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S: Baby Survival Guide

BC: The Greatest Advice You'll Ever Receive Don't listen to anyone else. Do what feels right for you and your baby. You know him better than anyone else. If you mess up, you'll fix it next time.!

FC: Baby Survival Guide

1: Baby Survival Guide | Created by Katherine Thomas and Theresa Fabrizio

3: Trying to come up with a special and meaningful gift for such a major milestone in the life of two people that mean so much to us was challenging, to put it mildly. We brainstormed for a while then finally came to a realization, an epiphany, if you will. We have created, in total, 6 absolutely perfect children covering every age from birth to almost 7. We felt the perfect gift could only be to offer guidance on how, you too, can create, raise and take total credit for your own perfect child and children to come. This is, if we do say so ourselves, a well organized and beautifully arranged compilation of how we have survived thus far. Many of the tips and suggestions in this guide come from our personal experiences. Others come from Moms who have survived the journey before us and have lived to tell about it. Use what works for you, make up the rest as you go, but most importantly, enjoy every minute of it.

4: Table of Contents | Surviving Your Trip to the Hospital Bringing Home Baby Dirty Diapers = Dirty Clothes Boobies & Bottles Splish, Splash It's Bath Time! ZZZZ...... All About Mom Things No One Bothers to Tell You About Babies When Baby Just Isn't Feeling Himself

5: Things We Swear By Overrated and Unnecessary The Preschool Years and Beyond If We Had to Do It All Again, We Would... When Baby 2, 3, 4... Comes Along Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks Things We Never Imagined We Would Say, Do, or Think 10 Things Only a Mom Could Tell You Traveling With Baby

6: Surviving Your Trip to the Hospital | Get a good pedicure before going to the hospital. | Bring a dark, knee length nightgown you can nurse in. The doctors and nurses check you a lot so it is more convenient than pants. | Hospitals can be very dry. Bring chap stick and nasal spray. | Make sure to call the nurse when you need one. They typically only come in when they have to check your vitals. | Send baby to the nursery at night so you can sleep.

7: Slather A & D Ointment or Vaseline on baby's bottom before first poop. This will help get the tar-like poop off. | Bring your own pillow. Put a colorful pillow case on it. | Buy cheap granny panties, (Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, etc.) They are much more comfy than the fishnet underwear the hospital gives you. | Take everything with you that the hospital offers: diapers, baby soap, nasal aspirators (these are better than any you can get at the store). | Stay as long as your insurance allows. The hospital will always try and get you out as soon as possible. | Do not let the LaLeche League Nazis make you feel guilty about any choices you make. Better yet, don't even let them in your room.

8: Bringing Home Baby | Keep filling snacks on hand, such as cheese and granola bars. Life gets hectic and you forget to eat sometimes. | Don't forget baby! Leave something important in the backseat so you always check there before you leave the car. | When nursing in the hot sticky summer months, put a burp cloth between your arm and baby's head.

9: Have a diaper changing station set up on each level. | Keep essentials on each level of the house, including a bouncy seat for shower time. | Make sure the car seat is installed. Get it checked out at the fire station to make sure you've put it in properly. | Also, make sure you keep wipes EVERYWHERE. You'll start to wonder how you ever lived without them.

10: Doctor's Advice: Only use wipes on a poopy bottom. Using them on a wet bottom leads to diaper rash | Pull the wings out of the diaper unless you want a constant stream of poop down baby's leg. | Dirty Diapers = Dirty Clothes | Secure all Velcro before washing. If it catches on other clothes it can ruin them. | Baby won't wear newborn diapers for long so don't buy too many.

11: Don't bother with a Pee Pee Tee Pee. Just Throw a wipe over baby when you open the diaper. | Put your hand up the leg of pants and pull foot through to make dressing easier. Same thing with shirts. | Don't bother with fancy baby laundry detergent. Just use Free & Clear. | undo the diaper "on deck" and place it under baby's bottom, then undo and change the dirty diaper, scooch dirty diaper out and baby is already in the right place for the new diaper.

12: Boobies | Breast milk separates in the fridge. It's not going bad! | Breast feeding can be tough at first but stick with it if that's what you want to do. Don't get discouraged by the pain or the time it takes for your milk to come in. | Wait to buy bras you'll be nursing in until baby is around 6 weeks. You'll be changing sizes for awhile. | Rent or borrow a pump before purchasing. You can't return it once open and if nursing doesn't work out for you you're out a lot of money. | Don't bother with a nursing bra they are a pain. Start with cross over sports bras then find bras that have some stretch to them and just pull to the side.

13: If using formula, keep some bottles and distilled water in the upstairs bathroom so you don't have to go to the kitchen during the night. | Nipple Confusion is a myth. Give baby a bottle from day one and let Daddy do the bottle feedings. | Don't waste your time heating up bottles or baby cereal. Babies are perfectly happy with room temperature. | Bottles

14: Splish, Splash It's Bath Time! | Burt's Bees bubble bath. Gentle on skin, just enough bubbles. | Newborn babies don't need a bath everyday, once a week is fine, especially for a winter baby | If baby gets baby acne or cradle cap, use dandruff shampoo to clear it up.

15: When baby is able to sit up, use a bath seat that hooks over the tub. | Dollar store measuring cups and spoons make great bath toys. | Don't buy squirt bath toys, they get all moldy inside.

16: Sleep baby upright if he spits up or has reflux. Car seat and bouncy seat work great. Strap baby in and put him in the crib. | At night, change baby between sides while nursing. This will help him get back to sleep when he's done eating. | Don't keep house quiet for baby. He is used to noise and it will teach him to sleep anywhere. | Don't rock baby to sleep. Lay him down drowsy & he'll learn to fall asleep on his own. | Z Z Z Z......

17: Get a good night light or dimmer for night duty. This will help keep the baby from becoming too alert. | Keep supplies close for night feedings and changes. Keep an extra onesie nearby. Leaks are frequent! | Swaddle baby like a burrito with legs up and wedge into sleep positioner. They love the close, cozy feeling it gives. | Use a noise maker or nature sounds to help baby sleep at night. | Fans help reduce the risk of SIDS by circulating the air around baby. | Sleep Training: It is hard to do but so worth it.

18: All About Mom | Have lots of sex before baby comes. You won't be having it for awhile after. | Get yourself a small, cute bag to carry your personal things in that can transfer from diaper bag to work bag to purse. | Freeze meals before baby comes. You're not going to want to cook.

19: Get a cute diaper bag. Don't carry a diaper bag and purse. | Pump and dump if you drink a lot. Let Dad give the bottle. He owes you! (New must have: Alcohol detection strips ) | Ask for help if you need it. Take Zoloft. We all do

20: Things No One Bothers to Tell You About Babies | Babies "pass gas" all the time. Come up with a good name for it. | Babies strip whenever and wherever they get the urge. If having this issue at bedtime, put footless p.j.s backward on baby. | Your beautiful baby may come with a side of postpartum.

21: Boys have erections, A LOT! | Baby will poop weird black tar for the first few days. | It takes twice as long to get out of the house. If you plan to leave at 9:00 you'll be ready to go at 11:00. Baby will inevitably need to eat, be changed, or both as you are walking out the door. | Babies can projectile vomit AND poop. Sometimes you're lucky and they do it at the same time.

22: When Baby Just Isn't Feeling Himself | Upset Tummies | B.R.A.T. Diet: Banana, Rice, Applesauce, Toast | Fevers | Remember you can alternate Motrin and Tylenol to manage pain and keep temps down.

23: Bothersome Bottoms! | For constipated baby: mix Karo syrup in baby food, feed baby prunes, give baby a bottle of diluted prune juice... or last but not least, don't be afraid of suppositories, they can work miracles! For the other try rice cereal or bananas. | Colds and Flus | Apply Vicks Vapor rub on feet and cover with socks to relieve cough and congestion. Honey is also a great alternative to cough medicine. You can heat it slightly and add it to juice to make it more appealing. Make sure baby is 1 before offering honey. Vaseline and a Q-Tip go a long way on a crusty winter nose.

24: Things We | JJ Cole Bundle Me | Dream Feeding No matter when the baby last ate, feed him again right before you go to sleep. | Eat, Wake, Sleep Cycle | Sleep Sacks and Swaddling Blankets | Costco brand wipes They are the best! | Spray-n-wash | Sleep Training

25: Swear By | Nuk Pacifiers | Baby Einstein- It is like baby crack, but was recalled because people actually thought they would make their kids geniuses. | Stroll’r Swivl'r Hooks. Hook under head rests in car. | | Juice box holders

26: Electronic Nasal Aspirator | Baby Bath Robe | Snowsuit (for infant) | Baby Q-Tips | Shopping cart cover | Diaper Pails Use dollar store scented bags, they work way better | Baby Food: Just cook your food a bit longer and smoosh it up.

27: Overrated & Unnecessary | Wipe Warmer | Expensive Humidifier | Baby Oil | Pull-ups (except for naps or nights). | Rubber Coated Baby Utensils Instead: Stainless spoons, cocktail forks and spreaders for knives.

28: The Preschool Years and Beyond | Don't bring kids clothes shopping with you. Just bring the clothes home and try them on there. | Keep red wash cloths on hand for when your child gets hurt. The blood is less noticeable . | Dollar store play-dough is a great way to keep kids occupied at restaurants & doctor's offices. | FREEZE: much more effective than no or stop... especially in a scary parking lot moment.

29: I Baby! | Your child will inevitably want everything Diego, Mickey, or (even worse) Barney! Mom friendly ways to appease: pj's, underwear, sippy cups, etc. | Keep a small pitcher or jug on hand to help teach child how to pour drinks. | Don't put child's name on outside of jackets or backpacks. It's an invitation for kidnappers. | When learning to ride a bike remove pedals to create a balance bike, They will be riding in no time.

30: If we had to do it all again,we would... | take a picture of baby the first of each month. | care more about function and performance than looks (to an extent, of course!) | do our scrap booking on | realize laundry will still be there tomorrow but baby will be a day older. Make the most of each day.

31: worry less about what others think and more about what is right for you and your family. | feel a little less awful when having to say "no" really can't do it all! | try, when the days are long and wearing... not to wish them away. | spend less time worrying about how pregnant we still look and more time enjoying the baby

32: When Baby 2, 3, 4... Comes Along | Don't buy duplicates of toys. Make the kids share everything unless it is something they obviously each need. | Philosophy that works with siblings and friends: "You get what you get so don't throw a fit" | Teach kids to put their hand on a wall or on the car when you are trying to keep track of them or keep them from running into the parking lot.

33: If you have multiple children of the same sex, use a dot system to differentiate what belongs to each of them. Label Boy #1's clothing with one dot and when you hand it down to Boy #2, add a dot so you know who its new owner is. | Play up the role of Big Brother before baby #2 comes along. Get him to sleep in his big boy bed and hold your hand while walking rather than carrying him. | When both kids need you, attend to older child first. Baby won't remember that you left him crying for a few seconds but older child will and he may resent his sibling.

34: Keep a bag of extra supplies in your car: diapers, wipes, bottle & liners, clothes, & clothes for you. This way you can carry less in your bag and you are always prepared. | Read BabyWise and Parenting with Love & Logic | The bath tub is a great place for baby's first popsicles and lollipops. | Use a juice box when teaching baby to drink from a straw. Squeeze the juice into baby's mouth and he'll figure out how to get the goods! | Layer mattress pads and sheets on babies crib. This will help first time baby vomits or has diarrhea at 2am.

35: Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks | Gerber onesies run small. Carters onesies are great! | Swim diapers are really just cloth strainers. All liquids go through them, they are only there to catch the poop. | Put your thumb over the top of the straw when opening a juice box. | When doing the unthinkable and, GASP, eating fast food, pop a hole in the top of a milk bottle with a pen. Put straw through the hole to prevent spillage. | Talc-free baby powder keeps baby dry in the summer and works great to get sand off.

36: Feed a nine month old French fries | Feel bad for the mom who is dragging her screaming child out of a store. | Contemplate getting a child leash | Let a 3 year old play video games | Let a 2 year old drive a kid jeep. | Think that Mom was actually right about most things...

37: Things We Never Imagined We Would Say, Do, or Think... | I never imagined I would have a hard time saying no to my kids - Theresa | I never imagined I would have a hard time saying yes to my kids -Katherine

38: You may not fall in love with baby right away or feel an instant connection. Don't worry, it will happen eventually. | You'll probably look 5 months pregnant after delivery and it's okay. Just worry about enjoying your baby for now. | The bleeding after having a baby is a bitch, even if you have a c-section. It's much worse than just a "heavy period" Does a heavy period last 4 weeks? | Shave or wax before going to the hospital so the nurses don't use their own dull razor on you. | Half of all moms now cringe every time they hear that Dodge commercial asking, "got a hemi?"! | 10 things only a mom could tell you

39: "Labor" is actually after you give birth and you have left the hospital. There is no one there to help you with the late night feedings, a crying baby, and hormone swings. | Just as things get "easier" (baby sleeps through the night, holds a bottle, etc), baby becomes more mobile, giving you a whole new realm of difficulties. | It's okay to believe that your child is the cutest, smartest, least annoying child on the block, just don't go telling everyone else. | Even after a c-section you'll be swollen "down there" | Everyone but the janitor will be coming in to check you or help you nurse. If you are modest, get over it now!

40: Travel with the least number of diapers possible. Pick up more at your destination. | Keep a stash of emergency items in your bag: stickers, lollipops, crayons. Anything that can help prevent a meltdown. (keep a stash in your diaper bag for daily use.) | When the airplane is taking off and landing, nurse baby to make his ears pop. | Always bring a portable DVD player with lots of DVDs. Don't forget headphones! | Traveling With Baby

41: Borrow as much as you can from someone you know at your destination: pack & play, stroller, even a car seat if you don't need it for the flight. | On that note- wear the carrier on the plane as loose as possible. Baby will be able to move around but he is still attached to you and your hands are free. This works for babies up to a year and a half. | Check your car seat and carry baby in a carrier or push in the stroller.

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