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S: Who Am I 2011 Stevens - Bumgarner/Smith

FC: Who Am I?

1: Who Am I 2011 Aaron Stevens

2: Life Timeline March 23, 1996: Birth August, 2000: First Day of School March 28, 2001: Little Brother Colton is Born August, 2006: First Day of Middle School Winter, 2007: Started First Wrestling Season June, 2009: Move to the Eighth Grade May, 2010: Eighth Grade Washington Trip June, 2010: Born Again June, 2010: Road Trip with Dad/New York August, 2010: First Day of High School May, 2011: Freshman Outer Banks Trip

3: Cool Stuff That Happened on My Birthday Aaron Tyler Stevens March 23, 1996 Headlines for the Week: -Sun. March 17: Mike Tyson beats Frank Bruno in 3rd round to gain heavyweight title -Mon. MNarch 18: 50,000 swimmers raise 15 million for charity during BT's Swimathon '96 - Tue. March 19: Winnie Mandela divorces Nelson after 38 years of marriage. - Wed. March 20: UK admits humans can catch CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease) a.k.a. Mad Cow Disease -Fri. Marsh 22: STS 76 (Atlantis 16), Launches into orbit Famous people: Carl Pickens- NFL Wide Receiver, Dante Jones-NFL Linebacker, David Vaughn-NBA Forward, Felix Felixovitch Yussupov -Russian prince/murderer of Rasputin Popular Songs: Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix) by Los Del Rio , One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey, Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion , Nobody Knows by Tony Rich Project , Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey TV Shows: The Simpsons , 1994-2001 ER , 1990-1998 Seinfeld , 1993-2001 The X-Files , 1993-2001 Frasier , 1990-2001 Law & Order , 1991-1999 Home Improvement Top Toys: 1996 - Jumanji Game, 1996 - Olympic Gymnast Barbie Doll , 1996 - Nintendo 64 , 1996 - Pokémon Gameboy game , 1996 - Baby Go Bye Bye New Books: 1996 - The Midwife's Apprentice by Karen Cushman, 1995 - Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech, 1994 - The Giver by Lois Lowry, Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Academy Award Winners: Best Picture: The English Patient Directed By Anthony Minghella Best Actor: Geoffrey Rush in Shine Best Actress: Frances Mcdormand in Fargo Prices: Bread: $0.88/loaf, Milk: $2.72/gal, Eggs: $1.60/doz, Car: $18,563, Gas: $1.29/gal, House: $166,400, Stamp: $0.32/ea, Avg Income: $53,676/yr, Min. Wage: $4.75/hr, DOW Avg: 6,448. President: Bill Clinton Vice President: Al Gore

4: For Time Capsule, log on to :

5: My Five Relics 1. The little tiny teddy bear with green crayon all over it.- I had a green crayon on top of it in the van and it melted onto it. I tried to get it off but to this day it is still on there. 2.. Twisty Lollipop- This kid I don't really like came back from Disney world and brought back a large bag of them just for me, I ate all of them except for one that I just don't want to throw away, I guess I never will. 3. My brother- Well, he's family, I don't guess I can throw him away. Although I guess I wouldn't even if I could. 4. My personality- I know that people change, but I don't ever want my personality to change, unless for the better. I am never going to get rid of my personality, but rather make friendly amendments to it. 5. My Salvation- I definitely saved the best for last. This is the most valuable thing I have and I shall never loose it.

6: Success is defined as something that proved to be highly effective in achieving an outcome to the presenter... One success of mine is when I got accepted into Early College. I had worked very hard on planning out my application and had always wanted to get into the school. Two years of free college sounded so amazing. It took forever to get my application sounding good, with at least a dozen failed attempts at writing it. My mom and I were the most involved on this, as well as my school counselor, Mrs. Swanson. To get into the Early College, there was this application to fill out which also included this section where you had to write an essay that reached a little over half a page on the lines provided. The hardest part of that was trying to fit what I wrote on the page and make it perfect without mistakes because it was in pen. I finally fit all of my essay on the page without mistakes and turned it in to pray I would get accepted. The whole story took place mostly in my house at the dining room table, some at my school, and then at the Early College. I chose to share this accomplishment over others because it is probably the most recent accomplishment of great importance.

7: Dear Caleb, Hey, what's happening? I had an okay day today! I know it's a little weird writing an actual letter to you since the amazing invention of cell phones. We are doing a project at school where we are supposed to write a letter to someone who has influenced our life and I chose you. Ever since I met you, you've always been a friend to me. I've always been able to tell you ANYTHING and you would always care and help me. You always gave me good advice when I knew I needed it, and even when i didn't know I needed it. Even though we still see and talk to each other all the time, if it wasn't for this assignment, I never would have told you this kind of stuff. Also vice-versa, it always helps to spill your guts to each other and not have any secrets or things to hide. One of my biggest needs is to have a friend like you. you wouldn't believe how weird I feel when I go more than two days without talking to you, I feel like I'm in some kind of insane asylum, alone in the world for everyone to stare at. I am so fortunate to be able to say anything about anything and either get feedback, or just understanding. I also love listening to what you have to say, and voice my opinion to help you out as well. No matter what mood I'm in, telling a friend always helps. I could hate the world, or love everything in the universe and talking to you would only make it better. Especially starting this new school, it really helps to see a familiar face as much as I can. I am going to try to go to all the home games at Hibriten this season. Thank you so much for simply being there. You'll never know how much this means to me (even though I just explained it to the best of my ability in this letter). You have clearly influenced my life in a great way. Thanks, and you don't have to write back, just text! See you later, Aaron

8: Interview Summary I interviewed my grandpa for my living links project. Basically, Kenneth "Pop" Richards was born on August 14, 1941. Pop was one person who really did live a simple life. Pop grew up in downtown Lenoir and spent his weekends exploring the different shops and activities in downtown Lenoir. Pop had only one career his entire life, working out of his backyard as an auto-mechanic. Up until retirement, his life seemed to be so simple, but then he found out something he had never expected. Pop was found with a brain tumor, the size of a softball in his head. Through faith, the will to live, and the power of prayer, Pop had undergone the surgery and is now fully recovered.

9: 69 | 70 | 96 | 02 | m. 94 | GENOGRAM

12: My Family Tradition My family tradition is that every Thanksgiving, my Nana will give me and my brother a small gift under her tree. She started doing this since we were little and we have kept doing it every year since. The purpose of this is a fun little activity to tide us over until Christmas. The tradition could be improve if I gave her a gift in return.

14: Technology Timeline: GPS (Global Positioning System) July 17, 1995- Commercial Release of the GPS 1997- Magellan releases the first handheld GPS communicator, the GSC 100 2002- Navigon releases the Navigon 5100 portable GPS 2002- TomTom released the TomTom Navigator October, 2006- Garmin releases the nuvi 660, a pocket-sized GPS device that did not have to be preloaded by a PC.

15: 3 Tech Favs. Computer -For Everything Cell Phone - For its connectivity Ipod- For its musical capabilities

16: ICAN... Play Guitar Ride a Motorcycle Ride a Bike Swim Mow Weed Eat Listen to music write a letter do anything make a list be slow be smart run watch TV pay attention be a brother drink Sun-Drop eat candy | buy snacks make money sleep late play video games win drink water upside down listen zone out fly (in a plane) eat lunch do math do English do world history/world geography play a little piano play baseball play football play golf | play soccer play basketball wrestle lift weights be cool be weird wear skinny jeans wear converse shoot a gun play trumpet use a chainsaw use an ax break things Fix things be nice

17: 50 Favorites God Guitars Motorcycles bicycles water outdoors mountains beaches ford Early College laughter Skillet Mercy Me Lecrae Discovery channel | macaroni and cheese Xbox silly bandz vanilla napoleon dynamite Hays' hair barbecue chicken wings chicken burritos bacon Wii trucks Ferrari Sun-Drop wrestling converse money Man Vs. Wild Mythbusters smash lab time warp car air freshener trees Axe fender Gibson Finishing homework school buses air ice music daydreaming dreaming sleep cameras Garmin google

18: When I am at my best as a friend, I am that stuffed animal that listens to everything you have to say.

19: Bio-Poem I am Aaron I wonder about the future I hear different kinds of music I see all the different people around me I want to know things I am Aaron Tyler I pretend that I am a giant when eating broccoli I believe I can do anything I touch people in need I feel glad most of the time I worry if I will finish my homework I cry in most good movies I am Aaron Tyler Stevens I understand where other people are coming from I say what I mean I dream about a perfect world I am The Mr. Aaron Tyler Stevens

20: Favorite Place My favorite place would probably be the woods. It really doesn't matter where it is at because I like them all. The trees all around me provide a sense of protection. The birds singing from all directions. Little squirrels fight over acorns and drop the down on your head. I like to go there to explore and to sit down on a nice stump and relax/think. This is my favorite place because I can do whatever I want and can get away from the hectic life of today's society. It is special to me because nobody else is ever in my way or disagreeing with me and it has always been my favorite place. I sometimes share this place with my best friends, but not usually anyone else, mainly because I go where they can't always find me. I feel comfortable when I am here. I feel carefree and safe, like noting bad could ever happen. I always return to my favorite place because I like the feeling I have when I am there, the stress-free environment it provides.

21: Katelyn Casey Jenna Mena Likes to be comfortable Uses body language Dumped on by squares and triangles Hates to say no TALKATIVE | Aaron (me) Kirkland Ceasar Kathrine Loyal, hardworker, structured, doesn't like change, detail oriented, organized, honest, home-bodied, territorial, traditional, dependable, listmaker, procrastinator, stubborn, doesn't like spending money, logical. | Hays Teal Brandy Susan Leader, good in a crisis, focus, stays on task, confident Outspoken, enjoys power, respected counted on, likes to argue, Intolerant of others mistakes, adapts to change fast | Austin Emily James | optimistic, emotional, creative, great visionaries, innovative, acts without thinking, loves change, unique, many unfinished projects, center of attention, difficulty relaxing, disorganized.

22: I'm not self-centered I can be funny | funny | Smart, good mood, good ideas, funny great person to lean on, very funny and nice, good to talk to, you're so much nicer than most guys, funny, cool, smart, ah so funny dude, always looks very neat, awesome, you're smart and cool.

23: Family Recipe Aaron Stevens Party Sausages | Every time there is a family gathering, the presence of these tasty treats is not even questioned. It uses some funny ingredients, but is so simple to make. They are always the first things eaten and they dissappear fast, but they are worth it. Here is the recipe so your family can enjoy them too. | Ingredients: 2-3 Packages of "lil Smokies" 1 bottle of sweet BBQ sauce 2-3 heaping spoonfuls of grape jelly (I know, weird right?) Directions: Combine all ingredients in a large crock-pot. Cover and simmer on low heat for at least 6 hours.

24: Carbon Footprint One thing I can do to reduce my carbon footprint is to use a re-useable water bottle. Everyday, I pack two bottles of water, and go home to throw them away. If i used a re-useable bottle, I would seriously cut down on plastic waste.

25: Reading Interest Inventory My favorite type of stories to read are Non-fiction and Adventure. I prefer Non-Fiction over fiction because I like to know that it actually happened. I also prefer novels over short stories because you can get more details and spend more time to get into the story. Although I do prefer magazines over books because I can just sit down real quick and flip through. Currently, I am not reading a book regularly. My favorite book of all time is a tie between hatchet, or Girls, Drums, and Dangerous pie. My favorite author is Gary Paulsen, and his "Brian" series, main character being Brian. At home I have about 30 or so books. I don't have anyone I share titles with except sometimes if I read a book that I really like I will tell my mom about it. I only go to the library when I'm not in school if I have something to check out for school.If I had a choice to read or watch TV, I would watch TV. Usually I prefer to read the book then see the movie to see how well it fits the book.

26: Aaron's hobbies, interests, and collections. | Things I like to watch: Man Vs. Wild, Chuck, and Mythbusters | Interests: Christian Guitar Motorcycles | Things I like to Explore: Woods, New York, and what I want to become. | Hobbies: Playing guitar, Riding Motorcycles, Watching TV | Collections: Unique knives, souvenirs, foreign money

27: Multiple Intelligences My Top Three: - Musical- musical ability, awareness, appreciation and use of sound; recognition of tonal and rhythmic patterns, understands relationship between sound and feeling. - Intrapersonal- self-awareness, personal cognisance, personal objectivity, capability to understand oneself, one's relationship to others and world, and one's own need for, and reaction to change. - Bodily Kinesthetic- body movement control, manual dexterity, phyisical agility and balance, eye and body coordination. Three Top Career Recommendations Each: Musical:Musician, Composer, DJ Intrapersonal:Anyone who is self-aware and involved in the process of changing personal thoughts. Bodily Kinesthetic:Athlete, Soldier, Adventurer

29: My wildest dream is to become a coast guard helicopter pilot. That is my dream because, when I went to this air-show one time, I saw this helicopter there and it was the coolest thing ever. I want to achieve my dream by at least 2020. My obstacles are to finish school. To overcome these obstacles, I need to pay attention, keep my grades up, and not waste any time. | My Wildest Dream

32: Dear Aaron, Hey, its you again. I know you think this is stupid, but I know it will really be special when this is done. I am really proud of you Aaron, you have set a great example for your little brother. He has a lot to live up to thanks to you, in a good way. You have followed a good Christian path and I can't wait to see you grow in the faith. I know your a good kid, but you could still work on a few things. You know what I mean when I say you could try to be a friend to everyone. You need to learn how to get along with those people and work efficiently with them. You could also learn how to manage your money better. Instead of spending every dime you get on the "snack cart." Try saving your money in your account more, and plan for a certain expense in your budget. I guess thats really all I've got to say now, I will talk to you later (in your head). I love you, Yourself

33: Dear Aaron, Hey man I hope your very well off. I hope you are almost finished with your career as a helicopter pilot. Maybe you got tour free training through the military, but maybe not, anyway u got your training complete. I hope you have I nice family and all your kids have became great things. Please have a moose head on your wall by now, and don't be in mom and dads basement still. I am very proud of you, you make me smile. I smile you smile, its true I'm you, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it, I can make a rhyme anytime. Don't loose your sense of humor. I love you, Yourself

36: Self Reflection The thing I enjoyed most about Who Am I was the letter to myself 50 years form now. i thought that was a really special piece that I could look back on forever. Some of my favorite pieces were 5 Relics, and Multiple intelligences. I liked 5 relics because I never thought too much about those little things that I will keep forever. Multiple intelligences was a very cool assignment because I found out how I learned best, and applied that to how I studied at home. If i had it to do over again, I would make sure I had all of the pieces finished on time, because it really sucks having to stay behind my other classmates and finish this. If I had to take out a piece, I would take out the genogram. I really didn't learn too much from a couple squares and circles on a slide. Overall, I really enjoyed the Who Am I project. I have been able to learn and discover new things about myself that i would have never even bothered learning if it weren't for Who Am I. Thank You Mrs. Wendy.

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