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S: "Who Am I" 2010-2011

FC: Shelby

1: Who Am I

2: Life Timeline | February 18, 1996 - I was born | March 17, 1998 - My sister was born | Late May 2010 - MVP Volleyball | February 2009 - My first talent show | May 10, 2011 - Outerbanks | Spring Break 2010 - New York | Spring Break 2004 - Disney World | August 25, 2001 - First day of school (Collettsville) | January 2009 - SAT's | August 10, 2010 - First day at CECHS

3: “The other day when I was walking through the woods, I saw a rabbit standing in front of a candle making shadows of people on a tree.”

4: Cool Stuff | Shelby Rae Moore 2-18-96 People Born On My Birthday: *John Travolta - Actor *Maiara Walsh - Actress *Johnny Hart - Cartoonists *Regina Spektor - Singer/Songwriter Most Popular Songs: *Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men - One Sweet Day *Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me *The Tony Rich Project - Nobody Knows *Mariah Carey - Always Be My Baby Top TV Shows: *The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air *Murder, She Wrote *Picket Fences *Sisters Top New Toys: *Buzz Lightyear *tickle Me Elmo *Jenga *Hollie Hobbie

5: don't criticize what you can't understand. | - Bob Dylan

6: As usual, there is a great woman behind every idiot. -John Lennon

7: New Books Released: *The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks *Falling Up by Shel Silverstein *The Regulators by Stephen King, Richard Bachman *Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding Academy Award Winners: *Picture: "THE ENGLISH PATIENT" *Actor: GEOFFREY RUSH in "Shine" *Actress:FRANCES MCDORMAND in "Fargo" Prices From 1996: *Stamp - $0.32 *House - $166,400 *Car - $18,563 *Gas - $0.78 to $1.60 *Bread - $1.99 *Milk - $2.56 US President: *Bill Clinton US Vice President: *Al Gore | Cool Stuff

9: My worst fear for the future is that our country will fall deeper into this recession. | I just hope I'm happy in the future. | My greatest hope for the future is that we'll stop global warming. | I hope the love of music goes on forever. | I predict there will be a cure for cancer in the future. | A problem we have now that we'll have 75 years from now is our battle battle for peace. | One problem we have now that will be solved is ...? | By 2050 we will have discovered a way to time travel. | An invention that will be created in 50 years is flying cars. | Time Capsule

10: It's more than loving fried chicken, sweet tea, football, and country music. It's being hospitable, devoted to front porches, magnolias, moon pies and coca-cola. and each other. | By contrast with the Yankee, the Southerner never uses one word when ten or twenty will do.

11: 5 Relics | My bunny (Rosie): I got it from my Mamaw, she brought it to the hospital when I was born. A soap rock: My dad gave it to me when I was little, I don't know why I liked it though I just did. :) My name: I don't know if you can really call it a relic but I was named after my grandfather. He served as sheriff for years and died when my dad was fourteen. Sapphire ring: It was my Great Grandmother's, I never knew her, she died when I was really little, my Mamaw gave it to me.

12: Current Mood: Crazy – Talk at your own risk.

13: Greatest Accomplishments | I participated in a singing competition called Mainstreet Idol. I sang two songs: "I've Got That Old Feeling" by Alison Krauss and "Give It Up Or Let Me Go" by Bonnie Raitt. I didn't win, but I made into the last round. It was fun and a good experience. Maybe one day I'll try out for American Idol. :)

14: There's more takers than givers in this world. - Margie Palmer

15: Dear Sime, Well my English teacher, Ms. (Whitney) Sims, I think you know her, gave us an assignment to write a thank you letter to two of our idols, so this one’s to you. To start off, you’re probably the coolest and craziest person I’ve ever meet!! When you came to Collettsville, I’ll be honest I didn’t think I was going to like having you as coach, but I was definitely wrong. I mean I’d always had really strict coaches so when you came it was really different. But we all still miss your outgoing and funny personality. You and Greer made the perfect pair in softball, even though we hardly ever won any games it was still fun (don’t tell her, but I think you softened her up). Haha!! But last year was awful, and don’t get me wrong I love Ms. Swanson, but I think soccer and volleyball is more her thing. Our practices were so easy and we skipped around a lot too. Like if we were working on fielding we’d almost have it down and then we’d switch to hitting or base running or something. It was still an alright season, but I don’t think anybody was really giving their best. Have you heard about West’s volleyball team this year? Well, we stink!! It’s awful and I’m not saying I’m any expert on volleyball or anything, but there are all kinds of stuff wrong with this team. We don’t communicate, no one listens, and we don’t even look like a team.

16: Which I can see why, nobody can even get along, and maybe I’m wrong, but I think a big part of that has to do with this “inner coaching” thing. Like, when you make a mistake, your team mates will turn around and give you this look and they try and tell you what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it, which is fine but they say it in a way that’s kind of like a know-it-all. Plus a lot of the times they are giving the wrong advice and messing you up even worse. But on the bright side I’m finally a setter. We had two sophomores that were setting but one quit, which has also been happening a lot lately, and the coach was looking for a new setter so thank goodness because I was getting a little tired Coach Hatley trying to use me as a hitter!!! I just wish we could start winning some games though; I’m so sick and tired of losing I just about want to cheer for the other team! Haha! I know you’re teaching trio now, but tell them you want to coach volleyball, we could really use your help and besides I think that’s why everybody liked you so much, because you weren’t just a coach you were a friend. What can I say Sime, your awesome, and really, is there any sport you can’t play! Haha! “Bump, Set, Spike!” Luvya! Your student or former student I guess , -Shelby Moore | Thank You Letter

17: Does it seem like I'm looking for an answer To a question I can't ask? I don't know which way the feather falls If I should blow it to the left | Nightingale, sing us a song Of a love that once belonged Nightingale, tell me your tale Was your journey far too long? | Norah Jones

18: Don't waste your heart on a wild thing She's got a soul that won't settle on one thing This bird can't sing when you've tied its wings So don't waste your heart on me

19: Living Links: Reggie Harris “I love all kinds of music. When I’m listening to the radio and I hear a new song, even if I don’t like it and I’m thinking about changing it I try to listen to it at least five seconds more.” Music is important and so often people of our generation disregard all music except for the popular genre or what makes others think they’re cool. Admitting he’s not totally up to date with our music today, Reggie still shows the importance of music in his daily life through his vast array of genres and musical career. “All music is good music it just depends on what you like”, but great music requires a devoted heart. Growing up in the 70’s, life was simple. My cousin, Reggie Harris, born April 5th, 1968, was raised in a little brick house in a middle class Caldwell County neighborhood. “Same kinds of people, same kinds of kids” he says, and there always seemed to be a lot of them around growing up. He mostly played by his self though until he was big enough to cross the road. Reggie and his friends usually played games like army down by the creek or in the woods. When I asked him what his best memory was, he said he couldn’t choose just one, so we skipped that

20: Would you walk to the edge of the ocean Just to fill my jar with sand Just in case I get the notion To let it run through my hands | Well, I don't want the whole world The sun and moon and all their light I just want to be the only girl You love all your life | - The Band Perry All Your Life"

21: question and came back to it later. He finally decided on one Christmas when he woke up and found an Evil Keneval toy motorcycle under the tree. But in all, Reggie was just a normal kid. He “ went to school, came home, had supper, went to bed, did it all over again.” Reggie is the second youngest of four children: older brother, Mark; older sister, Debbie; and younger brother, Ryan. He’s also the son of Charles and Joyce Harris and describes them as “just common working people raisin’ a family.” They taught him on of the most important lessons he ever learned, to look someone straight in the eye when your talking to them. Although, I was too young at the time to remember, my great uncle, Charles, I’ve always heard people say what a great man he was. Charles worked most of his life in a furniture factory and was a very talented singer and a musician none the less. He died in 2002 of cancer. Part Reggie’s worst memory, losing loved ones. His mother, Joyce, is one of the sweetest and friendliest women I know and she always knows how to make you feel welcome and at home. It runs in the family. She’s always been a hair stylist as far back as anyone can remember and surprisingly, Joyce was actually a Harris before she was married, but it’s not what you think. Her family was from Sawmills and the Harris family that Charles and my Grandmother were part of was from Wilkesboro. Reggie came from a very close knit and loving family though and although he describes it as simple and normal, the way I see it his life was all but normal with all the famous musicians and such. You could definitely say he got it honest. He learned to play guitar at an early age. For the most part, he taught his self but he always had help when he needed it,you could say he learned from the best. Reggie usually just sat around and played with his dad and uncle (my grandpa) Cecil Palmer, also a well known guitar player. As Reggie got better, they began bringing him along when they went to pick or just

22: jam a little. Even his older cousins and brother, would take him out places too. Also Reggie played with other great musicians like: Patrick Crouch, etc. When he went to high school he found a group of people his own age who shared his interest in music, they played together for a long time, but not as a band they just played for fun. Reggie played in the South Caldwell band for a little while but later quit. He loved music, but the marching really wasn’t his thing. He enjoyed art classes though, which wasn’t a surprise. Not only is his family very talented music wise, but they’re very artistic. Some of his hobbies are things like wood carving, drawing, and painting. He also stated that if he hadn’t pursued a music career, he’d probably be doing something that involved art In twelfth grade a group of older guys asked Reggie to fill in for their lead guitarist because he couldn’t make the gig. They were a rock band that pretty much played songs straight off the record, meaning they tried to make them sound exactly like the originals. Of course that didn’t leave much room to play around with the music, but he still caught everyone’s attention. They loved him so much that the band eventually kind of adopted him in, and he started playing full time. Traveling with them to different bars and night clubs, even though he was underage. Now, it might sound like everything was going great, but Reggie was having a hard time transitioning from high school into the real world. He hadn’t made plans to go to college, and he still didn’t know how he was going to make a living. This tends to be a problem for other teens too, “You’ve been going to school for twelve years, since you were a little, small kid and you fall under that routine of doing something day in and day out. Then all of a sudden you’re realizing you’re going to graduate hopefully and you’ve got to carry on with your life.” The only thing Reggie really wanted to do was play music, he just didn’t know how he was going to pull it off.

24: He went to work at a furniture factory for a while but decided later to go to the college. “I thought, well (I) can’t take too much of this. Not that they were doing anything wrong, it was just not what I wanted to do.” Reggie had music on his mind, so he had to figure out how to make his own way. It wasn’t necessarily one of the hardest things he ever had to do, but he had to stick to it. He’s taught some music classes at the community college and done various little jobs on the side but they all focus around the one thing he was always interested in; music. He makes his money now days from gigs and giving guitar lessons during the day. The band Reggie is in is called “The Harris Brothers”, and also includes his younger brother Ryan Harris, they are known up and down the south eastern coast, but exclusively around the Blue Ridge Mountain Chain. You can find a little bit of blues in all of their music but they generally play what’s called “roots music”. Ryan plays bass and usually sings lead vocals. Reggie plays lead guitar most of the time but, since he plays every instrument you can think of, he will occasionally bring out a mandolin, banjo, fiddle, or some other six string. One thing Reggie really hates about the way music has changed over the years is the fact that with the technology we have now, people can make their selves sound however they want to. You don’t have to a good voice at all anymore; you just give a guy a little auto tuning and everybody loves him. Not that there is anything wrong with auto tune, but people tend to rely on it way too much. Now when you listen to someone in concert, most of the time, they sound nothing like their record. Reggie admits that he not totally up to date with our generation’s popular music, but there is something he wishes we could see the beauty of and that’s the raw, bare, and stripped kind of music that’s packed full of real emotion and timelessness. He recommends this song by Hank Williams:

25: "She with the most shoes wins."

26: I’ve got a feeling called the blues, Since my baby said goodbye And I don't know what I'll do, All I do is sit and sigh. That last long day she said goodbye Well Lord I thought I would cry She'll do me, she'll do you, she's got that kind of loving Lord, I love to hear her when she calls me Sweet daddy, such a beautiful dream I hate to think it all over I've lost my heart it seems I've grown so used to you somehow Well, I'm nobody's sugar daddy now And I'm lonesome I got the Lovesick Blues. Well, I'm in love, I'm in love, with a beautiful gal That's what's the matter with me Well, I'm in love, I'm in love, with a beautiful gal But she don't care about me

27: Lawd, I tried and I tried, to keep her satisfied But she just wouldn't stay So now that she is lea-eav-in' This is all I can say. I got a feelin' called the blu-ues, oh, Lawd Since my baby said goodbye And I don't know what I'll do-oo-oo All I do is sit and sigh-igh, oh, Lawd That last long day she said goodbye Well Lawd I thought I would cry She'll do me, she'll do you, she's got that kind of lovin' Lawd, I love to hear her when she calls me Sweet dad-ad-ad-dy, such a beautiful dream I hate to think it all o-o-ver I've lost my heart it seems I've grown so used to you some how Well, I'm nobody's sugar daddy now And I'm lo-on-lonesome I got the Lovesick Blu-ues.

29: When I choose Reggie to interview I was really just wanting to make a point to others to try other types of music. It bothers me how so many people exclude there selves from any other type. I wish people would try other genres and appreciate them for what they are, and I knew that’s the way Reggie felt on the topic too. But as I got further into this paper I realized there was an even bigger lesson to be taught. Reggie Harris is a great example of a hard worker. So if you have a dream, chase it and never stop. Don’t settle for something just because it seems like the easiest or most logical thing to do. Make things happen. I hope this inspired you as much as it did me and I hope you try to apply this to your own life. | Work Cited Harris, Reggie. Personal Interview. 9 March 2011.

30: Genogram | Kim Moore | Barry Moore | Lauren Moore | Shelby Moore | 1960 | 1957 | 1996 | 1998

31: Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.

32: Explore Name | Shelby: willow farm Moore: area of uncultivated land | Place of Origin -Ireland -England | Immigration Year -(1851-1853) -(1873) | Life Expectancy - 73 years old | Occupation -Farmers | Civil War Service -Confederate: 8902 -Union: 11056 -Combined: 19958

33: History starts now...

34: -We have a lot of family traditions, but my favorite is when we all get together around the fourth of July and cookout at my Grandma's house, we usually camp too depending on the weather. I'm not sure how it was started but we do it every year. Theres not really a purpose we just like getting together every once in awhile. the only way it could be improved is if it was nice and warm every time. | There's a whole lot of singing that's never gonna be heard, disappearing everyday without so much as a word.

35: Family Tradition

36: Family Recipe | Cream Cheese Roll-ups | I could live off of these things, they are soooo good. My mom taught me how to make them. She always says i get them too spicey, but that's how i like them. I believe that when you eat them, by your fifth bite you should be right on the verge of tears, that's when you know they're just right | Ingredients: | -2 packs of large tortilla shells -4 blocks of cream cheese (heated) -4 tbsp of ranch -24 whole black olives (chopped before added) -4 tbsp of chopped pimentos -2 tbsp of jalapeños | Directions | -heat the cream cheese until your able to mix -mix in the ranch, olives, pimentos, jalapeños -spread on tortilla shells and roll

37: I stare through a window with only one side

38: 3 Tech Favs | 1. Laptop- well I just got my laptop a couple of weeks ago but I love it the most, because it can be like a cell phone, an iPod, and a TV at the same time. 2.iPod- I love my IPod I take it everywhere with me. I’m not really one who uses a lot of apps but I’ve got to have my music. 3.Cell Phone- That’s new too but now that I’ve gotten it, its definitely one of my favorites.

39: Love to faults is always blind, always is to joy inclined. Lawless, winged, and unconfined, and breaks all chains from every mind. -William Shakespeare

40: iPod First Generation | iPod Photo | iPod Mini First Generation | iPod Nano First Generation | iPod Mini Second Generation | iPod Touch First Generation | Tech. Timeline | October 23, 2001 | October 26, 2004 | January 6, 2004 | September 7, 2005 | September 5, 2007 | January 11, 2005

41: “History doesn't repeat itself - at best it sometimes rhymes” Mark Twain

42: 50 I Cans | play softball play baseball play volleyball play basketball play soccer write poetry play flute play piccolo do mental math well play things by ear ride bikes make himp bracelets cross my eyes drive a car balance well make Shirley Temples play piano play trumpet solve problems well play guitar hero play singstar play rockband play Egyptian-rat-slap | draw sing swim hike paint design cook bake harmonize decorate shop sleep fix flutes be creative be crafty be imaginative be realistic | organize focus well wear braces be a perfectionist remember lyrics well play rook go 2 the CECHS do a handstand count 2 ten in Spanish perform in front of audiences

43: Never eat in an ethnic restaurant in which no people of that ethnicity are eating.

44: 50 F A V S | BFF:RachelO'Connor | Eric Church | ScoobyDoo | NYC | vanillacoke | GoldenGirls | Nashville | beach | squares | lobster | museums | RyanRenolds | mintchocolatechip | four | baseball | pasta | art | trees | ShelbyLynne | fooseball | BFF:FaithMalec | math | coloring | softball | St.PatricksDay | DrewBarryMoore | sing | horoscope | greens | big-red | GLEE | acousticguitar | blackberries | aquarius | vintage | unique | drawing | HardyBoys | photography | uno | clue | gingersnaps | LeapYear | v-ball | b-ball | moomalt | emeralds | crablegs | raspberries

45: If love isn’t a game, then why are there so many players ?

46: Metaphor | - I am at my best as a softball player when shortstop is just a position in a game where size doesn't matter

47: "You forget about it whether it was 15-2 or 3-2. It's still a loss. It doesn't matter what the score was if we win tomorrow." -Derek Jeter

48: I am Shelby I often wonder if others think like me I wish I could hear their thoughts I always see the smallest details in life And try to love others for their flaws I am Shelby I pretend things are better than they seem I believe it will make me happier I will never quit once I've started I'll cry, but suck it up and work harder I am Shelby I believe that rules are meant to be broken You can't be creative with a boundary I have a dream of one day becoming a singer But seeing so many others fail, worries me I am Shelby | Bio-Poem

50: My Favorite Place | - My Mamaw's house (basement) -because it's where my family gets together to sing and pick and holds a lot of memories.

51: “Once you can accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy." -Albert Einstein

52: Personality Shapes | -talkative -highly influenced by others -hates to say no -loves teams | - leaders -competitive -gets to the bottom line -loves to argue | -hard worker -very detail oriented -makes lists -tends to procrastinate for details | -creative -act without thinking -thrive on change -center of attention | Shelby Moore | Chrissy Murphy | Rachel O'Conner | Travis Parrish | Charles Martin | Margaret Ann Luman | Clark Ogles | John Andrew | Alora Noris | Nick Landers | Nathan Peirce | Summer Martin | Simmone Maheux | Chris Owen | Faith Malec | Katelynn Laws | Trey Lunsford | Holly Miller | Brooke Peterkin | Jilyan Nelson | Erin McCall

54: My Self Image Ven-Diagram | -Sporty -Overthinker -Good Listener

55: pretty and nice | open minded | cute clothes | country | cute face | one of the few people that can pull off socks and flip-flops

56: Carbon Footprint

57: I could start using a reusable water bottle instead of plastic disposable water bottles. It reduces the amount of debree in our landfills.

58: I walked up the wall, closed the stairs, said my Pajamas and put on my Prays turned on the bed and hopped into the light all because you kissed me goodnight..

59: Reading Interests Inventory | -I love detective stories and mysteries -non-fictionshort stories -magazinessee the movie first -Fav. TV show: Castle / Movie: Leap Year -Fav. actor Ryan Reynolds -I like to play sports when I'm not at school and I can't miss my fav. TV shows (Castle,NCIS,NCIS:LA,Bones,The Mentalist)

60: The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.

61: My Interests, Hobbies, and Collections | Collections -Beads -Craft Stuff -Batting Cloves | Hobbies -Softball -Volleyball -Singing | Interests -Singing -Softball -Hiking | Things I Like to Explore -The Great Outdoors -Different Types of Music -Fashion Styles | Things I Like to Watch -Castle -Bones -The Golden Girls

62: “You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” | - Winnie the Pooh

63: Musical To think in sounds, rhythms, melodies, and rhymes | Logical To think of cause and effect and to understand relationships among actions, objects, or ideas | Spatial To think in pictures and to perceive the visual world accurately | Multiple Intelligences.

64: You can’t be late until you show up.

65: My Wildest Dream | My wildest dream is to work as a detective on the the NYPD. I love the show Castle and I guess that's why its my dream. I also love solving mysteries. I don't really know when I might accomplish my dream or if I will at all. I would have to get used to firing a gun which I hate, but I still don't know if I could be away from my family for that long. I don't have any plans to over come these obstacles, I just want to wait and see if everything works itself out.

66: The two most common elements in the world are hydrogen and stupidity. | Don't drown the man who taught you to swim.

67: Letter to Myself Right Now | Dear Me, Well I guess I'm fairly proud of myself, I do feel like I'm trying to live my life like the kind of person I want to be. My sports are my entire free time and singing is my life. I try to do my best in everything and competition is my probably my most important characteristic. I feel like these are some of my positive highlights. I could improve on my speaking abilities and learn to speak in front of others even though I'm soft spoken. I need to learn to manage time better and not be a perfectionist and focus so much on small details. I hope I can look back when this book is finished and know I'm still me and I worked on the negatives. - Me

68: The more people I meet, | the better I like my dog!

69: Letter Myself @ 50 yrs. old | Dear Me in 50 years, I'm not really sure about anything, I have many ideas of what I want to be and how I want my life to be. Sometimes I think I would like to be a singer, but many times I feel like people think its kind of childish and just a dream, so it sounds pretty dumb when I tell people I want to be a singer. Even though I don't like guns I think maybe sometimes I would like to be a detective, I love mysteries. I hope you figured it out somewhere along the line, but whatever the outcome everything happens for a reason right. - 50 yr. old me

70: Self Reflection of Project

71: Half the time I enjoyed making this scrapbook but the rest of the time I hated it with a passion. I really wanted to make my Who Am I something I could be proud of and would want to look back at when I get older, but I have to say I'm glad it's over. | I don't have a favorite page, I love them all and that was what I was aimimg for. I wanted each page to reflect whatever style I was into at the time, but I also wanted to still be able to look at it later and not say "what was I thinking?" | I wouldn't have done anything differently. | Maybe not necessarily taken it out, but I don't feel like the Life Timeline was that informative. I actually thought it was going to be easy, but honestly once i got started it was really hard to think of events to put in. | My overall thought of Who Am I?... That's hard but I guess I'd have to say that even though it was fun at times and allowed me to be more creative with my work I would not want to make another! | “Sometimes in our confusion, we see not the world as it is, but the world through eyes blurred by the mind.”

72: Miranda Lambert - "Airstream Song"

73: Sometimes I wish I lived in an Airstream Homemade curtains, lived just like a gypsy Break a heart, roll out of town ‘Cause gypsies never get tied down Sometimes I wish I lived on a mountain Drank from a stream instead of a fountain I’d stay there, top of the world But I was born a red dirt girl Unbridled or tethered and tied The safety of the fence or the danger of the ride I’ll always be unsatisfied Sometimes I wish I lived by a pier In a lighthouse with a chandelier I’d watch everybody’s ships come in And then I’d sail away with them Unanchored in the storm Or safely on the shore If this is all I need, why do I want more Sometimes I wish I lived in an airstream Homemade curtains, lived just like a gypsy

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