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S: College of Charleston 2010-2011 Is this real life?

FC: College of Charleston 2010-2011 | Is this real life?

1: 1

2: Move-in Day

3: 3

5: 5

6: Pantheon

7: "Its a hole in the wall its a dirty free for all. " | 7

8: Post-Panth

9: Rosh Ha'Shanah | 9

10: Redskin's Game!

11: Finally the weekend! We all headed to Marion Square to smoke some Hookah! | 11

12: Holly's Birthday | Snuggle session with the Crew

13: After a long day of classes, everyone got ready for the Jason Mraz concert. | Luke's Strut | Gleeks? | Jason Mraz | 13

14: Jason Mraz

15: Family Weekend 2010 | 15

17: Night On the Town Sticks, Fire, Flames, Your Hot After a long day walking around Charleston, we headed out to dinner at Coast with the Pikovsky's. After dinner we headed over to see comedian, Ankelah Johnson. We then finished the night with ice cream with the Crowells. | 17

18: Fall Break

19: 19

20: Once we were joined by Gab and Joe's visiting student we all got dressed and headed to Pantheon

21: 21

23: Friends Make Every Day A Party | "The friends we meet on the path of life make the trip worth while." | 23

25: 25

26: Night Out

27: 27

28: Melanie and Josh's Wedding | Forever and Always

29: 29

31: 31

32: Halloweekend 2010

33: 33

34: We all gathered together in 238 and took pictures. We then headed out to WOK and Pantheon.

35: Thanksgiving Break- Joe and I headed to Lueks house for a bonfire in his backyard with his friends from high school. | 35

36: Attempting a change of scene, we | got dressed and headed to Purple Tree Lounge. We didn't end up going into the club and headed back to libs 238. | So excited to have Al moving into libs, we decorated her room and headed up to bring her back downstairs.

37: The Library Rave | 37

38: Luke and I on the way to Apex | Spent an awesome night catching up with Michelle | Before leaving for Winter Break we all bought officer Knepper a present and wrote him a card.

39: Family Chanukah Party | 39

41: 41

43: 43

45: 45

47: 47

48: Fiji Boy Swag Out to the Fiji house to continue Chanty's Birthday celebration

49: Luke's Birthday Dinner | 49

50: Luke's Birthday Cont.

51: We all got dressed, and headed to Pantheon for Luke's special night out | 51

52: Justin's Birthday Rave

53: 53

55: Alli's Birthday Night Out | 55

56: Back in home for Spring Break Justin and I quickly got ready and headed into DC to meet up with Luke, Steven and Nick.

57: 57

59: Jake and Thomas Came to Visit | 59

61: 61

63: 63

65: 65

66: 1) Your printer only prints pictures of pears. 2)You know someone or someone who knows someone who has gone home to Ohio 3)You know the CVS employees by name. 4)You never go more than 24 hours without making a trip to CVS 5)You call CVS Ceevs 6)When at home, you miss your local CVS 7)There a "hair product" stain on the carpet at CVS 8)You walk into CVS and see your professors in PJ's and getting their blood pressure taken 9)You look around and realize 95% of your guy friends are gay, the other 5% are assholes, taken or questionable. 10)Your friday nights are often spent aiborne in a gay club even if you're straight. 11)There's a gas leak at the Rita Liddy Hollings science center. | 12) One of your closest friends comes running out from backstage at the dragshow and later claims to be going home with Ava. 13) Libs and Libs mean 2 different things. 14) You can spot a Fiji Boy from a mile away 15) It rains and people wear flip flops. 16) You go to eat and theres no food 17) The Liberty man is accused of being BOLO 18) You're on a first name basis with the officers at the front desk 19) Everyone knows what it means to "wall it up" 20) Alli has peed on your belongings or in your presence 21) There are 347892 frozen yogurt places in a 1 block radius. 22) You know people from Maryland. | 23) Your RHD is the sexiest person in the world. 24) You have a friend accused of being a pornstar. 25)If you are not in your own room you can be found in 238 26)Someone takes the elevator to the second floor 27) You have called public safety more than once 28) Your hebrew tearcher calls her students retarded 29) The library is 3 blocks away but feels like 20. 30) You eat 7 cookies at a meal and its okay. 31) The "man cave" is off limits 32) You have had 4 cell phones in the course of 1 semester. 33) You get kicked out of parties for calling people Assholes 34) You're at a Fiji party and the boys sing louder than the girls to "Party in the USA" 35)Your Mascot wears a hairpiece. | You Know You Go to College of Charleston When:

67: 69) You think its appropriate to throw glass bottles at a dumpster. 70) Loosing your CougarCard is the end of the world 71) For your birthday your door gets decorated w/ Baby shower ballons and your RA thinks your knocked up 72) You can always find Chantelle at Breakfast 73)The sexiest mother fuckers who everyone wants to bang live at the end of floor 5 74)Cougar shuttle REALLY really sucks 75) Your suitemates and roomate dont clean the bathroom 76) Getting onto Elaine's bed is an Olympic Event. 77) Your Non-Jewish friends know the Chanukah prayers. 78) You RUN 79) Victim;s services lady is a fat frog 80)People come to Elaine's room to Shit 81) Your roomate offers you Pepto Bismal when you cant stop farting. 82)Its acceptable to strip in the Education Center 83) You can have a cat for a roomate | 54) Narnia isn't just a movie. 55) Its acceptable to have a cat and sell bongs at your local convience store 56) Its acceptable to have King Street Station as your local convenience store 57) You know Mama Kim personally 58) You know a gypsy 59) Starbucks makes you "relaxed" 60) Having a male RA named Dior with Dreads doesn't faze you 61) Class gets canceled for thunderstorms. 62) You have a pasta boat. 63) Falling out of your lofted bed is common 64) A 15 min walk away is one of the most dangerous places in the country 65)You have hairy toes 66)Purple Tree Lounge is the most frightening place in the world. 67)The 2 Asian resturants on campus double as night clubs(one closed down due to an underage drinking lawsuite) 68) Your trashed before you leave the dorm, if you leave the dorm | 36) The Internet in your dorm moves slower than a snail 37) Your Friends get chased by clowns. 38)Sunglasses are always appropriate 39)You have a gay friend that has hooked up with Alli 40) Screaming loudly is the samething as a gag reflex 41) Water spills and you have to save the civilians 42) You have no sleep cycle 43) It's acceptable to call your local grocery store Hairy Teets 44) You call college "home" and "home" college 45) Pock in the cussy is the correct phrase 46)"Alejandro" can be put to any guys name you like 47) Your dorm has a new disgusting smell everyday 48) Nothing ever surprises you anymore 49) Cougar Shuttle sucks 50) Cougar Shuttle really sucks 51) Cougar Shuttle is a white rapist van with a sticker on the side 52) You get a hotdog at Libs and its frozen. 53) Your fake ID's look like a piece of laminated paper | 67

68: 97)You or someone who know is a Citizen of the World. 98)You think it is acceptable to drink feet tea 99) Your hebrew teacher claims to have helped a cow give birth to a high heel. | 84) An RA needs to move due to sexual harrassment charges, problem is he fools around w/ guys also. 85) Its common for people to think BOLO is a nickname. 86)IT is not unheard of for your college aged friends to have an "accident" 87) Boys you like ride down St. Phillip street on razor scooters. 88)Your hebrew teacher hands out mechanical pencils on Valentine's day and proceeds to talk about the Holocaustl for the rest of class 89) You blame Mama Kim's 90)"You are sober enough to know" 91)You party in "Jail" and at the "Embassy" 92) You get asked if you are for hire while standing outside the college bookstore 93) You are told to appreciate "all this" 94) You are drunk and all you want is dog with hole in neck 95)You have Sunday and Thursday night dinner 96) You have a Thursday night "walk

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