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FC: River Valley Civilization

1: Table of contents CHINA......2,3 EGYPT.........4,5 MESOPOTAMIA ..........6,7 INDUS RIVER VALLEY............8,9

2: CHINA The government of China is a communist party -led state. The independence of China is a unification under the Qin Dynasty 221B.C.Dynasty replaced by republic on February 12,19112. | n China ,as in west Asia Africa. Most people have spent most of their time farming for the last ten thousand years.People first used couorie shells for money in China as early as 1800B.C under the Shang Dynasty . By about 1100AD, under the Sung dynasty people begun to use in China.

3: The Chinese religions are family -oriented and do not demand the exclusive support of members.The Heavens worship the support belief system subscribed to by most dynasties of China until the over throw of the Qing Dynasty. *Chinese is written with characters. Which are known as (hanzi). The characters were originally pictures of people,animals or other things. | Roads and canals were built to simulate trade,and agriculture. The first recored observation of comets , solar eclipse and super novae were made in chine. At least 14 counties and 4 seas border China .China has an obligatory Military service of 2 years for all men between 18 and 22. The Han Chinese is the longest majority group in China.

4: Egypt "Black land" and "Red land" were the two lands divided by the ancient Egyptians. | The "Black land" was the fertile land on the banks of the Nile. To grow crops the Egyptians would use this land. The "red land" was the barren desert that would protect Egypt on both sides. These deserts separated and invading armies. The ancient Egyptians believed that it was very important to record and communicate information about religion and government. By the use of scrips they were able to preserve the beliefs,history and ideas of ancient Egypt in there temple and tomb.

5: Medicine and mathematics were the main things ancient Egypt achieved a relatively high standard.also the main places where the scientific method could also be traced back to the ancient Egyptians.The ancient Egyptians viewed men and women,including people from all social classes not including slaves,as everyone equal under the law. | The Egyptian pantheon was populated by gods who had supernatural powers and were seen to seek help and protection. The king was the supreme "military commander" and head of the government,who relied on his head officials to mange his affairs. The great Egyptian architect Imhotep , who lived almost 5,000 years ago is known by name as of today.

6: Mesopotamia Mesopotamian religion was the first to be recored. Mesopotamians believed that the world was a flat disc,surrounded by a huge,holed space,and above that heaven. | Mesopotamia splits the land between the Euphrates and Tirgis Rivers,both of which have their headwaters in the mountains of Armenia.They flow southeast to the Persian Gulf.The Tirgris and Euphrates Rivers flooded Mediterranean Sea at least once a year. People first began to settle and farm the flat swamp lands in southern Mesopotamia. Mesopotamian people were the first who invented many technologies including metal and copper working,glass and lamp, textile weaving,flood control,water storage and irrigation.

7: The earliest language written in Mesopotamia was sumerian. Aramaic, which had already become a very common language in Mesopotamia then became the official provincial administration language of the Achaemenid Persian Empire.The Mesopotamians believed their kings and queens came from the City of Gods,but unlike the ancient Egyptians, they never believed their kings were real gods | At times one city would try to rule over and bring the religion, but such efforts were resisted and failed fro many centuries. About ten thousand years ago,the people of this area began the agricultural revolution.Instead of hunting and gathering their food, they adapt plants and animals. Its often called the "cradle of civilization" because Mesopotamia was location of the world's first civilzation.

8: The Indus River Valley Indus valley religion is the goddess-centered religious system of the urban civilization. Its started in the Indus Valley of Western India around 2500 B.C. It is suggested that they also worshiped animals to some degree. | The Indus river Valley had some what of the central government ,because the lay out of the city that was so much the same between all of the cities. Aguru was a type of teacher. Every Hindu Village had a school master that would teach the male children from when they were about five years old to when they were about eight years old. The first Indian script was developed in the Indus Valley around the 2600 B.C.It is still undeciphered. This means that it was written in a certain code which were never able to figure out. Brahmi and Kharosthi were later Indian scripts that were developed to write both official and local languages.

9: The Indus seal was an example of technology for the Indus civilization. It was founded between 1927 and 1931. It was used for both internal and external trade, charts weights were also used in trade and were part of a standardized system. They were also an example of Indus technology. | The geography of Indus civilization is one of the greatest extremes including encompassing deserts ,mountains,forests, and jungles. All of these environments may cause unpredictable periods of flood,drought,and monsoon. The water ways of the Indus Valley provided an excellent resource for trade and commerce throughout India's History.

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