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S: Who Am I (2011) By: Emmanuel Campos

FC: Who Am I

1: Who Am I | By : Emmanuel Campos | 2011

3: Emmanuel Campos born on December 24, 1995 People Born on my Birthday Ryan John Seacrest- Reality and game show host and radio personality Riyo Mori- Model and won Miss Universe 2007 Tony Rojas- Rapper and producer. Ricky Martin- Puerto Rican Singer Most Popular Songs Notorious B.I.G.- One More Chance Notorious B.I.G.- Big Poppa Mariah Carey- One Sweet Day Madonna- Bedtime Story TV Shows Frasier Seinfeld Friends NYPD Blue Top New Toys Care Bears GI-Joe Transformers Toy Story Books Released The Old Man and the Sea, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Makioka Sisters, Gun, With Occasional People, Academy Award Winners Forest Gump (Movie)- Best Picture Tom Hanks (Forest Gump)- Best Actor In Leading Role Jessica Lange (Blue Sky) - Best Actress in Leading Role US President Bill Clinton US Vice President Al Gore | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/December_24 | http://www.mtv.com/music/yearbook/index.jhtml?contentId=1536070&year=1995 | http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41QBsMrhAEL._SS500_.jpg | http://www.listafterlist.com/tabid/57/listid/388/TV/1995+Most+Popular+TV+shows.aspx | http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/upload/yuiupload/1760678412.jpg | http://bookcoverarchive.com/year/1995 | http://www.imdb.com/event/ev0000003/1995 | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Clinton | http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_was_the_vice_president_in_1995

5: 5 | Relics | 1. HTC Droid Eris | - This mobile device is very important to me because it is worth $600, it connects to my social networks as well as do my homework that involve files like Documents. This phone is also is where I have all my raps written down so if it were to get destroyed it would be bad. | 2. Friends | - The people I refer to friends are people who I know will be there for me when I need help or that I'll be there to help them. I just keep friends that I know will continue to be in my future and make a great impact in it as well. In this world most of the time is not what you know, it's who you know. | 3. My Mixtapes | - These will be the CD's I create. These would be memories of my past and they will also help me develop skills to improve my music and how well I perform in vocal ways. | 4. Self Opinions | - I will always consider that I can do anything I set my mind to. If I have goals I will continue to do anything I can to reach them. I have the persistence of a lion. | 5. People who have doubted me | - I will always remember these people. The people that said I could never be successful, girls that would ignore me, people that doubted my ways, people who would try to put me down, and people who knew I would be successful and try to bring me down.

6: Greatest Accomplishments | In the fifth grade my class was the first class to compete in the Caldwell County battle of the books and got first place in it. Holly, my friend, and I were in it and it's important to me because after to years they haven't won. | Getting accepted to Caldwell Early College High School. It is a great accomplishment because I realized what an amazing opportunity it is to be in this school. It helps you set yourself better to life than just a regular high school and you feel more comfortable with the students as well as the staff.

7: Thank You Letter of Reflection | Dear Oscar, I am very grateful that I met you. You have inspired me to do my best and I thank you for that. Many of your decisions have lead to my great ones. I remember I used to hate soccer. Then when we started to hang out more often and you would always play. It would look fun so then I decided to play. Your awesome skills made me want to play so now I strive to get better. Most of my music is heard by you. I would go record my music and then I let you listen so then you tell me if it sounds good. When I say I'm going to do something you push me harder by saying " You won't do it" so eventually I do it. You have taught me to pace myself and get stuff finished. Most importantly you taught me with hard work more things pay off. When you taught me how to play soccer you told me to keep practicing and I did. Now I play better and like playing. One thing you taught me was always get what you try to reach for. You have taught me important life lessons and once again I thank you. Sincerely, Emmanuel Campos

8: Living Links Interview | For this I decided to interview my cousin from Arizona. His life story was mostly based upon his rough times living in Arizona where he was gang affiliated, heart broken, and reconstructed his life. There was an immense amount of information that he shared with myself. I learned that he had a not so good life but after he moved to NC he had yet another chance to live better.

9: Genogram | Dad | Mom | 1960.... | 1966 | 2005 | Me | Sis | Born 1995 | Born 1991

11: Emmanuel- It comes from a Hebrew name meaning "God is with us." It also comes from the foretold name of the Messiah in the Old Testament. The name is most common in Europe, Spain, and Portugal. Campos- Portuguese: topographic name from campos ‘fields’, denoting someone who lived in the countryside as opposed to a town. Family Crest- No family crest | Origin Area- Spain Year of Immagration- 1980's 1800 Occupation- Fields or livestock

12: My Family Tradition | My favorite family tradition is when we all gather around for New Years Eve and eat, talk, laugh, have fun, and make a mess. The tradition was started ever since I was four years old. Then the rest of our family decided to go have a party at my aunt's house every year. Well it really helps us have together time with one another, have a time to have fun together in a healthy way, and it is a time to remember. This tradition could improve by getting the rest of the family from California to come and visit.

13: Family Recipe | Ingredients: 1pound of ground beef, cilantro, tortillas, corn oil, seasoning, chopped onions and salsa. | They are my dad's specialty. Like they my dad's tacos are the best. Every time he cooks I make sure I'm near the vicinity.

14: Technology Timeline

15: My Three Tech Favorites | HTC Droid Eris | Macbook Air | HDTV

16: 50 I Cans | 1. I can freestyle 2. I can talk very fast 3. Text in class and not get caught 4. Hack Smart phones 5. Not get nervous easily 6. Rap 7. Make people laugh 8. Play basketball 9. Sing 10. Talk a lot 11. Be Organized 12. Skateboard 13. Make friends easily 14. Keep my skin the same skin tone 15. Run fast 16. Run for 12min straight 17. Talk properly 18. Draw well 19. Over clock a computer's CPU 20. Make Youtube videos 21. Turn in my homework on time 22. Jump High 23. Eat really fast 24. Make my seat vibrate when I talk 25. Make tacos 26. Write 50 I cans 27. Dance 28. Speak two languages 29. Dye Someones hair | 30. Stop a fight 31. Play soccer 32. Make music 33. Be Serious 34. Be brave 35. Do my homework on the bus 36. Ride on a plane 37. Be at West Caldwell in the morning 38. Travel the World 39. Miss the bus 40. Spill a drink 41. Lie well 42. Read a long book 43. Read a schedule 44. Keep up with a schedule 45. Write neat 46. Make an awesome music playlist 47. Go without getting in trouble 48. Get slapped in the face 49. Get someone bus left | 50. Honest

17: 50 Favorites | 1. Ice Cream: cookie dough 2. Subject: math 3. Sport: Soccer 4. Food: Shrimp Lo Mein 5. Color: Red 6. Car: Bugatti 7. Show: Fantasy Factory 8. School: CECHS 9: Year in school: 7th 10: Movie: Dinner for Schmucks 11. Quote: Grab the bull by the horns 12. Video Game: Need for Speed 13. Day: Friday 14. Shoes: Nike's 15. Hair color: Brunette 16. Eye Color: Green 17. Personality: Outgoing 18. Song: I Want You by Trey Songz 19. Radio Station: 97.9 20. Cereal: Fruity Pebbles 21. Gum: 5 Gum 22. Person: My Best Friend 23. Class: P.E. 24. Animal: Cheetah 25. Twilight Person: Edward(o) | 26. Spot in House: Room 27. Word: Esse 28. Movie Genre: Scary 29. Place to Travel: Mexico City 30. All nighter area: Cousin's House 31. Candy: Starburst 32. Stuntman: Tony G 33. Brainstormer: Oscar 34. Ghetto Person: Monkey | 36. Phone: HTC Droid Eris | 35. Time for Homework: 5am | 37. Game Console: Xbox 360 38. Text Buddy: Bestfriend 39. Scientific Equation: e=mc2 40. Time of Day: Afternoon 41. Brand: South Pole 42. #: 3 | 43: Phone Carrier: Verizon | 44. Artist: Trey Songz 45. Chocolate: Snickers 46. Season: Winter 47. Time in school: Lunch 48. Game: Nervous Game 49. Thing not to do: Homework 50. On my 50 Favorites: Texting

18: Metaphor | "I'm at my prime when I'm a broken door" Means that when I'm down I'll eventually come back and fix what's wrong

19: Bio-Poem | I am Emmanuel I wonder what I will accomplish I hear people doubting me I see that it's my chance I want to take it I am Emmanuel I pretend to not listen I believe I will be the best I touch peoples hearts I feel it's my time to shine I worry about nothing I cry tears of wisdom I am Emmanuel I understand it may not happen I dream that it will I am the best

20: My Favorite Place | My favorite place to be is in the Jaguar my Dad owns. It is at my house. It is a Jaguar S-Type and it has silver place on the outside and has like a light colored leather. I write music when I am there because it is quiet. It is my favorite place because I can sing in there and people can't here me. It is special to me because it motivates me. I do not share this space with anyone else. I feel calm when I get in it and sometimes motivated. I return to the car to make more music

21: 1. Emmanuel 2. Hunter 3. Daniel 4. Ingrid | 1. Nic 2. Brandon 3. Sarah 4. Merissa | 1. Mrs. Bumgarner 2. Tyler 3. Zac | Circle: Enjoy comfortable, talktive, give advice, like to have fun | Square: Loyal, Hardworking, Detail oriented, organized | Triangle: Outspoken, focus on task, leaders, Enjoy Power | Squiggle: Optimistic, innovative, creative | 1. Kendra 2. Lauren 3. Sabrina 4. Caleb

22: Self- Image & Perception of others | What I think of me | What others think | Good looking, flirtatious, out going, funny, smart, happy sweet, fit, comforting, pretty awesome, rap good | Amazing, good heart, good rapper, funny, good singer, awesome rapper, suppa awesome, very musically inclined, awesome, beast, nice face, very good rapper, young man, and all around awesome | funny, rap good, awesome

23: Self-Portrait power point | https://docs.google.com/a/students.cccti.edu/present/edit?id=dxjqb9s_4frc9tsch&authkey=CN7rzvUM

24: My Carbon Footprint | A way that I can help reduce my carbon footprint is staying at home watching a movie with a group of friends. Also I would go outside and play a nice game of football with my friends from down the street. This reduces the uses of fossil fuels to go out somewhere.

25: My Interest Inventory | I like to read books about fantasy, adventure, and mysteries because it keeps me guessing and wanting to finish the book. I really prefer to read fiction books. I also prefer to read magazines than books because they have visual representations of what the subject. I am currently reading Uglies because my teacher has recommended the class to read it. My favorite book is To Kill a Mocking Bird. My favorite series of books is Harry Potter. I really don't have many books at my house. I think I have around 8 books. I would much rather watch TV then read books. I like to watch the movie of a book before reading the book to get a sense of what to understand. My favorite movie of all time is Transformers and Actor Megan Fox.

26: My Interests | 1. Music 2. Sports 3. Education | I want to Explore | 1. The U.S. 2. Ways to get to College 3. How to improve my singing | I like to Watch | 1. Jersey Shore 2. Soccer 3. People being Funny | I like to collect | 1. Mobile Devices 2. Shoes 3. Money | Hobbies | 1. Making Music 2. Hanging out with my friends 3. Listening to Music | Collections

27: Multiple Intelligences | Musical | Musical ability, awareness, appreciation and use of sound; recognition of tonal and rhythmic patterns, understands relationship between sound and feelings | Typical roles- musicians, singers, composers, DJ's, music producers, pianos tuners, acoustic engineers, entertainers, party- planners, environment and noise advisors, voice coaches | Bodily- Kinesthetic | body movement control, manual dexterity, physical agility and balance, eye and body coordination Typical roles- dancers, demonstrators, actors, athletes, divers, sports- people, soldiers, fire- fighters, PTI's, performance artistes, ergonomists, osteopaths, fishermen, drivers, crafts- people; gardeners, chefs, acupuncturists, healers, adventurers. | Interpersonal | perception of other people's feelings; ability to relate to others; interpretation of behavior and communications; understands the relationships between people and their situations, including other people | Typical roles- therapists, HR professionals, mediators, leaders, counsellors, politicians, educators, sales-people, clergy, psychologists, teachers, doctors, healers, organizers. carers, advertising professionals, coaches and mentors; ( there is a clear association between this type of intelligence and what is now termed "Emotional Intelligence" or EQ

29: My Wildest Dream | My wildest dream is to become a famous rapper or get in the music industry. This is my dream because it's something I find very interesting and I like doing it so it really isn't like work it's more like having fun and getting recognized for what you like doing. I would like to achieve my dream by December 24, 2017. I also have to be looking at other options, but I will be focused on my music from now until that date. My obstacles would be other rappers that are more experienced than I am, not being able to record music, not being noticed, people putting me down, people rejecting my work, and not having the money to produce music. To overcome these obstacles, I need to work my hardest and not care about how people feel about me. I only care about me and judge no other and will continue doing what I do. That is my wildest dream.

32: Letter To Myself Now | Dude this is you and I'm here to tell you that whatever you accomplished that it was worth it. In 5th grade your year was the first year to compete and win first place in Battle of the Books. You did not get in any trouble in 8th grade. In the middle of 8th grade you finalized the Over Freestyle you started with. Now in the 9th grade you attend CECHS and you finished your first CD. | I would like improve on my singing and my vocals. I want to improve the way I rap or how I use my vocabulary. I would not want to reduce my grades lower than a B-. I plan to sing more often to sound better. I will also try to make more sense in my raps. | Emmanuel Campos

33: Letter To Myself When I am 50 | You my friend by now are about 50. You graduated from ASU and you work as a music producer. You have influenced your nephew and son to be in the music industry. You live in Lake Hickory in a big house. You own a 2058 Jaguar and Mercedes sedan for the wifey. You are married. You got married at the age of 33. You have two kids and they are both boys thankfully. You have no pets because they make messes and I don't want to get my house messy. Emmanuel Campos

34: Self-Reflection of Who Am I | I enjoyed that I learned many things about myself. My favorite parts are important things when I was born, my favorite tech items, and my bio-poem. I wouldn't do anything different. But I would take out the part with the recipe. I thought it was pretty boring

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