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S: Catlynn's WHO AM I? by: C.M.H.

FC: WHO | AM | I ?

1: Who am I by:Catlynn Hartis

2: Life Timeline | BIRTH- August 14, 1996 7:36pm | August 2001 started kindergarten Granite Falls Elmentry | 2002 Fractured elbow | Started middle school August 25 2007 | August 10,2011 Started High School | Outer Banks may 10-13 2011 | My life timeline is short due to an uninteresting life | Myrtle Beach June 2011

3: Multiple Intelligences | Top 3 intelligences 1. Linguistic 2.Spatial-Visual 3.Interpersonal | 1. words and language, written and spoken; retention, interpretation and explanation of ideas and info. via language. | 2. visual and spatial perception; interpretation and creation of visual images. | 3. perception of others feelings; ability to relate to others. | #1 Skill in the use of words for expressive and practical purposes Skill in reading Ability and interest in writing Skill in oral communication.

4: Catlynn's Life | Steve Martin | Magic Johnson | Comic, Actor | Basketball | Novelist | Danielle Steel | Stanley McChrystal | Military | Catlynn Mary Hartis | August 14, 1996 | Famous People born on my | Birthday | U.S. President U.S. Vice President | Al Gore | Bill Clinton | 1996 | Aug 16 - C F Durman & B M Ewen-Smith discover asteroid #8225 Aug 17 - Soyuz TM-24, launched into orbit Aug 18 - A Nakamura discovers asteroid #7206 Shiki Aug 18 - Emilee Klein wins LPGA Weetabix Women's British Golf Open Aug 18 - K Watanabe discovers asteroid #7365 Sejong | Top Headlines for the week August 14 1996 | Best Picture: The English Patient Directed By Anthony Minghella Best Actor: Geoffrey Rush in Shine Best Actress: Frances Mcdormand in Fargo | Academy Award winners | of '96

5: | | | | | | '96 Happy Holiday Barbie Mattel | Sesame Street Tickle Me Elmo | Pet Doctor Barbie Doll Mattel | Jeep Wrangler Power Wheels | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Average Cost of new house $118,200.00 | Loaf of Bread $1.15 | Average cost of new car $16,300.00 | US Postage Stamp 32 cents | Cost of a gallon of Gas $1.22 | Heartspark Dollarsign - Everclear Down - 311 Santa Monica - Everclear Walking Contradiction - Green Day | Top 5 songs of '96 | "THE ENGLISH PATIENT", "Fargo", "Jerry Maguire" "Secrets and Lies" "Shine | top 5 movies | Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding | Best Book sellers of '96 | Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells | Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer | The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks | Prices | Top 5 TV shows | Friends | The X-Files | Star Trek: Voyager | ER | N.Y.P.D. Blue | dmaire

6: 5 relics | Sleepy Kitty | Puka shell necklace | It was my moms when she was little,and she gave it to me when I turned 10. | My old snow boots. | I got her on my second birthday. I used to sleep with it. | I got them in fourth grade. My mom says that they are hideous and she tries to donate them often. I refuse, because I love them and they still fit! | Fluffernutter | I got her in 5 grade,(after Ham Ham) I worked hard trying to make straight A's on my report card. I had been wanting a hamster for a long time. She lived a good long life. | My bed spread. | My mom made me a quilt out of my favorite old T-shirts. She worked really hard on it, so I can feel the love she has in it when I sleep with it.

7: Greatest Accomplishment | My greatest accomplishment was getting into the Early College High School. | In eighth grade they gave us a tour of the Early college and told us what they did there. when I went home after school that day I told my parents that I wanted to attend high school at the early college. They told me it would be a lot of work, but they supported me through it. We filled out the paper work and I turned it in. | Soon people at my school were receiving their acceptance letters. Every day after school I'd rush to the mailbox in search for my letter. Weeks passed and my mom told me to stop worrying about the letter, and eventually i got used to the idea of going to South Caldwell instead. | Then one day after school I was in my moms car and she asked me what I thought of Early college ad if I was still intrested in going. I told her that I thought it was a very cool place and a great opportunity, but I didn't make it. She told me that they called and I was accepted.

8: You are now 50 years old Catlynn. You have written this when you were 14 years old. Are you married, if so to who. Did you have children or adopt Are you a dentist? If not what did you do. What college did you go to, was it ASU. | Dear Catlynn, | Dear Catlynn, | You are 14 years old. You are going through a difficult time now, but you will make it. I promise. You will fall in and out of love. Remember that your friends are there for you.

9: Dear Gill, | In my Language Arts class, my teacher Miss Sims is having us write to those that have changed our lives. We have known each other for over nine years, although we have only talked to each other since sixth grade. | We meet in first grade through girl scouts. You never spoke three words to me until sixth grade. Your silence amazed me. We have become best friends since then. We meet in sixth grade when we got stuck in the same P.E. class. You Jenna, Ansley and I were grouped together due to the fact we had no athletic ability. | I hope that we stay friends for a very long time. We have gone through some hard times together. i hope we see each other soon. Sincerely, Catlynn

10: MY NAME Catlynn Mary Hartis | First | Middle | Last | C is for Complex A is for Articulate T is for Thrilling L is for Likeable Y is for Young N is for Neglected N is for Neat | I can' find anything on my first name. My mom says she named me after one of her best friends thats name was Kitty. And her middle name was Lynn | The place of my ancestors origin is said to have been: England Scotland Germany | Is said to mean bitter, rebellious,mother, star of the sea and complex. | 11 Hartis' were in the Confederates. 1 served in Union. | Most were farmers

11: My favorite family tradition is making cookies for Christmas. Every year my grandma Judy and I get out the old family cookbook and use it for the recipes. After we bake the cookies we send most of them away to relatives for their Christmas gifts. The cookies take a very long time to make so we only do this once a year. It would be a lot better if we had easier cookie recipes. | MY | TRADITION

12: HOLUPKI | her recipe

13: GENOGRAM | Catlynn Mary Hartis 08/14/96 | Richard Dean Hartis jr. 02/17/64 | Carol Lynn Zelinski | 10/02/68

14: My 3 Tec Favs. | I love to watch TV. I mainly watch the food network to find new and interesting recipes. | i listen to my ipod all the time and it has my favorite thing, music | I love to go on the computer. | Linguistic Skill in the use of words for expressive and practical purposes Skill in reading Ability and interest in writing projects such as poems, stories, books, or letters Skill in oral communication for persuasion, memorization, and description

15: 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2010 | 2011 | iTunes digital jukebox software introduced Apple presents iPod | second generation iPod | Third-generation iPod | iPod mini. | iPod shuffle | New iPod nano colors new iPod shuffle. | iPhone iPod shuffle in five colors Apple unveils iPod touch. | new iPhone 3G. | new iPod touch. The new iPod nano new iPod shuffle | iTunes Store tops 10 billion songs sold 275 million iPods sold | 250 million iPods sold | 197 million iPods sold 5 billion songs sold | 88 million iPods sold 1 billionth song sold | 42 million iPods sold 1/2 a billion songs | 10 million iPods sold 200 million songs | ipad 2

16: 50 I Cans | cook put on make-up | bungie jump tube | read swim | play video games sew | wear clothes shop | tie my shoes hoard money | color snow tubing sleep | paint count roller-skate | design | silly funny record | record learn use a camera | sled | ride a horse | ski learn watch T.V. | be a Catlynn | be a Frilly | create my own language | walk act make friends | build a house | paint by number | eat | walk and talk at the same time | lip sing paint my toes listen | go on itunes | straighten my hair | gift wrap stuff

17: 50 FAVS | Aqua Blue | N.Y Style Cuban Sandwich | Florida Brownies | The Parent Trap | Tortoise cats lil' kitten/precious | Howard | Charlie the unicorn | Cherries | Rain swimming | Hot Topic | American Eagle | Converse | V.W. Bug | Brittanie | Grape hyacinths | Lily of the valley | beef jerky Friday | Charlie the unicorn | goldfish ipod | chocolate and peanut butter | talking | my house laying anywhere | Percy Jackson and the Olympians | cooking | doing nothing | reading | boo boo bear and Fluffernutter | sleepy kitty | toe socks | big mac | moose tracks | 3 Days Grace | linkin Park black berries | Greenday Christmas | Gill | Ms. Frilly

18: I am a listening parakett waiting to reply. | When I'm at my best as a Friend | MY Metaphor

19: I am Catlynn I wonder why there is a pretty I hear voices I see blurred faces I want to be liked I am Catlynn I pretend that i don't care i believe in flying monkeys I touch the stars I worry about my family I cry tears of angry I am Catlynn I understand food I say mongoose i dream of a perfect life I am Catlynn

20: My Favorite place | Florida. | Flordia | palm trees | the beach

21: Mrs. Bumgarner | Emily Andrew Pedro | Craig Zane Chelsea | Shelby Kenzie Danielle | Loyal/hard workers don't like change oriented and detailed oriented dependable/stubborn. | leader/ability enjoys power | enjoys being comfy sensitive likes to talk about feelings caregiver talkative | optimistic emotional creative innovative thrives on change witty


23: My wildest dream is to own and cook at my own bistro. This is my dream because I love to cook. I would be able to show my creative ablities and I could make people happy. I want to achieve my dream by the time I retire from my real job. My obstacles now are mainly money and age. To overcome these obstacles I need to save up and get old. | My Wildest Dream!

24: Reading Interests | I read mysteries, fantasy and adventures. | I love fictional novels. | I like to look magazines and reading books. | My 2 Favorite movies are Parent Trap and | Corrina,Corrina | Mockingjay | Book I'm reading right now. | I chose this book because it is the next book in an excellent series the Hunger Games | I don't have a favorite author or character. | favorite series | Harry Potter House of NIght Rangers Apprentice Percy Jackson and the Olympians. | I goto the public library all the time. | I have to read the book before I see the movie. | I don't have any favorite move or TV stars. | I don't have a favorite book. | when Im not at school i like to cook. | I think I would rather watch TV. | favorite movies

25: Top 3 interests | Howards kitty-cats music | I like to explore | places food stores | What I like to watch | T.V. people videos | What I like to collect | Recipes coins Stamps

26: Interview | With:Kay Mihalck | I interviewed my great grandmother in March 2011. I asked her 20 questions. I learned a lot about her that didn't know before. It has made me understand her more. | March 1 2011 | She told me about growing up in muiltiple foster homes and in a boarding school.

27: How to | 1. bike, feet, or busses 2.Efficent or hybrid vevhicles. 3.Purchase radial tires 4.Drive during non-peak hours. 5.Don't Warm it Up it. 6.Use carpool 7.Use synthetic motor lubricants 8.Use Propylene Glycol Antifreeze/Coolant, | What I can do. | Use less hairspray Stay at home Go outside

28: Self-reflection of Who am I | I enjoyed using all of the cool stuff on Mixbook | My favorite part was the Venn Diagram. I got to see the good stuff people said about me. | I would Take out the geno gram because it wasn't very fun or nice to look at. | I would have started adding pictures from the Internet earlier. | I liked doing all of the stuff, but I didn't really learn anything.

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