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S: The Other Side Of The Table

FC: The Other Side Of The Table | Memorable Years at Sylvan

1: To Cathy: Over the years you have become an important part of my life. This scrap book is just a mere sampling of our time at Sylvan. It is always hard to say goodbye, but I know that it is time for you to touch the lives of others like you have touched my life. As sad as I am to see you leave, I know that you will shine brightly wherever your life takes you. Good Luck. Emanuel

2: I have so many wonderful memories when it comes to Cathy that it’s hard for me to name only a few. Cathy has become such a special part of my life and one of the truest and most inspirational friends that I could ever ask for. I truly feel that I am a better person knowing Cathy. If I sometimes find myself in a situation where I take a comment someone has said too seriously, or I take someone’s action too personally, and all I want to do is overreact or complain or say something I shouldn’t, I have to sit back and ask myself what would Cathy do in this situation. I do this because Cathy is such a warm, loving, compassionate person and the world needs more people like Cathy. Cathy is the one I turn to when I need some advice or words of wisdom or just someone to talk to and I feel blessed having a friend like her. Everything from our wonderful “Weekly Meetings” that took over an hour at least and about ten minutes of that time (if that) was devoted to actually meeting about Sylvan; our nice long runs; our very intense conversations about Edward and Bella’s relationship and our agreeing to disagree about being either a Jacob fan or an Edward fan; our Staff Nights Out; playing Apples to Apples; our constant discussions about nutrition and the famous quote “I’m trying to be good!”.These are only a few of the memories working with Cathy that will stay with me forever. I speak from personal experience when I say that I know how hard it must be for Cathy to leave Sylvan and Cathy has been with Sylvan for so many more years. The staff truly is like a family and I know that I am fortunate to have worked with such amazing people and I know Cathy must feel the same way. But when I heard that Cathy got this new job I knew instantly how perfect she would be for that job. Those kids are so lucky to have Cathy as their new teacher. So Cathy leaving Sylvan is just the end of a chapter in Emanuel’s book about Sylvan and she will go on to start a new chapter doing what Cathy was born to do, teach! Good luck Cathy! Love Always, Amy

3: teachers

4: Staff Night Out

5: You've Been Mel Gibsoned (and other staff shenanigans) | I don't know if Jimmy and Jessey ever found out what the cards really meant. I still haven't made a Molly Ringwald card | The Harry Potter staff adventure. | Leaving sticky notes everywhere. | Hiding the rubber snake. Any idea where it went? | We never made shirts for our Sylvan health club.

6: It Smells Worse Than a Fart! Mathew Russo is one of those children who will always remain in our hearts. I can still hear myself chanting "Mathew" in an attempt to get him back to work. My fondest memory though was when he went out to get some water and came back with his shoe off. Now had it been any other student, that would be a story by itself, but Mathew was not any other student. As he sat at the table, shoe still in hand, I asked him to put the shoe back on. Ignoring my request, Mathew brought the shoe up to his nose and took a big whiff. "It smells worse than a fart" he exclaimed with disgust. He then proceeded to shove the shoe in my face and said, "Smell it." I don't remember my response, but I do know that to this day I have not smelled any shoes. Another tale that epitomized Mathew was when he asked to go to the bathroom. Such a simple request, and yet that was just the beginning. Some students would have gone and come back with no incident. Some students wouldn't have even asked. As I have said before though, Mathew is not just any other student. He need to clarify to me why he had to go to the bathroom. "I have to fart." Such a simple statement that gave us powerful insight into what Mathews thought process was. He was trying to do the polite thing and not pass gas in company, but then he had to explain it which to him must have been perfectly fine. Mathew will be missed. Mathew is entering the 6th grade.

7: There have been so many other children who have left us with such wonderful memories. I printed out a list of students going back to 2007 to help me with this book. There were 597 students on it. Can you believe that? In a span of 3 years we saw about 200 students a year. Some came and went and only saw Sylvan as a bump in the road. Others though probably reflect upon their time here, like we do. I mean just look at Gordon. He misses it so much that he comes back to visit. Here are a few that will never be forgotten: CJ and his refusal to do a page because it had a girl on it. Or the nonchalant way he told us of how his brother took his fish for a walk, and then hit it with a spoon. Duncan with the ability to brighten up a room with his ebullient spirit. Just watching him skip into the office while humming would bring a smile to even the most cold hearted of people. The way he looks up as if seeking the answer to one of life's greatest questions, when all we asked him was how his day was. Trevor's innocence when he said, "Ms. Cathy, my mom said you were a real teacher." Colin McSherry loved Chicka Chicka Boom Boom so much that when his mom gave him the wrong snack it turned his frown upside down. He is now in the 5th grade Chris Polito will always be known as the student who looked the office door. He is now in the 5th grade. The list just goes on and on.

8: I'm Going Back In Time And Telling Steinbeck To Rewrite "Of Mice and Men" (The Summer of Ryan Schmitt) Where do I even begin. Let's start at the very beginning of summer when he broke his foot in the first week of vacation. He should have given up then cause things were just going to get worse. Ryan was attending BC Middle School, and after being there for 7th grade he decided that he would rather be with his friends at Hull middle school. He talked to his parents about it, and they said that if he managed to get the school to refund him the money they had paid for the upcoming year that he would not have to go. After weeks of contacting the school, Ryan finally wore them down and got the school to refund the money. His jubilation was short lived though for when he brought his success to his parents, his father said "I am going to be a parent and say that you still have to go." Ouch! To add insult to injury, Ryan's airsoft rifle broke and his father wouldn't get him a new one because Ryan was mad at him. There was also a whole fiasco with his Playstation, but I'm not going into that. What an awful summer for Ryan. Ryan is going into the 9th grade.

9: We Went Into The Museum, And Then Came Out! Daniel and our other special friends. What can I say about Daniel Khera that isn't already said when his name is mentioned. Every time he is brought up, all I can think about is how he would back into his parking space, and he would take forever to make sure that his parking job was perfect. I think our favorite Daniel moment was when he shared his report on his trip to Budapest with Hedwig. I wish I still had a copy of it. Chris Wilson will always be remembered as the IA who had his own agenda. Racing around the center on his chair, and serving up the books. "Hold the pickles". The best though was when Steve asked him to get a book, but Chris was too busy to do it. Jordan West was a student who we loved to work with, but sometimes she was a bit much. How many times did we have to explain to her that tokens were rewarding good work before finally giving up and not giving any to her. It was so painful though because of all the students we had, she deserved the tokens the most. Maybe one day she will learn to accept a persons gratitude for the work she has done.

10: Love Is In The Air Over the years we have speculated over who would make good couples. Here is a look at some of the students who have been touched by cupids arrows. Trevor and David Russell Evans and Kate Mullin Nick Coffee and Olivia Gauley Brian Keene and Mimi Manning Jessy Walters and Thomas Driscoll (really Jessey) Kelly Oberg and Emma Steinkraus (this was very one sided) Gordon Acha and anything on two legs Jimmy Walters and anything on two legs Matt Burt and anything on two legs These last there weren't going to limit themselves. They were going to spread the love.

11: If This Was An Episode Of Seinfeld | Chicken Noodle Soup Incident: Who goes to Friendly's for chicken noodle soup. Honestly! "NO SOUP FOR YOU" Wrong Name Incident My name is EMANUEL, not Edwardo (Edwaaado) Disgusting water filter incident It's almost as bad as dropping a toothbrush in the toilet.

12: Emanuel's Man Crush

13: Cathy's Girl Crush



17: How many conversations have we had about Harry Potter and Twilight?

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