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S: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

BC: That is the life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

FC: Franklin Delano Roosevelt "The Only Thing To Fear, Is Fear Itself." period 5 Mr. O'connor Language arts By sam jansen

1: Family | Below is the oldest of F.D.R's children, Anna Eleanor. She is with the dog, "Chief of the Mohawk". | Below is the second oldest child, James. He is in his U.S. Marine Corps Uniform. | Below is the third oldest child, Elliot. Here he is in his Air Force Uniform. | Below is the 4th oldest, F.D.R Jr. He is with his mom Eleanor. | No picture could be found of the youngest child, John. He was the only child who was not part of the army. | Franklin Roosevelt had quite a big family. On the right is him and his parents, James and Sara. His dad was 52 and his mom was 28 when he was born. And on the left is a family portrait. All of his children are dead. | Above is F.D.R's wife, Eleanor. She held many charities, and helped homeless and jobless people a lot.

2: On the top right is Franklin as a young boy. He grew up in Hyde Park which is on the right, and on the left was his house. | Franklin actually had a good life growing up. He was part of one of the wealthiest families in the New York Area. He had a nice house and overall, lived in a nice place- Hyde Park. He was born January 30th 1882, in his house. | Growing Up

3: Education | Below is Harvard, where Franklin went to college. | F.D.R was very smart and had a good education. He would go to Europe every year since he was three. He learned to speak German and French. He always got A's and went to Harvard University.

5: He was of course, the President, and served 13 years. | Above is F.D.R as State Senator for Duchess County, NY in 1911. | Above is F.D.R, a Governor of New York, with Al Smith. Al Smith was the Governor before F.D.R. This took place in 1929. | Also above is a poster of Cox and Roosevelt. It was advertising the failed attempt for Cox Presidency. | Above is F.D.R as Assistant Secretary to the Navy in 1913. | Political Career | F.D.R spent much of his adult life in politics. He first office was the State Senator of Dutches County 1911 to 1913. He became Assistant Secretary to the Navy from 1912 to 1920. He then ran for Vice President in 1920. He had some small jobs until 1929. On Jan. 1st he became the Governor of New York until Dec. 31st 1931. He was then President from 1932 to 1945.

6: F.D.R's first term started in 1933. He was elected in 1932 with John Nance Gardner. He defeated Calvin Coolidge and Charles Curtis by 413 electoral votes, and 7,060,023 of the country vote. F.D.R had 57.4% of the vote, while Coolidge had 39.7% of the vote. When Franklin started, he ended the Great Depression with the New Deal. | On the left is the Electoral Vote. Roosevelt and Gardner have blue. Coolidge and Curtis have red. On the right is the country vote. Roosevelt is still blue, and Coolidge still has red | 1st Term of Presidency | F.D.R was inaugurated March 4th, 1933. Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany 32 days before. A quarter of the workforce was unemployed. Two million people were homeless. There were more outlaws. By the evening of March 4th, 32 out of 48 states closed their banks. America was not looking good. But because of F.D.R, things were looking better.

7: F.D.R's second term started in 1937, but he was elected in 1936. He won by a landslide, more than anyone before him. The only states he didn't have for the electoral vote were Maine and Vermont. He and Gardner were going up against Alf Landon and William Franklin Knox. He had 515 more electoral votes and 11,070,786 more country votes. He had 60.8% of the vote, and Landon had 36.5%. | On the left is the Electoral Vote and on the right is the Country Vote. Roosevelt and Gardner have blue, and Landon and Knox have red. | Second Term of Presidency | During this election more of the New Deal was going on. The Fair Labored Standard Act happened, which created minimum wage. Also F.D.R received $5.5 billion dollars from Congress to create around 3.3 million jobs for jobless people. This made the Great Depression not so depressing. The court then ruled the National Recovery Act. This gave F.D.R less power. So F.D.R made 5 laws that gave him more power. Then there were many deaths and retirements of the Supreme Court, so F.D.R could put in people he liked. | After Roosevelt was elected again, Gardner began to dislike F.D.R's ideas. He didn't resign because he wanted to stay in office.

8: F.D.R started his term in 1941, although he was elected in 1940. His new vice president was Henry A. Wallace. He was going up against Wilkie Wendell and Charles R. McNary. F.D.R got 367 more electoral votes, and 4,966,201 more county votes. He got 54.7%, while Wendell got 44.7%. | On the left is the electoral vote, and on the right the county vote. Franklin blue, Wendell red. | F.D.R did not choose Gardner because he disagreed with many of his ideas. | 3rd Term Of Presidency | With the Great Depression ending, World War II took up most of his presidency. There was a growing labor shortage. He agreed to help Russia when Germany invaded them. He met with Prime Minister of England Winston Churchill several times. F.D.R had the United States enter World War II when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Eventually Germany and Italy declared war on the U.S too.

9: On the left is F.D.R and his third vice president, Harry S. Truman. He got rid of Wallace because he didn't like all of his ideas. He picked Truman and went up against Thomas E. Dewey and John A. Bricker. They beat them by 333 electoral votes and 22,017,929 county votes. | On the left is the electoral vote. On the right is the county vote. Roosevelt is blue, Dewey is red. | On the left is the electoral votes. On the right the county. Roosevelt is blue. Dewey is red. | Fourth Term Of Presidency | During his 4th term, he went to the Yalta convention and met with Churchill and Stalin. After that he went to Saudi Arabia to meet with its founder, King Abdulaziz. He then went to Britain, France, then Italy. Then he met Churchill again and the leader of China. He then went to his home in Warm Springs and died.

10: Here is a chart of the employment rate from 1920 to 1940. | The Second New Deal | The First New Deal | The 1st Hundred Days | The New Deal | The New Deal consisted up of The 1st Hundred Days, the First New Deal, and the Second New Deal. | The First Hundred Days started when F.D.R entered office. People wanted something done. So F.D.R made the New Deals. The Congress did anything he asked. They passed programs. At least 10. Even presidents now try to do what F.D.R did then. | Focused on 3 R's. Relieve Recovery Reform Dealt with banking, farming, industry,etc. Everyone demanded economic recovery. | This included the Wagner Act, which promoted labor units. The relief program, WPA, happened. Also he started Social Security. Also some programs were shut down because of WWII.

11: At first F.D.R wanted nothing to do with WWII. But when Germany invaded Russia, we sent supplies and weapons. Also when Japan invaded China, we stopped supplying them oil. So Germany and Italy declared war, and Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, so we had to go into war. | F.D.R met with the other Allied Forces Leaders to discuss battle a lot. But when he was older and weak, Russia's leader Stalin would take advantage of him from time to time. After he died President Truman ordered atomic bombs be dropped on Japan and WWII ended. | WWII

12: In 1921, when Roosevelt was on vacation in Canada, he fell in ice water. Weeks later he was diagnosed with polio. On the right is one of two pictures of him in a wheelchair. | F.D.R loved to swim. So when he had polio, he started many charities that raised money to find a cure for polio. | Polio

13: Above is the portrait that was being painted of him before he died of a stroke. | Below is the Little White House, where he died of a stroke. This is in Warm Springs, Georgia. | End of Life

14: F.D.R ended the Great Depression. Also in 1933 he was Time's Man of the Year. Another accomplishment was that he was elected 4 times, more than anyone else. There are many programs today such as social security and minimum wage which wee started by F.D.R | Accomplishments

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