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S: Myra Renwick 2010

FC: Myra's Memory Book 2010

1: How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. ~Carol Sobieski and Thomas Meehan, Annie | Presented Sept 9, 2010 to Myra Renwick upon her retirement from GE Capital Financial Inc. We will miss you!

3: HAPPIEST RETIREMENT, MYRA Happiest retirement wishes I send To Myra Renwick, my colleague and friend! She has guided And provided A better life With less strife For those in need. She is amazing indeed! She is responsible for the happening of so many a good thing. For her out of school programs, the children her praises do sing. Her workshops for non-profits provide much needed skills. With her training, they can reduce many of their financial ills. They learn business skills like branding and marketing too. Her practical information helps them know what to do. For many years, Myra’s energy, talent and innovation Have lead to an extraordinary creation Of hope for the hopeless, Homes for the homeless. To GECFI Board meetings she brings talent galore. And in addition to that she brings fun and lots more. Her personality is a complete delight. She has a knack for making every day bright! She is an extraordinarily caring person, like no other Including as a wonderful, loving wife, mother and grand-mother. All her accomplishments are too myriad to mention. Whatever her involvement, she brings a new dimension. She has enriched my life greatly, and I’d like to say, “She is fantastic in every way!” With love and warmest wishes from Carol Fay

4: Your work has made a difference!

5: Myra, Myra, Myra! What will we do without you? The Utah Individual Development Account Network, a multi-faceted financial education and matched savings program, breaks the cycle of poverty and moves low income working Utahns into the financial mainstream. Our work is based on the principles of responsible financial management. We reduce poverty by bringing basic economic understanding and skills to those who have little or no experience managing their limited assets. Your professionalism has enriched our work, strengthened our capacity and changed the lives of low income, working Utahns. Your friendship has brightened my days! Thank you so much for all you have done. I will miss you terribly and hope that you will be available for lunch and volunteer opportunities! Warmest regards, Martha D. Wonderli State Director - Utah Individual Development Account Network

7: Your simple actions have created ripples in the lives of all the people you touch. Our community will feel the enormous impact of your simple ripples for years to come. Myra, Congratulations on a wonderful and successful career! I know I have only been working with you the last 2-years, but it has truly been some of the greatest work I have been involved in, with one of the most wonderful individuals. You have shown me how important it is to value our work and the community. As a sales person, we tend to focus only on ourselves. Work is quite boring, tiresome and dull if that is all we care about. You have helped me understand, whatever I work on should be focused on others as well. The people around you always feel better because you lift them up and allow them to see themselves in a positive way. Thanks so much for always listening to me, being candid, and directing my energy in the right areas. Your wisdom and insight regarding the poor in our community is right on. Politicians governments and foundations all say they know how to help the poor and needy in our communities. Myra, you have the answer, and that is: to put yourself in another person's shoes. “You only know what you know.” This is one of the greatest lessons in life I have learned. As you are aware, working at GE Capital is not the easiest place to work. Through all the credit struggles, new processes, you have risen above them all with a positive attitude and resolution to push forward helping the needy in the community. You are an example to me of how to overcome opposition in order to be successful. I am happy both you and Bill will enjoy some great travels together, fishing, and spoiling the grandkids. I am sure retirement will keep you busy. If you do get bored, there will always be one or two non-profit boards that could use your help and guidance. Thank you again for all the life lessons you have taught me. Your friend, Craig DeMordaunt

8: Jim having a little fun at his Workforce Services Job; Bridgerland Applied Tech College crew; and the "Shred Crew" providing document shredding services for the State of Utah | They all thank you for your support. They love their jobs!

9: THANK YOU MYRA RENWICK Myra Renwick and GE Capital Financial's support of Utah Works as the facilitator of the Utah State Use Program has been extraordinary. Because, to a large extent, of their support over the past three years, over 225 people with disabilities have been able to secure meaningful, sustainable employment. Through their employment they have been able to earn nearly $700,000 in direct wages. Myra’s close working relations with Utah Works kept her up-to-date on the growth of the State Use Program that was created to help people with disabilities find employment. As Utah struggled to deal with a recessionary economy, Myra clearly understood that one of the most important issues to deal with was jobs, and specifically jobs for people with disabilities. She understood and knew that people with disabilities experience an unemployment rate of over 60% and that trying to do something about that was important. Through her efforts, and GE Capital's support, 225 people with disabilities have become new tax payers, contributors to Utah’s economy. They have been able to reduce the needs for public assistance, while increasing their own personal feelings of fulfillment, independence and empowerment. They love their new jobs and that is because Myra and GE Capital saw a need and supported it. Thank You Myra from Utah Works and from 225 people with disabilities with new jobs. Steve Mascaro Executive Director

11: August 26, 2010 Ms. Myra Renwick GE Capital Financial Inc. 6510 Millrock Drive, #200 Salt Lake City, UT 84121 Dear Myra, Six years ago I stumbled into the career of fundraising. Actually, Dean Hoffman came into my office one day and told me that I was adding fundraising to my job responsibilities, and my new career was launched. I met you at a UNA “Dialog with Funders” panel, along with a number of your colleagues from the industrial banks. You were one of the first people I met in my new job, and I will always be grateful for that meeting. You talked to me, you were interested in Columbus, you returned my phone calls, you made sure that GE Capital was one of our first shred customers and a corporate donor. You became a friend of Columbus and an advocate for the people we serve. As a board member, you have shown great leadership and a passionate commitment to our mission. Myra, you have a deep understanding of the most at-risk individuals in our community, and you are never afraid to speak for people who can't always speak for themselves. You have been tireless in your commitment to bring together business and community leaders, donors, non-profits, and other stakeholders to make a difference in our community. Your work with Columbus has allowed us to launch some large scale efforts with far-reaching results. We are celebrating the fifth anniversary of our “Dignity through Work” recognition event, in large part because you saw the vision of telling the Columbus story in the community, and you stepped up to support it. Each year we share wonderful success stories to hundreds of people at our breakfast, but I know that it is in the untold, personal stories of hardship in our community where your heart resides—your tears come from that place. As a result of our initial meeting, I have been honored to call you my friend, colleague, and mentor. I know that even in your retirement you will continue to serve your community with passion and commitment. Sincerely, Stephanie Mackay Director, Columbus Foundation

12: The Glendale Middle School Hawaiian Shaved Ice Shack

14: Myra and Head Start Myra has an unbelievable to desire to help children in need. She has an investment in seeing children and youth succeed. Whether it is supporting the infants in Early Head Start at Palmer Court, to the Head Start children at James R. Russell, to the youth in the Faces of Youth program; Myra is one of those people in our community that are inspired by kids. She see’s their potential and wants to invest in programming that advances their well-being academically, socially, and emotionally. Myra has a vision of the future leaders of our community and recognizes the wise investment in early childhood education. Salt Lake CAP’s child and youth programs; Early Head Start, Head Start, and Faces of Youth are truly going to miss Myra’s insightfulness and engagement in our programming. We wish her all the best and know she is not more than a phone call away. Erin Ternbeath Murray

15: September 9, 2010 Myra Renwick you have been a driving force on the Salt Lake Community Action Program Board of Trustees since 1998. We cannot begin to tell you how much we have valued your participation and dedication to our many programs and services. If you ever heard us mention that something was lacking in any area of our organization, you immediately went to work on helping us solve our concerns. You were a magnificent example of what the tri-partite Board structure of CAP is all about. As you know we bring three sectors of the community to our Board: The Public Elected Officials, the Private Sector, and the Low Income Constituency. The value of having you represent General Electric Capital Financial has been one of the most remarkable in the benefits you have had to offer our agency. Our Housing Programs, the FACES Program, the Emergency Food Pantries have not only had monetary help thanks to you through GE, but your personal involvement in many of our programs will be remembered fondly. You really do "walk the walk". We sincerely hope that your retirement will be a chance for you to relax and that you and Bill will be able to enjoy life. We will miss you so much. There are no words to express how much your involvement with the Salt LAek CAP has meant to us and to the community that we serve. We do have one last request to make of you (isn't that just like us?) Can you possibly clone yourself? There will be some tough shoes that need to be filled when you go into your much deserved retirement, and we can't envision anyone who could possibly match your dedication, caring and commitment. We love you Myra and wish you the very best that lies ahead. With the very warmest of regards, Cathy Caputo Hoskins Sharon Abbeglen Erin Ternbeath Murray

17: August 18, 2010 Ms. Myra Renwick Government Affairs Officer GE Capital Financial Inc. 6510 Millrock Drive, #Suite 200 Salt Lake City, UT 84121 Dear Myra, On behalf of Community Development Corporation of Utah (CDCU) and those it serves, I want to thanks you for all you have done to support and promote our programs and services. You have been a joy to work with and have helped make a measurable difference in the work we do and in the lives of those we serve. Some of the critical ways you have provided assistance include: helping CDCU secure a grant from GE Capital Financial for $10,000 to support homebuyer education for first-time homebuyers as well as foreclosure mitigation assistance to homeowners seeking to keep their homes; establishing a $2 million dollar line of credit with CDCU to help support CDCU's Neighborhood Homeownership Program which provides homebuyer education, quality sustainable housing, and housing counseling to first-time homebuyers; helping with a second grant in the amount of $15,000 also directed at the needs related to the Neighborhood Homeownership Program; and working to put together an offer that will provide $200,000 in support of the Energy Smart Loan Program to help homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. This is in addition to all that you have done to help support so many other organizations. Your many years of valued service will not be forgotten and will live on in the lives of those who have benefited from your dedication to your profession and passion for community service. You will be greatly missed. We wish you the best in all you do and hope that you can truly relax and enjoy your retirement. Best wishes, Darin Brush Executive Director Community Development Corporation of Utah

19: We often volunteered at the Senior Center. Whether it be the Summer BBQ or the Christmas party, we always had fun, got asked out by a few "mature" men, and often caught a person with their pants - MISSING! -Kathi Bernstein

20: Myra Renwick, the visionary! Project: New Roots of Utah, the agricultural division of the Utah Refugee Pathways to Self Sufficiency. Turning dreams into reality for refugee through farming. ~Ze Xiao, SL County

23: Myra, you are truly a gift to Salt Lake City. Throughout the years, your unique contributions and personal commitment to community building have made Utah a better place to live, work, and thrive. Nothing less than inspiring is the thoughtful way in which you went about always ensuring the non-profits you served had the tools they needed to succeed. This year alone, for example, your extraordinary efforts helped Junior Achievement (JA) of Utah to reach more than 61,000 K-12 students; young people from all walks of life who now have a fundamental understanding of finances and of America's free-enterprise system. With great appreciation, JA recognizes your generous support in helping us, year after year, find funding for our programs and volunteers for our classes and mentors to inspire our young people to work hard and gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a global economy. Thank you for that and for being so likable. Myra, I do not think I ever saw you without a smile, which is one of the many reasons why the pleasure of working with you will not be forgotten. Although you will be sorely missed in our philanthropic community, you will surely not miss the chance to contribute wherever you happen to be, for that is who you are. Wishing you all the happiness, you deserve, Christy Tribe and Phil Cofield Junior Achievement

24: July 2010 Non-Profit Marketing and Branding Workshop

27: The 2009 Phillippe Award

28: An email requesting recognition of Myra's efforts was sent on April 28, 2009: Good morning! The President and CEO of GE Capital Financial Inc., Mr. Tim Carfi, would like to submit Ms. Myra Renwick for a Phillippe Award, a very prestigious award within GE that recognizes volunteer leadership in individuals who display a passion for service and an extraordinary commitment to others in need. Part of the requirements for submission are comments from non-profit organizations that candidates have worked with. Ms. Renwick has given me your name as some one who may feel comfortable providing a recommendation that talks about the special accomplishments, successes and benefits that she has provided your organization; specifically, the benefits of volunteer projects, the impact to the organization and how it addressed a community need. Any pictures would also be useful. Please let me know as soon as possible if you will be able to help Ms. Renwick in this way, as materials need to be submitted by the end of the week. Thank you for taking the time to consider this request. | The 2009 Phillippe Award

29: The response was immediate, unanimous, and heartwarming: | I would be honored to help Myra! | We would love to put something together! | Thank you for asking us! | I would love to help! | I am thrilled to make a submission! | I would love to help in this effort to honor Myra!

30: April 30, 2009 Mr. Tim Carfi GE Capital Financial Inc. 6510 Millrock Drive, #200 Salt Lake City, UT 84121 Dear Mr. Carfi: On behalf of the Community Foundation for the Disabled (CFD) and Columbus Community Center, we are honored to support Myra Renwick’s nomination for the GE Phillippe Award. The Community Foundation for the Disabled provides oversight of Columbus Community Center. Columbus provides support services to approximately 450 people a year who have developmental, intellectual, and physical disabilities. Since Ms. Renwick joined the Board of Trustees in 2005, she has brought leadership, passion, and an entrepreneurial spirit to her volunteer work. She has directly impacted a number of people with disabilities so they can live,work, and thrive in our community. Through Ms. Renwick efforts, GE Capital Financial Inc. (GECFI) has been a strategic business partner as well as a generous donor in supporting our mission to employ people in our community with developmental and physical disabilities. Under Ms. Renwick’s leadership as a member of our Board of Trustees, she has helped us effectively use Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) funds to leverage our long-term business plans. Columbus was one of the first nonprofits in the country to open a secure document shredding facility as a way to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities who traditionally face a 65% unemployment rate. As the shredding business began to grow, Columbus was in a position to contract with large corporations and the State of Utah to shred their confidential documents. Through Ms. Renwick’s guidance and donations from GECFI, we were able to approach other community partners to raise the funds to expand the Columbus shredding facility. GECFI gave us a $30,000 challenge grant to use for our campaign to raise additional funds from other sources to double the size of our shredding facility. Thanks to Ms. Renwick’s help we raised a total of $180,000 for the expansion. This expansion has allowed us to grow from 12 jobs in the shred room to 90 people being employed in 2009. Ms. Renwick also collaborated with Columbus and two other Utah nonprofit organizations that employ people with disabilities—Enable Industries and TURN Community Services—to expand this shredding business across the entire state.

31: Ms. Renwick’s leadership and GEFCI’s investment in Columbus, Enable, and TURN has helped launch our efforts to establish a new collaborative business model that provides employment for hundreds of people with severe disabilities. This business model is also recognized nationally for its innovation and success, and Columbus now works with seventy other nonprofit agencies across the country to create employment opportunities through this line of business. Ms. Renwick has also helped Columbus raise awareness in the community with her ongoing support of our “Dignity through Work Recognition Event.” Four years ago, our Board of Trustees launched this event as a way to recognize local businesses and individuals for the contributions they have made to support the independence of people with disabilities. With the help of GECFI and other corporate sponsors, this event has grown in size and prestige to the point where 250 people attend. Keynote speakers such as Utah Governor Jon Huntsman and other community leaders have come together to help us raise awareness about the achievements that people with disabilities can realize in their own community. At the 2008 “Dignity through Work” event, GECFI was also the recipient of the Social Enterprise Award, which recognizes creative, entrepreneurial efforts that have resulted in meaningful employment for people with disabilities. Ms. Renwick has a deep understanding of the most at-risk individuals in our community. She has been tireless in her commitment to bring together business and community leaders, donors, nonprofits, and other stakeholders to make a difference in our community. Her work with Columbus has allowed us to launch some large scale efforts with far-reaching results, but the smaller projects she supports are equally important. Low-income seniors in the community have come to count on holiday time spent with GE volunteers; families know that their young children are safe in after-school programs; and teenagers are learning the responsibilities of earning and spending their money wisely. These individual projects—guided by Ms. Renwick and supported by GE—add up to improve the quality of life for many people here in Utah. Sincerely, Jon VanderStek Dean Hoffman President, Board of Trustees Executive Director Community Foundation for the Disabled Columbus Community Center

33: April 29, 2008 Mr. Tim Carfi, President and CEO GE Capital Financial, Inc. 6510 Millrock Drive, Suite 200 Salt Lake City, Utah 84121 Mr. Carfi, The Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake is a full service Housing Authority dedicated to assisting individuals, families, elderly, physically and mentally disabled residents who are low income. Along with many other programs, we currently own and operate 626 public housing units serving over 1,300 individuals and families in Salt Lake County. Volunteers play an integral role within our Agency helping us provide high quality programs and services within our Public Housing communities. We have been very fortunate to work with a strong core of volunteers with GE Capital Financial, Inc. and the skills and expertise they bring to our Agency is invaluable. One person whom has been an icon for community involvement for over a decade with our Agency is Myra Renwick. She has been one of the key drivers behind serving our elderly population, many of which have physical limitations, coordinating functions such as summer breakfasts, Christmas parties, flower planting and BBQ socials. Our Residents have benefited immensely from this service. As many studies have shown, social interaction plays an important role in aging adults. Rain or shine, Myra and her team of volunteers with GE Capital Financial, Inc. have shared their time and talents with those in which we serve ever validating their commitment to the community. We know that when people are engaged in their communities, they become healthier, happier and more committed to the public good. Myra has demonstrated this through her outstanding leadership, always going above and beyond expectations and seeking to inspire excellence and dedication in public service. Myra leads by example, is extremely humble and always professional in all that she does. We at the Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake value all of our volunteers and recognize the contribution and impact they make with those we serve. It has been an honor to know and work with Ms. Renwick. She is a beautiful person both inside and out and most deserving of recognition of her community involvement and many years of dedicated service. With Admiration, Sherrie Rico Housing Director

34: Glendale Middle School 1430 Andrew Avenue Salt Lake City, Utah 84106 (801) 974-8324 Mr. Tim Carfi CEO and President GE Capital Financial 6510 Millrock Drive, Suite 200 Salt Lake City, UT 84121 Dear Tim Carfi: I am writing to let you know how much Glendale Middle School appreciates the efforts Myra Renwick and GE Capital Financial have made to help our students over the past 11 years. With her input and support, we have been able to create and sustain a variety of projects and programs which serve students and families in the Glendale area. To list everything Myra has done to help Glendale over the years would require many pages. Here are just a few of the highlights. It was Myra who sat on the planning committee 11 years ago when we decided to hold a Multi-Cultural Program at Glendale Middle School to celebrate the diversity of our school, where over 25 languages are spoken and 30 nations are represented among the student body. Myra committed GE funds to the project and helped to implement getting things off the ground. Eleven years later, the Multi-Cultural Program is an annual event in the community, with nearly 300 Glendale students participating on a yearly basis. We have also appreciated the way Myra has helped to provide volunteers from GE Capital Financial for our summer school reading program. Every year we can count on having 30 GE volunteers working as mentors and reading tutors in our five-week summer school.

35: In the past year, Myra has spearheaded an exciting business education and financial literacy program at Glendale. Students take a course in developing and operating a business, and get a chance to put those lessons into practice by helping to run a shaved-ice business. Funding for the trailer and equipment used for the shaved-ice business was donated by GE Capital Financial. Students who participate in the program are able to earn a stipend as well as money for higher education. It is difficult to emphasize just how important Myra’s commitment, backed by GE’s support, has meant to the students of our school. Glendale is a Title I school where approximately 98 percent of the students come from low-income homes, 86 percent are classified as ethnic minorities, and 76 percent are learning English as a second language. Recently, refugees from Afghanistan, Somalia, Bosnia and Burma have added to the diverse, complex, “at-risk” student body. Because our students face many challenges, it is important that they have access to extra programs such as after-school academics, summer school, and Saturday school. We have been able to run these programs because of the support of Myra and GE Capital Financial. Thanks to the extra academic opportunities provided by these programs, our students have shown impressive academic gains in the past few years. We are proud of the successes we have seen at Glendale over the past 11 years, and we cannot imagine having those successes without the unwavering support Myra has provided to our school and its students. We cannot thank her enough. Best regards, Kathleen Curry Director of Community Education Glendale Middle School

36: Utah Association of Financial Services 60 South 600 East Suite #150 Salt Lake City, UT 84102 801-355-2821 Tim Carfi President & CEO GE Capital Financial Inc. 6510 Millrock Dr. Suite 200 Salt Lake City, UT 84121 April 30, 2009 Re: Recommendation of Myra Renwick for Philippe award Dear Mr. Carfi, We were pleased to learn of your nomination of Myra Renwick to receive the prestigious GE Phillippe award. Our understanding is that this honor recognizes leadership and a passion for service to those in need. We cannot think of a better recipient then Myra Renwick. The undersigned to this letter serve as staff to the Utah Association of Financial Services- an organization that represents various financial organizations, especially industrial banks chartered in Utah and Nevada. These financial institutions have an obligation to provide Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) qualified grants and loans to the communities where they are chartered. As the industrial bank presence grew in Utah, so did the need for a proactive vision of how these funds could be targeted to address the needs of the community in the most efficient manner. This required an individual willing to do more than just sign checks- someone engaged at the ground level with various charities, community organizations and other important activities. Also, it is somewhat easy for a large corporation to make a charitable contribution. However, it is difficult for a financial institution to develop a loan and grant program that satisfies the CRA requirements under the FDIC. This demands creativity and ingenuity, along with a keen business sense. Therefore, the industrial banks were in need of a business leader who was practical and compassionate, and knew the community well through hands-on service. We can state without hesitation, the banking community in Utah recognizes Myra as this person.

37: Myra's service on the Community Action Program Board of Directors and other nonprofit organizations gave her insight into the efficacy of various programs, and the true needs in the community. When various charitable organizations came to our Association soliciting CRA contributions, she was then able to formulate the mechanisms that could address the concerns, while satisfying their regulatory and business requirements. Simply throwing money at a problem was not Myra's method. Instead, she spent time with both the financial institutions and with the recipient entities, to develop programs that targeted problem areas to ensure there was meaningful impact and reform. Whether it is low income families struggling to find housing, indigent schoolchildren looking for assistance with the studies, help for disabled workers, grants and low-interest loans to small businesses, industrial banks have played a significant role in aiding Utahns who need it the most. Their impact has been significant because Myra was there working the details, ensuring the programs were effective. Myra’s formats for these programs were oftentimes copied by others, a true compliment to her. Because Myra does not seek the limelight or public recognition, many outside of the banking and nonprofit leadership arena are not aware of her significance. Myra is one of those rare quiet individuals, providing insightful guidance and leadership behind the scenes. Yet, success is predicated on her involvement. Notwithstanding Myra’s subtle ways, we can assure you that those who regulate financial institutions and determine public policy know of Myra Renwick. The Commissioner of the Department of Financial Institutions always praises Myra in public. Legislative leaders and members of the Governor’s Office often contact Myra for advice and counsel on how to solve a problem.Myra Renwick is a credit to GE Capital, and to the legacy of this important company. We endorse her nomination, and encourage the selection of Myra for this award. Sincerely, Douglas S. Foxley Frank R. Pignanelli Aimee McConkie

39: Guests, please sign:

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