, Where do I begin to tell you what a wonderful daughter you have been for 60 years. It's July 9, 1950 and I can still see the smile on Dad's face. "We have a girl and she looks just like me," he said. We have always kept that smile throughout the years. Growing up you were a good girl, you stayed out of trouble and you were a good student, never giving us reason to worry. Throughout the years you have been thoughtful, considerate, understanding and helpful. May the years ahead bring you good health and happiness. With Love, Mom and Dad, Too!

9: "Wooo, Make me a martini!" | "Oh, Billy!" | "Saint Gail"

10: Gail, I often think about how lucky I am to be part of such a great family and part of what makes the family so great is YOU! I really admire your ability to bring friends and family together and make everyone feel special. We are very close and I attribute that to your efforts to stay close even though we live far apart - I know that is how families should be... but I also know that is not how it always is. Kelsey, Taylor and Kristen say "Aunt Gail's house" is their favorite place to be. That is not because the house is so nice, or because you have a swimming pool, or a trampoline - that certainly doesn't hurt - but they love visiting because of how they feel when they are at your house. They feel welcome and loved (even when they spill candle wax on your new white leather chair)! They feel your energy and laughter and that translates to fun! We all have such a great time together and really value those moments. As the family has grown, you continue to bring everyone together to make our family even stronger and more fun. I still can't believe we showed up on Rex and Alison's doorstep with kids in tow to help them celebrate their first Christmas together and headed to Lindsey and Sam's to celebrate Thanksgiving.... and what a great time we all had. That is because you have instilled in your children | strong family values and have done such a great job of raising them that I have been able to point to them as role models for our girls many, many times. Thank you for all that you do!!!! You are really such an incredible person. We love you! Happy Birthday! Love, Jean

11: Gail: You are what I call the “automatic” sister. That's because whenever you are involved, I automatically know that wherever we are at, whatever we are doing and whomever is involved is going to be wrapped up in your oh-so-incredible love, laughter and zest for life that you bring to everyone of us each and every day. Even though the miles separate us, the love, genuine interest and excitement you show for even the most trivial details of our daily lives means that you are always on our minds, too, whether you realize it or not. That's why when something happens, the first thing that pops into our heads is “Wait till Gail hears this” or “You have to tell Aunt Gail about that” You are in are hearts each and every day. Why else would we put up with being put on hold at least once whenever we talk! I’m still not sure whether your energy is ginseng, green tea or martini-fueled (I have to add fish oil to the list now, too), but I wish I could bottle it and sell it. I’d be a millionaire and Bill wouldn’t have to play the lottery anymore. But even better is that infectious, lovable laugh that almost everyone in this book mentions about you. It always makes us feel happy and eager to hear your stories and share ours with you. Of course, a lot of people have sisters, but you are “my” sister - the one and only. You keep us all together and you do it in the best way possible, with tears - of laughter!! - rolling down our cheeks! So, when's our next game of “Catch Phrase?!!” I love you very much. Tom | "You da sistah!"

12: Dear Aunt Gail, Happy Birthday! You are the best aunt I will ever have. I love spending time with you and just talking to you over the phone. You always make me laugh and smile whenever I see you. I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time with you this year. Love always, Kristen :)

13: IN DA CLUB WITH AUNT GAIL We go to Aunt Gail's on holidays We love to laugh and play "Catch Phrase" She loves to make food for us, but ordering HoHo's is a must She always talks to her daughters on the phone asking "When, oh when will you come home?" She always buys the best of gifts even when left without a list Taylor loves cruising in her car, While Gail loves to mix drinks at the bar We always have fun. Compare? Others can't. Aunt Gail, of course, is our favorite aunt!! We Love You! Kelsey and Taylor

14: Gail, You are an amazing woman, mother, cousin, friend. We wish you a very Happy Birthday, keeping in mind that "60" is the new "40." May the next 35 years be as beautiful and rewarding as the others you've celebrated thus far. Always, Elmer & Buzzie G - gorgeous A - awesome I - irresistible L - loyal & loving Can ya tell that Buzz created all the above!? Happy b-day cuz!

15: The thing I most admire about you, Gail, is that you raised three girls who are now women I love to hang out with. I know you didn't do it alone, but you sure have had a starring role. Love, Lisa, Ruth, William, and John | Happy Birthday Gail! Laugh long and enjoy your beautiful family. Love, Linda, Stephan, Sabrina, and Owen

16: I totally love your laugh and appreciate that when we talk it always feels like we never missed a beat. Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! Gloria (and Patrick, too) | Playing 45s on Hathaway Lane | Cedar Point, Holiday Sands, Lake Plata | I loved being in your wedding! | Visiting Tampa with Patrick | Your NJ visit - I think I still owe you soup recipes... | A couple of years ago we surprised your mom when I visited | First jobs in Cleveland | How fun were the weddings?! | Without reservation you let me "borrow" your mom

18: ODE TO GAIL On my birthday, I love to laugh a yahoo Because it is what I love to do I am glad to be as old as I am Because 60 is better to be a cooked ham My Bill he adores me My sweet baby girls love me I actually can see myself in thee My two son-in-laws love to tell jokes at my party They love to be around me which makes them feel smarty I am a great getter of nurses I hope they don't cause the need for those hearsies My friends do support me cause they are gold Like my knees and my bra and what they hold I love to have a cosmo With my friends Dan and Mo I like to stay up late and party But only with my friends and family hearty Ask me to go somewhere fun I am ready, give me a minute to cover my bun I will help with whatever you need Asking for nothing in return from they stead I love my mother, Ethel She is a gas.... we can all give her a medal Whoa... The medal should go to GAIL We should all give up a big "ALL HAIL TO GAIL" | Dear Gail, You are one of the most delightful people we have ever known. Your kind, graceful nature is only enhanced by your great sense of humor. You have such a great outlook on life. Living life through your eyes would make the world a better place to live. Happy Birthday to you. Here is to many more!! Love, Dan and Mo

19: Gail, From the first time we met you have been nothing but wonderful to me. I am so happy for you and what a wonderful family you have. I wish our paths would cross more often, but it is comforting to know that you are an active and supportive part of Sam and Lindsey's life. I remember giving you the stone heart from Peru. A few years ago Linz mentioned that when you looked at it, it reminded you of me and made you smile. I hope that today and whenever you read this you are smiling from ear to ear. Happy Birthday Gail! Love, Claude | Hi Gail, You and I comprise the positive-thinking mother-in-laws club. How fortuitous to be in the same family! Love, Marianne

20: Wishing a good friend a happy 60th birthday. Hard to believe all these years have passed. So happy we remained friends through it all. Hope you enjoy going down memory lane as much as I did. Love, Joyce | "Mc So Co" Party/Marina | Musical Chairs - Wonder who won?? | Cruisin' with the Smiths and LaG's | Pregnant with Lindsey... | Gail, Although you guys have been living in Tampa longer than you were here, I still feel so close to you guys and remember all the fun times we had with you. I am glad to have spent time with you when I came down there. I hope you had a very happy 60th, and I am just a short half-step behind! Always remember me that day you saw me riding my bike!!! Love you both. Dennis

21: Family Friends Forever, Friendships come and go over the years, but ours has always remained solid, 35 years to be exact!!!! We have so many happy memories together along with a lot of laughs. Our friendship will only keep growing especially into our golden years!! Love you Gail and happy 60th! Tom and Sue

22: Gail: I am not one of few words, HOWEVER, I will honestly try... My friend Gail, my neighbor Gail, a soulmate perhaps?? Gail is someone I met 21 years ago as the woman who was married to "that man" who would mow the lot next door to our new home in Tampa. Our Great Dane, Tova, would wander into that lot every now and then and leave a reminder for the mower man. We never heard him complain, but we'll bet Gail did!! We're sure Gail just told him "Aw Bill, don't worry about it" because that was her philosophy. "Life it too short to worry about anything." If you ever needed consoling, Gail was always a few steps away and always willing to listen. The advice I give my own girls, I learned much of it from my friend, Gail. She was there for our celebrations as well as our tragedies, always with a helping hand. A quick flash of a wide smile and warm glance of those baby blues, and we were hooked on this newfound friend and neighbor right from the start. Although miles have separated us, we pick up always where we left off. We have shared a friendship that will continue as long as we do. You're one in a million, Gail, and we'll always love you! Noreen, Peter, Allie and Liza

23: My favorite thing about Gail is that she always has these “Special Birthdays” way before I have mine. Ha, Ha, only kidding. I'm right behind you! No really, Don’s and my favorite thing about Gail is her great sense of humor and infectious laugh. I can recall laughing with her late one night on the phone while we were both trying to get our girls’ science projects finished while they were out doing something else. And what about the time we gave you that bottle of Irish Cream that turned out to be empty! We recently visited Lido Beach and got to talking about meeting you and Bill for the first time. We recognized each other from MHR, but never met. So we ended up standing and talking in the water for an hour (or so it seemed). Being around Gail means you're going to have a fun time and we truly have enjoyed our times together. May we have many more in the future Love, Judy and Don Doran

24: Dear Gail, We have now known each other 25 years. It doesn't seem possible, especially for someone as young as me. We have seen our kids grow up and our hair grow gray (well, not really). We have survived sad times but we have been blessed with so many good times in our lives. Our years together at MHR have given us a bond that has brought us this far. | The fact that I taught all three of your daughters is very special to me. I want to personally thank you for all of your free parental advice willingly given, however unrealistic it may have been. I can still hear your laugh every time I made reference to what Sarah was not going to be able to do until she was 13 years old. You are one of a kind and I treasure our friendship and the strength the years have given it. Happy Birthday!! Love, Carrie and Joe | Gail: You have been one of my longest friends ever and I am grateful for that. I can always count on you for your upbeat look on life. You always have a smile on your face and you always have time to listen. We have had so many good times in the past and I only look forward to more in the future. Love you Gail and have many more happy and healthy birthdays in the future! Peg and Jim Minici

25: Gail Miska – the Woman, the Myth, the Legend! Karen and I are so blessed to have you as a friend these past 21 years. We were always so impressed with the way you ran the office at Redeemer – acting as a referee, mother, nurse, CFO, COO and confidant for crying kids, nervous parents, bitchy teachers and Fred while never losing your cool and sunny disposition. What makes you even more incredible is you can party all night long! You keep all | of us young by making us feel guilty if we leave a party before all the booze is gone or the sun has come up. Our gift to you is a new version of Catch Phrase for you to study, so you might win a game once in a while... Ha! Sincerely, we hope you have a great birthday and wish you health, happiness and prosperity for the next 60 years! Paul and Karen Malinowski | Gail, You mean the world to Harold and me. When we first spoke on the phone in 1985, you so kindly asked that I supply SOFT drinks - well that was then and this is now - hard liquor and hard partying! | Your words of wisdom - "sleeping is for the dead" - shows your great enthusiasm and love of life!! We love you Gail, Your drinking buddy and the hubby, Michelle and Harold

26: Dear Gail, I hope you have the best birthday ever!!! You are such a warm and giving person to your family and friends and you deserve it! I have known you for most of my life and have so many wonderful memories of the time spent with you and your girls - you always planned and did the funnest things... As our Brownie leader, making wax ice cream float candles, bear pancakes for breakfast, camping at Disney's Fort Wilderness, going horseback riding, and even us mooing at cows out the Aerostar windows! I am so glad that after all these years, I can still come over to the Miska house and have fun with you and your family. I love what a fun-loving, happy person you are and it is always a joy to spend time with you! Again, best birthday wishes and many blessings throughout the years! Love, Heather & Family

27: Gail... I Celebrate You On your birthday, I celebrate you! On your special day, I’m thinking of all the wonderful things you are that bring so much joy to others, including me! I celebrate your unconquerable spirit, that lets you meet every challenge with confidence, enthusiasm and persistence. I admire your sensitivity. You see needs that cry out to be met that no one else sees, and you meet them, out of your deep and caring heart, out of your wisdom, out of your strength. | I treasure your uniqueness; There is no one else like you, and I feel blessed to know such an extraordinary person. I appreciate you, respect you, cherish you, look up to you. Happy, happy 60th birthday! May each new birthday be the best one ever for you. You deserve it! Love, Jen

28: "Hold on a minute, I've got another call."

29: "Put it in a bubble and blow it away!"

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