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S: Who Am I?

FC: Who Am I? | By: Madison Raby

1: Who Am I? | By: Madison Raby

2: Exploring My Name | Madison Raby | "Madison" means "Son of Maud." It can be translated to "Matthew." It also means "Daughter of a soldier | My family's top occupation in the 1800's was farming. | "Raby" means "One who came from or lived near Raby." | My life expectancy is about 68. | My family's year of immigration to the U.S. was around 1630. | My family's place of origin is County Durham, England

3: Cool Stuff | Name- Madison Hayes Raby Birthday- March 21, 1996 | Most Popular Songs: "Because You Loved Me" "Scooby Snacks" "Macerena" "Down" | Most Popular TV Shows: "Seinfeld" "Friends" "60 Minutes" "E.R." | New Books Released: The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Meyes | Academy Award Winners: Tom Cruise Brenda Blethen Cuba Gooding Jr. Joan Allen | President: Bill Clinton Vice President: Al Gore | Prices: Gas- $1.22 Stamp- $0.32 Bread- $1.15 Milk- $2.72 House- $118,200 Car- $16,300 | People Born On My Birthday: Rosie O'Donnell- Comedian/Actor Gary Oldman- Actor Matthew Broderick- Actor Johann Sebastian Bach- Composer | Top New Toys: Tickle Me Elmo Polly Pocket Buzz Lightyear Megatron

4: Carbon Footprint Our world is becoming more and more damaged by carbon emissions. We can all help to reduce this problem. We can start by doing something as simple as changing our light bulbs to be more energy efficient. We can use less water and recycle. Simple changes can go a long way and mean a lot.

5: Five Relics Ruby slippers- When I was little I loved the Wizard of Oz, and I wore those shoes all the time. Lee Middleton doll- I named her Lucy. She was given to me when my sister was born. Vanilla Head- She was a baby I got when I was little, and I thought her head smelled like vanilla. My great-grandmother got it for me. Bears- They were my mom's when she was little. They are dressed up as characters. Mural- My room was themed like the wizard of oz for a while and we paid a man to paint a scene from the Wizard of Oz with my face as Dorothy.

6: Greatest Accomplishment | My greatest accomplishment would probably be in chorus. I was accepted into the North Carolina Middle School Honors chorus. It is very tough to make and only about 15% percent of people who audition make it. My chorus teacher, Ms. January, helped me get in. I made it in both seventh and eighth grade. I worked on it at school and my house, and the concert was in Greensboro. I have lots of things that I succeed in, but this was harder to achieve.

7: My Wildest Dream | I have never really had a specific dream, but if I had to have one it would be to win the lottery and marry someone rich. I would have a house with and indoor and outdoor pool. It would have a hot tub and a tanning bed. It would have 15 bathrooms. It would be located right beside the beach. My room would be enormous and would have a huge balcony overlooking the ocean. I would live there all the time without a care in the world. It is my dream, because I love to be totally relaxed. It will be hard to achieve this goal, because it is very difficult to win the lottery and to find a man who is rich and also very nice who I would actually want to live with. To achieve this goal, I will have to buy lots of lottery tickets and spend some time on :)

8: Genogram | 1994 | 1996 | 1998 | 1968 | 1969

9: Hobbies Skiing Tanning Singing | Collections Wheat pennies Wizard of Oz things Two-dollar bills | Interests Church Music Food | Madison's hobbies, interests, and collections | Things I like to watch House MTV American Idol | Things I like to explore New songs The internet My opportunities

10: Family Tradition | Every year on Valentines Day, my family goes to the zoo. We drive to Columbia, South Carolina and stay over night at the Embassy Suites Hotel. The four of us always go to the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden. The zoo isn't quite as interesting as it was when I was little, but it's still fun since I can spend time with my family.

11: Family Recipe | Sausage Bread | - One can of dough - One tbsp. of olive oil - 3/4 lb. of Italian sausage - One cup of onion - One tsp of garlic - 1/2 tsp. of crushed red pepper - 3 tbsp. of fresh basil leaves - Two tbsp. of parsley - 1 1/2 cups of mozzarella cheese - One egg - Two tsp. of water | Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Heat the olive oil over medium high heat. Brown the sausage in a frying pan. Add onion into the pan until it's soft. Add garlic and crushed red pepper and cook for one minute, then remove from heat and add parsley and basil. Next, stretch the dough out on to a pan. Pour the sausage mixture onto the dough. Then mix the egg and water together. Add cheese on top and brush with sausage and egg mixture. Pinch the edges of the dough together through the whole length of the dough, covering the sausage. Brush the egg and water mixture on top of the dough. Bake for 35-40 minutes, seam-side down.

12: Motorola Razor V3 2004 | iPhone 2007 | Motorola StarTac 1996 | Nokia 8210 1999 | Nokia 5510 2001 | PalmOne Treo 2003 | Technology Timeline

13: Favorite Electronics | Cell Phone- I use it everyday to communicate and entertain me. iPod- I listen to my iPod touch all the time. I just really love music Laptop- I use it to get on Facebook and the Internet.

14: Play Piano Ski Sing Cross my Eyes Roll my tongue Make cereal Be a Christian Count in Spanish Sleep Go to School Make straight A's Be a good friend Go to church Have a facebook Open my locker Eat Make friends Have a dog Clean my room Ride a bike Tie my shoes Brush my teeth Write Entertain myself Relax | Listen to music Dream big Be myself Go to CECHS Swim Be happy Type Run Talk too much Be an American Say my ABC's backwards Forget things Procrastinate Be hyper Spend money Read Be awesome Be clumsy Play guitar Text Dance Be honest Love people Drive a car Straighten my hair | What I Can Do

15: My Favorite Things | Phone iPod Silent Library Eminem Skillet Twix Pizza Mountain Dew Dr. Pepper Friends Green The Notebook Dogs Family God Church Blue Driving America Cookies Zebra stripes Long Hair Chewing gum Blue jeans Flip flops | Rainy Days Texting Pictures Coke Roses The beach Skiing Swimming Sleeping late No school Ice cream Skittles Oreos Looking good Braces Tanning Life Australia My birthday Christmas Orange Math July Golden retrievers Summer

16: Metaphor | When I am at my best as a friend, I am the band aid that helps heal the hurt when they fall.

17: I am Madison I wonder about my future I hear music I see lots of friends around me I want to be unique I am Madison I pretend to be worry-free I believe in God I touch the sky when i really try I feel happy I worry about our world I cry when I'm sad I am Madison I understand my religion I say my prayers I dream at night I am me

18: My Favorite Place | My favorite place to go is my room. That is where I go to relax. My room is in the upstairs of my house at the end of the hall. It has a queen sized bed in the middle. The whole room is black, white, and red. I go in there to get away from the world. I'll turn up my music and just lay there and relax. I love being in there, because it is mine. I don't have to share it with anyone. I'm usually happy in there but I go no matter what mood I'm in. I will always go back there.

19: Personality Shapes | Casey Katelyn Jenna | Hays Mena Teal Brandy | Aaron Cesar Katherine Kirkland | Madison Amber James Emily | Caregiver | Loyal | Organized | Structured | Hard-Worker | Loves to Have Fun | Sensitive | Talkative | Leaders Confident Competitive Enjoys Having Power | Creative Emotional Disorganized Optimistic

20: Awesome | My hair | I'm nice. | Nice | Pretty hair | Awesome | Helpful | Awesome | Nice | Funny | Funny | Cute shoes | Pretty face | Stylish | Pretty | Pretty hair | Cute smile | Sweet | Funny | Beautiful | Pretty | Cute | Pretty hair | Good pet owner :) | Awesome mother | Venn Diagram

21: Multiple Intelligences | My top intelligence was musical. This just means that I learn the best about musical stuff or I learn better through music. Singer - Entertainer - Musician The second is interpersonal. I am more of a friendly person, and don't like to be by myself. Teacher - Doctor - Leader The third intelligence was linguistic. I learn better when I say things out loud. Writer - Lawyer - Editor

22: Thank you Letter | Dear Gwyn, You have always been an inspiration to me, so when my English teacher asked us to write a letter to someone the first person i thought of was you. I know that at I'm really crazy and I'm never really serious, but thank you for putting up with me. You helped me to be a better Christian every day you taught our class. You took us on many trips, and provided me with a lot of memories. I really loved Carowinds, the beach, and passing out at Winterjam. You were the only youth pastor I've ever had but i know you're the best. There have been times when you convinced me to do the right thing without even knowing. I know that no one will ever be able to really take your place, but I will respect whoever the new youth pastor is. I have known you for almost my whole life, and I have always looked up to you and your youth. Everyone at church loves and misses you. It's hard seeing your office so empty, but we will get through this crisis at church. We all hope to see you really soon. I love you. Love, Madison

23: Reading Interest Inventory | I prefer fiction over non-fiction, novels over short stories, and books over magazines. | I like to read mysteries, adventure stories, fantasies, and detective stories. | I have a lot of books at home. We own at least 100. | I prefer TV over reading, and I like to see the movie first. | I don't have a favorite TV show but I do like to watch House, Glee, and MTV. | I do not have a favorite author or a favorite movie star. | When I'm not in school I like to hang out with my friends or go to church. | I do not have a reading group. I used to go to the library a lot but I don't very often anymore. | I am reading Romeo and Juliet right now. It is a class assignment. My favorite book of all time is probably The Notebook.

24: Letter to Myself | Dear Me, You are a very successful person. You have lots of friends and make good grades in school. It is great that you got accepted to the Early College. I don't know what you are planning on doing for the rest of your life, but I hope you figure it out soon. I know you love to procrastinate, and you wish you would stop. You have many faults, but that's what makes you who you are. You are a great Christian. Always remember to stay strong in your faith and to be nice. I love you. Love, Me

25: Letter to myself when I'm 50 | Dear Older Self, I really hope you have a nice life. I hope you have kids and a husband. I have always wanted my own family. I'm sure you have pets. You have a golden retriever who stays inside. I'm not really sure what your job is, but i really hope you're happy with it. It really bothers me when people are miserable in their jobs, but they have to keep it so they have food. I know you went to a nice college and made your time there worthwhile. I'm sure you are successful in your life because you are determined to make something of yourself. I will always love you. Love, Me

26: Life Timeline | November 26, 1998- Meredith was born | 2002- I was baptized | 2004- I had my first piano lesson | 2001- I started school | March 21, 1996- I was born. | 2010- I started high school at CECHS

27: Interview | I interviewed Judy Raby, who is my paternal grandmother. When I conducted the interview I learned a lot about her. I learned about her childhood, her interests, and her opinions. Mawmaw is a truly great person.

28: Time Capsule | My biggest hope for the future is that Christianity will be a more dominant religion. I wish that everyone would know and accept God's word. My biggest fear is that we won't have any religious freedom at all. | If I could change one thing about our world today, It would be all the hate. It would be so much easier to live if we could all just get along and be nice. | I think that in the future, someone will invent a vehicle that can take you anywhere. It could go on land, air, and water

29: Self Reflection | I really liked making this book. I was able to learn a lot of things about myself that I wouldn't have known before. I really liked researching my family history, because I have always wondered where I came from. If I had to take out anything it would probably be the personality shapes, because I don't think it's actually true. Overall, I thought making this book was worth my time. I am glad I got to do it.

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