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S: Our First Year Together...

BC: Top 10 Things To Know about the Beginnings: 1. Meeting Place: Banner Gateway 2008 2. When it all began: February 7,2010 3. Our Song: The Pogues- "Love You 'till The End" 4. First Movie Seen Together in Theaters: Shutter Island 5. Our Favorite Movie to Watch OVER AND OVER: Forgetting Sarah Marshall 6. First Dinner Cooked: Chicken, Asparagus, and Noodles 7. First Getaway Tog: Strawberry to see SNOW 3-11-2010 8. Our Nicknames: WAR RHINOS 9. Favorite Dogs: Bella & Connor 10. Favorite Joke: "Three tomatoes are walking down the street- a poppa tomato, a momma tomato, and a little baby tomato. baby tomato starts lagging behind. poppa tomato gets angry, goes over to the baby tomato, and smooshes him... and says, catch up!" TO BE CONTINUED...

FC: Our First Year Together... | You don't love someone because of beauty, you love them because they sing a song only you understand...

1: Babes, So I have been thinking about you all day (whats new) and thought I would send you a quick email seeings how I am at work and you are prob at home sleeping with my soft SNUGGIE!!! I think i should start off by thanking you for being you and for being so good to me all the time! Your friendship over the past 2 years has meant so much to me on so many levels. Talking with you last night has put a lot of things on my mind and I thought I would get them off my chest. First off I would like to say that you are totally crazy if you ever thought that you could ever scare me away I mean totally a nut job! There is nothing in this whole world that could ever get me to not want to be close to you ever second that I can! To me you are like this amazing person that has so many wonderful things to offer everyone! You are so smart and sweet, gorgeous (that would be inside and out), humble, gracious, hospitable, selfless, funny, honest (which you don't get very often anymore!), goofy, amazing to your friends and family.... the list can go on and on forever if you let me! I feel so lucky to have you in my life and to even be able to say that I know you! Last night the only reason that I said you didn't have to tell me the whole truth about how you felt was because I just knew... you didn't have to even say it. Plus I didn't want you to ever feel uncomfortable saying things that you didn't know if you really wanted to be let out of the bag yet ya know? But there has not been one day that I don't get that feeling from you! I know me and you are both like the same person and we both don't ever want to do something to weird out the other person or to scare them away... that's why I just let things be the way that they are cause I know in my heart that I don't have anything to worry about. I know you probably felt a lil on edge telling me what you did last night but I want you to know that you have absolutely no reason to feel bad or weird or crazy in anyway cause from the first time we ever even looked at one another I have felt the same way... I knew just like I have told you before that for whatever reason I knew I needed you to be a part of my life and that you were something very special to me! Just like you said when you went off on your confessional last night I wanted to say so bad why is that a weird thing?!!! Cause to be completely honesty I FELL HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH YOU TOO that very same moment... you completely stole my heart and from that day on you consumed my thoughts. I mean come on I used to hide my engagement ring from you! I love that you used to check my myspace ha cause I tried doing exactly the same I just felt like I wanted to know everything about you cause for some reason a guy I barely met totally had me ya know? I just couldn't believe that it was that easy and was as simple as the thought of it just was what was supposed to happen. Then when we talked on the phone for like 2 hours on Super Bowl and I came to see you I was so in love with the fact that it was still as easy as it had always been even though we had never hung out before. I never wanted to have to get up and leave cause you were what made me happy and where I felt safe. I never have a bad day with you! I love how we communicate and that no matter what is going on at any particular moment all I have to do is hear your voice or just be next to you and I am completely over come with ease and the thought of things not really mattering. You are like my angel. But on the other hand that is soooo scary to me. I have never ever completely opened up with any one person besides Brandy and even with you its different. You have some kind of effect on me... like when you are close and you grab my hand I just get this feeling that I can't even explain and when you kiss me I DO get my butterfly feeling (I know stop making fun of me...I know you are laughing) so you don't have to worry and want to be that guy to me. When I see you walking down the hall I get all excited and my whole body seems to tighten up for that moment. Ha and you are not like a lil PUPPY! Cause I do the same thing I look at the clock and am all well I better not text hm he just left 15 minutes ago I might seem like a freak... but for whatever reason I can't help myself I love being next to you and around you... I could talk to you for days on end and never want to be any where else cause I know the whole time I would be content just with our conversation. You are that person to me IRReguardless :) of if you wanna believe it or not. I miss you when you are not around and I never ever in life ever want to upset you or disappoint you in anyway. I don't really ever see us fighting so I am not too worried about that one. So I am sorry that last night I was still thinking that even though you told me how you felt you might not want to know how I do well I figured I didn't have much to loose! The only thing left to ponder is when you are going to be like ok well I think I am ready to be your boyfriend now lol. I better let you go before I like write you a short novel here ha ha. Hugs and Kisses, me | HERS

2: Babe you are the best first and for most- So even though at this exact moment I am also talking to you over text and about to head to your floor to see you I wanted to take a second to reply to this. Yesterday when you sent this I was sleeping with you snuggie, and your pillow and I am not going to was nice and I still wanted you to be there. Next I would like to tell you that over the past two years you have become a friend in my life that even if you didn’t want to hear about my life I would tell you anyway. Although I have friends I have a hard time allowing myself to be close to my friends to the point that I am with you. The things that you hear from me not a lot of people do. But for some reason I want you to know it all, I want to tell you everything, from day one I have had this were I don’t know why but I have felt close to you. Sometimes I wonder why it took my almost two years to say anything to you and I really don’t have a reason, at least a reason that is worth much, lol the only thing I can say it that I was scared that if I walked up to you and said “Britney I am in love with you! And I do not want to go another day without being around you.” I was unsure how A) that would sound once the words left my mouth and B) how this girl that I had only talked to at work would react to what I had said. So I took those two years and loved every minute that I had a chance to sit with you and talk to you. Many times I would think that the feelings that I was having were just from me because how could this girl, one who embodies so many amazing things really be interested in me?? When we would talk it didn’t matter if I wanted to look away from you I couldn’t do it. And I would just stare at you because I just wanted to see you, and see that I was sitting next to you. And when we are talking either at work or at the house I know that all of a sudden three, four, or five hours have past and my thought is “what the hell she just got here?” and its not that I ever feel uncomfortable telling you things, not in the slightest, but I worry, its something that I have done my entire life, I over think and I over analyze every portion of my life because I feel that I can have more control over my life that way. I know that I shouldn’t do this but it’s like growing fingernails to me now. I try not to let it happen anymore but like I said I just can’t help it. I do not ever want you to think or worry that you are ever gunna over stay a welcome at my place. You are always welcome to be there. When you are not there I am hoping that you are on your way. I don’t and won’t ever get tired of having you around. You bring such a bright light into my life and I thank you for that. When I am not next to you I am trying to figure out how I can be next to you. When I walk down the hall to go see you its like I make eye contact with you and I just want to run so I can get there faster. I know that it may sound kind of weird but I just want to be next to you faster. Like I can’t be around you soon enough. One thing that you do not ever have to worry about is upsetting me or disappointing me, that can not happen, everyday you do something that impresses me, but I think the same way I think that I just want to make a smile come across your face every minutes of ever day. I absolutely love how well you know me, you know my thoughts before they even leave my mouth and I love that. I just feel so lucky to have you around me. Babe I was ready to be your boyfriend two years ago babe you don’t ever need to worry about me being ready for that. And thank you for telling me what you have, I mean I like to know were you stand even though I feel that most of the time I have a pretty good feel for that. You are a very important person in my daily life. You are the person that I want to spend my time with every day. I look at you and every time I get the feeling that I got the first time I saw you. Babe you make every day better, when I am having a hard day you make it better, when I am down you make me happy and smile so thank you for that. I could tell you thank you every day and it still wouldn’t feel like it was enough. sorry i kinga wrote alot, but when i start talking about you it seems harder to stop then it does to just keep talkn. So i will see you soon babe, and iam gunna wana kiss you but i know i know i cant right T | HIS

3: FIRST TIME SEEING SNOW! Strawberry 3-11-2010

4: 3-11-2010

6: Winter Memories

8: The snow fell gently all the night. It made a blanket soft and white. It covered houses, flowers and ground But did not make a single sound

9: Cozy Winter Wishes

10: We were so thankful that the snow was white and not yellow!!!!!!

11: T+B = War Rhinos

12: I GOT HIM!

13: Couldn't leave with out SHOOTING!

14: I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true!

15: Birthday Wishes | A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.



18: Huge Thunderstorm 7-31-2010


20: Haunted House 10-8-10!

21: Happy Haunting!

22: Cost for Gas: $2.61, Cost for Tickets: $17, Cost to see Natalie run into the wall when Dr. Bob was chasing her: PRICELESS

23: Happy Halloween | ROUND 2 at the NEST 10-22-2010

24: Posing at the NEST... | Poe, Shannon, Me, and Ty

25: THE GANG... 10-22-2010

26: Happy Halloween

27: We had a Frightfully good time at the Haunted House this year

28: The boys thought it was fun to mess with the SCARY ACTORS!

30: Pumpkin Patch with my PUMPKIN! 10-29-10

31: LET THE FUN BOOGIN... | 2010

33: SEESTERS... | HIS... | HERS...

34: Bootiful WORK!

35: Shooting 10-9-10

36: SPINE | GIRL | JAVELINA HOOF | 10-9-10

37: BOY | BONES | Hmmmmmm the Javelina made for a good lunch... | The squirrel is lucky that he wasn't there that day...!!!!

38: We do not remember days; we remember moments. ~ -Cesare Pavese

39: T + B

40: The whole secret of the study of nature lies in learning how to use one's eyes. -George Sand

41: The Great Outdoors | CAMPING 11/13-11/14/2010

42: Our COZY Fire... | cocoa... | ...And YUMMY MALLOWS... | AND DINNER.

43: Ty cutting our FIRE WOOD. | 11-13-2010 | 21 DEGREES. Brrr.

44: Making Eggs and Bacon.

45: A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; it will never Pass into nothingness. -John Keats

47: NATURE | Killed FIRST shot.

49: You know, that moment when you kiss someone and everything around you becomes hazy. And the only thing in focus is you and that person. And you realize that that person is the only person that you're supposed to kiss for the rest of your life. And for one moment you get this gift. And you want to laugh and you want to cry because you feel so lucky that you found it and so scared that it will go away all at the same time. - Never Been Kissed

50: Make a wish! | 11-17-2010

51: 25!


53: Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years.

54: 11-24-10 | DANE COOK

56: Our First X-mas Together! 12/10/2010-12/13/2010

57: His Ma taught us everything she knew!

58: Best Friends together again!


60: Venturing to new STATES!!!!

61: 34*

63: z | z

64: Who needs Santa when you have a WAR RHINO!

65: Dear Santa, I want one of everything




69: GOOD TIMES! | 2011

71: The BOYS had way more fun dancing than the GIRLIES!

72: Happy Holidays

73: ZOO LIGHTS 1/1/2011

75: J O Y

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