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S: The Voices

BC: Who's Haunting you?..

FC: The Voices | Written By: Faith Montgomery

1: I hear them, everywhere around me. I can't escape the unexplained voices that surround me. Sometimes I like them, someone to talk to in this lonely house of mine. But, then again, they hurt me when I don't do what they tell me. Haunting me through these ears and eyes. I see them when they want me, all of them dead looking, looking for something in this in between world. They are stuck and decide to make me live in horror. When I look in the mirror, there they are behind me, watching my every move. I always got that feeling when I was little, that someone was behind me, but once I turned around, nothing was there. I've tried to help them get where they need to be, but in the end they start to torture me, with the long nails of theirs and the sharp decayed teeth. There is just no escape....

2: MONTHS LATER.. I've got this new roommate. His name is James. He's nothing like I expected him to be. He's open and very kind. James is so inhuman with the way he does things. Not the kind of pushy, whiny human I expected. James is medium height, sandy long hair that some-what covers his deep, distant green eyes. Here we are sitting in the mellow blue kitchen having coffee and breakfast. "So why are you staying here? I forgot to ask that question," I said with a little bit of laughter at my own forgetfulness. "You see, Erica, I'm trying to get away from life. I'm so sick of having to drive through New York City. I've grown so used to the noise and the sound of people that I don't even know what complete silence sounds like." | I looked in his eyes, something behind them told an untold story. I didn't want to get too into his personal life. I didn't want him to run away. I love his company, anyone nice is fine by me. "Oh, so why have you come to a house full of people if you want to get away?" "Uhm..? there is no one here besides you. Right?" James looked so confused I had to laugh at his own ignorance. He had no idea of all the people that lived here! He must be crazy after all. "Yes, of course..Well I'm off to work. Make sure you meet the others. I'm sure they'll like you!" A I walked out the door I could hear his deepset voice, "WHAT OTHERS?!"

3: He must be in denial, how could anyone miss people as loud and vicious as them? I drew in a breathe of air hoping they won't hurt him. In the same moment someone was sitting in my back seat..

4: My heart went racing when I saw the soulless black eyes staring straight through my skull in the review mirror. The girl had brown knotty, tangled hair, her skin so pail that the blue and purple veins looked like scribbles across her body. She smiled. Her decayed teeth reeked of death. "He'll make you go crazy, Erica. Hes nothing you have seen or heard of before. He'll be the death of you." Her words traveled through the stale winter air right into my ears. There in my brain they stuck like glue. What is this girl talking about? | As I pulled up into the parking lot of the gas station I worked at, the rain started to fall heavier, and lightening struck around me. I ran inside trying to avoid the rain. As I opened the door, there the girl was again. She had on a white blood stained gown and there in here hand was a gun. "You must kill him!" Her voice was shaking with anger. "Why?! Just go away and leave me alone! I'm so sick of you people! Go back to where you came from!" I was so angry, but at the same time I was shivering in fear of the gun in her hand. With that the girl took the gun and shot herself. Her blood gushed out of her body, spilling out onto the gas station floor. The blood moved in weird ways to form the word "KILL"

6: LATER THAT NIGHT I was relieved to get home and talk to James. Someone not crazy. With all the things that went on today nothing could be better than home. "Hey! How was work?" said James. Hes always happy...Don't these people make him crazy?! "You won't ever believe what happened. Some girl shot herself. But like no one did anything to help her. No one noticed the huge mess on the floor besides me.." "Well, that is strange..Are you okay? You're sure that you could just be imagining things?" Dang, how can he always be so caring? But doesn't he know all the kinds of people are killing themselves in this very house? Can't he hear that bangs! the laughter? the enjoyment in watching eachother die? I see it all the time..I'm so used to death..I try reporting things to the cops but that don't believe me and call me crazy! I see the body RIGHT there. In the end I have to dispose of the body myself. Its a hard job, but what else can I do? "Yeah I'm used to it. Haha, I'll be right back I need to change." "How are you used to it?!" "Are you blind?! I just am," I said as I walked up the dreadful stairs. As I got into my room, there was a horrid scene displayed across the room. I couldn't believe my eyes..It was so dreadful..so much blood..so many bodies..If i ever had to imagine hell this would be it. There were hand prints all over the walls, guns laying across the floor. blood spatters from the explosion running through their head into the wall. I just wanted to scape, but i couldn't seem to pick up my feet. I was standing in quick sand slowly sinking into the depths of hell.

7: The emotion of this room painted a canvas of black and blues. It was so depressing, watching people end their lives before your eyes. You never knew what was going with them until they decided to pull the trigger to their death. Its a sad, sad word we live in. Then something caught my eye. There was a note on the bed. "Kill James. If you don't then every time you come home you'll see this. Soon enough you will become part of this scene." Suddenly the splatters on the walls turned into words. "KILL JAMES! DO IT NOW!" I couldn't take the horror, the pain, I had to do something.! The anger was building to the point of boiling. The sadness surrounding me took over my emotions, I took the gun out of my purse. The same exact gun the girl used to kill herself in the gas station.

8: "James! OH JAMES!! Where can you be?" Madness had completely taken over my body. "KILL HIM.! KILL HIM NOW." The voices! Everywhere I went there they were talking, and haunting me! The world wouldn't stop spinning around me. I couldn't take it.! "JAMES!!!!" I found that horrible person sitting on the couch watching TV. He didn't even turn to me when I called his name. I walked right in front of his soon to be dead body and pointed my gun at him. "Do it!!! Now! Kill him!!" "You hear them don't you. Telling you to kill me huh? Well do it. Ha, you can't can you?" "SHUT UP!!!! Ah!! I can't take this any longer.!" Anger pulsed through my veins. My hand gripped the gun. My finger on the trigger, set and ready to fire. !

9: He showed no emotion, like nothing was happening. There wasn't a gun in front of him. He wasn't going to die. Oh, was he wrong! He smiled like he could hear my thoughts. His grin! Oh, so familiar!! From that his lips separated even more. There's no way! IT couldn't be! James' smile, his teeth, his everything, belonged to the girl in my car, the people in my house! Every person in my horrible world had the same smile and teeth! They all looked like James!

10: I was so shocked that I didn't notice that the gun in my hand was pointed right at me, ready to fire. A wink from James and the gun blew.

11: OBITUARY Erica Anderson, said to be under great distress, shot herself. The weapon of choice was a pistol even though there was quite a collection of guns in her room. Also cops found messages across her room reading "kill yourself.", "your no worth to live", and many others. Local people believed that she was crazy. The same night at her job, she was screaming because she saw some girl kill herself. No one else saw the girl but her. People also said that she saw and spoke to imaginary people. Especially one in particular, named James. She was said to be talking to him the most, and to be her "roommate". Too bad for Erica, she lived all alone.

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