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FC: 2010- 2011 | Who am I? | By:Mikayla Garnes | Mikayla Garnes | 2010-2011

1: Who AM I? | Who am I? | By:Mikayla Garnes | 2010-2011 | Who am I? | 2010-2011(: | Jordan Mikayla Dare Garnes

2: Cool stuff that happened on my Birthday! | Name: Jordan Mikayla Garnes | Birth Date:10-23-1996 | Top T.v Shows of 1996! | The fresh Prince of Bel' Air Law&Order Fired Up Friends | Movies of 1996 101 Dalmatians Scream Twister Star Trek: The first Contact | 1996 Prices Bread: $0.88/loaf Milk: $2.72/gal Eggs: $1.60/doz Car: $18,563 Gas: $1.29/gal House: $166,400 Stamp: $0.32/ea | Academy Award Winners Best Picture: The English Patient Directed By Anthony Minghella Best Actor: Geoffrey Rush in Shine Best Actress: Frances Mcdormand in Fargo | Charlie Fox

3: 0 The Runaway Jury by John Graham A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb Desperation by Stephen King | Toys of 1996 | Books of 1996 | Buzz LightGear Tickle me Elmo Toy Story Toys Polly Pocket | Songs of 1996 One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey Macarena Los Del Rio Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman | People born on October 23. Nancy Grace Greg Finely | US, President Bill Clinton | US Vice President Al Gore | Weird Al'

4: Life Timeline | Birth: October 23, 1996 Special Birthdays: Mommy- April 25, 1969 Deddy- February 25, 1965 Larissa- June 2, 1998 Death- Uncle Tom Williams- November 20th 2008 Sports Promotions- 7th grade- Soccer 2008-2009 Birthday- Alexis Harbert(cousin) April 2, 2008 Kyle Story(cousin)- May 10,2011 School Trip- Outer Banks 2011

5: 5 Relics | 5 Relics | Diamond Ring- i got my diamond ring in 7th grade from a grandma that passed away, and i will always keep it. | Unicorn- i have had a stuffed unicorn since i was a baby, and i will always keep this to. | Dress-i will always keep this brown dress because i wore it to my uncles funeral and i love him so much! | necklace- i have had a golden necklace that i got when i was a baby and it was a rocking horse on it, and i will never give it away always have it. | telitubi- i have had a green tubby since i was a little kid.

6: Greatest Accomplishment | My greatest accomplishment is coming to Early College because i want a great education and this is the best way to get it. I was involved and also my friends and family. The accomplishment about Early College is when i got the letter saying that i got into Early College. The accomplishment took place when i agreed to come here, which was a very good choice. I choose this accomplishment over others because i wanted to do what was better for me not for them.

7: Thank You Letters of Reflection | Dear Mr. Stephenson, My 9th grade English teacher Ms. Sims assigned us to write a thank you letter to a person who has helped us through life. The first person to come to mind was you. You have helped me a lot since the 4th grade. I'm very thankful that you were there for me. I was your 4th and 5th grade student at Happy Valley. I remember at the beginning of my 4th grade year you went over the rules of your class and you said "treat others with respect." That was the most memorable rule to me. You also strive me to be better, and to be who I wanted to be and not to care what others wanted me to be. You had always told me that once I was a high school student that I would be anything I wanted. Well now I'm in Early College and it's everything and better than I imagined it would be. Now as a high school student I am a better person than I used to be and your the one who made me partly this way. You were also my soccer coach. You were always honest with me, caring, and trustworthy and I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me during the past few years. So Thank You! Love, Mikayla:)

8: Multiple Intellignces | Body Kinesthetic- Manual dexterity, physical agility balance, eyes and body coordination. | Musical- awareness, appreciation and use of sound;understands relationship between sound and feelings. | Interpersonal- ability to relate to other;interpretation of behavior and communications. understands the relationships between people and their situations, including other people. | Typical Roles: | Musical: musicians, music producers, and party planners. | Body Kinesthetic- athletes, drivers, and designers. | Interpersonal~ doctors, mediators, and leaders.

9: Family Recipe! | Mikayla Garnes Pulled Pork | Ingredients: But-head Pork 2 cups of lemon juice 2 Bottles of Barbecue sauce 1 small onion | Directions: 1. Roast the but-head in a crock pot and then let it sit there until it is firm and ready too pull. 2. Pull pork apart and pour barbecue sauce along with lemon juice on top and mix together. 3.Ready to serve. | Blob: I love the pulled pork recipe because it was been in my family since my great grandpa. It is good when you have tons of people over. Great meal for all!

10: Technology Time-line! | -I chose the cellphone for my piece of technology. | 1996-They were larger than a regular phone today. First Motorola phone came out. | 1997- The first Kyocera camera phone came out. | 1998- The first smaller phone came out along with a case. | 1999-Nokia 8210 This phone was loved for its customizable design, but hated for its screen fade. | 2000- The send and end keys were on the bottom of a cellphone. The Motorala Talk About came out. | 2002- The Palm Blackberry came out. Search glossary came out. | 2003- One new phone came out which was the Rt Blackberry. Then everything has stayed the same. | 2004- The Samsung Flight came out. Other phones from at&t were now out too. | 2005- The sprint PPC came out along with at&t flight 2. | 2006- Motorala Razor Came out, in all colors. | 2007- The i-phone came out along with the Blackberry Curve. 2008- The Sony Eccrusion came out, along with the Pantech Reach. 2009- The Motorola Surf came out, and the Verizon Envy. 2010- Google Android came out with a sliding keyboard.

11: Explore Name | Mikayla- "Who is like God" | Garnes- " Norwegian and English | Place of Origin- England, Germany, Wales, Ireland, Hannover, and Great Britian. | Immigration Year- 1851 | Life Expectancy- 80 Years old. | Occupation- Top was farming. | Civil War Service- Confederate- 9 Union- 31 Combined- 40

12: My Family Tradition | My favorite family tradition is we have always opened all of our presents on Christmas Eve. My nanny parents started it when my nanny was little. The whole family gets together and we all bring our presents to the house and open them all together. The purpose that serves this is that it helps all of us become closer as a family. This tradition could be improved by not going to a different house every time and have all the family come instead of just some.

13: Genogram | Larry Garnes | Feb. 25th, 1966 | Lisa Maitland | April 25th, 1969 | Mikayla Garnes | Oct. 23rd, 1996 | Larissa Garnes | June 2nd, 1998 | Divorced

14: Interview with my Grandma | I interviewed my grandma Carolyn Garnes. I had never been to or done an interview before so it was very cool to do that. I learned a lot about my grandma and her life. This helped me know how hard and different her life was from mine now.

15: Carbon Footprint In Science class we did this class called Carbon emissons. It was about how we could help our planet globally. I chose to not ride my four wheelers as often as I do. Also I could help by not using my hairspray or gel as often also.

16: Self- Reflection | I enjoyed that I learned more about my family, and myself. Interview, Self-Reflection, and 50 I cans were my favorites. I would have taken more time to finish this. The pieces I would take out are Carbon Footprint and 50 favs. I loved Who Am I!

18: Metaphor! | When I am at my best as a friend. I am a puppy warm and caring

19: 3 tech favs. | cellphone- i choose my cellphone because i love to text. | laptop- i choose my laptop because i love to be on the computer. | ipod- i love to listen to music. music is life.

20: 50 I Cans | sleep eat text pretend love hug kiss be me drive go to CECHS play basketball cheer play football type play games climb a tree watch movies cook clean organize walk talk | make good grades go to college be somebody pretend be happy be sad cry laugh dream ride a golf-cart be nice get annoying be mean put on socks tie my shoes sing dance be crazy get loud | shop go to Carowinds get annoyed curl my hair straighten do my nails memorize do math ove people

21: 50 Favs. | 50 Favs. | sleeping texting fireworks God Christmas shopping being me john deere NY Yankees Atlanta Braves San Fransisco CECHS boots summer winter Wal-Mart | American Eagle Hollister Aero eating beach people country music dogs giraffes zebra stuff camo swimming hot tubs ocean kissing | cookies ice-cream jolly ranchers gummy worms hugging loving friends lime-green purple blue dresses daisy dukes Pac-Sun soccer cheerleading night braces | singing imagining

22: Venn Diagram | smile hair funny nice confidence | hair funny smile | Beautiful funny smart pretty eyes hot pretty hair great smile | What i think of me! | What both think! | Others think

23: Bio- Poem | I am Mikayla. I wonder about life. I hear isn't perfect I see its a long road I want life to be perfect. I am Mikayla I pretend that my life is everything and perfect. I believe what i hear. I touch peoples hearts I feel that I'm not me I worry when things go wrong. I cry when I'm sad I am Mikayla I understand life I say things i don't mean. I dream bigger than ever. I am Mikayla

24: My Favorite Place! | My favorite place is in my house. | my favorite place has a bed in it. also it has t.v dresser mirror and a closet in it, | sleep eat text and watch t.v | this is my favorite place because its the only place i can be alone when i want to be | no and i feel happy.

25: Personality Shapes | Brianna | Mrs. Bumgarner | Catlyn | Emily | Alana | Pedro | Andrew | Valerie | Craig | Mikayla | Zane | Jacob | Chelsa | Danielle | Brandon

26: Reading Interest Inventory | I enjoy mysteries, fantasy, adventure, and folktales | I prefer fiction. I prefer short stories I prefer magazines no i a, not reading a book Favorite book: Unicorn Favorite author: Scott Westerfeild yes a few books at home. yes my class. i don;t go to the library. watch t.v movie first movie: Saw5 T.V stars: Jason Dolley I like to text on my phone when not at school.

27: Time Capsule

28: Hobbies,Interests, and Collections! | Hobbies: Hanging out with friends watching movies listening to music! | Collections: Jewelry belts Trophy's cheerleader uniforms. | Interests: sports educations friends music

29: My Wildest Dream | My wildest dream is to become a Pediatrician. That is my dream because i love to help and be around children. I want to achieve my dream by 2021. My obstacles are staying in college, not ruining it, and i have to make great grades. To overcome these obstacles, I need to believe in my self that i can do it, and just be calm about the situation.

34: Letter to myself Right Now! | Dear Mikayla, You are a very independent mature teen. I love everything you have accomplished in life. You are now in Early College High School student and your loving every second of it. I am so proud of you for accomplishing your high school dreams. I have thought you would become more than you are today, but what you have become is way better. Good luck in accomplishing the rest of your dreams<3 Love, Mikayla

35: Letter to my self when I'm 50 | Dear Mikayla, Your dreams came true<3 You graduated from LSU with your doctoral degree. You are working at a kids pediatrician office and is loving it. Now your living in a house 5 bedrooms and 3 baths, in Louisiana. A X-Terra, jaguar, and a cadalic. Yes, you are married with 2 kids, a boy named Riley Jake, and a girl named Jordan Elizabeth. Pug named Shorts, beagle named Waffle, and a cat named Nightmare. Mikayla you have accomplished more than you ever imagined. I am so proud of everything you have become. Love, Mikayla

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