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BC: The key to life is to live

FC: Who Am I

1: Who Am I 2010-2011 By, Katie Church

2: Life Timeline | *Day I was born: June 28th 1996 *My first broken arm: 1999 *Moved into new house: 2001 *The day I was saved: 2003 *Went on my first cruse:2007 *The day became a teenager: June 28th 2010 *The year I was got into the Early College:2010 *The year I took Drivers Ed: 2011 *The day Youth Pastors son was born: May 15th 2011

4: Katie Church June 28th 1996 The week of my birthday- 1:Jun 23 - "Tartuffe: Born Again" closes at Circle in Sq NYC after 29 perfs 2:Jun 23 - Dottie Pepper wins LPGA Rochester International Golf Tournament 3:"Nutty Professor," starring Eddie Murphy opens in theaters in the USA 4:Jun 29 - Andrea Leah Plummer, of Tennessee, crowned 39th America's Junior Miss Born on my Birthday- 1:1933 - Pat Morita, Berkeley CA, actor (Happy Days, Karate Kid) 2:1964 - Bryan Barker, NFL punter (Jacksonville Jaguars) 3: 1967 - Anthony Smith, NFL defensive end (Oakland Raiders) 4:1972 - Marvin Jones, NFL linebacker (NY Jets) Popular songs- 1:One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey 2:Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey 3:Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion 4:Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix) by Los Del Rio T.v. shows- 1: Baywatch 2: Friends 3: Law & Order 4: Home Improvement

5: Books- 1: The Midwife's Apprentice by Karen Cushman 2: Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott 3: The Giver by Lois Lowry 4:Walk Two moons by Sharon Creech Top New Toys- 1: Pokemon Gameboy game 2: Nintendo 64 3: Jumanji Game 4: Baby Go Bye Bye Academy Awards- 1: Best Picture:The English Patient Directed By Anthony Minghella 2: Best Actor:Geoffrey Rush in Shine 3: Best Actress:Frances Mcdormand in Fargo 1996 Prices- Bread: $0.88/loaf Milk: $2.72/gal Car: $18,563 Gas: $1.29/gal House: $166,400 Stamp: $0.32/ea US President- Bill Clinton US Vice President- Al Gore

6: My greatest accomplishments would be making it this far in life. I have to thank my family, friends, and teachers. I have accomplished passing grades k-9 and have made good choices. These accomplishments have taken place all throughout my life. They have taken place at school, home, and places I have been. I believe these accomplishments are very important to me because they will help me go far in life. | Greatest Accomplishments

7: 1- My blanket, I like my blanket because it is soft and it comforts me. 2- I want to keep a cell phone. It's important because if something ever happens I can call for help. 3- I would like to keep the videos that my parents made of me when I was little, so I can remember and watch what all I did. 4- The scrapbooks of pictures that my grandmother took throughout my life. This is important because I can see what I looked like and so can my kids. 5- My dolls that I played with when I was little so I can see how much things change in the future. | Five Relics

8: Interview | I interviewed my grandmother Doris Laxton known to me as Nana. The interview was very important to me because I was able to find out things that happened in my family that I never knew of. I was able to understand what life was like back then and how differently people lived. My grandmother cares about everyone she has ever met. Nana enjoys talking and telling stories to others and I knew that she would be the perfect one for the interview. It lasted almost two hours, but was interesting that time flew by fast. Some of the best stories were endless and full of emotion.

9: Dear Emily, I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done in my life. I know we are sisters but I see you as my best friend who I would not be able to live without. I know we have had hard times but the good times always stick out to me. This year has been the closest we have been in a long time and I am so glad it worked out that way. In this letter I want to think you for everything you have done for me. You have always been strong and when some one would say something that would offend you, you wouldn't let it bring you down.I know that I can always trust you and come to you when I need you. You give good advice when I have no idea what to do. I know that you would never do anything to hurt me or make me feel bad. We have always been there for each other and always will. You have never given up on anything that you started. You always do your very best at everything you do.. I am so proud of you and I look up to you. You have a great personality and you are really smart. Your faith is strong and you will not let anyone one tell you that what you believe is wrong. The fact that you are five hours away doesn't mean I still will not look up to you and respect you. I really do mean it when I say thank you. You have made an impact on me and I will never forget that. I wish you the best in College, and I know you will do great. Thank you Emily for everything. I love you very much. Love , Katie Church

11: Mom 1966 | Dad 1967 | Emily(sister) 1992 | Katie 1996 | Genogram

12: My Family History | The meaning of Katie is Pure The meaning of Church is someone who lives near a church | My family crest is | My Families place of origin: England, Ireland,Great Britian, Germany, Scottland, and Switzerland. | Year of immigration to the US is 1851 | In 2004 the life expectancy was 73% | Civil War veterans and allegiance: 271- confederate 966- Union 1237- Combined | Farmers (36%) was the top occupation of my family in the 1800's

14: My family tradition is getting a Christmas tree every year with my grandparents on the week of Thanksgiving. We started doing it ever since I was little and never stopped. We do it once every year unless there is an unexpected emergency. It helps my family spend more time together and we also get closer. We could improve this tradition by setting a certain date and only go on that date | My Family Tradition

15: Favorite Family Recipe | My favorite family recipe would be my dad's homemade pancakes. I like this recipe because they are really good and I love to help him make them. Recipe: 2 cups flower 1/2tsp baking powder 1/2tsp baking soda 2 eggs 3Tb sugar 1tsp vanilla pinch of salt 1or2 cups of butter milk First you mix together flower, sugar, baking powder, soda, salt. Then and in the eggs along with the butter milk and vanilla. Next you mix it all together but to much because the batter needs to be a little lumpy. Let it sit for a few minutes before putting in to a greased hot pan. Cook till golden brown .

16: Technology Timeline | 1996 | 2000 | 2004 | 2008 | 2011

17: This Is my phone which is an Envy Touch. I like my phone because its how i get in touch with all of my friends and family. | This is my Laptop which is an Inspiron by Dell. I like my laptop because it helps me with my homework and you can get on social networks such as Facebook. | This is my Ipod Touch. I like my ipod because i can listen to music, get on the internet, and i can play games.

18: 1: Roll my tongue 2: Play volleyball 3: Play the flute 4: Ride a bike 5:Swim 6: Jump rope 7: Drive a car 8: Text 9: Play basketball 10: Read 11: Count to 100 12: Unorganized 13: Ty my shoes 14: Run 15: Build a fire 16: Build a fire 17: Fall easy 18: Blow a bubble 19: Build a sandcastle 20: cook 21:Clean house 22: Shop all day 23: walk a mile 24: Wright a paper 25: Float in the pool 26: Make people laugh | 27: Play guitar hero 28: sleep till noon 29: Drive a golf cart 30: Play golf 31: Spend money 32: Paint a room 33: Touch my toes 34: Read a clock 35: Read music 36: Lace shoes 37: Go tubbing 38: Add numbers 39: Use a calculator 40: Swim all day 41: Work a computer 42: Eat fast 43: Use a camera 44: Climb a tree 45: Build a bird house 46: Do my hair 47: Put on make-up 48: Say the pledge 49: Play Tennis 50: Decorate | 50 I Cans

19: 1: Purple 2: Music 3: Watching football 4: Watching soccer 5: Pickles 6: Playing volleyball 7: Walking in the sand 8: Coloring 9: Being outside 10: Lazor tag 11: Bowling 12: Playing tennis 13: Watching movies 14: Snow 15: Laptops 16: Swimming 17: Sleeping 18: Pizza 19: Trampolines 20: Shopping 21: Dogs 22: Going on vacation 23: Little Kids 24: My Friends 25: My Family 26: Having fun 27: Tarheels | 28: Appalachian 29: The mountains 30: The beach 31: Staying up late 32: Sleeping late 33: Ice cream 34: Tubbing 35: Spring 36: Fall 37: Going to church 38: UNC Wilmington 39: Polka dots 40: Soft blankets 41: Funny people 42: Halloween 43: Blue eyes 44: Christmas 45: Facebook 46: Neon colors 47: Blue 48: Brown hair 49: Olive Garden 50: CECH | 50 Favorites

20: Metaphor | When I am at my best as a friend I am a loyal lion.

21: Who Am I Bio Poem I am Katie Lynn Church I wonder where I will be in the future I hear people laughing I see my life flying by I want to make a positive impact on others I am Katie Lynn Church I pretend to be happy when i'm not I believe that Jesus died for me I touch peoples hearts I feel sorry for others I worry about where the world will be in the future I cry when I am hurt I am Katie Lynn Church I understand I will not live forever I say I love you I dream of fulfilling my dreams I am Katie Lynn Church

22: My Favorite Place My favorite place would be my room. Its on the second floor of my house. My room has everything I own in it. Its where I can go when I need to get away from everything around me. I like my room because I don't have to share it, and its my favorite color (purple). My room is random, because nothing in there matches but it all goes together well. When i am in my room I listen to music, watch TV, and do my homework. When I go in my room I feel so comfortable and feel safe.

23: Amber Daniel Rachel Katie | comfortable Loves to have fun Caregiver Compassionate | Tyler Zack Mrs. Bumgarner | Nic Marissa Sarah Brandon | Kendra Cable Lauren Sabrina | Loyal Hardworking doesn't like change organized | Counted on Leaders Love to argue focus on important tasks | High energy Disorganized optimistic Emotional

24: Eyes Kind Good advice | Kind | What I think of me | What others think of me | ~Awesome hair ~Very sweet ~really sweet ~pretty hair ~nicest person I know ~Kind and sweet ~Perfect smile ~really sweet but blond ~very smart ~Great friend ~funny ~nice ~Pretty ~Kind and Caring | My Self Image and Perception of others

26: Carbon Footprint | Ways that you can help cut down greenhouse emissions are like growing your own food and starting a garden. You can also eat locally so you save oil. Unplug cords from outlets when they are not in use to save your energy. Charge your batteries instead of throwing them away and use less water when taking shower or washing your dishes. You can reduce the usage of refrigerators and air-conditioners. Whenever you leave a room turn off the light or anything that is not in use at the moment.

27: Reading Interest Inventory | Types * Mystery * Adventure * Romantic | My favorite book to that I have read is "And There Were None". I like reading fiction stories and I would rather it be a novel. I like magazines more than books because the pictures inside of them. I am not reading a book at this time, but i do have about 25 books at home that me and my family share. I don't have a favorite author, character, or series. I don't go to the library very often. I sometimes talk to my mom about a book that I am reading. I would rather watch T.V. than read a book and I like to watch the movie first before reading the book. My favorite T.V. show is CSI, I don't have a a favorite movie or T.V. star. I like to be oput side when i;m not in school.

28: Hobbies, Interest, and Collections | *What I Believe in *Foreign Countries *Being with family | *The world *New things * Ways to improve myself | * Funny Movies *Disney Channel *CSI | Hobbies * Listening to music * Being with my friends *Playing volleyball | Collections * Blankets * Disney Movies * Jewelry | What I like to Watch: | Interest | What I like to Explore:

29: Spatial-Visual Interpretation and creation of visual images; pictorial imagination and expression; understands relationships between images and meanings,and between space and effect | Spatial Visual- Create room layout, create corporate logo, design a costume. Interpersonal- Coach or counsel another person, interpret moods from facial expression, demonstrate feelings through body language Bodily Kinesthetic- toss a pancake, demonstrate a sports technique, fly a kite. | Interpersonal Ability to relate to others; interpretation of behavior and communications; understands the relationships between people and their situations, including other people. | Bodily Kinesthetic Manual dexterity, physical agility and balance; eye and body coordination | Definition's | Roles | Multiple Intelligence

31: My Widest dream is to be an Astronomer.That is my dream because I love the stars and space. I want to achieve my dream by the time I finish college. My obstacles are going to school for a long time.To over come these obstacles, I need to be patient and do my best.

34: Dear Me, I am so proud of all you have done in your life so far. I can't believe your in the 9th grade. Your life has flown by so fast. You have made good grades and have pasted all your test. Its been a good life and you had to work hard to get that far. I am so glad you made it into CECHS and I know you are happy there. I hope to improve on being more comfortable when presenting something in front of the class. You always get so nervous and if you were more relaxed it would help a lot. You also need to improve on being more confident in myself in all that I do. Love, Katie

35: Dear Me, I feel so old when i think about High School. I have 3 kids now and 2 dogs which are Chocolate Labs. I've been married for 27 years and I am very happy. We still live in Caldwell County in a white house on a big field. My car is a Nissan X-Terra. Its been so long since I graduated from UNC Wilmington as a Teaching Degree for Kindergarten. The kids are doing good and my oldest one is getting married in two weeks. I am so blessed to have a so a wonderful life. Love, Katie

37: Self-Reflection | Who Am I was a good experience for me because I was able to understand what my life has been like so far and what it possible will become.My favorite piece would be the Bio Poem. I like that piece because I felt I was able to exspress myself. What I would do different would be have more computer time to work on it because the Internet is slow. The piece I would take out is the Power Point. I didn't really understand the point of it because it can't go into the mixbook. Who Am I was a good way to get you thoughts and life on paper and we will be able to look back on it in the future.

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