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1: For my husband on his 40th birthday. Thank you for making all of our lives special because you are who you are. I love you

3: A 40th BIRTHDAY REMEMBERANCE OF MATTHES ARRIVAL What do you get when you fall in love? The cutest little baby whose name is Matthew. Thats what you get when you fall in love, I'll never fall in love again. Thus began your love affair with music. When you first arrived at our house in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, you would hear your Dad sing this Burt Bacharach song several times a day and your face would light up. Where did you get your sense of loyalty??? When you got old enough to crawl you would wait by the door when Marjorie would tell you that dad was coming home for lunch. You would beam when you saw him, then frown or cry when he went back to work. Who gets credit for your strong rush on defense??? That would be Johnny Jump Up. You would sit and bounce incessantly. We thought you'd bring down the entire door frame which supports these aggressive up and down leg strengthening exercises. And who, along with his sister, brought us the enormous joy of experiencing one of life's most important jobs, participating in the growth and development of terrific young people and watching them become responsible and caring young adults. You did. For all of the wonderful highs, and even the very infrequent lows, we wouldn't change the experience for anything in the world. Thank you Matt, We love you very much Mom and Dad.

19: Sister Dave Matthews Band as heard in Las Vegas NV Pass the time with you in mind It's a rather quiet night Feel the ground against my back Counting Stars against the black Thinking bout another day Wishing I was far away Wether they were dreams or worries You were there with me Sister, I hear you laugh My heart fills full up Keep me pleases Sister, when you cry I feel your tears running down my face Sister, sister keep me I hope you always know its true I would never make it through We could make the sun go down Just by walking away Playing like we used to play Our kingdom will never go away Feel your heart beating in my chest I'll be dead without Sister, I hear you laugh My heart fill full up Keep me please Sister when you cry I I feel your tears running down my face Sister, Sister will you keep me? I would never make it through Hope you always know its true You could make the heaven's fall Just by walking away Sister, I hear you laugh My heart fills full up Keep me please Sister, when you cry I feel your tears running down my face Sister, Sister keep me

29: Matt has always been good to me from the first few days we met at DPU. Although somewhat unlikely friends from different backgrounds, we have always had a great time together....Here are a few stories 1. First time I went to visit Matt in Minnesota- it was Christmas. I had never flown before, and I had certainly never seen any place like Interlachen CC, so needless to say I did not bring proper attire for that occasion. I ended up looking like the Chris Farley scene (fat guy in a little coat) in a tweed jacket with elbow patches, a pink oxford shirt and some sort of tie (of which I can not remember the pattern). I am sure it matched well with the ear rings and tattoos that were en vogue at that time. With Matt's grandfather screaming O'douls in the background and as uncomfortable and nervous as I was, Matt made me feel extremely comfortable and welcome in an unnatural setting. I am sure Scott and Marj were thinking " boy Matt really knows how to pick his friends". 2. There was the time that Matt, me and Thor decided it was a good idea to go to Perkins then climb a fence at an apartment complex to strip down and enjoy their hot tub. It was a good idea until some fella we didn't know decided he wanted to strip down and join us... 3. Matt and I had a tendency to drive to Florida for Spring break. Unlike most people...we would wait until we got there to find a place to stay. Matt has a way of talking people into helping us out: Like the time he got us a room by convincing a woman that we were professional volleyball players and Matt and I ended up on in the hospital on the night before we left... My favorite trip was when he found us a place at the Sun Terrace in Ft. Lauderdale, great pool, 3 bedrooms tons of beer and brats, some yahoo in a NASA hat that was looking to score some soap, and my brother getting hit on by some guy who had a boat. There are so many of these types of stories that I can not even begin to write them all down. No matter where we went or what or did it was always an adventure. Matt was/is always the most generous person I know and the best friend a guy could have. We had a lot of fun with the "Matt and Pat" show. Sorry I can't be at the birthday party, but I am looking forward to our families getting together often in the future.... Pat

31: Matt and Kate's Wedding June 24th 2006 I appreciate the opportunity to say a few words on this terrific occasion. For those who do not know me, I am a childhood friend of Matt's. We have been friends for over 20 years starting with youth hockey, went to high school together, and also to college. It is a wonderful friendship that is long- lasting Before saying a few words to the bride and groom, I wanted to say a few comments about this wonderful weekend. it has been a pleasure to be a part of this great event and meet many of you. We truly appreciate the efforts of Matt and Kate over the last few days , but it wouldn't be possible without the help and effort of their families: In particular I want to mention Kay Linda, CJ, Scott and Marjorie for putting on this terrific event. Despite not living in the same city, I have had the good fortune of spending quite a bit of time with Matt and Kate. I first met Kate on a trip to Las Vegas with Matt, myself and my girlfriend. From the start it was easy to see this day coming. It was a great first impression. A girl with a radiant smile, confidence and personality all wrapped into one. What solidified it, however, was two things. First at one point in the evening, Matt made a comment- not a mean comment, but maybe a grumpy one and Kate said, "is this the grumpy Matt, we like nice Matt, can we have him back?". I took a step back. there was no way I would have ever said that in our 20 + years as friends. What puts it into context is knowing some of Matt's past girlfriends. The balance of those relationships always seemed to tip in Matt's favor. If I had to guess what the breakdown was, I would say something close to 100%-0%. What it is with Kate, I don't know. I probably should say 50%/50%, but I must tell my friend, in reality he is probably in the 40% range. The wonderful thing is that I don"t think it matters. I think Rebecca summed it up perfectly last evening, to Matt and Kate, they each think they are the lucky one. The second thing that really proved this relationship to me was during a business trip I took to San Diego. Matt and I went to the Padres game that evening. We got back to Matt's place around 10:30 pm and I noticed]Matt getting a bunch of food out of the refrigerator. We just ate at the game so I wasn't sure what he was doing. I came to understand that he was making dinner to bring to Kate at the hospital that night during her overnight shift. This was obviously special. Before I conclude, I have a few specific things I would like to say to my friend Matt. I have intended to write Matt on numerous occasions over recent years to express a few thoughts to him and am remiss in having not done so. In standing here, there couldn't be a better time to share my thoughts with my friend. Back in Minneapolis after college Matt went through some tough times. He ultimately picked himself up and moved out to California for a new start. As a friend , you are always sad to see a friend move away. In this case, however, I was very happy. I always admired this decision. It was a bold decision, courageous decision and the right decision. I am honored to be standing here today in this role alongside the many wonderful people. I want to express to Matt how proud I am of him, the decisions he has made, what he has gone on the accomplish and proud to be his friend. Matt was a great person and friend growing up: he is 10x that person today. With Kate, they are a great team. I I would like to ask everyone to raise their glasses in tribute to Matt and Kate. Today has been a wonderful day, here is looking forward at each day being better than the last. God Bless you both.

35: Dear Matt The thing that endeared you to my heart the first time I met you and ever since is your willingness to know me as a person. Rather than putting me in the mother-in-law category, with all it's cliches, you have made a big effort to be in relationship. | Because of this we have shared books, ideas, recipes, wine, art, phone calls, worries, disagreements, joys, sorrows and a million laughs. When you married Kate, you truly gave your heart to our whole family as well. You were a pillar of strength for all of us when Carroll died. I will never forget what you offered and gave during that time. When I think about you, the mental picture is of you standing by your grill, working to make everyone feel welcome and well fed. Your great hugs truly reveal the generosity of your soul. I am so glad that you are in my life. Happy Birthday ! Mom

38: Things Nicholas wants to do with Uh Ma: -play games -shoot toy guns -watch movies -swing -climb trees -make a leaf pile -make a playground -have a sleepover and make dinner with you- lunchables, bacon, waffles and pancakes and thats all. -Nicholas | Dear Uh Ma, Happy Birthday! I had a great time when you came over and swam in the pool with us. I liked to play baseball with you. I hope you come over to our house more often. Do you remember when we went fishing? I didn't put any worms on the hooks. and I like playing Mexican Dominos. I love you very much, Andrew

42: As long as I live I will never forget meeting Matt for the first time. He drove from DePauw to Wooster with his roommate and best friend Pat. When they arrived, I was a bit intimidated. Both were rather large muscle-bound football guys wearing sharp toed cowboy boots, looking like a couple of Harley riders from a seedy bar that had come to campus looking to rumble. About 30 seconds into our introductions, he turned to me with a straight face and said, "so you are the one hooking up with my sister?" I almost wet my pants; first out of fear and then out of laughter- as he and Pat broke into a a gigantic laugh over the prank.

44: LOYAL -Lucas | ADMIRABLE - Megan | Familiar- As in even when you first meet him, you feel like you've known him for years -Sam | Optimistic -Rebecca | Other than OLD, What? How about Quality, because young Matthew is one quality individual -Bill WITTY -Paulie | One way..just 1 (one, uno) word to describe such an amazing person Come on...not possible. Not fair! Ok, my word is OLD! Haha...that is my joke....cuz I am older than him. OK here we go really....SINCERE Further definition of sincere shows Matt to be -genuine -real -wholehearted -heart felt Free of deceit, hypocrisy or falseness -Earnest A SINCERE friend LOYAL -Rich and Jen

47: Cousin is one of the most generous individuals I know. He's the " Knight in Shining Armor" and has come to the rescue of many friends over the years for all types of reasons. The one person Cousin wasn't able to save was Joel. He was taken from us out of the blue a few years ago. Joel and Matt had a special relationship only the two of them really understood, but his eulogy speech at Joel's "life celebration" blew me away- I was in tears. I always knew Cousin was a passionate person, but that special day remembering Joel's life showed Matt's deep felt love of a great friend. Matt has since been able to share his life and passion with Kate, his beautiful wife who is carrying their first child. CONGRATS! I think Cousin gets all this from Marj and Scott- and it wouldn't be right not to include Brooke and Jason,Nicholas and Andrew. Making family a priority has always been the top of Matt's list- we have spent many a great Christmas together in Minnesota and I know there will be many more celebrations in the future! Cousin, HAPPY 40th!!! -Cousin | COusin, That's what we call each other, He's my younger cousin by only four months, but has been more like a brother to me since my arrival in San Diego eight years ago. Cousin has been introduced to my friends and I his. We have organized parties, beach days and poke games, and the term that's always used by me is "COUSIN", which confuses the hell out of all my friends. I introduce Matt as cousin and forget my friends don't know his first name, "hey your cousin is really cool... what's his name? Of course I respond Cousin, or maybe Cousin I am called Cousin Jonny. Thats our world in a San DIego nutshell with our friends- but cousin is more like a brother to me. He has been there through the ups and downs of life- the passing of my brother and more recently , a groomsman at my wedding and the brainchild behind helping Bunny and I get our first house in Encinitas.

48: Matt, On the occasion of your Forty Times around the Sun, a man who wears his heart on his sleeve comes to mind. And what a heart! Generous, adventurous, open and the size of a Giant Your middle name is not Rex, it is Intensity. A sincere, whipped up, off the cuff, thoughtful and expressive energy that is always simmering just below the surface. You have mastered the Art of Diversity, turning things over to see what's on the other side and acting like you've known it all along. You keep your friends close and enemies closer, better to keep a bright eye on them equally. Killer Smile Fortune winked when you showed up, Matt"! We wish you Great Spirit, Love, Health and Happiness for a long, long time to come. Your Friends, Always Paula and Kathrin

51: I remember when I first met Matt. He came to our place and instantly fit in. He took a genuine interest in my life and continues to today. Thanks Matt for all your advice, its as if you were my brother all along Happy Birthday -Kip

52: One thing I have learned after six years of having Matt in the family is that when it comes to life he has never been known to be understated! From the engagement at the stadium with a champagne tailgate, to Halloween Parties with a table full of every cookie, candy or treat imaginable. Even a Sunday night BBQ is packed full of delicious food, great wine, our favorite music and hilarious stories. I love the way Matt loves to celebrate and enjoy life with his family and friends and I am glad that I am a part of it! GO big or go home! Happy Birthday Matt! Love Corey | If Matt hadn't introduced me to his friends like Martin and all the local golf courses, San Diego would have been a whole lot different and I am not sure I would have stayed. Thanks for including me! Happy Birthday Matt - Rob

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