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S: Amber Skye Porter

FC: Who Am I?

1: Who Am I? | By: Amber Porter | 2010-2011

2: Cool Stuff 1995 | Name: Amber Skye Porter Birth date: November 1, 1995 Headlines For The Week Of My Birthday -Wed Nov 1. "Tempest" opens at Broadhurst Theater in NYC for 71 performances -Thu Nov 2. "Busker Alley" premiers at St. James Theater, NY -Fri Nov 3. 1st NBA game at Skydome, Toronto Raptors beat NY Nets 94-79 -Sat Nov 4. Key Arena opens, Seattle Supersonics beat La Lakers 103-89 Name And Occupation of People Born On MY Birthday - 1934 Aat Veldhoen, Dutch Artist - 1805 Alessandro Nini, Composer - 1929 Betsy Palmer, Actress ( Mr. Roberts, Friday The 13th) - 1835 Godfrey Weitzel, Union Volunteers Major general (died 1884) | President- Bill Clinton | Vice President: Al Gore

3: Cool Stuff ctn. | Most Popular Songs - Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio - Waterfalls by TLC - Creep by TLC - Kiss From A Rose by Seal - On Bended Knee by Boyz II Men - Another Night by Real McCoy - Fantasy by Mariah Carey - Take A Bow by Madonna - Don't Take It Personal by Monique - This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan TV Shows - The Simpsons - ER - Seinfeld - The X-Files - Law & Order Top New Toys - POGS - Virtual Boy - Sega Saturn - Star Wars Action Figures | Top New Books - The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman - Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire - The Prestige by Christopher Priest - The Making Of The Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes Academy Award Winners Best Picture: Braveheart Best Actor: Nicholas Cage for Leaving Las Vegas Best Actress: Susan Sarandon for Dead Man Walking 1995 Prices Bread: $0.79/loaf Milk: $2.51/gal Eggs: $1.46/doz Car: $18,360 Gas: $1.21/gal House: $158,700 Stamp: $0.32/ea Avg Income: $51,353/yr Min Wage: $4.25/hr DOW Avg: 5,117

4: 5 Relics | 1. 1967 Chevrolet Camaro This car is really important. It has been around the world quite a few times. It was originally my cousins car, then he sold it to a man that does car shows in Europe. My camaro was in Europe for a couple years, then was sold back to the United States. And finally my cousin got it again. It means a lot to me, not only because it has traveled, but it is a classic car. It still has the original paint job and seats. I can tell myself this is a car I am going to keep for a long time. 2. Great Grandmothers Blue Willow China These dishes are pretty important. My great grandmother died from pancreatic cancer and congestion heart failure in March of 1994. She was a very important lady in my family, and the center of it after Grandpa died. These dishes are really one of the only things the grandchildren got. Because when she died, all 9 children went into her house and cleaned it out. This is really one of the only things I have to remember her by, except old pictures. 3. Great Grandmothers Ruby Cross My great grandmother was a very religious woman. And a very pretty woman. She wore this ruby cross around her neck all the time. After she died, one of the family members took it, and somehow I ended up with it. So this necklace is something very important to me. 4. My Poetry Collection My poetry is very important to me. Writing is my outlet, if I cant wright, then I would explode. My poetry isnt very good, but it helps me get through the day. I have an extensive collection. My collection is mainly stuff I have wrote, and there is some famous poets. I may not be the type of person that writes, but I do. 5. My Music I have a lot of music. I love playing musical instruments, and I have a lot of sheet music. The reason I wont get rid of this is I have had it since sixth grade. Along the past few years I have added many more pieces to the collection, and now I have a lot. From classical music, to some rock, I have a pretty interesting collection.

5: My Greatest Accomplishment | One of my greatest accomplishments is I finished Driver's Ed and I can get my permit soon. Just myself and my Driver's Ed teacher are involved. Katelyn was there too, but she is just a person in the success story. What the accomplishment was I finished my Driver's Ed altogether, and pretty soon I can get my permit. I achieved this accomplishment Saturday afternoon. This accomplishment took place in the CECHS school parking lot, and also to achieve finishing it took place in Granite Falls, Hudson, Dudley Shoals, High Shoals, and Hickory. The reason I chose this accomplishment was because, I feel that by accomplishing driving I am accomplishing success in life.

6: Dear Chelsea, We've been through a lot together in these past few years. We have done some pretty stupid stuff too. But throughout all our lives you have always been there for me, when I needed you. I want to thank you for all of the things you have done for me. You have had a major influence over my life. We've been through a lot together. I've been there for you and you've been there for me, when we've needed each other. Like when all that stuff happened with you step-father and Veronica sent you to Florida, I was your main support system. And when everything happened with me, you were there for me and you still are. Also a big influence you have had over me is religion. Chelsea, you showed me that being Pagan is perfectly fine. So of course you've had a major impact on my life. When everyone else has tried to shove religion down my throat, you just sat there and listened to me bitch. I remember you just always looked at me and said "Amber don't let anyone tell you how to believe, or what to believe in." Something very big you've had an influence on me is sexual orientation. I still remember the day you told me about Nicole. We were at a Christmas Family dinner at a table in the back by ourselves, when you looked at me suddenly and said " Amber, I have a girlfriend." I was so freaked out, and the first year with Nicole was very awkward. Like the first time I met her, at Nana's. Looking at you two now, three years later things are much different. Chelsea once again I just want to Thank You for your influence, and being there for me. I Love You Chelsea and always will, no matter what happens. We may argue sometimes, and other cut all of Megan's hair off with Nicole yelling at us. So once again, Thanks Chelsea. Love, Amber Skye Porter

7: Genogram

8: Family Traditions | One of my family's most popular family tradition is at Christmas no one can open presents until my grandfather is done eating. This tradition started with my great-grandfather and just kind of stuck. This is practiced only around Christmas. It can be put into use more often, I guess. This tradition is used as nothing more to amuse the adults. They make the kids and sit there, until my grandfather is done eating. It could be improved, by letting me decide when my grandfather is done eating (something I do often) and just open present when I want to.

9: Family Recipe | Sausage Ball | Ingredients 1 pound ground pork sausage 2 cups biscuit baking mix 1 pound sharp Cheddar Cheese, shredded How To Make It!! :) Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). In a large bowl, combine sausage, biscuit baking mix and cheese. Form into walnut size balls and place on baking sheets. Bake in preheated oven for 10 minutes, until golden brown. * This recipe serves 15 people. * To serve 30 people double ingredients

10: Exploring Your Name Amber- The gemstone Amber, that is formed from fossil resin, or the orange-yellow colour. Skye- from the name of the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland Porter- From the occupational English surname meaning "doorkeeper" | How Many Of Me? Amber- 245,158 people in the US Porter- 181,085 people in the Us | Place of Origin: England Ireland Scotland Germany France | Life Expectancy 1940-38 2000-79 | Occupations Farmer: Porter-38% General-35% | Ports of Departure: Liverpool, England Queenstown, Ireland | Immigration Years 1851-115 1891-99 | Family Crest

11: I-pod It is much easier to listen to music you like, instead of whats on the radio. Also my i-pod is portable and can do much more than anything else. | Air Conditioning I can't stand the heat. Whoever invented air conditioning was a genius. Just sweating grosses me out. I can't see how people grew up without A/C. | Computer w/ Internet Without the Internet I would be cut off from society. The Internet helps you stay in touch with people and stuff you need.3 | 3 Tech Favs

12: 50 I Cans I can... play flute dance like an idiot roll my tongue text skate cook use the computer swim twist my ankle easily be impatient be demanding tie my shoes drive a car check th oil in a car ride a horse talk on the phone for hours argue take random photos drive a four-wheeler play laser tag sleep tan instead of burn put on eyeliner ride rollercoasters paint my nails | speak some Spanish pitch a tent eat have blond moments break a baseball bat make myself cry clean wash dishes do laundry go to school ride a bike say random things go without sleep for a week wink play guitar hero spell my name play baseball play hide and seek dye my hair mow the grass bear hunt pierce my ears dress myself read think

13: 50 Favorites Lavender Coke my i-pod strawberry margaritas swimming screaming eating playing kickball spongebobsquarepants cursive long walks on the beach moonlight beaches cherry dr. pepper sleepovers staying up late my cat :) music air conditioning muscle cars speed Chamomile Sandalwood cooking Billy the Exterminator | Dog the bounty hunter tic-tacs converse "Love the Way You Lie" by Eminem ft. Rhinanna highlighter yellow Rhianna The Hangover Tim Burton The Corpse Bride Nightmare Before Christmas Alice In Wonderland Duke my laptop Palm Beach, California fresh cut grass rain solar system sunglasses Lady Gaga dodge Ke$ha fir trees Frisbees marines

14: Creating a Metaphor | When I am at my best as a person, I am a unique piece of art, my beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

15: Bio Poem I am Amber Skye Porter I wonder if dead people can be brought back to life in the future I hear crows cawing in the Autumn wind I see rain falling through the thick blanket of leaves I want to be free of this place I am Amber Skye Porter I pretend that I am queen of the universe I believe in being independent I touch the mossy green grass I feel trapped in this stupid town I worry that I'll never be able to escape I cry because of stupid crap I am Amber Skye Porter I understand that I can't be perfect I say things that make people mad I dream of leaving this place I am Amber Skye Porter

16: My favorite place is an old cave located in my grandparent's woods. It is an old cave located in the middle of the property. It's three miles long/deep. The very back is extremely cold. The cave has a door on it and electricity. Towards the back is a fridge, couch, and a bed. The cave smells like dirt and Earth. When I'm there all I really do is just relax. It is important to me because its a place I can go to, to escape reality and just be a kid again. I don't share this place with others, because it is mine. I feel relaxed and happy. This cave is my "safe place" I return there when I'm extremely mad or sad. The cool and damp always helps to calm me down. | My Favorite Place

17: -Cesar -Kirkland -Aaron -Lizette | -Katelyn -Jenna -Katherine -Casey | -Amber -Teal -Hays -Susan | -Austin -Madison -James -Dawn | Loyal Organized Hard-worker | Caregiver Talkative Indecisive | Leader Sarcastic Outspoken | Flexible Innovative Creative

18: Self Image Venn Diagram | -Good Musician -Good sense of humor -Smart/Common Sense -Overachiever | Smart Knowledge of band knowledge | -kind and considerate -Dance Skills -Pretty! -smart | What I Think | What Others Think

19: Linguistic Words and language, written and spoken; retention, interpretation and explanation of ideas and information via language, understands relationships between communication and meaning. -Lawyers -Editors -Media Consultants | Musical Musical ability, awareness, appreciation and use of sound; recognition of tonal and rhythmic patterns, understands relationship between sound and feeling. -Piano Tuners -Voice Coaches -Music Producers | Interpersonal perception of other's feelings; ability to relate to others; interpretation of behaviour and communications; understands the relationships between people and their situations, including other people. -Doctors -Therapist -Psychologist | Multiple Intelligence

20: Technology Timeline | Timeline of the Game Boy... 1989- Game Boy is created 1995- The original Game Boy is released in several colors 1996- Game Boy Pocket is released 1997- Game Boy Light is released 1998- Game Boy Color is released, gaming is now in color 2001- Game Boy Advance is released 2003- Game Boy Advance SP is released 2004- Nintendo DS released, it mainly replaced the Game Boy 2005- Game Boy Micro released, first major overhaul to the Game Boy 2006- Nintendo DS Lite released 2009- Nintendo DSi released.

21: Reading Interest Checklist | *What type of stories do you enjoy to read? -Adventure -Fantasy -Romantic Stories -Historical Fiction *Do you prefer non-fiction or fiction?-fiction *Do you prefer novels or short stories?-novels *Do you prefer magazines or books?-books *Are you reading a book at this time? If so what is the title?-Yes, The Royal Harlot. *Why did you select this book?-It was on the nightstand and I was bored. *What is your favorite book of all time?-Breaking Dawn *Do you have a favorite author, character, or series you enjoy reading?- The Twilight Saga *Do you have many books at home? About how many books do you have at home?- Yes, 1-300 *Do you have someone you share titles or discuss books with?- yes *Do you go to the library when you are not in school?-no *If you had your choice, would you prefer to read or watch TV?-read *Do you prefer reading the book or seeing the movie first?-reading the book *What is your favorite TV show or movie of all time?-Gone With The Wind *Who are your favorite movie or TV stars?-Orlando Bloom & Johnny Depp *What do you like to do best when you are not in school?-sleep/text

22: Interests: Music Art Animals Thinks I Like To Watch SpongebobSquarepants Vampire Diaries Warehouse 13 Things I Like To Explore Old Ruins Philosophical Ideas Flea Markets | Hobbies Playing Musical Instruments Shooting Pool Watching Movies Collections Stuffed Animals Rocks State Quarters

23: Living Links Interview | For my Living Links Interview, I interviewed my grandfather, Forrest Porter aka Paw-Paw. I was really amazed at the simplicity of the life he lead. One thing he shared with me that was personal, was his thoughts on the suicide of his best friend. I learned so much from my Paw-Paw, including things i've never had the chance to ask him, before that moment. We talked about everything from his childhood, to his life adventures. I love my Paw-Paw very much and I would truly be lost in this world without him. `

24: Carbon Emissions | A simple way to help reduce my carbon emissions is to switch from aerosol hairspray to pump hairspray. Aerosol hairspray is bad for the ozone, and I use a considerable amount of aerosol hairspray daily. By switching to non-aerosol hairspray, I can simply help save my environment and save money.

25: My Wildest Dream | My wildest dream is to become successful and own my own NBA team, with of course a couple Ferrari's. This is my wildest dream because, I just want to be successful and be the envy of my family. When I actually achieve this, everyone in my family will be throwing themselves at me. I want to achieve my dream by the time i’m 55. My Obstacles are, for one money for school, my family, completing medical school and getting a job, and mainly just money. My dreams require a lot of money. To overcome these obstacles I need to do good in school, get a full-scholarship to college, and just ignore my family.

26: November 1, 1995-I am born November 1, 1996-1st birthday 1997-My half-sister is born May 1998-Father killed in hit & run January 31, 2000-Mother broke her leg August 25, 2001- Started Kindergarten September 11, 2001- 9/11 Terrorist attacks October 10, 2002- Dancy is born 2004-First EOG's 2005-Switch schools Kings Creek to Sawmills Elm. 2007-Finished Elementary School Summer 2007-Moved to Gamewell Summer 2007-Tonsils removed | Life Time Line of Amber Porter | Life Timeline

27: August 25, 2007-Started Middle School November 7, 2007-Dancy was hit by a car 2008-2009-7th grade :) 2009-Moved schools for 8th grade Gamewell Middle to Kings Creek 2009-2010-Middle School Battle of the Books December 6, 2010-Learner's Permit May 10 to May 13, 2011-9th grade Outer Banks Trip June 6, 2011-Learner's Permit- 6 months

28: Dear Amber, I am proud of you as a person.. You have accomplished so much stuff as a person.. You've also been through a lot so far in your life. Like that time you had your first ever band concert, you felt so great! Or learning how to skate(better). Getting into the Early College., Now that was an AMAZING accomplishment that you achieved. Learning how to play flute was a good accomplishment.. Going through life will not be easy, but you can do it. You have accomplished a lot, but there are some things you need to improve. Like your eating habits, we need t o work on that. Something else we need to work on is the smartness. Just watching what you say will help you get farther in life. We all need to work on something in life, and your habits are simple little things that can be fixed. Just keep your head up high, and keep your spirit and rebellion alive and you will succeed. Love You, Amber Skye Porter

29: Dear Amber Porter, It's been thirty-five years since my 15th birthday. How are you doing? Have you graduated from Boston College of Physicians yet, ha-ha? Are you finally a Pediatric Neurosurgeon. like we've always wanted to be? Where are you living? Hopefully you live in Winston-Salem or West Palm Beach. And do we have that top floor pent house apartment I've always wanted? I'm glad you've had a great life, now your 50! Most importantly something that is bugging me...do I drive a 2012 Eclipse, or maybe the Ferrari I've always wanted? Am I married? Hopefully I am, married to someone successful that is a contribution to our life, not another responsibility. Since I'm supposedly married, or not do I have any kids? Hopefully just three or four. Do we have our yellow boa constrictor living in the ceiling? Or the gray hound rescue I've always wanted to have? Well I am so glad you are alive and well and hopefully when I reach fifty myself I will have everything I've mentioned in this letter. And most importantly remember our and Chelsea's saying"never let anyone tell you what to do, or how to live, its your life live it how you want to." Love You, Amber Skye Porter P.S. Hopefully I'm not a crazy old lady with 50 cats yet :).

30: Self Reflection of Who Am I? My favorite thing about Who Am I was just the chance to be able to discover a little more about myself. All the assignments were engaging and made you think, therefore allowing yourself to learn more about yourself. I would have to say mu favorite pieces would have to be Cool Stuff, from the year I was born. I learned quite a few things. The Sky Dome was opened the week I was born. My second favorite piece would be Creating a Metaphor. That piece really made me think of something to describe myself. I really do not have any regrets in creating my Who Am I book.

31: I think it is something you really can't regret doing. It is a project that I created, with no intentions of changing. It reflects my life my ninth grade year, and my first year of high school. The only piece I wish wasn't in the book would be the Thank You Letters. The one I put in my book was the less personal of the two, but it is still extremely personal, mainly personal things I do not wish to share with other people. My overall thoughts on Who Am I, is it was a project that made you truly think. It was challenging and interactive. You got to explore yourself, and learn a little bit about who you truly are. I really enjoyed Who Am I.

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