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S: Emily'sTravel Journal

FC: Travel Journal: River Valley Civilizations Mesopotamia, Nile, Indus and China Emily Solis

1: Index Mesopotamia..........pages1-2 Nile............................3-4 Indus...........................5-6 China..........................7-8

2: Mesopotamia

3: Another name for Mesopotamia is the Fertile Crescent. Mesopotamia means land between 2 rivers. These two rivers (the Tigris and Euphrates) flood during a specific time of year. When the flooding goes down, it leaves behind a kind of rich fertilizer called silt. The tool they use to help them farm is called a plow. Plows help aerate the soil, cultivate the land and helped with many other tasks. The people here are polytheistic meaning they have more than one god. Mesopotamians' seem to be very intelligent. They use cuneiform, a system of writing which they invented, and the Sumerian's actually created a way to tell time! It is the "60 sec unit." While they also invented the plow, the invention of the wheel was the by far the best. They use it on many things such as carts but they also use it for building purposes. The slaves are the most uneducated of the whole civilization. The rulers pretty much have the most. Hammurabi is the current ruler. His laws are very self-explanatory by the phrase "an eye for an eye." Pretty much the way things worked is if you broke someones bones then you will have your bone broken.

4: Nile | The rivers in Egypt run south to north unlike most rivers in the world. | The pyramids in the Nile are amazing! They take many years but it is all worth it for the pharaoh because that is where he will be buried when he dies. When they die they will mummify them. The whole process takes 70 days! They will then put them into a pyramid in their designated tomb. To commemorate the king, they will put pictures on the wall called hieroglyphics which is their way of writing. | Pharaohs used slaves to build structures dedicated to themselves

5: The Egyptians have created something called geometry. They use it to help them build their many structures.it basically teaches shapes and how they fit together and what that all means. | Papyrus is a type of non-stone tablet they use to write on. It is very convenient because it is not to heavy to carry around. | The climate in Egypt is hot/dry. It is surrounded by deserts all around | The rulers in the Nile civilizations are called Pharaohs.

6: Although I do not know what it is called, they use a written language that I find very interesting. | They have a Hindu government. It is one of the strongest around. | The Indus civilizations are between the the Indus and Ganges river. The land mass this civilization is on is called a subcontinent. When you look to the north, you can see the Himalayans. Indus suffers from great monsoons. That is good thing however because if they did not their water supply could be easily affected. | Indus

7: The Indus cities layout is interesting. Everything is based on squares, they call it the grid system. They put the major buildings in the middle of the civilization, as if a citadel. They have invented something called sewage and plumbing. It is difficult to describe but basically it makes the town smell much better.

8: China | The China civilization is between the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers. In all the other civilizations there is flooding and silt. In this one however the silt is yellow so it is called loess. Another name for the Yellow river is the Huang He river. To help with flooding, they use an irrigation system. | To the south of China is the Himalayan mountains. To the north is the Gobi desert.

9: The people in the China civilization see themselves as the center of all civilization. Their written language was pictorial. Family is very important to them; it is central. | The Chinese use wood to build their buildings. The palaces are exceptionally immaculate. | The roads and canals they have for transportation are very convenient. The goods they have at the market are so useful! They have things like bronze and iron working, silk and of course food and spices.

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