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S: J N R 1-23-09

FC: Johan Richard Nawrocki Born: January 23, 2009

1: Our beautifuL son is born January 23, 2009

2: We will love you forever! Mommy and Daddy had to go to the hospital at 3:30 in the morning because you decided to come earLy. When we arrived, all was well with you. So we waited for an operating room for you to be born.

3: true | Love | Daddy got to announce if you were a boy or a girL, and he took his time | He was so happy he cried before he couLd tell me you were a BOY

4: "There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved."

5: Johan Richard Weight: 9lbs. 2oz. Length: 20 1/4 inches

6: Visitors to the hospital... GIGI Dziadek & Grandma Nawrocki Auntie Krissie, Kameron, JuLia and Auntie Susan

7: YoU posing...I think you liked your piCture being taken... Grammy Ross Grandma Nawrocki and Dziadek Aunt Lauren Uncle RoB

8: Mommy couldnt stop taking piCs of're tiny feet and hands you even had to wear a baby LO-jaCk so no one could steal you

10: All checked out and ready to see your home | 59 Bryant Road Cranston, Rhode Island

11: You did not like bouncY seat very much at all but loved changing time and your orange rabbit! | Important items on your to do list were meeting Boodah and napping

12: Grandma Torino arrived to our house shortly after we got home(Tues) from the hospital! She was over the moon when she held you, and immediately sang, "I love YOU a bushel and a peck."

13: Uncle John and Cousin Liz showed up on Wednesday for lunch and brought us soup and bread! PerFect! Then Liz took some amazing piCs of you!

14: Auntie Shari came the next day and brought you a blanket made by her mom...its your favorite (and mine)

15: YouR Ro0m! Mommy did a mural of DaDDy surfing a HUGE waVe and MOmmy is sitting on the beach we cant wait to paint you into the mural! Up in the sky is a painting of guardian angels that Grandma and Papa Torino gave to you!

16: Your second day home, Mommy thought she would trim your nails with the baby nail clipper...she didn't make that mistake again!

17: All day long we got to cuddle with you & play with you...Daddy was so excited when this gift arrived... | ...a surf board ! for tummy time ! Dad made you work hard...then he rescued you when you got frustrated

18: Your first weekend approached and brought more visitors | Eric already loves your toYs! | above: Aunt Lauren and cousins Robbie and Eric | above: Grandma Nawrocki Left: Grammy Ross

19: As he started to leave, you woke up very hungry so without taking his coat and hat off Daddy ran into the living room and scooped you up and Mommy brought him your bottle. You did very well with it! He even did a great job of burPing you after! | Daddy fed you your first bottle ! on February 23rd... He had an appointment that afternoon and thought he could run out before you would wake up.

20: J | R | N | “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." | Grandma and Papa Torino called from FLA to wish you a haPPy ONE month birthday!!! You finally have a beLLy button! and can take a bath!!!

21: Your first bath...With DaDDy's heLP...Mommy was nervous... you were not so sure, but after you tinkeled on that first toweL you seem to enjoy it the second time around!

23: The next day Great Grandma Kukta and Auntie Dottie came to visi and gave you oruy second bottle! You are the apple of GiGi's eye!

25: Hanging with Boodah boY | Once the snow stopped you and MoMMy would go to Ct to visit quite a bit It was great spending time with GIGIand the rest of the family! | Visiting by car

26: One day cousin Roberta came for a visit.... Caiden, The Parris girLs Amber, JaQui and Jordan.. .and Grammy Ross

27: and

28: Grandma and Papa Torino were in Florida for winter so as soon as they were home we took you for a visit to spend the day together. It was April 4th when you met Papa...he brought you a baseball glove and couldnt wait to give it to you! Grandma was so excited and she fed you a bottle! and trimmed your hair!! and sang to you aLL afternoon! GiGi came too!

30: "A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you." | MOMMYs first mommy birthday

31: J | r | N | Never fear spoiling children by making them too happy. Happiness is the atmosphere in which all good affections grow

32: Mommy's friend Sally Piggot arrived from England today. She came for the afternoon for a visit. We went to the cafe in Garden City for lunch and you had a great time! Look at your smiLe! | neighbor Linda I .stops by for a visit

33: Opening DaY ReD SoX! | Go SoX!!!

34: EASTER! | I know what you are asking yourself & YES my MOMMMY is one of "those" moMMYs

35: Aunt Jenny meets Johan! | FAmiLy fun with photo booth!

36: Springtime Visiting

37: Baptism

38: J | R | N | There is no friendship, no love, like that of the parent for the child

39: PLaytiMe on April 24th you went in your jumper for the first time

41: I waited my WHOLE life for this daY!! THANK YOU Johan for making me a mommy...its the most important thing I've ever done!! | We 'christened " you here! | Even though it was so cold you loVed it! | You are ready to suRf

42: LeFt: First lunch at Ocean Mist in Matunuck on May 16th Right: First Roll over on your oWn~May 17th on this day you also looked at daddy when he called your name and you went to church for the first time!

43: J | R | N | “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

44: May 24th we stayed at the beach house for the first time with YOU! You helped DaDdy pick out clams for dinner! We got chowder and clam cakes at George's! and Auntie Shari AND Auntie SuSu visited

45: above is your FIRST Father's Day June 21, 2009 Below: You met your cousin's Joe Hilary and baby Claire at Uncle John and Aunt Diane's

46: J | R | N | “Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think!

47: Your first Fourth of JuLy! We had a picnic down at Matunuck GiGi, Gram and Papa Torino The Abassi's Toni and Suzianne and of course Grammy Ross and Manuel. Some of the neighborhood kids did a pots and pans parade too!

48: Your First trip on an AirpLane! July 11th-18th to Bonita Springs, Florida with entire Torino clan!!

50: More summer fun Warwick mall with Serena, Rachel and Sarah running into Christopher picking stawberries at Shartners eating with a spoon for the first your tent on the beach

52: J | R | N | “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go"

53: First time seeing Toe Jam Puppet band with Mom & Dad at Slater Park-Pautucket RI | Went to CT to meet your Uncle John & Aunt Sue ... your first LoBster FesT | You had so much fun with Julia and Kamie and GiGi and the Mautee's! August 14th

54: Then the next daY August 15th we went to a vineyard in Wallingford I know its blury its aLL we got ...let a stranger take the pic ...

55: Random summer piCs ... DaD lowering your crib...You meeting Bella Iebrahim Swimming a the Moreys meeting Mommys friend Maggie Duffy playin with MAx You are also wearing a sombrero that daddy got from a Mexican party!

56: Took your first Metro North train ride on August 22 to hanG in the NYC with Gram Torino for photo shoot at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park and Boat House for lunch!& FAO SwartZ --where you played the giant piano!! (7 months old)

57: 7 months old

59: August 24th we watched Daddy and uncle scott surf deep hole during storm

60: Gram Torino, Auntie Dottie Julia & Kameron and cousin CynSi visit at beach house August 25th

61: August 27, 2009 We had a day at the beach with Auntie Krissie, Kameron & JuLia then... Went out to Ocean Mist for dinner with Auntie Krissie , Kameron and JuLia and Uncle Karl and Aunt Gina Dimitri

62: Daddy's First Day school year 2009-2010 | ...Playing in Boodahs water dish | #1 Favorite way to pass time...

63: labor day sept.6th Daddy thought of a great plan today to head to Newport and walk the cliffwalk with you then go to flo's clam shack for dinner! As you can see by the look on daddys face in line at flo's that he wasnt waiting that long so we headed out to middletown to gourmet grocer and found the potato heads and got these great piCs!!!

64: The Woodlands annual visit to Narragansett...They stay at cousin Alfreds home Yellow Patch. September 12th weekend | Daddy took Cameron out surfing! | doing awesome! | Auntie Sherry | Gift opening is so exciting | Schuyler loved posing in all the rooMs! | Auntie Sherry fed you dinner | and Schuyler helped | They couldnt wait to get you on trampoline

65: A day at Hasbro Park with IZZY & Finn Sept. 15th | Having playdate with Izzy & Fin Sept 15th Hasbro Park

66: PERFECT took us a whiLe but it was so worth it for this piC~ | First Bite | First time apple picking Cranston RI Sept./20/09 | Daddy JuggLes! <

67: Uncle Julius visits from San Diego with GiGi and Grandma Torino...we had a nice lunch Mommy made tri-colored tortellini and we spent the afternoon catching uP! Sept.22, 2009

68: Went to the Durham Fair in Ct with Auntie Shari and Kameron! What a daY! You got to pet and feed so many animals! You just loved them aLL! You ended the daY with a vanilla cone!

70: J | R | N | “You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

71: Auntie SuSus visit on Oct. 8 We had a rosey time! | October 9thThis was a HUGE day you got your first toothbrush...It had a picture of ELMO on it! You did not want to put it down!

72: October 10th We went to both RISD & Scituate Art Festivals...with Auntie SUSU: funfunfun! You love riding in the Bjorn! We met artist Greg Stones and he signed a book for you

73: You get to meet Aunt Alice & Uncle Dick visit 10/12/09

74: October 14th you spent the day with the Parris girLs while MOMMY worked!

75: 9 month Dr. visit... 90th percentile for height and 70% percentile for weight!

76: Somewhere in the middle of October MoM realized we hadn't put you in ANY of your baby sweaters and decided to do a little fashion show with you one day....These piCs are the resuLt! As you can see by bottom left picture, you are not a fan of YELLOW.... Unless o Of course we put you on your Rocking horse!

77: J | R | N | “To the world you may be just one person, but to two people you ARE the world." | 9 months


79: Choosing the PerfeCt pumpkin at Bishops Orchard in Guilford CT with Auntie Krissie, Kameron and JuLia

80: First Official Haircut given by Grandma Torino...while Papa helPed distract you! | grandma and papa also brought you your first suitcase from their trip to London England. It has Paddington Bear on it and you got a stuffed PB with 2 books! You love this suitcase and wheel it all over the place waving good bye!

81: In October we went to Wright's Farm to celebrate Grammy Ross's Aunt Lauren's and DADDYs birthdays | ps mommy's camera did not take good pics!

82: Creating THE Perfect JacK-0-Lantern | Daddy had a great pLan for your first PuMpkin face so he did all the design and carving you loved scrapping the seeds out and loVed it when it was finished!

83: HaPPy HaLLoween! | Yes You were a frog! and you loved sitting by the bowl and chewing on candy through the wrapper! Daddy made the traditional ChiX soup and then took you around the hood thenMommy took you to a few houses You loved Halloween!

84: J | R | N | “Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them"

85: MoM started to take some pics for Christmas card options! These were taken at Branford point near Grandma and Papa Torino's | Auntie Shari still had one of these tuB rings! You loVed it! Auntie Alice sent this alligator washcloth when we got pregnant with you! This push toy was your first we purchased it at a YaRd saLe up the street YOU were dangerous & LOVED pushing it ALL over the house and into Boodah!!

86: Feeding Boodah is becoming one of your favorite activities along with getting in stove drawer | Bath time is your favorite you run to stairs when we mention BATH

87: First Thanksgiving.!..GiGi was feeling under the weather so we visited her before dessert. Papa got you with whipped cream You loved it!

88: J | R | N | “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up if only you try...!”

90: Johan's First Christmas!!!!!!!! | ho! ho! ho!

91: These boots were made for walkin... | On January 7th Grandma and PapaTorino invited us to Branford CT and we went shopping for your first pair of shoes! You had so much fun with the sales lady and trying on shoes that Gram and Poppa got you two pairs and a ton of new socks! Upon leaving you promptly ripped down a display of shoes that I caught on film (yea mOmmY!)

92: J | R | N | “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.

93: This is Maya Uncle Fred''s Dog We were ther for your first New years | First time we put your snow suit on you...not impressed | Ready to still had no idea what was going on...Jan 2,2010 | Before your first cut | on our way in (Garden City) | Waiting our turn | whOOO hoo short wait you are neXt | NOw's when the panic begins! | They had a big stuffed Mickey Mouse to keep you HaPPy | so excited to see Shari | After posing with the poLe! | Sunday before your birthday we met Auntie Shari | In Essex CT ate at the Black Seal you had souP and entertained whole joint | Trying to execute your escape plan! You did very well...we got a certificate in the mail ...This cut was just before your birthday

94: I just wanted you to know these photos every month were so much fun to take we would laugh THE whole time! You always did something silly! | Johan Richard 12 months

95: The one from September is funny because we were at the beach house and I remembered I needed to take your pic and was sOOOO happy I packed little Tigger.... I thought it would be funny for the series! | Johan Richard 7 months | Johan Richard 9 months | Johan Richard 8 months | Johan Richard 6months | j

98: LiFe IS | & | making

99: To: Johan Richard Nawrocki With all our Love always, MoM & DaD

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