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BC: Psycho (1960) (Norman Bates): "We all go a little mad sometimes." The Crow (1994) (Eric Draven/the Crow): "Victims...aren't we all?"

FC: Mirrors in the Dark | By: Nicole Meilinger

1: It was like a dream, no one could remember how it all started. Adam had suggested they try the new fun house attraction set up in the woods near by opposed to sitting around on a Friday night and of course Ivy had protested against the idea. She was always reluctant to doing or watching anything that was remotely scary while their friend Laurie was all for the idea. Somehow from the time they were debating what to do or staying home, the three of them argued their way into the woods and stepped in line. "I.. I don't know about this guys", Ivy stammered quietly as her teeth chattered with fear. "Come on!" Adam encouraged, " it's not even scary. Inside there's a bunch of mirrors that make everything look crazy, you are gonna laugh about it I promise." "Well if it's just a bunch of mirrors it won't be a big | deal if I leave 'cause guess what? I have a mirror at home so I won't be missing anything!" argued Ivy as she turned to leave. Adam grabbed Ivy's hand just before she lunged to the exit. He pulled her closer and said confidently," It's our turn to go in, what could go wrong? We will be in there five minutes tops." Ivy glanced at the kids exiting the fun house and took notice of the kid's smiles and the immature faces

2: faces they were making. "Fine." Ivy growled, "let's get this over with." "Yeah.." Laurie chimed in. Laurie hadn't been talking since they got in line and it came as a shock to both Ivy and Adam that Laurie was against going in when they were all in line for something she agreed to do. As they walked to the entrance the man opening and closing the attraction door stepped out of the shadows. His face was covered in scars and a long dark beard stretching from his lips to his chest. The clothes he wore were over sized and failed to hide the hunch on his back. "Welcome." he greeted them in a gravelly voice. He gestured to the fun house with his hand, "Step right in, don't be shy." he said, his gaze fixed prominently on Ivy. It

3: sent a chill down her spine. Adam pulled Ivy through the door after Laurie. " Have fun." the man whispered. Ivy turned to him as he was shutting the door. He gave her a toothy grin and then shut the door in her face. There was a unmistakable click that meant the door had been locked. | "Wh-why did he... lock the door?" Ivy pleaded. "It's jus for effect, now shush!" Adam hissed. Ivy let out a small squeak in the back of her throat and clutched Adan;s arm as they progressed forward. Laurie was moving quickly though the fun house with a look on her face that read both anxiousness and excitement. Each time she looked at a distorted version of herself in one of the mirrors a childish grin spread over her face, while Ivy was trying to avoid looking at herself in the mirrors. But at that very moment Ivy's reflection caught her eye. She craned her neck towards the mirror cautiously. The reflection showed the exact opposite of her; she was short and pudgy instead of her usual tall lanky self. She inched closer to the mirror and examined herself

4: closely while letting go of Adam's arm. All of a sudden the lights shut off and immediately Ivy sucked in a breathe, readying herself to start screaming. Then she felt a pair of familiar hands on her shoulders and a calming whisper," Chill out, let's go find the light switch." Adam said. "What about Laurie?" Ivy whisper asked. " We can find her when the lights come back on." It was difficult to maneuver around without hitting a mirror or tripping over one another in the darkness. Suddenly one overhead light turned on and Iv let out a bloodcurdling scream. A haunting face appeared in the | mirror,it was the scarred face of the man who let them in the fun house. He stared intently at Ivy and smiled as a shadow passed through the mirrors and a million reflections of Laurie came running towards them. She looked terrified and there was blood trickling from a cut on her head. She pointed back in the direction of the man and started crying hysterically. Ivy couldn't take

5: her eyes off the man. HIs face was twisted into a sinister grin and the way the light hit his face all you could see was his dark eyes filled with craze. He smiled maliciously and laughed as his hand swung forward releasing a heavy object. Ivy fell to the ground screaming in pain. A sharp object had sliced across Ivy's arm and shattered the glass behind them. Adam scooped Ivy into his arms and shouted run as he rushed ahead hoping it was the way to the exit. Laurie followed close behind yelling to Adam to keep going and constantly reassuring herself they were only getting closer to the exit. But Laurie's screams could not be heard over the breaking of glass and the maniacal laughter coming from behind. "I'll get you! You can't leave, you came to my fun house, why would you want to leave?" he screeched. Almost like a mirage the poorly lit wooden door appeared in front of the kids. They couldn't help but second guess the authenticity of the door itself. Just as the three approached the door the constant footsteps that trailed behind them stopped their crazed rampage becoming mute. Adam set Ivy down carefully and reached for the door.

6: "Wait!" Ivy screeched from down below. "Let's all go on the count of three." "W- we can't" Laurie said, her voice cracking. " One of us..." she hesitated, " one of us has to stay behind and keep the door open." They all glanced at each other as Ivy paled and a patch of red creeped up Adam's face. Just as shivers of fear began to ripple through their bodies, the footsteps started once again and Adam lunged towards the door. He pulled the girls up and pushed them through the open door. "No!" Ivy screamed. "This was all my idea... all my fault" he said calmly. Laurie pushed past Ivy through the door and tugged on her arm just as the creepy man emerged from the shadows in the fun house. Adam released his grip on the door and stiffened his body as the door slowly closed and finally slammed shut." Come on we have to get out of here, Adam needs help!" Laurie exclaimed as she grabbed Ivy's wrist and ran the way the came into the woods. As they were running both girls

7: flinched as Adam let out a terrified scream from inside the fun house. Ivy pulled Laurie behind a tree and said, "Ma- maybe he will, um come out alright and we can all leave together." Ivy started nodding her head as if doing this motion would make her wish come true. In response Laurie shook her head and covered her mouth with her hand as tears ran down he face. She pointed to the fun house with a shaking finger and Ivy whipped her head in that direction. Her eyes were filled with hope but immediately clouded with sadness when she saw the man dragging a large black garbage bag to the side of the fun house. There was a patch of fresh blood smeared on the bag and on the majority of the man's clothes and hands. He rubbed his hands together like a schoolchild after they threw the last dodge ball in gym, winning the game.The sinister man's posture was no longer hunched but dripping with pride.

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