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S: The wonderful get to know me book of Sarah Lail

FC: The times of Sarah Lail. By: Sarah Lail

1: Live your life with only love. No hate, no regrets.

2: Wheres that? | page = 1. . . . . . . . . .Title page page = 2-3. . . . . . . . .These two page= 4-5. . . . . . . . . ABC'S page= 6-7. . . . . . . . . Emotions/Brainstorm page= 8-9. . . . . . . . . Brag/ Telling tales page= 10-11. . . . . . . .In other words page= 12-15. . . . . . . .My own list of lists page= 16-17. . . . . . . .Before i die page= 18-19. . . . . . . .Rewarding Experiences page= 20-21. . . . . . . .Drivers license/Who am I page= 22-23. . . . . . . .Extraordinary pet page= 24-29. . . . . . . .Four free assignments page= 30-31. . . . . . . .Family influence page= 32-33. . . . . . . .Remembering the child page= 34-35. . . . . . . .Memorable event page= 36-37. . . . . . . .Picture this

4: A-Alive b-Bashful C-Crazy D-Delightful E-Entertaining f-fearless G-goofy H-Happy I-Idiotic J-Jumpy K-Kindhearted L-Loving M-Mysterious N-nosy

5: 0-odd R-rare s-sneaky t-tearful u-upbeat v-voiceless w-wonderful x-Xanthippie y-youthful z-zippy

6: Love smells like the begging of spring. Love tastes like a cold glass of sweet tea. Love looks like a sunset over a beach. Love sounds like a bird chirping. Love feels like the butterflies you get when you hold that special someones hands.

7: Brain Storm | Love- Smells like spring, tastes like tea, looks like a sunset, sounds like the ocean waves, feels like butterflies. Hate- smells like nasty feet, tastes like sour milk, looks like a thorn bush, sounds like bad brakes, feels like being stabbed in the back. happiness- smells like a rose, tastes like a smoothie, looks like a smile, sounds like laughter, feels like your complete. excited- smells like a pool, tastes like a strawberry, looks like a joyful puppy, sounds like a waterfall, feels like you don't know whats going to happen next. jelousy- smells like eggs, tastes like moldy bread, looks like a bad nose job, sounds like the beginning of a fight, feels like a cold chill,

8: I'm half cougar, half bear, and the rest of me is bobcat, and snappin' turtle. I can be more fiesty then a caged lion. I can out shoot, out play, out brag, out read, and out write anyone. If you think you can out do me then try it. You will never be able to because I'm a beast! | Its my turn to brag!

9: When I think of stories i hear every year at family events, i think of the story of my parents meeting. When my mom was in college, my dad was dating her friend. My moms friend set her up with my dads cousin Harold. | He never showed, so after a while my dad asked my mom out. They were on and off for four years. Then my mom told him "I'm only dating you until someone better comes along." Like any other guy my dad left her. | After three months, they ran into each other at a gas station. They started dating again then eventually he popped the question and they got married. Then they had three wonderful children!

10: In other words | Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower. -Hans Christian Anderson | There is no such thing as inner peace, There is only nervousness and death. - Fran lebowizt | Why fear death? it is the most beautiful adventure in life. -Charles frohman | Beauty without expression tires. -Ralph Waldo Emerson | Artists, by definition innocent, don't steal. BUt they do borrow without giving back. -Ned Rorem

11: I don't know invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot. -Marilyn Monroe I don't mind making jokes, but i don't want to look like one. -Marilyn Monroe You don't marry someone you can live with, you marry someone you cant live without. -Unknown Silence is a friend, that never betrays. -Confucius Laugh as much as you breath, and love as long as you live. -Unknown

12: People who have influenced me. | -My sister Michelle. -My mom _My dad -My grandparents -My teachers -My brother Chris

14: Because it makes me happy. | The places that make me happy are, ~My house ~Michelle's ~Anywhere my friends are ~My grandmothers house ~My cousins house ~Starbucks

15: Some of the things that have moved me, have been mostly movies such as Dear John, Titanic, and The Last Song. The most moving for me would have to be when my friends little girl said "I love you Sarah for the first time! | My personal favorites would have to be anything with Molly Ringwald, zebra print, scary movies, macadamian nuts, campouts, swimming, and bonfires.

16: If I die young | Before I die, I would love to see the world. For starters i would travel the US finding all the tourist hot spots. Step out on the glass walk way over the grand canon. I will ride a hot air balloon over the Smoky Mountians, on a cool aired afternoon. I would go out and pay big bucks for my dream car, and drive route 66 with my best friends.

17: I would help an artist paint the inside of a monument in Rome. Then go see all the old buildings and the original theaters the Greeks built thousands of years ago. After I do all f this I will have lived my live the way i wanted and can die! | After I explore the states, I would like to fly over to Europe, and back pack across all its wonderful amazing city's. I would have a shopping spree in Paris, see a play in London, and sky dive from the top of the tower of London. I would then take a hot air balloon over the fields of Ireland.

18: 1. Paul McCartney- The Beatles are my favorite band, and my idols. Getting to see Paul live in concert was an amazing time for me. 2. Summer with Michelle- I had not seen or spent time with my sister since she moved to western and we grew apart. Getting to spend the summer with her gave us the chance to grow back to best friends. 3.Mickey- Even though I was one when she was born it was an rewarding experience, because we are so close, that i have no idea what i would do if she was never born! | Five most rewarding experiences.

19: 4. Fishing- When i was around 6 years old my dad took me fishing for the first time. On the drive home i relized i was a huge daddy's girl and that after i grew up we wouldent get to spend time like that anymore. 5. New York - For my 16th birthday my mom took me to New York. It was there that I started to embrace my love for the theater, and the nightlife. Which resulted to me figuring out what i want to do with my life.

20: Get to drive! | After drivers ed. I could not wait until i got my permit. Once I did, I bugged my parents to let me drive everywhere! My dad never would but my mom would hand me the keys and say OK lets go. | I now have my licence, and am driving a 2000 candy apple red Mustang. I'm very careful when i drive, because I'm so scared that i will get in another wreck!

21: Sarah Funny, Crazy, Sweet, Wonderful. Sibling of Michelle, Chris, and Carol. Lover of, The Beatles, Zebra Print. Who feels, Love, Pain, Excited. Who needs, Friends, Family. Who gives, Advice, Courage, Love. Who fears, Snakes, Death, Growing Up. Who would like to see, The world. Resident of Cherryville. Lail | Who Am I?

22: The best pet anyone could ever have, is my cat Mimi. Stormie's cat had kittens and i fell in love with her. I asked my dad if i could have her and he said no. After i thought about ways of trying to talk him into keeping her, i went to my mom. I called her saying I had found her in the road and she needed a home. Of course she said yes. | When my mom and i got home with Mimi, my dad fell in love with her. He said we could keep her but i had to tell him the truth. I had sent a picture of her to him just a week before and he remembered her face. I told him it was, but luckily they let me keep her!

23: Mimi is the strangest cat i have ever met. She likes to drink out of the sink. She also likes to take up the bed by putting her paws on the wall and pushing me out of her spot. If I leave the room she wont go in there until i come back. She is spunky and runs around the house nonstop 24/7. | When I first saw her i noticed she does not look like other cats. Her face is half orange, and half black and white. Just like her look, her personality is odd to. She does not like to be picked up, but she loves for you to pet her. At night i have to chase her down and keep her in my room while I sleep. When shes ready to sleep, she will jump on the bed and if i am in her spot she will claw my leg until I move. After having her for a while I know pretty much all her weird behaviors!

25: When ever I get mad at my mom, or i have a lot on my mind and need to get away from Cherryville for a few days, theres only one place i can go. That place is my sister Michelle's house. After she moved to Western for college, then back again for Grad school, i haven't been able to see her any. Now that I'm older I can go stay with her any time I want. Going there clears my mind and forget all the drama that is my life! That is, until I have to come out of my happy place, and come back to Cherryville. | Find your place

26: If i were leaving home forever and could only take one suitcase with me i would for one, bring the biggest suitcase i could find. I would pack all my favorite outfits, and shoes. I would have my phone and the charger, my make up bag and the keys to my car, which i would have shipped with me! There would also be my tooth brush, books, maps, and my kitten Mimi! I would also try shoving Cheyenne, Dixie, Marissa, and Angela, in because I can't live without them!

28: My best high school memory would have to be mudding at Richards house. In my freshman year, i went muddin for the first time with some friends. It was so much fun to sit in the back of the truck and have mud splash all over you! When we got out we decided to go slide in the mud puddle. We then had to walk through the woods at 12 at night in mud covered clothes. It was the first real fun thing i had done in high school, and its the night Marissa and I became friends.

29: The best vacation I've been on is the trip to Hawiwii. My family and I, went there to vist my cousins, that i had never met. While we were where the water was so clear and blue, yet freezing! The temperature was cool, and you even had to wear a jacket at night. The sand was bright and cool and everyone there was very friendly. We got to see pear harbor and walk in a ship, and tour the Doal pinnaple Plantation. It was by for the best trip in my life so far!

30: It Influence's me. | If theres one person in this whole world that has influenced me, it would be my sister Michelle. Were at least seven years apart, but were best friends. She is a smart funny all around kind of person.

31: Shes thought me how to play volleyball, and how to convience my mom to let me go places. She influences me, because, she is the first grandchild in our family to go to college, and she graduated from Western, with a degree in Criminal Justice. She is now going to Grad school for a degree in Social work. She is very hard working but still finds the time to help me with my problems, and stay in touch with the family. She will always be my influence from now until the end of time.

32: Remembering the child | When i was a toddler, my family says i was wild. I would run off and hide, and everyone would have to come find me even though i was always hiding under the kitchen table. I would go to my dad when my mom told me no. Sort of like i do now! Also i would hide my pasies all over the house! My sister says when i was around two years old, I picked up on climbing to the top of the bunk beds and playing with my brothers video games. Then when my dad found me i would run into a corner and hide. I also loved to be a brat. When my brother or sister were playing with a toy, it just so happened i wanted to play with it.

33: So i would take it from them, and when they got it back i would cry and my mom would come in. Of course being the youngest, i got the toy. My brother said when i was one i was so bad they were going to sell me at the food lion and use they money for candy. Thankfully my mom put a stop to that plan!

34: Memorable event | My most memorable event would have to be my trip to the big apple. my mom took me and my brother to new york for my sweet 16th, and for my brothers very late 16th. While we were there we saw the broadway show american idiot, and sAW the lightS and the life of the city. We also went to ellis island and saw the place where the people coming into the states came, and the statue of liberty. We went to cony island and walked on the hot clear beach. i got to ride on the subway about 50 times a day to get places. The subway was one of my favorite parts. We saw the twin towers, and the memorial they are building.

35: No matter where you went the streets smelled like hot dogs and pizza. NYC has the best pizza ever! I cant wait to go back, and stay even longer!

36: Picture this | This picture to me, shows fear and reality. Everyone thought that the Titanic was unsinkable. It was a huge reality shock, when they heard the ship had been hit by a simple ice burg and had sunk. It showed fear, because many lost their lives, or lost their loved ones.

37: It shows how even the simplest things in life can bring a end, and why you must live each day as if it were your last on earth.

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