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S: Who Am I

FC: Who Am I

1: Who am I 2010-2011

2: This is the original Playstation. It came out in 1995 and they remade it in 2000. | This is the PS2. The PS2 was released in 2000 and they have remade a slimmer version in 2004. | Tech Timeline

3: This is the PSP. The release for the PSP was in 2005. They made the PSP Go in 2009. The top is the PSP Go and the bottom is the original PSP. | The most recent Playstation is the PS3 which came out in 2006 and then Sony made a slimmer version in 2009.

4: 50 I Cans 1. I can dance 2. I can sing 3. I can kick butt at Modern Warfare 4. I can rap 5. I can ski 6. I can drive a car 7. I can pray 8. I can kiss 9. I can play soccer 10. I can kick fieldgoals 11. I can play tennis 12. I can play basketball 13. I can wrestle 14. I can play an instrument 15. I can catch a football 16. I can catch a baseball 17. I can play kickball 18. I can listen to music 19. I can make a scrapbook 20. I can ride dirtbikes 21. I can swim 22. I can do a backflip 23. I can do a frontflip 24. I can change a diaper 25. I can play trick-or-treat | 26. I can talk on the phone 27. I can cook 28. I can text fast 29. I can take pictures 30. I can jump 31. I can tell jokes 32. I can shoot free throws 33. I can make penalty kicks 34. I can shoot three pointers 35. I can hit a baseball 36. I can play volleyball 37. I can throw a baseball 38. I can play the drums 39. I can play Guitar Hero 40. I can make youtube videos 41. I can spike a volleyball 42. Go tubing 43. I can make Chuck Norris jokes 44. I can eat a whole pizza 45. I can fight zombies 46. I can play paintball 47. I can play airsoft 48. I can fish 49. I can ride rollercoasters 50. I can chug milk

5: 50 Favorites 1. Rap music 2. Rock music 3. Action movies 4. Scary movies 5. National Treasure 6. Never Back Down 7. Disturbia 8. Infamous 9. Modern Warfare 2 10. Batman: Arkahm Asylum 11. Science 12. Eminem 13. Basketball 14. Soccer 15. Carolina Panthers 16. Rise Against 17. Skillet 18. Camaro 19. Manchester United 20. Swing Life Away 22. Hero 23. Batman 24. Miami Heat 25. Spiderman | 26. Atlanta Braves 27. Guitar 28. Reliant K 29. Appalachian State University 30. Duke University( national champions) 31. Drake 32. Roger Federer 33. PS3 34. Red Dead Redemption 35. Facebook 36. Soula Boy 37. Hollister 38. LeBron James 39. Jason Hayward 40. Cristiano Ronaldo 41. The Beatles 42. Journey 43. Shia LaBeouf 44. Ice Cream 45. Harry Potter 46. Sly Cooper 47. Breaking Benjamin 48. Youtube 49. Taco Bell 50. Wipeput

6: People That Were Born | Movies | Twister Spy Hard Happy Gilmore Space Jam Romeo and Juliet Mission: Impossible Scream | Shows E.R. Friends Seinfeld Home Improvement The Naked Truth | Songs I Believe I Can Fly- R. Kelly California Love-2pac Bulls on Parade Mcarana | Brian Ferance Jeremy Bloom Katie Blair Yung Joc Christopher Maloni | Toys!!!!! Tickle Me Elmo Happy Holiday Barbie Jeep Wrangler Power Wheels Koosh Ball

7: Cool Stuff | Casanova was born Walter Chrysler was born who was the founder of Chrysler cars The U.S. declared war on Germany during WWI | April 2nd, 1996 | Headlines the Week of My Birthday | April 1- University of Kentucky wins NCAA Men's Basketball Championship | History on my birthday | Cool Stuff the Year I Was Born | Bill Clinton and Al Gore win re-election for second terms for President and Vice President. | Books The Runaway by John Graham A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb Desperation by Stephen King | Academy Award Winners Geoffrey Rush Cuba Gooding Jr Juliette Binoche Anthony Minghella

8: Greatest Accomplishments | One of my greatest accomplishments is when I made the Force soccer team. It is a great accomplishment because colleges look at club teams before high school teams.

9: 5 relics | One of the relics I have is my Belkie Bear. I would not give him up for anything in the whole world because he was given to me by my nanny and she died when I was 2 so it gives me something to remind me of her. | Another relic that I have is an old chest that my grandfather gave to me. It has my name and birthday engraved on it in gold. It has several compartments where I keep some of my other relics. | Another one of my relics is my baby shoes. I don't keep them but my mom does. they are white and the laces are blue. | Another relic is my first soccer ball. Soccer is my life so when I look at my old soccer ball it reminds me that I have come along way in my soccer career. | My last relic is my picture of Appalachian State University winning their first national championship. I keep it because I love App State and my dad loves them It gives me something to remind me of my dad when he's gone on a trip or something.

10: Thank You Letter

11: Dear Ray, Thank you for being a good soccer coach. I have really learned a lot about the game of soccer these past few years while you were my coach. I love the game of soccer but now that I have learned how to play the game right, I love it even more. I like having those scrimmage games on Saturday. It gives me a chance to work with my team and get to know them before the season. It also helps me to get better before our season and to see how other players are doing and see what our team looks like in a real game situation. Thank you for pushing me to be better. I don't think that I could've made South's soccer team if I wouldn't have played for you. Sometimes I don't want to do something you tell me to do, but most of the time I do it because I know you're the coach and whatever you say will make me better because you and Coach Mark know what you're doing. I really don't like playing defense, but I really want to play and I know that you know what's best for me and the team. I've actually come to like playing defense because you taught me how to play defense right and it is fun to take people out on the field. Thanks again for being such a great coach. I really looked forward to this upcoming season because I think we have to great coaches and really good players so I think we’'ll be really good this year. Sincerely, Nic Allen

12: What I think of Me Good looking Funny Athletic Good at Singing Good at Dancing Hair is awesome | Both Funny Good singer Hair is awesome Good looking | What Others think of Me I wear cool shirts My hair Good looking Nice Good to talk to Funny Good friend Good singer

13: A family recipe that we have is veggie soup. My mom makes it special because we hate veggies but my mom's soup is awesome so it is how we actually get our veggies. | Ingredients: 1 bottle of V8 1 can of tomato soup 1 15 ounce pack pf frozen mix veggies 1 lb ground beef tbs of worcestershire sauce dash of garlic salt and pepper Brown ground beef in skillet Put V8 and tomato soup and frozen veggies in a crockpot on low Put ground beef in crockpot Sprinkle seasoning and Worcestershire and stir Cook on low for 4 hours or until tender

14: My top three intelligences are Musical, Body-Kinesthetic, and Interpersonal. The definition for music is that I have musical abilities and that I know music and have music awareness. Some typical roles are signers, musicians, and pretty much anything that has to do with music The definition for Body-Kinesthetic is that I have body movement control and physical agility and balance and hand-eye coordination. Some typical roles are dancers, athletes, and actors. The last definition is interpersonal and it is that I have perception of other people's feelings. Some typical roles are therapists, HR professionals, and mediators.

15: Allen Genenogram

16: I Love hanging out with my family. My family is so fun to be with and we have lots of family traditions. Every holiday we go over to my nana's house and have lunch with all the cousin's and at Thanksgiving we always play the annual Macchia/Allen/Anderson VS Cook football game. We have some family that lives all the way in Richmond, Virginia. Every Thanksgiving, we either go up there and hang out for the weekend or they come down here and we go to the mountains.

17: Life Timeline Birth: April 2, 1996 First Day of Kindergarten: August 25, 2000 First Trip to Disney World: Fall 2004 Appalachian Soccer Camp: Summer 2005 Sang in Kaleidescope: 2005 Tenth Birthday: April 2, 2006 First Day of Middle School: August 25, 2007 Trip to Florida: March 2008 Trip to Washington D.C.: March 2010 Road Trip with Papa to Houston: June 2010 Mission Trip to Pittsburgh: July 2010 First Day of High School: August 2010 Road Trip to Outerbanks: May 2011 Mission Trip to Puerto Rico: July 2011

18: For my living links interview, I chose to interview my grandfather, Elbert Dennis Brown. I learned so really interesting things about my grandfather and the time that he lived in. He used to be a paper boy for the city of Lenoir and he played football and baseball for Lenoir High School. I also learned that he loves being a truck driver because he gets to travel a lot and he really likes to travel

19: The PS3 is one of my three tech favorites because I like to play videos games. I don't have one but I like to get online and play Black Ops and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood with my friends. | The wii is one of my favorites because I actually have one. I got it for Christmas with Mario Karts. My favorite game on the wii is New Super Mario Bros. | My last tech favorite is the refrigerator. I like it because it holds all my food and since it has a freezer too, it keeps my icecream cold.

20: When I am at my best as a brother, I am a superhero keeping them out of harms way.

21: Bio-Poem | I am Nic Allen I wonder about my future I hear loud music I see the TV screen I want a PS3 I am Nic Allen I pretend I am a ninja I believe in God I touch the stars I feel amazing I worry about a lot of things I cry at funerals I am Nic Allen I understand that I'm not perfect I say things that don't make sense I dream to be famous I am a Christian

22: My favorite place to hang out is probably the beach. I always go to the beach at Kiawah Island in South Carolina. It is so beautiful. Right outside of our beachhouse, there is a bike trail that leads to the shops or straight to the beach. Beside the bike trail, there is an alligator pond, but there is a high wall so the alligators can't get over it. It is not crowded at all on the beach. There is only about 30 people there including my family. It is only about an hour away from Charleston. We always go to the aquarium and then eat and walk around the city. Sometimes we go see a movie in the Imax theater. The beach is special to me because it is somewhere that I have gone to since i was born. I feel amazing when I go there. I feel like there is nothing in the world going wrong and everything is perfect.

23: I am a triangle I am a leader I am very competitive I am outspoken

24: Ways that my family can cut down on carbon emissions: When we leave the house, we should turn off everything before we leave. When we go to eat fast-food, we should park the car instead of going through the drive-thru and leaving the car on. Carpool with other people so we dont have to take different cars and waste gas

25: I love to read. My favorite types of books to read are history, sports, adventure, mysteries, detective stories, and fantasy. I mostly like to read fiction stories, but sometimes non-fiction is cool. I really like to read novels because short stories are too short. | Some of the books I like to read are: Harry Potter Series Percy Jackson and the Olympians series Maximum Ride series Vladamir Todd series 13 Days Till Midnight Any Tom Clancy book

26: Nic's Interest, Hobbies, and Collections | Interests: Church Sports Video Games | Collections: Bottles Movies Shoes | Hobbies: Listening to music Playing soccer Playing video games | Things I like to explore: How technology works. The country. The woods | Things I like to watch: Zombie movies Wipeout Fantasy Factory

28: My Wildest Dream | My wildest dream is to play soccer for Manchester United and to then play soccer for the United States in the World Cup. If I achieve this dream, I would also be achieving my biggest goal in life. That is my dream because soccer is my life and it would be amazing to play for my country in the World Cup. I want to achieve my dream by the time I am 25. The obstacles that stand in my way are time, other sports, and schoolwork. To overcome these obstacles, I need to work hard at school so I can go to a good college and I can also make time just for soccer so I can get a scholarship.

29: Letter to Myself when I'm Fifty | Dear me, How are you? I hope your very healthy and making some good money. How was college? I expect it was awesome since you went to Duke University. I'm glad that you went to Duke to be a lawyer, because since your retired from playing for Manchester United, now you have something to make money from. The mountains of Colorado must be amazing to live in, especially since you have a ski slope in your back yard. I sure hope your keeping the house clean. It must be hard keeping all three stories clean though, but I'm sure your two kids and your wife are helping you keep the place tidy. Do you still have the black Camaro with the yellow racing stripe. I bet you enjoy driving the BMW Goldwing better though. How are the dogs? It must be difficult living with all four. Well, I hope you keep living a successful life. Love, Nic Allen

30: When I explored my name, I found out that Nicholas comes from the Greek name Nickolaos which meant "victory of the people". It comes from the Greek words nike (victory) and laos (people). Allen means "handsome".

31: Here is my family crest. It has gold, which means generosity, red, which means warrior, and blue, which means strength and loyalty. | More facts about the Allen family * Family's place of origin is Ireland/England * They started immigrating to the US in 1851 * The life expectancy is around 70 * Top occupation in the 1800's was Farming * Most served in the Union in the Civil War

32: Letter to Myself Now | Dear me, I am so excited for you that you made the South JV soccer team. You will be a great addition to the team since you are a great athlete. You are a good leader and the team needs that. I am also very glad that you are practicing to kick for the JV football team. Even though you have never played football before, I'm sure that you will be a great addition to the team. You are a very good athlete and an amazing soccer player, but your intensity on the field is not very good. You need to work on not giving up when you loose the ball. You also need to work on staying on task. You are smarter than you think you are, and you can do really good if you just push yourself. If you push yourself, you will surely succeed. Love, Nic Allen

33: Self-Reflection of Who Am I What I enjoyed about Who Am I is learning about my family heritage and making a really cool scrapbook. The pieces that I liked the best about Who Am I is the Tech Timeline and the 3 Tech Favs. What I would do that is different is I would add something about favorite music and favorite sports. The pieces that I would take out is the carbon footprint and the one I am doing right now which is the Self-Reflection of Who Am I. I think that Who Am I is a great way to discover things about you that you didn't know and it gives a chance for people to express themselves in a fun way.

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