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S: Super Dudes

BC: Past or present these unlikely heroes are here to stay and help in any way possible.

FC: Super dudes | We need heroes | HELP!!! | save us | Ahhh!!!

1: Created by: Travis Harris and Brett Reaves

2: Stick Man | Discovered he had telekineses When a flood hit and he barricaded the buildings in bubbles

3: Mater Man | He was captured, and tested on. Then became a Shape shifter; but lost his memory, and decided to call himself Mater Man

4: Prologue Stick Man inst a hero hes something else... Hes just a regular person until that day, that unforgettable unimaginable day. Everyone thought that he was a monster, but its different. Until he met his Heroic partner Matter Man

5: Run its a Basher Turtle!!! Everyone evacuated fastly and make for the highest point. All of a sudden the water started vibrating like something large had fell in, or was coming up.Stickid took off running with his parents trying to escape the large beast. They took of towards a Pomturum tree that was growing on the edge of the glossy blue sand. His parents got him up towards the top of the tree. While the basher turtle had spotted them and steadily making its way towards them.

6: In a panic Stickkid's dad tried to distract the turtle and lead it away. The turtle followed him and chased him to a cliff were the was water on one side and the turtle on the other. Basher turtles are excellent swimmers and were most dangerous in water. But without a second though he jumped into the icy purple water. The turtle jumped off the cliff after him and got an easy meal. But he couldn't find a way back on to land from the tide pool he fell in. It was a trap. So the beast wailed and people gathered to see what had happened. Stickboys mother was staring over the edge in horror and suddenly fell falling straight onto the cliffs by the tide pool. Stickboy had no idea what was going on. Then the angels of his mom and dad started floating up to skyworld the place for the souls of doodles erased permanently... Stick boy then understood what had happened, so he turned and ran.

7: Confused and scared he ran until he collapsed from exhaustion. A small native tribe of doodles known as the Arcemseys found him on the way back from a hunting trip not long after. He remained unconscious until a few hours later. He woke up with strange people around him. The language they were speaking was unfamiliar to him. He started questioning but all the doodles just stared with no idea what he was saying. They brought him food. He decided he was hungry and sore so he ate and went back to sleep. The Arcemseys then from that day accepted Stickboy and taught him their ways. He learned and practiced to be a warrior. Every day he learned more and more. Finally he had learned enough to be given his warrior name. It was no longer stickboy. It was STICKMAN.

8: Stickman had made many friends in the village, but his best friend was Gorzinga who was 16 like himself. Gorzinga was a assistant witch doctor for the witch doctor of the Arcemseys, Motusas. Motusas was skilled in the way of the skyworld's interpretation and signs. Motusas ordered Gorzinga to fetch more friling fuit for infected cuts, so Gorzinga asked Stickman to go with him for protection from monsters that inhabited the forests.

9: Gorzinga knew where to find friling fruit. It was a rare fruit that grew underwater on large white vines. When they arrived at the small pond that was feed by a large river that grew near by. Gorzinga jumped in to start the search for the fruit. After about five minutes he didn't resurface stickman became concerned and jumped in. Gorzinga was a Aquatrix a rare semi aquatic salamander likepeople and could hold his breath for extended periods of time.

10: WHen he made it under he saw a basher turtle that was huge. Bigger than any ever seen, and in front of it was a fast moving blue flash, Gorzing!!! Gorzinga quickly swam towards stickman and saw towards the shore when the basher turtle snapped on to Gorzing back leg..... Gorzinga let go of stickman and pointed towards the shore. Stickman started swimming then something in him snapped. He lost his mom and dad Gorzinga was the closest thing to family he had. He turned and suddenly he shot forward the water rippling behind him like a torpedo. He stopped before he hit and the turtle lit up purple in a faint shimmer. and its mouth opened and half of Gorzing came out he knew he was nearly dead so he swapped the souls of the basher turtle and his dearest friend.

11: Gorzinga was now a basher turtle. and the purple shimmering faded away. Gorzing was shocked as he saw half of his body bleeding and sinking down. they both swam up to the top then stickman passed out. Gorzinga nudged him to the waters edge. And the then tried saying stickman but it was nothing but a roar. Gorzing lied down and fell asleep.

12: Motusas sensed a message from skyworld something was wrong so he set off to find Gorzinga and Stickman. When he arrived he saw a giant basher turtle laying near by stickman. He carefully got stick man and carried him behind a large tree. He woke him up and asked where his apprentice had gone. All stickman had the strength to say was turtle. Then Motusas realized that the turtle ate his apprentice and was saving sticman for later.

13: Motusas got out his witch staff and pulled off the top to reveal a poison spear. He turn towards the turtle and threw it as hard as he could towards the creatures head. Right before it hit it glowed purple and was thrown far above the trees. Motusas fell to the ground scared and saw stickman asleep glowing purple. And then An image of what happened flashed through his brain and he knew what had happened. He left them to go to the village.

14: Motusas went back to his village and got the mystic cape passed down from which to which since ancient times. He gathered food and a blue metal wrist band the looked like as if it was made from water itself. And wrote a note. " Dear Stickman, I know what happened. I have packed supplies for you. You two cannot return to the village no matter what. You guys will not be accepted. ANd probably killed for you condition. Sky world has instructed me to tell you you must go and find your true people. And live amongst them. They will answer your questions. Sincerely Yours, Marturas May the Skypeople guide you" he left the note next to stickman and left.

15: Stickman awoke the next morning by Gorzing's Voice "Stickman get up" he awoke to see a huge basher turtle and he hoped up. Then he heard a voice saying "stickman can you hear me ?" Where are you? I'm right hear the strange voice said. What happened stickman asked. You don't remember? Then the images of what happened flooded his brain like a wave of lava. He sat down and started questioning what was going on. Then he saw the supplies and read the note. He sat down shocked of what happened. Then his hands started to glow purple. The tree behind them was launched into the air. It started coming back down straight towards them. Gorzinga moved towards stickman and the tree lightly bounced of his shell. Stickman said are you ok? And he replied you turned me into a basher turtle remember. Stickman was confused and shocked. What was he?

16: Gorzinga asked what the note said. Stickman explained and Gorzinga said what are we waiting for then? Stickman didn't know what to do. He started picking up supplies and it was to much so GOrziga said strap them to his shell. Are you sure? Yeah no problem. and climb on. Ok then. Which way I thought you knew. Oh then lets see. Stickman Tried using his powers and all of a sudden. A worm hole opened. They were both sucked in and ended up in a high tech civilization with floating Monsters.

17: Where are we? When all of a sudden they saw a giant shadow shoot by them with a monster on its tail with magic firing from it. Then Stickman used his powers on the monster. and it was tossed far away. The shadow came to them and then morphed into a person. Thanks it said my name is... well I don't remember just call me matter man. And he explained what he remembered about the laboratory and the people yelling at him and chasing him.

18: Stickman said its lucky we came along when we did then right? If we weren't here you'd be monster food. What said Matter man? That monster that was chasing you firing magic bolts. Oh you mean that car that was firing lasers? Wait where are we asked stick man? Were in deltora. What is your clans name? Whats a clan? You know the people you live with. Wait when is it? Its 3047. What, thats Not true. Wait when are you from 1017. Gorzinga then said Wait stickman where in the future. That worm hole was a time portal. WHAT exclaimed stickman!

19: Why is he a giant turtle, said Matter man? Gorzinga said i was turned in to a turtle by him. What, how, he asked. Some mystical way. My body was eaten by this one so he swapped us and i live on in this body Wow thats amazing I can shape shift but its not permanent like yours.

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