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S: Congratulations from your Family and Friends

FC: doc tom 40 years of Dedicated service | "The education of the doctor which goes on after he has his degree is, after all, the most important part of his education." - John Shaw Billings

1: Lovingly Dedicated To Stephanie &Stanley Chwierut for their love and support and with Thanks To God for His blessings and guidance.

7: Congrats and love from family and friends

9: Dear Tom, Compiling this book has been a labor of love and a humbling experience. I'm so proud of you and am truly amazed at the outpouring of love and admiration contained in these pages. I know that I have not been with you for all of this journey; however, since I know that I was still a part of your heart, some part of me was along for the ride. Though the future may not be filled with so many momentous adventures, I look forward to the chapters we will add filled with love, laughter, family, friends, travel, and quiet moments together. I'm so blessed that God has brought us back together and so proud to be your wife! Love, Donna

12: Hey There "Papa", Congratulations on reaching such a remarkable milestone. Obviously, you have made a tremendous impact on generations of people and the medical field is truly blessed to have someone as caring and resourceful as you. I would be unable to recall all the many times over the last twelve years that you have been there for me. Typically, us macho men don't always admit when we truly need a mentor and necessary guidance. We think we are too tough to lean on someone. Regardless, without your advice and knowledge, I'm sure I would not be as well off as I am now. You stepped up and became a father when I needed it most. Thank you for your words of wisdom and for sharing necessary advice. Whether or not you know it, you played a MAJOR role in getting me to where I am today. Again, congratulations on 40 years of helping people physically and mentally. All the best! Love, Mikey

13: Dear Tom, Congratulations on your 40th Anniversary in medicine! Over the last couple of years that I have gotten to know you, you have really been there to help and advise me when I've needed it. You have always asked the right questions, and shared some interesting stories - seriously - think about writing a book! Thanks for the help, advice, caring, compassion and kindness you have shown me as a doctor and a father-in-law. Congratulations again, and enjoy this great accomplishment! Love, Terri and Baby

14: Tom, All our Best Wishes to you on your 40th year in medicine. Jerry, Linda, Mark, Tracy & Paul | Doc Tom & Doc Dan | Uncle Tom, Congratulations on 40 years of being a physician. It is an impressive feat. I'm sure that when you began you had no idea what was in store for you and have encountered things you never thought possible while taking care of patients with complex medical conditions you only read about in books. Although challenging, I know you always practiced with respect for your patients and did what was best for them. It is a characteristic that is admirable and something I aspire to do throughout my career. If it was not for your footsteps, I would not be in a career which is both challenging and rewarding. Whether you realize it or not, you have been a role model for me over the past 26 years both personally and professionally. Congratulations again on your 40 years - your patients are lucky to have been taken care of by you. Dan

15: Congratulations On Your 40th Anniversary From the Murdoch Nephews Although some of us were not born before your graduation, we would like to relate our memories of you for the past 40 years. Billy remembers your graduation and the thing that first came to mind was the velvet seats in the U of C Chapel. He also recalls when you were going to medical school you would occasionally be asleep with a pillow over your head instead of under it when he visited Grandma and Grandpa. Bill also remembers how you doctored him when Bandit nipped his finger and the huge over-sized bandage you put on it. It healed nicely and did not get infection because of the many, many layers of gauze and roll of tape put on. Billy, Kevin and Jamie also remember the many trips they took to visit you in Michigan after you graduated. Your first place at the Somerset Apartments in Troy was great fun, from the beer can pyramid to the tarantula. We loved the super-sized hypodermic needles used as squirt guns and the blow-up splints used as floaters in the pool. Kevin remembers that one time they could not find the tarantula and thought it escaped and they all panicked only to find it huddled in the corner of the fish tank. Jamie thought sleeping under the ping-pong table was the best camping ever. The next few years we spent time on the houseboat on Lake St.Clair and Billy again noticed the velvet walls (is there a pattern here?) After that it was the place on Elizabeth Lake with the swimming pool on the beach and the pontoon boat rides. By then we could all swim and you took us to the deep spots to jump in from the boat. One of the best times we stayed was when we played Ninja Turtles on the golf course - it was very adventurous. We all looked forward to visiting you in Michigan almost every summer and thank you again for putting up with us. You are the Greatest Uncle Ever! Billy, Kevin & Jaime

16: Fortunately, Donna was sitting in the car one day when Tom came to the house and a Cupid's arrow went through his heart. He immediately bought the car thinking Donna was one of the accessories. My happiest day in Vietnam in 1967 came when a letter I received said Tom bought the car and my dad purchased a sharp 1967 Buick. My only regret is that I did not have a junk to sell before Tom married Donna. Tom, thanks for all the good times in the '67 Buick! Don | Tom's Cash for Clunkers Most people think cash for clunkers originated a few years ago. But it actually started in 1967. Ralph Nader classified the Corvair as the "worst and most dangerous car in America". My dad won a Corvair in a raffle and had to decide whether to burn it or drive it.

17: My Brother-In-Law, Dr. Tom Thank you for being there when I needed you most. The past years have been difficult with my Diabetes and especially the Breast Cancer. You were always willing to listen to me and give me good advice. Your expertise in the Medical Field has made it easier for me to deal with these diseases. I will always be grateful and thank God you were there for me. Congratulation on your 40 years as a doctor and many many more. Your Sister-In-Law Geri P.S. I want to especially thank you for the back manipulations on the pizza parlor floor.

18: Dear Doc Daddy, Thanks for all the love, treats, swimming, treats, play time, treats, naps, treats and for telling me that I am your Best Dog Ever. ! Love, Bruno

19: To Thomas J. Chwierut D.O. After 30+ years of knowing you and being a patient, I always remember your most Important Quotation, "Don't do as I do, Do as I say." Always advised at the branch office the BARn man cave. Many more years as friends Mike Long

20: When considering the big picture, I'm a firm believer that any major life event happens for a reason. Had you not chosen to pursue medicine as your career, you may not have ever met the woman who was pregnant with me. If you and my father had never met & become such good friends, life as my family & I know it never would have existed. Aside from the incredible impact you've had on our family's life, you have no doubt improved and enriched the lives of many over the 40 years you've been in practice. To practice medicine for 40 years is a milestone accomplishment in itself, however, your contribution to the greater good of your community is truly honorable. Thanks for letting me be your house guest for a night. Katherine Camarena | Even though Tom you were not considered the "Hulk" among the boys, you have been a giant in our eyes. You have always touched our lives through the years. We raise our glasses to toast you for your achievement of 40 years. "So here's to you Dr. Tom" and as always our special "Thanks Dr. Tom" for changing our lives. Congratulations! Ray and Toni

21: On a starry night in 1964 when I was a mere child of 16 I first met Tom and the three of us, Donna and I and Tom (age 20!) went bowling. Tom's talent then as a bowler provided him dexterity and physical skill - both at the bowling alley and dancing to "Motown tunes" with Donna. Tom came to a crossroads later in his life: should he attend medical school or teach bowling and dancing in Chicago. Fast forward to 2010 and it's still unclear whether I was the date, or the necessary "3rd wheel". One question still remains unanswered now: Would Tom have won "Dancing with the Stars" had he chosen the other path? Love and best wishes, Karen Jaberi

22: Where do I begin? 30 possibly 35 years ago. What a great man. He was there when I needed him, when my Dad was sick, and when he died. He's been there every time my Mother has been sick. By the way, my Mother (Betty) loves him. He was there, and still is there every time I ever need him, and most of all I've been lucky enough to call him Friend. What's not to love. Love You Always, Linda, Pat & Betty too | My Dear Dr. Tom: I have known you are a true friend because even though I'm slightly cracked, you still think I'm a good egg. Seriously, you are truly a blessing in my life. I remain as always, Your friend, Roberta Dr. Chwierut, Congrats on 40 years as a physician!! You have always been a great doctor to Jim and I but also a good friend. We not only have a terrific doctor, but a lifelong friend!! Love, Jim & Marilyn Attard P.S. I wish you another 40 years of healing and another 40 years with your beautiful and thoughtful bride.

23: Doc Tom he is more than a doctor... he is a friend! He has helped me out a lot. One time I went down to his office because I was so sick. He did all the normal stuff but just decided to do a blood test to be on the safe side. He ended up calling me later to tell me that I was pregnant. We laughed that he was the first one to know. Carrie Hansehman | Doc Tom - Congratulations on 40 years of being a Doctor... I've known Doc about 15 years. He is a good guy. He is always willing to help and answer any questions and concerns anyone has. He has helped many of our friends in time of need. It is a pleasure knowing you as a friend... Oh, and Thank God he found Donna.! Someone needs to keep him in line... Congrats Doc. Love Ya, Brenda Wood

24: To Doctor Tom, Thank you and Donna for being there for me and Terry throughout the awful time he was under hospice care at my home... and even up until the final moments of his life. I will always remember you for your "caring" and how you try to make your patients smile. Remember Terry especially liked you during Lions & Bears games! Thanks Doc Penny Doc Tom You're more than just someone who gives me B12 shots and writes me scrips for birth control. You are a friend. It seems you always know when to show up at the bar when I need to see you the most - in good times and bad to make me laugh and listen to me cry. And somehow we end up with Dairy Queen Blizzards and so much more. I say Thank You and love you always. Grace | Tom, What a joy it has been helping Donna put together this book for you in honor of your 40 years as a doctor. Who knew you were such a great guy??? Or an Elvis impersonator!! Jim and I treasure our friendship with you and Donna and appreciated your being there for us when we needed you both. Congratulations and God's Blessings!! Love, Carol & Jim

25: Dear Dr. Tom, I remember on a cold December nite at 6:30 a.m. I called you and told you "Pops" was having a hard time breathing. In less than 10 minutes you were there. Dad gave out a sigh of relief and I knew that the "Dr." dad said walked on water would make it all okay! Bless you heart, you did! He was on oxygen and could breathe. You told me kindly that all of dad's parts were worn out but you would make him comfortable, and for that I was grateful. On a lighter note, remember all of the "Lions" games at Time Out on Sundays... we had a ball, fun, friends & food! You loved wearing your "Bears" shirt when the Lions and Bears played, just to tease all of us and if they won, we heard about it the rest of the season! Garry Sr. remembers when he went to have his hip replacement, the orthopedic surgeon was giving us all the do's and don'ts to go home & after she was finished, Garry said "Oh doctor did I tell you a physician lives downstairs from me. She laughed and said "you have all your bases covered your own therapist and doctor too!" You came upstairs everyday to check on him, much appreciated Darlin! Congratulations Dr. Tom on your anniversary and many more. We all love you, "Dr" Sally

26: Dr. Tom, Many many thanks for all the time you gave to "Estabrooke Havencrest." You helped the residents and their families feel very comfortable through very hard times. Thanks for helping all the employees stay healthy. Most of all, you were with my family and our mother many hours at the end of her beautiful life. Every Wednesday mom would say "Is Dr. Blue Jeans" here yet. Congratulations! Marie

27: Tom - Who knew after countless Monday nights trying to find out who knew the most trivia we'd find out one night who "knew it all" that refugee from Harvard! It was fun those nights enjoying each others company. And I had a fabulous thought that you would be the perfect Dr. to meet with Marie. I knew you two would jell. She needed a knowledgeable, sincere and compassionate person - who would be not a clock thumper - my friend. You've worked out beautifully. God be with both you and Donna. Your Buddy, "Mr. Jeopardy"

28: Doc Tom: It has been a privilege to know and work with you. Thank you for all you do for your patients here at Havencrest. Thanks for all you did for my mom. She really enjoyed that bottle of rum and it sure brought a smile to her face. Best wishes as you continue in your practice and your life. Carolyn Dr. Tom - I'm so glad I've had an opportunity to get to know you and Donna. I always enjoy our conversations and thank you for diagnosing my Hypochondria! Lindsey Warner e

29: I worked with Dr. Chwierut in my years as a hospice nurse. He took the time to see many of his dying patients no matter the time of day or night. When I was in a bind with my own children''s health, he always offered to help. Dr. Chwierut brought humor to lighten up the sadness in caring for hospice residents, and his care was much appreciated. Sincerely, Karen Kopko | Doc to my rescue - when you need a friend, Doc's your man! Karen Parks

30: Dear Doc Tom, I wanted to congratulate you on your 40th year anniversary. That is a wonderful accomplishment. How proud you must be of yourself. I know that Estabrooks Havencrest has been blessed by the care you have shown to it's residents, and I too have been blessed with the care you have given me. I am truly thankful for your kindness and will never forget you. I told Donna this story so I will share it with you. I watched an old Mash rerun and on it there was an elder Korean Bomber that would fly in to the unit every day at 10:00. They called him 10:00 Charlie. The Mash unit looked forward to him everyday at 10:00 and were amused by his impeccable timing. Well I don't know if he drank coffee, but every Sunday at 10:00 I look forward to seeing you and know that I have appreciated all of your help. Thank you. Diana Weston | Dr. Tom, 40 years! You've been a doc longer than I've been alive! It's great working with you. Dave Stechschulte, RN

31: Doctor, Thanks for all the times you have helped me with my medical questions. Sometimes they weren't the answers I wanted but they were honest and "free". I still laugh about the time that one of our residents told you that she was going to send a car to pick you up and the two of you were gonna spend the night at a hotel together. Whenever she saw you, she would get the cutest smile and watch your every move. (I think it may have been the cologne also.) Donna keeps you smelling nice. (giggle, giggle) Congratulations on the 40 years Doctor. Love, Bonnie | Dr. Tom, Congrats on 40 years!! It's been great working with you. Your advice and wisdom has been very helpful. Let's make it another 40!! Amy Sexton


33: Dear Doc Tom, Congratulations on your 40th year in medicine. Your compassion and dedication have helped numerous patients and their families. This is why after being in practice all these years, you still have patients that have been with you since your practice began in Ferndale. As for new patients... two year old Ava dislocated her elbow and her dad took her to the ER where she was treated and released, but still wouldn't use her arm. Ava's dad brought her to the office, you put the elbow back in place. You held a sucker out to her and she grabbed it with the arm she hadn't been using. Mark, my brother-in-law came in and you diagnosed him with liver failure. You sent him in the right direction for his liver transplant! These are just a couple off the top of my head that relied on your forty years of knowledge. Many of your patients hold you in high regard and appreciate your approachable attitude and patience. Again, Congratulations. It has been a pleasure to work with you. All My Best, Sue

34: Dear Dr. Chwierut, Congratulations on your 40 years of being a doctor. You are the most generous physician I have every met. On behalf of my family and the families of all your past employees, we thank you for your help. Most of them had no insurance and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. On behalf of your patients... thank you for caring so much. You have been a great boss who never stops teaching me about medicine. You have been a great father figure and let me cry on your shoulder numerous times. You are a great friend that will tell the truth even if it hurts. Thank you for always being there. Congratulations! Love, Marie Morefield Wow Dr. C ! I cannot believe you have been practicing medicine for 40 years. It is hard for me to believe I spent almost 20 of those years with you. I remember the first Saturday I met you. I thought you were so young and nice! Of course I was pretty young then too! The years I spent with you are filled with enough memories to fill a book. You taught me so much, not only about medicine, but life as well. I remember bringing my son Nick by the office on my way home from the hospital so you could see him. You made it easier for me to be a working Mom. You allowed me to get them to and from school and set up a sick room at the office when needed. I will never forget your kindness and compassion when you found my Dad's lung cancer and for that I'll always be grateful. My Dad always thought the world of you as did my entire family. It has been an honor to work with you and call you a friend. Love, Cathy

36: My Favorite Memory About "Dr. Tom"... One of the first things that struck me about Dr. Tom when I first met him, was how easy going he is and his unique ability to make everyone feel comfortable. Even as the medical director in hospice, he always made everyone feel accepted and equal. Demonstrated the utmost respect and courtesy towards others and simply impressed me as a gentleman. But the most memorable time was when we had a prayer gathering at his and Donna's home. It was such an awesome gathering and an open and welcome environment which modeled true Christian love. There was the great fellowship with food and conversation, a time of worship and sharing of the word and prayer. And Dr. Tom graciously allowed me to minister in my gift of the Holy Spirit with such a freedom that everyone who came was blessed and touched by God. I thank God for the friendship I share with Donna and Dr. Tom and for the care and compassion they display towards all people. Happy 40th Anniversary Dr. Tom. You are a great man and greatly loved! Pastor Chris & Family | congratulations doc tom

37: Dr. Tom Always brought joy to IDG with all his different ties. Dr. Tom is the best. Miss you. Thanks for always being there for me. Deb Green Doc Tom, Here's a great big THANK YOU from all the patients you have helped and this nurse! Cindy VandeSande, RN CONGRATULATIONS ON FORTY YEARS OF PRACTICE!! | from all of us at focus hospice

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