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S: The great river valleys

FC: The great river valleys By: Joseph McIntier

1: Table of context page 2&3 Mesopotamia page4&5 Egypt page6&7 China page8&9 Indus

2: Mesopotamia | 9. In southern Mesopotamia in 4500 B.C. people started to settle and farm the flat swampy lands. 10. The word Mesopotamia in Greek means "land between the rivers"

3: 1. The government in Mesopotamia is controlled by the temple priest. 2. The Mesopotamia used wheels and sails to make transportation easier. 3. The Mesopotamia's were polytheism they believed that Enlil, the god of storms and air was the most powerful. 4. The Hammurabi's code was a writing of rules, judgment, and laws. 5.Slavery was the lowest class for the Mesopotamia. 6. When rivers flooded they would live behind silt a material that anything could grow in. 7. The two rivers in Mesopotamia are Tigris and Euphrates. 8. From 3000 B.C. to 2000 B.C. the city's in Mesopotamia were almost constantly at war.

4: Egypt 1. Pharaohs were kings but were seen as gods. 2. Merchants and artisans were middle class in Egypt. | 3.Mummification technology to the Egyptians was a process of preserving the body for the after life. 4. The development in writing as in Mesopotamia was a key growth in Egypt. 5. The villages in Egypt were ruled by two separate kingdoms the lower and upper kingdom.

5: 6. The Egyptians moved the way of the Nile river moved which was north. 7. The type of climate in Egypt was hot and dry and was surrounded by deserts. 8. Even after there king's death the Egyptians believed he stilled ruled. 9. The Egyptians would build pyramids for there kings after death. 10. Merchants and artisans were middle class in Egypt.

6: China 1. The Zhou dynasty controlled lands that far past the Huang He in the north to the Chang Jiang in the south. To govern these areas weregiven to member of the royal family. 2.The Zhou dynasty produced many innovation. Roads and canals were built to stimulate trade and agriculture, and blast furnaces that made cast iron. 3. Deserts and mountain ranges dominate about two-thirds of chinas landmass 4. The Chinese had belief in that family ancestors had the power to bring good fortune or disaster to living members of the family.

7: 5. Chines writing method, each character stands for only one syllable or unit of language. 6.Warrior nobles were ruling class headed by a king governed the Shang. 7. The oldest man in the family made the important decisions and controlled the family's property's. 8. One of the oldest and most important Shang cities was Anyang a capital of the Shang dynasty. 9. Chinas first civilization developed in a river valley. 10. Ten percent only of chinas lands are suitable for farming.

8: 1.The Indus planned cities on a grid system the major buildings were built in the middle of the city. | 2.Indus had pluming and sewage system unlike the other river valleys. | 3. The geographers refer the landmass that include India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh as the Indian subcontinent. | 5. Priests prayed for good harvest and to be safe from floods. | 4. Indus developed written language as the other river valleys Egypt, China, and Mesopotamia. | 6. The animals would be considered upper class because they were very important to the people of Indus.

9: 7. The two rivers in the Indus are Godavar river and the Krishna river. 8. Monsoons were seasonal winds that dominate India's climate. 9. Indus were as well polytheistic there major Hindugod name is Shiva. 10. Up to 400 symbols make up the language in Indus.

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