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S: The River Valley Civilizations

FC: The River Valley Civilizations by:Meredith Cox

1: Table Of Contents: | Mesopotamia...................Page 2,3&4 Egypt..............................Page 5,6&7 Indus.............................page 8,9&10 China............................page 11,12&13

2: Mesopotamia | hammurabi a Babylonian ruler who made his own code of laws called hammurabi's code of laws. | Mesopotamia's greek meaning is "land between two River" | The Sumerians were one of the first groups of people to make a civilization. These are the people that lived in Mesopotamia.

3: the writing system of the Sumerians in Mesopotamia was Cuneiform. the Technology in Mesopotamia was the wheel, the sail, and the plow. | The Sumerians of Mesopotamia developed a number system that measures time and the 360 degrees of a circle. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers are the rivers framing Mesopotamia. .0

4: The Sumerians believed in more than one god which is called polytheism. | Sargon Of Akkad took control of Northern And Southern Mesopotamia which created the world's first empire. | In Mesopotamia, the sumerians would exchange products and ideas with neighboring cultures which is known as cultural diffusion.

5: Egypt | In Egypt, yearly flooding in the Nile River Brought the water and rich soil which let settlements grow. | egyptians were polytheistic, they believed in gods called Re, the sun god, and Osiris, the god of the dead. | The writing system that was used in Egypt was the Hieroglyphic writing system.

6: In Egypt gods-kings were known as Pharaohs. | SOmething that the Egyptians would do with their kings and Queens after the died was that they would place them in Pyramids. | Ancient Egyptians used mummification to preserve royal Egyptian bodies. | A calendar was invented by the Egyptians to help them keep track of the time between floods, and also to plan for their planting season.

7: In the ancient world Egypt was famous for its Egyptian medicine. | In Egypt, they had a type of government in which rule is based on religious authority which is called theocracy. | egyptians later invented a new writing surface, after hieroglyphics called papyrus reeds.

8: Many people in the Indus Valley were a part of the Harappan Culture. Tools and weapons were made out of bronze in the Indus Valley. | Indus

9: The religions in the Indus Valley were Buddhism and Hinduism. | The first technology in the world that correctly measured and weighed time was made in the Indus Valley. | Around the time of 1750 B.c., the building qualities in the Indus Valley cities lessoned. THen the cities started to fall into decay. | The buildings in the Indus Valley were mainly made out of dry bricks.

10: In the Indus Valley women were greatly valued because they could have children. | MEn in the Indus valley worked with people who were in the same social class as them. | People were born into their social class in the Indus Valley. There was no changing it. | In the Indus Valley the Harappan culture made their own language called the Harappan Language.

11: Chinese people believed in the SPirits of their ancestors instead of believing in gods. | To help Chinese trade and agriculture roads and canals were built. In China, the oldest man in a family would control their families properties and made important decisions. | China | One character stands for one syllable in the Chinese writing system.

12: Common tools that were used in China were knives, spades, and sickles. The first family of chinese rulers was the Shang Dynasty,which lasted from 1700 B.C. to 1027 B.c. | A Dynasty called the Zhou overthrew the Shang dynasty around 1027 B.c. The Zhou Dynasty made weapons out of iron.

13: In CHina there is a wall called The Great Wall of China , which was built in the Qin Dynasty to protect the area from attacks. | In China The Mandate ofHeaven gave rulers the right to rule. Rulers could lose the Mandate of Heaven and thy would lose their right to rule.

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