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S: John Goldinger 75 years on

FC: Treasures of a long life

1: Dad, In honor of your 75th birthday, your family and friends have shared their memories, wishes, prayers and congratulations for you. In reading their stories, it is easy to see why you have such a rich and full life, you are surrounded by people who care about you as much as you care about them. You have touched so many lives, most often by lending a hand or with one of your famous hugs. Enjoy reading their messages, but keep a box of tissues close at hand. You'll need them. Love, Sheila

3: the relationship of parent and child...remains indelible and indestructible, the strongest relationship on earth

6: How do you express a lifetime of support, encouragement and learning in one paragraph? To thank you for giving me the freedom to grow and the security to fail? My freckles and creativity are mom's, my drive and determination are all you. You taught me responsibility, resourcefulness and a love for logistical challenges...I am probably the only person who enjoys packing suitcases! You have inspired me, frustrated me, amazed me, opposed me, motivated me and sometimes, baffled me. I wouldn't have it any other way. Love, Sheila | Dad,

7: Sheila & Ron | Congratulations on 75 incredible years

8: Happy Birthday Dad! May the following years be as happy and memorable as the first 75. | Phil & Dana

10: There have been so many memories, that I couldn't pick out just a few. You have such an experience filled life, I'm glad to be a part of it. | Dad, | Love, Shelley

12: We're Married! | Love, John & Carol

15: Another Generation benefiting from his touch John is the most amazing person I have ever known. He has such strength and conviction, he never gives up, or quits, and he sees the job through to the end, even if the end takes forever! I have seen him struggle in pain, sweat till a drop is not left in his body, and still look up and smile. God made a masterpiece when he made my husband and I am forever grateful to be a part of his life. He is so strong and yet so gentle. His favorite animal is the elephant, and he shares many similarities. They never forget, are quick, nimble on their feet, and can pick up a penny with their nose. John can’t do the last one, but he does wiggle it. He loves to play with and teach children. Just ask anyone in the room, most of us have been taught by him, because he’s older than all of us! Our story goes back to a different lifetime. He and his family lived across the street when I was in high school. We always had fun with the Goldingers. Whether we were putting our Christmas wrappings on their front porch and ringing the door bell and running, or helping put together a go-cart at Christmas Eve and then test driving it down the hill. There were always plenty of laughs and a good time to be had. Now we are making more precious memories with our blended family, and many friends. If you think he is not working fast enough on your favorite project, just sit back and “BE PATIENT”, (as he is forever saying to me), he will get Around to it. Thank you to everyone for loving John. But really, you just can’t help it!! I love you, Darling. Kim

16: to see considering the fact that we can't take you anywhere in the world without at least five people recognizing you, I realize what an honor it is to have you for a grandfather. Not only have I known you for all twenty years of my life, but I have had you as the most wonderful grandfather anybody could ever ask for. Thank you Pap-pap, for everything you have done for me, and for everything you have done for any person you have ever met. | Pap-pap, | When I think about how many lives | you have touched so far, which isn't hard | Sean

17: Happy birthday and thank you for 16 years worth of bad jokes. Love Ian

18: Happy Birthday Pap-Pap! I love you even though you eat plastic. | Love, Becca

19: Happy Birthday | Sarah & Travis | Pap-Pap!

20: Happy Birthday Pap-pap!

22: Every picture tells a story! You may have More Money, You may be Smarter, But I'm still Better Looking!! | Happy Birthday Big Brother :)

25: Happy 75th Birthday! (From the Best Brother) Hope you have many, many more!

26: Happy Birthday John!

28: Happy 75th John Joyce & Paul

29: Uncle John, I remember how you spoiled me rotten. Here is memory lane: When I broke the push buttons on your DeSoto, that changed the gears on the car. Or how about when I threw your keys in the glove compartment and shut it. Aunt Chook was at work at the bank in Ford City and she had to ride the bus to Kittanning with the other set. Talk about spoiling someone. Do you remember the doll you bought me? It was one of those days when I just had to have her. She was called Poor Pitiful Pearl and you bought her at the Sears Roebuck Catalog store in Kittanning. I hear she cost around 4 or 5 dollars. You spent the last of your money buying it for me. I still have that doll at my parents house. Some of the memories were good and some bad. Like when you told me I couldn't leave the table till I ate my peas. I still hate peas. When you lived in Ford Cliff and Sheila would not keep her chair in | the kitchen on all 4 legs. She fell back and cracked her head open and you took us to your parents house so you could take her to the hospital. How about the grape vines you had in the yard. When we traveled to Alabama and you left Paul take the MG for a ride and he was only 16. All the trips I made to Boiling Springs with mom and grandma to visit. I used to tell everyone you were my favorite Uncle. Wonder why? Have a wonderful Birthday and may you have many more to celebrate. Love ya, KIM

30: Men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age. - C.E.M. Joad | An uncle is someone special to remember with warmth, think of with pride, cherish with love, and a joy to remember your whole life through. Happy 75th birthday Uncle John!

31: Dan & Rose | Hope you have a very happy birthday Uncle John and many more.We'd love to come and celebrate with younz maybe one of these days if God wills it to be so.He always has His plans for us.God Bless Always and you're in our thoughts and prayers.Semper Fidelas:always faithful.

32: Dear John, A very happy 75 to one of the nicest and most energetic guys we know! We've had the privilege of knowing you for almost one quarter of the three quarters of a century that you have been roaming the earth. My (Don's) dad could fix anything that was broken and you're the only man that ever came close to him! Your generosity and zest for life are two characteristics that don't go unnoticed. You gave your children a lot of good examples and continue to be an amazing role model for them as is evidenced by their success and achievements. May the Good Lord reward you with many more years of health and happiness for all of the good that you do - all over the world!! Much love from, Don and Merrily Tatkovski

33: John, you were always one of my favorites out at work. You knew how to cut glass and if we had problems you were the man to go to. We always had a good working relationship and I always had great respect for you. Both Fred and I considered you to be a good friend. I remember when Carol was fighting her cancer. I could see the pain in your face for what she had to go through. But I think you never gave up for her to beat it. That is wonderful to know what the two of you must have had. John, you're a good man. I know you remember Dottie. She is one of my best friends and hasn't changed a bit from when we worked. She is like a Young Young 86...she is a great woman, and was a great nurse. We wish you a wonderful birthday, God Bless, Donna Deatrick and Fred House

34: It's been a long time since we met you and Carol - back in the late '70's. Remember sitting out in the COLD watching Sheila and Diane marching with the CV Band in competitions? And then Carol and I taking our mops and buckets to Shippensburg University to make sure the dorm room was clean enough for our girls. We miss Carol but we are so happy for you that you have found Kim and pray you will have many more years to enjoy with her. We miss both of you. God bless you both. Ken & Marcia Keller | Happy 75th Birthday John

35: Uncle John, Happy 75th Birthday! | Holly, Happy & Christopher

36: My first memories of the Goldinger family are that they had teenagers who were good baby sitters. I also remember the stories of how badly PPG wanted John during the one of the hurricanes. First, they sent in the big truck that backed out when the water came up to the trucks headlights. Then many of us were amused by hearing that they tried to send a helicopter to land on the mountain to get John out. By then we had no doubt as to how important he was to PPG. | After you returned from China is when I came to know you and Carol better. I soon realized that you could fix anything, at least anything I needed help with. John, you were such a wonderful resource for my son to learn things. I really appreciated that you would do the repairs for me at no charge. I am sure you realized that things were not easy for me with 2 kids to educate. I think of you often when I am working at the sink with normal running water. So many years I had the slow running water at the sink that annoyed me no end. While replacing the faucet, you found the piece of solder that was in the pipe. You also fixed my hot water heater that was not working. The only payment you would accept was food. If you were closer I would still give you some more treats. This summer I replaced that hot water heater and have included a picture of it leaving. | One of my fondest memories involves your kitchen remodeling. I would be given updated tours as I visited. One day Carol smiled & asked me if I liked the new counter tops as she ran her hand over the cardboard that covered the tops of the base cabinets. We all three chuckled. I am sure you are still using your talents to help people. When I talk to someone who had worked at PPG years ago I will say that I knew you. I hear nothing but praises for you & they always say how smart you were. I am sure you are still just as smart. Often as I drive by your house (to me it will always be the Goldinger house), I think what a privilege it was to know such a wonderful person. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jane Lerch

38: Dear John, It seems you have reached another milestone in your life’s journey. When Sam started working with you at Habitat, and we met Carol, it seemed we had known you all our lives. Even through Carol’s health struggles, you kept strong and kept your faith. We also found out you can keep secrets. When our family had a surprise retirement/birthday party for us, you never let it slip one time the whole weekend we were together. We still don’t know how you managed to pull that off. We’re so glad you found Kim, and were able to start a new life with her. We feel God placed her in your life for a second chance at happiness. We wish you the very best in the years ahead, and may you be blessed with much happiness and good health always. God bless you and your family. Love, Sam & Audrey Stapleton

39: Happy 75th John! | Love, Byron & Melissa

41: John, Thank you for being a friend over the years, taking time from your busy schedule to keep in contact. Most people are too busy to think of others, but good friends like you stay in touch. Thank you for all the help you have given me, especially with the computer and the electrical work. Above all thank you for your caring friendship. | Kim and John, we are honored to be a part of celebrating John's 75th birthday and also are so pleased that you are happily married. John, I don't recall the first time we met but I remember we became friends easily. Carol and you were great assets for our Farm Women's group and loved by all. Your help with the beautiful Christmas favors, setting up tables and tents at Rallies and picnics will always be remembered. It seemed so easy for you, missing was a skirt for you, now I can hear your hearty laughter! We send a big thanks for the gifts to each of us from your overseas employment and appreciate you keeping in touch with us. | Friendship There's a wonderful thing that gold cannot buy. A blessing that's rare and true and that's the gift of a wonderful friend like the friend we have in you. Love and the Lord's Blessing, Helen Hudson | Happy Birthday! | Take care my friend God loves you In His name Your friend Bob Hudson

42: Happy Birthday Uncle John! Shawn, Sara, Shawn Jr, Jacob & Joshua

43: Dear John, Let me think, when did I first meet you? Well I guess it started with Carol joining Farm Women, you just followed along and helped us ladies with farm sales, bakes sales or whatever needed done. | From there you decided to visit different churches, and having friends at Letort, you decided to visit there. Well you liked us, so you just stayed. Through the years, we shared a lot of happy times, a few sad times, but all in all, we have remained friends. Even though you and Kim have moved from the area, you have remained in our hearts and lives. | May this birthday be the best of the best. With fond memories, Love ya, Pat & Ralph

44: Happy 75th John! | Jerry, Dorothy & Kramer

45: John, I'm glad to have a great friend like you, I have enjoyed all the fun times we had together. | Betty Zeigler

46: J. Dorn, R. Gentile, C. Blessing {Warner}, N. Majerchik, T. Nestor, and E. Bridge- all wish John a Happy 75th Birthday !!

47: "It has been a real joy to get to be with John and get to know him better since he and Kim have been married. He is such a helper and not only does he see needs, he puts action behind the sight. John and Kim came to stay with us at our home in Franklin, Indiana. We had a fold- up ladder that we needed to install to access the storage area above our garage. It had been in the garage for some time. Robert had not been able to get it done. Well, John found out about that need and the strategy to get it installed while they were at our house began. It was just amazing. He and Robert worked together and it got completed. WOW John is such a doer and a helper. He's enjoyable to be with and certainly at his 75 year young life—he adds spice to the lives of all those he knows. We count John as a rich blessing in our lives. | Robert, Nancy & Seth Ver Beek

48: One of the most memorable times we had was The Polar Bear Express. "Are You Lonely Tonight" We sang, "the girls played, and we just laughed and sang". Remember the RagTime Pianist. Another fun time was when the old lady fed the seagulls from her mouth. Remember the baler problem! --bale 3, miss 1. Reset thrower by lengthening bales by 2". We enjoyed many hours touring in the motor home. | Best Wishes on your Birthday, good health in the future. | Dick & Janet Schlegel

49: Happy Birthday John! We still think of all the fun and good times we shared with you. Just think, our families have known each other since Beth and Phil were in grade school. That should make you feel real young! | Hope you have a wonderful 75th birthday! | Dale & Fay Stare

50: Our memories go back to meeting you at the Farm Women conventions and those great trips we traveled. Good people, devotions, singing, jokes and eating. We are so glad we did that when we were healthy. | Friends, Ike and Lois Hughes | Congratulations John 75 years and more to go! | Ike enjoyed the side trips you took the men on while we ladies attended the convention and you probably remember the Cambria County roads that had no yellow lines that Ike took you on in potato country. ! | We are in our 80's now, but still keep active and look pretty good too. Come see us! | Remember eating dinner at our home with the couples that stayed overnight and then when you just dropped in on your way to Ford City to share in our family Sunday night dinner and you ate with the kids?

51: Happy Birthday John! Hope you have many more!! George & Joann Wolf

52: Happy 75th Birthday, John Polly Green

53: Happy Birthday Uncle John!

54: Memories of Sugar Daddy & Me | Happy Birthday Uncle John! | By Keri Goldinger

55: Have John = Have Hug My father kept a poem about hugs taped to his computer screen. He, along with John, understood the power of a hug. I am glad John is a part of our family, and gives my dear sister, Kim, her required one-a-day-hug! We love you, John! Cindy and Don

56: God bless you, Anne Ryder | Happy 75th Birthday!!

57: We wish John a very Happy Birthday and may he continue to have many, many more wonderful birthdays to celebrate!! The Simmons Family, Amy, Bryan, Elizabeth & Matthew, Carrie, Shaun, Alexa, Nick, Aaron, Kelly, Don Jr, Libby, Marissa, Don Sr, Jon, Sue, Mike, Kim & baby Preston

60: Happy Birthday, John! We hope you have a wonderful day, and we hope you have a great time with your family and friends. Hope to see you soon! Again, hope you have a great day. God's blessings to you and your family always, Anita & Eddy Anderson

61: Happy 75th Birthday! Butch & Lois

62: Happy Birthday John! God Bless You, | Mel

63: Happy 75th Birthday Charles & Virgina Shover

64: John will never forget when he was under Debbie's house and PIA snuck up on him and licked the back of his head, he thought it was that BIG Old King Snake! | John and Mike had fun wiring the Kentucky barn, but John is happy that Mike is here to handle some of Crimson Clover Quarter Horse Farm's electric and plumbing emergencies. We do love John and he is so much fun, especially when we watch Alabama football! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN---BIG 75---AND MANY MORE!!!! LOVE, DEB AND MIKE

65: Happy Birthday John, Chuck Stehley

66: Happy 75th Birthday to a very special uncle Butch, Janet & Danica

68: Happy Birthday Uncle John!

70: We first met John five years ago when he started dating Kim, my bestest friend. At first John was not a favorite person to us, the age thing, but as time passed and their relationship grew and we decided to accept him. So, being the river rats that we are, John joined in. That first summer, as John was acclimating to the jet ski/river rat race, he launched the jet skis’ and went to the | putting his wallet and cell phone on the ski, when UH OH! In the water the cell phone GOES! Obviously, he did not find it as amusing as we did. | A few weeks later, and a new cell phone in a water protected case (as we | dock to get on while we were floating on our skis’ waiting. He untied, and was | do), he proceeds to back his jet skis down the driveway and OH NO away | the Jet Skis’ GO! Yes, the trailer just popped right off the hitch and took off down | the driveway. Again a little silent chuckle, no damage was done just a skid mark down the | The same summer, after a fun ride and back to the dock, John pulls up to tie off. He grabs hold of the dock and steps | onto it with one foot while holding the Jet Ski with the other. The ski moved with the current and John did the splits until SPLASH SPLASH ! Yes, you know what happened! John did a butt plant into the water and came up with a big smile and laughing. We all laughed with him this time and realized he just passed initiation and was an official River Rat. | As the summers have come and gone, we have had great fun and laughter together. John even purchased new fancy spancy jet skis. We have grown to love John just as he is, a true Alabama Fan. Roll Tide. | HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Boy! and many many more. We love you. | Ron and Celeste | driveway. No way would he ever be a River Rat!

71: Pat Reich

72: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our family memories.

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