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S: Who Am I 2011

FC: True Love Lasts Forever

2: August 21, 1996- I was born July 4th 2008- me and my mom moved from New Jersey to come to North Carolina. July 2008- My mom found out that she was pregnant with her 3rd child. February 26 2009- My brother A'Ziah was born. June 10 2010-Promoted to the 9th grade. August 10 2010-First day at CECHS November 2010- My cousin Keith(duka) was shot and killed. May 25th 2011- Last day of School | Life Timeline

3: Cool Stuff That Happen On My B-Day | Tahirah Hathaway Born: August 21 1996 | 1996 Headlines 1-The Panther's Tale : Johnny Spain Is Recounting the Story of His Life--From Unwanted Child to Convicted Killer to Political Activist(August 20,1996) 2-Boy Rescued by Gorilla Recovering( August, 20 1996) August 21 B-days 1- Hayden Panettiere, American actress, model and singer 2-Jamia Simone Nash, American singer and actress 3-Brody Jenner, American actor | Popular Songs 1-One Sweet Day: Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men 2-Tha Crossroads: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony 3-California Love, 2Pac Popular Tv Shows 1-Save By The Bell 2-Married With Children 3-Sister Sister Popular Books 1-The Notebook-By Nicholas Sparks 2-Under the Tuscan Sun-By Frances Mayes 3- Into the Wild- By Jon Krakauer | Academy Award Winners 1-Tom Cruise: Jerry Maguire 2-Brenda Blethyn: Secrets and Lies 3-Lauren Bacall:The Mirror Has Two Faces | Toys 1- Baby Go Bye Bye 2-Jumanji Game 3-Nintendo 64 | Prices 1-Gas: $1.29/gal 2-Milk: $2.72/gal 3-Bread: $0.88/loaf | US President Bill Clinton US Vice President Al Gore

4: Pictures | Tweetybird Blanket | I had this blanket since I was little. Its has my favorite cartoon character on it and it means a lot to me.

5: Middle School Year Book | Because it shows all the memories from middle school. So one day I can look back at those days and remember them. | Bugs Bunny Stuff Animal | Because its really cute and bugs bunny was one of my favorite cartoon animals. Its looks like a girl bunny with a space costume on. | Pictures from when i was a baby to a toddler to now is important to me because I get to look back at the years that maybe I couldn't remember, but looking at these photo's can help. | My Nameplate Necklace | This right here is one of my favorite pieces of jewrly. Even though I only had it since last Christmas, it means a lot to me. If I was to loose it or something I would cry.

6: Greatest Accomplishment: | Getting into CECHS. Because now I have a better chance of going to a college. And I got the chance to meet new people and make new friends, and is still close with my other friends.

7: Thank you letter: to my G-ma | Dear Nanny, I know i probably just got through talking to you last night on the phone, since i talk to you everyday. My English teacher gave us an assignment where we had to write a letter thanking someone who has influenced us, and you just happened to be the person I wanted to write and thank. From the day i was born, you've always spoiled and been there for me. Do you remember when I was at Stillman Elementary School in the 5th grade, and I had gotten in a fight with that boy, and they had suspended me? My mom was at work so they called you to come get me. I was so scared because I knew my mom to be mad, but you saved me from getting my butt whopped by saying you already did it. Growing up I've seen you and my mom struggle through some things, not too bad but it wasn't ok. Through it all, you stayed strong and kept it moving, and with that you made me a stronger person. Some people don't have a grandmother like i do:kind-hearted, hardworking, generous and loving . Everybody that knows you, know you from being that kind,strong,woman, and from your cooking. (: I can tell you how much you've done for me and how much I love you, but that still wouldn't be enough for you to know how much you truly mean to me . You helped and influenced me in so many ways that now I just want to say thanks. Love Tahirah

8: Interview | I interviewed my grandmother Mildred Powis. Before I interviewed her i thought that I knew everything about her, but after the interview I learned more things. Like recently she finally got a divorce from her ex-husband and how out of her brothers and sisters she was the first to get her high school diploma. Me and my grandmother was always close but doing this interview made us a lot closer.

9: Genogram | 80 | 96 | ===== | 01 | 09

11: EXPLORING MY NAME AND FAMILY HISTORY | Tahirah Meaning-Pure and Virtuous Gender-Female Hathaway Meaning- Hope, loyalty in love | Place of origin- England Jamaica Ireland Germany Gbery Mchester United stares of America | Year Of Immigration to the United States | 1851 | Life expectancy | 80 years | Top Occupation-1800 Farmer Keeping House Laborer Blacksmith Farming | Civil War Veterans 113 Confederate 793 Union 906 Combined

12: My family tradition is that on Christmas Eve me and my brother gets to open up at least one of our gifts. This tradition started last year(2009) Christmas Eve because it was my brother's first Christmas and i wanted to open up one of our gifts. | Family Tradition

13: One of my family recipes is chicken and dumplings with white rice. This happens to be one of my favorite dishes. The first time I tried it I loved it. | Ingredients: 1 poundChicken legs(drumsticks) pepper salt soul food seasoning All purpose flour butter 1/2 cup of cooking grease | Steps: 1-boil a pot of water with the chicken in it. 2-Add the seasonings you want to put in it.(salt, butter, pepper, soul food seasoning etc) 3-after the chicken is tender take it out of the pot and peel it off of the bone. 4- make little balls out of the flour using a little bit of grease. 5-Put the dumplings and pieces of chicken scraps in the pot.(same pot you been using) 6-let the chicken and dumplings cook a little more for about 10-15 minutes or until the juice boils down) 6-eat it | Ps: we like to eat our meal with white rice | Family Recipe

14: Technology Timeline | Play Stations | September 9, 1995 | November 4, 2003 | November 1, 2004 | November 17, 2006

15: 3 TECH FAVS | -Laptop because I"m addicted to the Internet and I like to see whats goin on in the world | -Mp3 Player This is one of my favorites because I love listening to music | -Phone so i can stay in touch with Family and Friends | 3 TECH FAVS

16: 50 I Cans | -dance -sing in the shower -text | --be your best friend -be the person you can't stand - make you laugh | -double dutch -make friends -Cook( Microwavable) | -Tell jokes -be the most lovable person | -shop jerk -watch tv -sleep -tie my shoe | -color -take pictures -Dougie -spell\ -talk -jog | -brush my teeth -do my hair paint my toes ride a bike say Hola | --high-5 people | -try to rap -ride a four wheeler -make a grilled cheese sandwich -put on makeup | -hop-scotch -be creative -dress my self -make stupid | -use the Internet | -babysit -look crossed eyed -mess up at times | stand on one foot | -play x-box 360 | -count | -breath | -have fun | -decorate | -laugh | -be rude | -write 50 i cans!!!!!!!! | -walk | make you laugh

17: play x-box 360 | 50 favorites | green | yellow | coco puffs cereal | sprite mixed with grape koolaid | cellphone | dorney park | Mc Donald's | jolly ranchers | Jordans | jordans | jinc ent. | new boyz | Drake | Lil Wayne | nicki minaj | Lakers | Mexican Food | Snicker bar ice cream | vanilla and chocolate ice cream | shopping | glow in the dark silly bands | skinny jeans | jewelry | sundrop | Travis Porter | power rangers | Haters | Football | Chap stick | Butter pecan Ice cream | Nikes | Baby Doll Shoes | Rainy Days | Pink(body mist) | TweetyBird | Sleep | Middle School | Shrimp | Rue 21 | Jersey Shore | Hannah Montana | 106 & Park | Family Guy | Secret Life Of The American Teenager | Tyra Show | French Vanilla Cappuccino | Chris Brown | Grey Eyes | Indigo Vanity | English people ascents | Sea Side Heights | Myspace | Red Gatorade

18: Creating A Metaphor | When I am at my best as a Friend, I am like a helping hand.

19: Bio Poem | I am Tahirah -I wonder if there really are aliens living today -I hear people talking about the football game tonight -I see that the world would someday come to peace -I want a French vanilla cappuccino I am Tahirah -I pretend to like things when i really don't -I believe that one day there would be a end to violence -I touch this keyboard as I type this poem -I feel like lifes gonna get better -I worry if tomorrows going to be better then today -I cry when im scared I am Tahirah -I understand that in the world you'll have people that dislike\you -I say that those people make me who I am today -I dream about me one day marrying Chris Brown :P I am Tahirah (: | I am who I am

20: My FaVoRiTe pLaCe! | My Room! | -Is my favorite place because its one of the rooms in my house that i can call my OWN! Its very colorful. I have one walk in closet. One double wide window,one big dresser,one night stand, tv, and my bed. i sleep in there, get dress in there, i watch tv, listen to music in there, I basically spend most of my time in my room. A lot of people always seem to ease their way into my room even though i don't want them in there (: -When ever I'm in my room i feel like since its my room and i can tell people whether or not they can come in there, and since all my personal stuff is in there then it makes me feel like i have power lol (: So that gives me a reason to come back everyday. That and because my bed is in there!

21: Mikayla Zane Valerie\ Craig | Alana | Emily | Ty | Pedro | Brianna | Catlynn | nice, friendly | outgoing | Like to have fun | Out spoken | Hardworking | Loyal | Responsible | Jocob,Danielle, Johnnie,Kenzie | Creative | Emotional | Optimistic | Personality Shapes

22: My Self Image | -Funny -Drama-Free -Pretty -Cool -Hard-worker -Nice(at times) -Easy to get along with | -Funny -love your style -cool -smart -awsome hair -awsome -nice -pretty -love your necklace -very crazy | What I think of me | What Others think

24: Carbon Footprint | One way me and my family could cut down emissions is not always driving a car to the places e go. If the store or a friends house is close to where we live we can walk sometimes And for me personally sometimes I sleep with the tv on so another way i can cut back is before I goto sleep I could turn it off.

25: Reading Interest Inventory | I like to read fantasy and fiction books. | I prefer fiction books over non-fictions. | I like to read short stories more then novels.(except twilight saga) | I like to read both magazines and books. | No I am not reading a book at the moment. | One of my favorite books is Begging For Change. | My favorite series is the Bluford High series | I have about 12 books at home. | Sometimes when I'm not doing anything on the weekend i'll goto the library. | I prefer tv over reading. | I like to read a book first and then watch the movie. | My favorite movie of all time is Love&Basketball | My favorite tv star is snooki and J-wow. | When i'm not in school i like to hang out with y friends.

26: Hobbies, Interest, and Collections | Interests -exploring new things -education -meeting different types of people | Collections -finger nail polish -jewelry -shoes | Hobbies -hanging out with my friends -texting -watching football | Things I like to watch: -jersey shore -BET -Movies | Things i like to explore: -the world -different people -cultures

27: Multiple Intelligences | Top 3 Intelligences Linguistic-writes a set of intructions good. Can either be a lawyer or writer. Musical-singer or muscian. Likes to sing. Body Kinesthetic-dancers. Likes to play sports.Juggles etc.

29: My Wildest Dream! | My wildest dream is to become a the worlds best Pediatrician. I won't be like the other children doctor I will be the best. I'll even work with celebrity's kids. That is my wildest dream because every since I've been asked what it was that I weanted to do when i grew up, my answer was to work with babies. And i don't want to be like any other Pediatrician, I want to be the best at what I do. I want to achieve my dream by the time I get out of college. My obstacles are school and age. To overcome these obstacles I need to graduate from college with a degree in medical

30: Exploring My Name | Name:Tahirah Meaning:Pure and Virtuous

32: Dear Tahirah, I am very proud of you. I heard you crossed the swinging bridge on your to Grandfather Mountain. Your starting to enjoy your new school more and more.. So maybe you'll change your mind about going to West next year (: . Your starting to meet new people but , your also not forgetting about your other friends either. Since you still get the chance to see them a lot. I also heard your wanting to try out for West's volleyball team. Good. You should keep up the good work. Which means for you not to be getting in trouble, worrying about others and their problems and other things thats going to keep you from living your life and not accomplishing you dreams. Your such a good person and have a good head on your shoulders so i want to see you do good. | Love Tahirah | LETTER TO MYSELF

33: LETTER TO MYSELF AT 50 YEARS OLD | Dear Tahirah, I am so proud of you. I heard you graduated from A&T University and became a pediatrician. And speaking of kids, you now have 2 kids a boy and girl named Ma'Asia and Ha'san? And your married. Wow I thought you said you wasn't going to get married (: . Maybe sometime this summer I'll come visit you in Miami. Or you can come visit me. Since you got you a Range Rover. I remember when we was kids you you'll always say one day imma be driving one of those. Now look, everything you said you would do you did and you went beyond your doings. I just wanted to say i love and miss you. See you soon. Love, Tahirah PS. You made it to 50 (:

36: Self Reflection | The best part of doing Who Am I was that it was really the only thing we did in Seminar. My favorite pieces were exploring your name and cool things that happened on your birthday, because with both projects I found out things that i didn't even know. One thing that i would do different is spending my time wisely and not doing things at the last minute because there were a lot of pieces that had to be done and I wasn't even close to finishing. The pieces that I would take out are reading interest inventory and self portrait power-point. I think that Who Am I was one of my favorite projects because I got the chance to learn things about my self and others.

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